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Date: 2007/08/30 16:20:07, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Aug. 30 2007,06:45)
Triple Bannination! As predicted, using our deep understanding of CSI (Completely Stoopid IDiocy), DT sez ? ? ? ? ?
art (and art2) is no longer with us

erv can also take her sarcastic mouth elsewhere

factician has also been included in the housecleaning

Triple! And he makes it look so easy.

Hmm. I think that facticians posts have been removed. Not only from the current thread, but here's a thread from back in May. DaveScot is replying to a comment that no longer exists.

? ?
DaveScot: factician

By definition, every form of life that is alive today (that is capable of reproduction) is the fittest form of life for that niche.

You better call up the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service right away and tell them that there?s no such thing as an endangered species because anything alive and reproducing is by definition the fittest thing in that niche.

Your next comment better have a little more thought put into it or your first comment here will also be your last.

It's always harder to erase every trace of someone than it might seem.

Totally erased. Bummer. I shed a small tear today.

Date: 2007/08/31 15:52:48, Link
Author: factician
May the Wedge of Truth be with you.

I thought they mostly pretended the Wedge Document didn't exist?  Or do they have 2 Wedges?


Date: 2007/08/31 21:52:08, Link
Author: factician
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Sep. 01 2007,10:10)
Sal will have his work cut out.
Over at UD Atom asks ? ?  
Since, Sal, you have declared that if your questioned is answered either "Yes" or "No", you will win the argument, will you write up a post showing the details of this? A refutation paper of sorts, showing how her paper fails on either count, so therefore, the paper is erroneous
Will Sal even ackonledge the request? Or will he just add it to the ever growing pile of pending research?

I think Sal should think about what his purpose is. I thought it would have been to gather converts to the ID cause. However, we have all see him do this before. He takes an irrelevant point in a debate and turns it into a YES/NO answer and so think he wins the debate. Sure the faithful will think he is kewl but what about all the lurkers? Any lurker who is undecided will see that Sal has not actually covered the real issue and is full of it.

Thats one thing that the reality side does well. I think that everybody is aware of the lurkers. We may be mean and nasty but every troll's question will still get answers followed by questions sent back at them. UD will just say it's been answered and ban them.

I'm optimistic. I think that good science blogs and stupid tactics by the opposition will all but kill off creationism within this generation. People like FTK will never change but her kids might.

In related news:

Date: 2007/09/01 09:00:23, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Rob @ Sep. 01 2007,08:51)
Casey Luskin brings down the Evolutionary Informatics Lab:

Interesting that the post "Baptist University pulls plug on Evolutionary Informatics Lab - links to intelligent design fatal" comes right after the "Why Darwinism is losing - the big picture" post.

I think O'Leary is a mole.   ;)

Date: 2007/09/04 13:58:02, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Bob O'H @ Sep. 04 2007,13:40)
Denyse O'Leary and neuroscientist Mario Beauregard have a new book published.

I just hope Beauregard did the writing.


She keeps referring to Beauregard as "Montreal neuroscientist".  I can't find any academic affiliation for him.  Should she be referring to him as "unemployed neuroscientist"?

Date: 2007/09/04 14:14:47, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Richardthughes @ Sep. 04 2007,14:07)
Born again thinks God lives in the universe:




1:21 pm
The multi-verse fails in logic for this reason. If it is required for an infinite number of other universes to exist to account for the fine tuning of this universe and to make the materialistic philosophy palatable, Then by default it is also infinitely possible for God to exist. Thus, if it is infinitely possible for God to exist than God certainly must exist no matter how small the probability.

That's right sunshine. Some universes get Zeus, some get Allah. In one universe fundy chics worship teh_Sexi_Hawt.. oh wait, that's this one.

I swear, every time someone at UD writes something stupid enough, I get the impression that they're a mole.  So now, my short list, the moles at UD:

denyse o'leary

Date: 2007/09/04 14:16:38, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Richardthughes @ Sep. 04 2007,14:08)
FtK, Don't be shy!




1:24 pm
I almost hesitate in posting this because there are so many eyes on this site that I?m scared to death I?ll ask or say something wrong, but this whole episode is so puzzling?


Add FortheKids to that list...

Date: 2007/09/04 15:26:10, Link
Author: factician
Quote (melatonin @ Sep. 04 2007,15:22)
Quote (factician @ Sep. 04 2007,13:58)
She keeps referring to Beauregard as "Montreal neuroscientist". ?I can't find any academic affiliation for him. ?Should she be referring to him as "unemployed neuroscientist"?

Beauregard is a neuroscientist at University of Montreal, he's a researcher on emotion.

I don't think I'll be able to cite one of his articles again without cringing...

These guys are now trying to push their poison in the neuro arena I guess. This was the reason I originally got involved in discussions on ID. They have a cheek though, I responded to O'Leary's post on her mind hack site (which, of course, was moderated out of existence) pointing out that the likes of Richard Davidson and Beauregard are using techniques based in the material (i.e. fMRI) that measures state of material (i.e. changes in blood flow) and she and Beauregard want to use such data for the existence of an immaterial soul.


Yeah, I've found reference to him being in both the neuroscience and the radiology departments there.  Can't find him in either place.

Date: 2007/09/04 15:40:40, Link
Author: factician
Quote (melatonin @ Sep. 04 2007,15:30)
Quote (factician @ Sep. 04 2007,15:26)
Yeah, I've found reference to him being in both the neuroscience and the radiology departments there. ?Can't find him in either place.

Here we are, in the functional neuroimaging department (as a principal researcher):

Thanks.  Got it.

Date: 2007/09/10 13:39:44, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Richardthughes @ Sep. 10 2007,13:21)




1:17 pm

An obvious question arises - why doesn’t an organism degrade before its terminal point?

Observation has revealed great variation in the level of protection and repair of genetic code both from one organism to the next and from one stretch of code to the next in the same organism. From an engineering perspective it’s trivial to protect some memory regions better than others. It’s all a matter of how much protection you need and how much overhead you’re willing to use to protect it. Code that needs to be maintained without error for geologic timespans gets better error detection/correction applied to it.

Quick, to the informatics lab, Tardman!
We should be able to see this extra, targeted protection, then...?

Wow, I read that, and the stupid just burns.  It's just sad when they say cute stuff like that.  If you could only remove the blinders, he might actually be able to understand some fairly simple evolutionary biology...

Date: 2007/09/10 14:52:15, Link
Author: factician
Denyse quivered:

They wouldn’t care if he won a Nobel Prize. It would be a huge embarrassment.

Look, it’s this simple, guys: They don’t want Marks around if there is any chance that he can demonstrate that Darwin was wrong.

Here come the black helicopters Denyse.  They're just trying to protect the Darwinism and the NWO!

Her cup of crazy spilleth over...

Date: 2007/09/13 15:55:53, Link
Author: factician

Denyse writes beautiful prose without irony:

When you don't know much about a topic, you can easily believe things that you would never believe if you did.

Date: 2007/09/14 11:07:36, Link
Author: factician
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Sep. 14 2007,11:04)
Quote (Gunthernacus @ Sep. 14 2007,11:01)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Sep. 14 2007,10:38)

Dembski has updated the page with the home phone numbers of the regents now, as well as what appears to be their actual addresses.

Allcorn, Rev. Stan
XXXX Canterbury Drive
Abilene, Texas 79602

this should be fun. Richard, can you get some more popcorn on the go?

Dembski says
Yes, it may be good to point out to regents that Baylor’s treatment of Prof. Marks will be featuring in EXPELLED (

What film will document Dembski's treatment of them I wonder???


What a guy!  He went the extra step and protected their emails from the spam bots.

Yeah, I noticed that as well.

His thought processes must be right damaged.

"Oh, better not expose them to potential spam, but phone calls from loonies at 3am? Bring it on...."

Holy crap.  (Apparently I'm Dense, too).  I had skimmed that earlier and thought the phone numbers were office and fax.  But they're home and office.  Doesn't that count as harrassment?

Date: 2007/09/14 11:10:14, Link
Author: factician
Quote (factician @ Sep. 14 2007,11:07)
 Doesn't that count as harrassment?

Of course, I mean that in the legal sense.  Is Billy setting hisself up to get sued?

Date: 2007/09/14 13:53:32, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Zachriel @ Sep. 14 2007,13:47)
So we might want to see what happens to the Reverend if you orbit him around a rapidly spinning black hole.

Well, I certainly know that I want to see what happens...

Date: 2007/09/14 14:56:51, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Richardthughes @ Sep. 14 2007,14:36)
Dippy Joe, pure Tard:

Aren't they worried they may some day run out of Tard?

Date: 2007/09/15 05:07:20, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Bob O'H @ Sep. 15 2007,04:42)
Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 14 2007,20:34)
We've been so devastated, it's inconsiderate of us to act like we haven't. Continuing to publish thousands of papers per year is downright rude...

Err, yeah.  Sorry about that.

If it helps, I've tried to get journals to reject a few.


Heh.  What a coincidence.  Me too!  *sigh*

Date: 2007/09/18 07:44:11, Link
Author: factician

You are going to be putting up the tape somewhere, yes?

Date: 2007/09/18 11:31:52, Link
Author: factician
Quote (improvius @ Sep. 18 2007,10:55)
Apparently ID supporters are now acknowledging that "ID is not based on facts".  Is this something new?

Posted by ErnstMayer:
In what the document is right (unintendetly I suppose) is that ID is not based on facts. But ID makes predictions and these predictions can be verified and verified predictions are what you call evidence. So ID is not based on facts, but it is supported by lots and lots of evidence.

Surely this is a mole.  Are all the posters at UD moles?

Won't that be the ultimate joke, to find out that no one at UD thinks ID is true, but they're all satirists.  Even Dr. Dr. Bill.

Date: 2007/09/19 21:23:36, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Hermagoras @ Sep. 19 2007,20:46)
DaveScot's woken up!

I was thinking this was a blessing in disguise too. You can’t buy publicity like this. By their actions Baylor has now made the Bioinformatics Lab the talk of the town, so to speak. The smart move for Lilley would be to quickly admit his decision was a mistake made in haste under pressure from unnamed sources and then reinstate the Bioinformatics Lab. If he does the dumb thing this is just going to explode into a huge embarrassing brouhaha that will survive longer than he does. I’m betting he does the dumb thing but maybe he’ll surprise me.

Clearly the smart thing would be to knuckle under to Ben Stein and his mighty film crew.

Now in this scenario, is Mr. Stein wearing those kid shorts that he's wearing on the movie poster?


Date: 2007/09/20 07:56:47, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Sep. 20 2007,06:56)
Quote (Lou FCD @ Sep. 20 2007,07:32)
Whoops.  UD discovered that I discovered their secret.

Down again, and it's a good thing.  Too much tard before coffee can't be healthy.

"This blog is currently undergoing maintenance. Please try back later. Sorry for the inconvenience."

That should read, "We notpologize for the inconvenience."


Date: 2007/09/20 10:25:38, Link
Author: factician

Anyone who thinks that the fact that girls are not as good as boys in math means that girls do not rule is obviously not in contact with many girls.

Ummm...  Huh?


Date: 2007/09/20 10:40:15, Link
Author: factician
Quote (carlsonjok @ Sep. 20 2007,10:37)
Quote (factician @ Sep. 20 2007,10:25)

Anyone who thinks that the fact that girls are not as good as boys in math means that girls do not rule is obviously not in contact with many girls.

Ummm...  Huh?


I think this is Granny Spice's way of saying "Girl Power!"

But it's a weird way of saying it.

"We're dumber but we're awesomer!"*

I suppose from an ID worshipper, I shouldn't be surprised that lack of intellectual ability is considered an asset.

Date: 2007/09/20 16:39:02, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Sep. 20 2007,16:14)
We know that UD has erased egregiously embarrassing bits before. Its current state simply could be taking that policy to its logical conclusion.

Not quite.  Dembski's books are still available on

Date: 2007/09/21 09:57:39, Link
Author: factician

Is not a similar type of complex gyroscopic phenomena responsible for imparting an “illusion of solidness” to the energy basis of our reality?


I've finally figured it out!  bornagain77 is Denyse's son!


Date: 2007/09/21 12:18:05, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Richardthughes @ Sep. 21 2007,11:45)
2nd wave, people, 2nd wave!

Heh.  The third wave will be written by The Onion.

Date: 2007/09/21 12:25:05, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Sep. 21 2007,12:19)
So their second big 'wave of media coverage' is five articles in the Baylor "Lariat" and some nobody fundie with a website.

Gee, wasn't Sean Hannity supposed to have saved Bill by now?

Hannity must have laryngitis.

Date: 2007/09/21 13:48:33, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Sep. 21 2007,13:28)
Now, I know there has been a parody at UD of President Lilley’s words in the past, so before posting this I made sure to contact President Lilley (also copying the provost and others at Baylor) about whether these actually are his words...

Now, let me get this straight. WAD checked with John Lilley to ensure that the email quote was not parody because he (WAD) previously published a parody of a letter from John Lilley.  

(Before posting this, I checked with WAD to determine whether his entire UD post was not itself a parody of UD. After all, I earlier posted such a parody.  Best to be sure about these things.)

It's even better than that.  When Lilley didn't reply, he took that as evidence that Lilley wrote the e-mail.

Absence of evidence = confirmation.

No wonder ID seems obvious to this guy...

Date: 2007/09/24 22:01:56, Link
Author: factician
Quote (guthrie @ Sep. 24 2007,13:42)
You might as well argue that we're all living in a giant virtual reality sim whilst some computer really rule the world...

You might.

Date: 2007/09/25 08:47:12, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Zachriel @ Sep. 25 2007,06:59)
bFast: This is squarely a confirmed prediction of the ID hypothesis. Such clear predicitive value should rightly move ID from spurious hypothesis to respected theory. Ah but the religion of darwinism would never allow that.

This is an example of how the term "Darwinism" is thrown about with confusion. If there is a meaning to "Darwinism" in modern science, it is to the claim that Natural Selection is the primary mechanism of evolutionary change. Contrary to bFast's strawman, an ultra-Darwinist would presumably think that useless DNA would be quickly eliminated from the genome, and that junk DNA must therefore have some function.

On the other hand, the selfish gene theory would suggest that junk would tend to be continuously created by a variety of mechanisms. And though nearly all biologists agree that selective (darwinian) processes are essential for adaptation, they also generally agree that much of evolution is neutral. The current question is the relationship between selective and neutral evolution. And there is a great deal of research into resolving any function of this so-called junk and unraveling the network of regulators.

I was at a talk last week where a guy who studies ocean bacteria said that they had evidence from metagenomics that there is a high pressure for cells to reduce their genome size in a certain layer of the ocean where phosphates are severely limiting.  In these cases, they find free-living bacteria with genomes on the size of 1.6 Mb (compare this to most free-living bacteria being in the 4-8 Mb range).  That's a very small genome, comparable to many intracellular parasites (which tend to lose many of their amino acid metabolism pathways, because they can scavenge from their host).

With metazoans, there's simply no pressure to reduce genome size.  Replication of our DNA is not an expensive part of our metabolism.

Date: 2007/09/25 10:46:01, Link
Author: factician

Years ago I asked myself what is a primary difference between prokaryotes and complex eukaryotes. The answer I arrived at was instinctual behaviors. I believe a lot of the junk somehow encodes instinctive behaviors. It informs a bird how to build nests and sing songs characteristic of its species. It informs a human infant how to suckle and cry for attention. These are exceedingly complex coordinated behaviors that don’t yield to being under the control of mechanical protein cascades.

Almost poetic in his meaninglessness...

Date: 2007/09/30 15:15:20, Link
Author: factician
Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 30 2007,13:46)
Bob O'H might. Most of the rest of us have been banned 3 or 4 times.

Damn.  3 or 4 times?  I have to get my game up.  I've only been banned once.

Date: 2007/09/30 17:17:31, Link
Author: factician
Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 30 2007,15:31)
Posting over there, or other ID blogs, isn't worth it. Why spend any effort writing an informed comment, only to have it deleted by some incredulous hausfrau or fat jarhead with Cheetos stains on his shirt?

Are you sure it's Cheetos?  I always figured DaveScot for a pork rinds kind of guy...

Date: 2007/09/30 21:59:24, Link
Author: factician
Tard, all the way down!

GilDodgen writes:

Design: All The Way Down

It’s not turtles all the way down; it’s design all the way down: from the constants of physics, to the production of life-permitting chemical elements in supernovae that are coincidentally unstable and spew out these elements to produce rocky planets on which life can exist, to the characteristics of carbon formed in a very narrow window of opportunity in stars, to the characteristics of water and light, to the fact that metals can be refined and smelted in temperatures reachable in carbon-based fire which made technology possible, to the electrical properties of conductors and semiconductors that made electronics and computers possible, to the fact that habitable planets represent the best platforms for cosmological discovery, to the fact that living things contain the most remarkable computer program ever written, the profundities of which we have not even begun to understand.

I presume that the picture at this point should be obvious. Design screams from every corner of modern scientific discovery. The real question is, Why do so many (especially academic intellectuals) work so hard to deny the obvious?

I have an answer to that question, and it should be obvious as well.

The illuminati don't want the secret out?

Edit:  Whoops!  Link

Date: 2007/10/02 12:47:04, Link
Author: factician
Everyone seems to be betting that Dembski's lawyer told him to make the notpology.  I suspect that it was Baylor's lawyer that made him an offer he couldn't refuse...

Date: 2007/10/10 09:42:13, Link
Author: factician
Dense O'Leary knocks it out of the park!  Again!  
When you want the approval of people whose approval you should NOT want …


Date: 2007/10/15 21:30:56, Link
Author: factician

Dense O'Leary
There I will cumulate reviews, commments, et cetera, as well as a rotating selection of posts from The Mindful Hack.

She will "cumulate commments" & Tard on the website.  Yowza!

Date: 2007/11/08 10:34:55, Link
Author: factician

Bah, and if Darwinism were true, it would only take one paper to prove it. But you people rely on bits and pieces that no one can possibly read all of it, and you all assume that the other scientists holds the smoking gun.

But you know what we say about people who assume? Why isn’t there a smoking gun, sir? Why can you not point me towards one paper that proves the Darwinist religion is true? Hah!


Date: 2007/11/08 13:01:42, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Lou FCD @ Nov. 08 2007,12:54)
Plus, didn't those tests run on that Rag of Torn show it was about 11 or 12 hundred years too young to be what it was purported to be?

Sure.  Using your Darwinist "science".


Date: 2007/11/08 13:22:59, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Nov. 08 2007,13:08)
I'm starting to think that Nochange is indeed a deep cover troll, of the kind that UD seems to have so many of lately.

[arms akimbo, glares at people in room.]

Isn't everyone over there a troll?  It seems so improbable that O'Leary actually believes the crap that she spews so eloquently...

Date: 2007/11/09 14:38:16, Link
Author: factician
Quote (J-Dog @ Nov. 09 2007,14:26)
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Nov. 09 2007,14:00)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Nov. 09 2007,13:55)
Quote (Bob O'H @ Nov. 09 2007,13:51)
All science so far

The new site has a store already!

All retail so far!

Cough up, rubes.


(Whoops, they forgot Granny Spice's name! Was that deliberate?)

After reading Dens-ee's post for the last 6 months, wouldn't you ditch her if you could?  Those IDers may be dumb, but they ain't stupid, and their marketing is top-notch.  I'm surprised the DI hasn't dropped a Homeland Security dime on her, she is clearly a Canadien, trying to infiltrate the US Tard Business.

Tard can freely pass across the border (in both directions) due to the NAFTA free trade agreement.

Date: 2007/11/16 17:36:43, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Annyday @ Nov. 16 2007,17:14)
Quote (Hermagoras @ Nov. 16 2007,17:13)
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Nov. 16 2007,15:50)
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Nov. 16 2007,14:01)
I have a purely rhetorical hypothetical question.

Do you think the mods at UDumb can tell if you are popping in over there from this site, or if you exit their site to come here?

Might be useful information for you trolls out there.

I assume this is a purely theoretical question with no real-world relevance? Just idly wondering?

Answer: anybody who uses Statcounter for their site can tell where you're coming from.

I've always wondered how this works. If I go from goatse to someone's site, for instance, does it pick that up?

If so, I have to block images from goatse and bookmark it.

Keep in mind, I'm a biologist, not a programmer...  But I *think* that they can only tell where you came from if you clicked on a link to get there.  At least, the software that I use (Google Analytics) can tell me that info.  But direct clicks just say "Direct Click".  I.e. They have me bookmarked or something.

Not that I've spent a lot of time figuring out how to hide my tracks or anything ;)

Date: 2007/11/18 22:48:17, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Nov. 18 2007,22:00)
Quote (Dr.GH @ Nov. 18 2007,22:29)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Nov. 18 2007,18:41)
The trollery and puppetry actually make the place somewhat less entertaining. It's the genuine idiocy I enjoy most.

I agree.  That is why I suggest that all trolls unmask.  I recall that I suggested the first of December.  Just post to the top thread at UDer failure (a cow with no milk) that you have been a troll that the DI/ID infected twits failed to detect.

And then kick back.  It just does not seem funny to make fun of crap that is phoney from the start.

December 20th would be a way cool day on which to decloak. But I'm not maintaining any hosiery at UD, so I've got nothing invested.

What's the significance of Dec 20th?

Date: 2007/11/19 15:51:05, Link
Author: factician
Quote (J-Dog @ Nov. 19 2007,15:34)
Quote (carlsonjok @ Nov. 19 2007,15:22)
ID heads to the final confrontation at Waterloo!!1!!1!1!11!!

Brother, can you spare a few bucks for a bus ticket?

They want $42,000?  Are they out of their friggin minds???  Well, yes they are, but still!  

One point of interest is the new "target market" - college kids now, not high school kids.  There they go - evolving again.

That's the part in all this that makes me angry and sad.  I enjoy laughing at UD's expense (they are funny) but when you think of the resources being wasted on their fairy tale, it seems terribly sad.  $275K for their fairy tale book.  However many millions for the creation museum.  What good could come of those kind of resources directed at something real?

And you gotta know it's coming $20 at a time from grannies living on social security.  (At least, I have older relatives that I think donate to this sort of thing).

Date: 2007/11/20 18:38:42, Link
Author: factician
Denyse revels in her own ignorance.  She's proud of being a Tard.  *facepalm*

Date: 2007/11/28 11:03:11, Link
Author: factician
How is it that this guy hasn't been banned yet?

Apparently none of the UD folks watched the PBS documentary?  None of them knows what cdesignproponentsists means?

2:16 am
I don’t see what is so wrong with Prof. Krauss’ assertion. If you’ve watched the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know”, you’d know that sometimes mere observation of particles can change their behaviour. It is more evidence for Design. They say God sees everything; maybe this is how everything is able to exist despite the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Date: 2007/12/06 07:07:01, Link
Author: factician
Quote (ERV @ Dec. 06 2007,06:46)
Quote (carlsonjok @ Dec. 06 2007,03:20)
Quote (djmullen @ Dec. 06 2007,01:53)
Kwok banninated - from!

Check the Amazon review page and you'll find that Kwok's review is gone.  The graph now shows 9 five star reviews and zero other reviews.  Dembski gloats here.  See comments #13, 14 and 15.  If anybody kept a copy of Kwok's review, please post it here.

Dembski is strongly implying that Kwok reviewed a book that he hasn't read.  That is a charge which probably requires a response.  After all, we aren't IDers, who only reads abstracts of science papers.

Which is the *exact* response we (John, me others) got after negatively reviewing 'Edge'.

Never mind the ID song and dance hasnt changed in 10 years...

Edited to add-- Amazon took down Johns 'Edge' review after UD trolls pooped their diapers over it, but Amazon put it back up.

Looks like it's still gone, to me...

Date: 2007/12/06 16:11:37, Link
Author: factician
Quote (ERV @ Dec. 06 2007,07:17)
Quote (factician @ Dec. 06 2007,07:07)
Quote (ERV @ Dec. 06 2007,06:46)
Edited to add-- Amazon took down Johns 'Edge' review after UD trolls pooped their diapers over it, but Amazon put it back up.

Looks like it's still gone, to me...

Whoops, my bad.  Kwok's Dembski review is still gone, that's what I was referring to.

I should read more carefully.   :p

Date: 2007/12/15 17:15:52, Link
Author: factician
Design of Liff

Edit:  Crap, didn't like my image link, gotta work that out...

Date: 2007/12/15 18:01:15, Link
Author: factician
Here we go.   The Design of Liff.

Date: 2007/12/17 12:52:30, Link
Author: factician
Quote (JohnW @ Dec. 17 2007,12:10)
Quote (blipey @ Dec. 17 2007,09:48)
You are exactly right, Carlson, in your comparison of professionals and amateurs.  Of course, this makes Dembski's claim even funnier when you realize that WAD is like William Hung singing Nessun Dorma.

Dr Dr D is more like William Hung claiming he can sing Nessun Dorma, but he doesn't feel like it.

And like Hung, Dr. Dr. Dembski makes a lot of money just from being a Tard.

Date: 2007/12/18 11:11:45, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Richardthughes @ Dec. 18 2007,11:06)

List of 100 dissenting scientists... gets press coverage...therefor global warming denialism is okay.

It's even better than that...

List of 100 dissenting scientists... gets press coverage by John Tierney, well-known global warming denialist and former right-wing columnist at NY Times... therefore global warming denialism is okay.

Date: 2007/12/19 13:02:55, Link
Author: factician
Dembski writes about The Design Matrix.

From the Amazon page of The Design Matrix:

Active discussions in related forums
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Why I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. 235 13 seconds ago

What are the religious implications of accepting that today's living creatures have evolved from common ancestors? 16 3 minutes ago

Share Your Favorite Scriptures Here! 26 3 minutes ago

Yep, all science so far!

Date: 2007/12/22 18:39:55, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Dec. 22 2007,18:01)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Dec. 22 2007,17:03)
Gil Dodg'em:
Darwinist Negative-Review Spam Campaign Backfires at Amazon

Last week, The Design of Life: Discovering Signs of Intelligence In Biological Systems was in the 17,000-20,000 range at Since the Darwinist-sponsored negative-review spam campaign (with “reviews” written mostly by people who obviously had not read the book), and as of this writing, the book is sitting at about 3,000, and is:

#1 in Books > Professional & Technical > Professional Science > Biological Sciences > Biology > Developmental Biology
#1 in Books > Science > Biological Sciences > Biology > Developmental Biology

Wow, they LIED to me. Correlation IS cause and effect.

Meanwhile, without the benefit of having O'Dreary Luskin, Dave Scot, Larry Farfromsane, and Dr. Dr. D. stuff the ballot boxes, Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu and Patrick Gries' gorgeous black-and-white picture book entitled Evolution sits comfortably at #1723 on the Amazon list. I examined this tome at a bookstore recently, but didn't buy it (hoping that Santa will bring it instead). It is simply stunning; I don't recall if it has images of whale skeletons in it or not. If so, perhaps we can recommend it for DaveTard...

Anyhoo, if a book like this can sell better than Dembski and Wells, despite all the gaming and shenanigans used to pump up those sales, it's a pretty good thing.

Merry Christmas, WAD. And Better Luck Next Time.

Yep, I put Evolution on my list, too.  It's an awesome book.  I'm hoping Santa brings it.

Wait, we all believe in Santa here, right?  RIGHT???

Date: 2008/01/03 12:30:15, Link
Author: factician

I was looking through the eTOC (electronic Table Of Contents, for those of you not in academia) for Nature today, and saw this:

News and Views
Nature 451, 22-23 (3 January 2008) | DOI:10.1038/451022b; Published online 2 January 2008

Magnetism: Freedom for the poles
Oleg Tchernyshyov1

Yes, my new friend olegt and managed to get a piece into Nature.

From what I understand of the article, someone has shown that it is possible, in theory, for magnets (like bar magnets) to only have one pole.  This is the stuff of science fiction, but is it any more use than Darwinism?

Well done Dr. Tchernyshyov!

This is written with the intellectual maturity of an intelligent adolescent.  Anyone want to wager that professorsmith is a sockpuppet of Slimy Sal?

Date: 2008/01/04 19:55:02, Link
Author: factician
With my limited engagement with Professor Smith, it seems fairly clear he is not a professor of any science.  He seems to even be thrown off by relatively common modes of speech (for example, "the model you propose isn't the simplest one").

He's either a professor at a typing school, or he's lying.

ETA: quotation marks

Date: 2008/01/05 22:34:54, Link
Author: factician
Quote (stevestory @ Jan. 05 2008,21:26)
I can't read anything into the writing. Salvador Cordova writes on about a 6th grade level, yet he's in a master's program. When I was at NCSU a very common complaint I heard was that the student couldn't understand what in the hell her asian math professor was trying to say.

(I never had that problem, though. I find accents and unusual word usements to be rather charming)

It's not how he writes, it's what he writes.  There's simply no intellectual sophistication to him.  His whole post on how "The Darwinist" behaves shows what ridiculous generalizations he makes.  He can't possibly have attended any kind of reasonable graduate school.  Graduate school beats that kind of crap out of someone.

Like I said before, I think he's probably smart, but not nearly as well-educated as he's suggesting...

Date: 2008/01/08 09:37:23, Link
Author: factician
Is the creationwiki a parody?  Is it real?  It's pretty funny if it's real...

Date: 2008/01/08 10:53:02, Link
Author: factician
Seems to me the problem with NASA has been that they've been too closely linked to the political process.  Reagan says he wants a space station, they build a space station.  Bush says to make a moonbase, now they plan a moonbase.  But what the hell for?  Seems to me the best way to fix NASA is to make the process more insulated from politicians, ala the NIH.  Put decisions back in the hands of scientists and engineers.

(Note:  I'm prejudiced, most of my money comes from the NIH, and though they have their problems, I think largely they do a better job handing out cash than other science agencies).

Date: 2008/01/08 10:54:51, Link
Author: factician
On Giuliani:
In a bit of animal pop-psychology, (Giuliani) said that (circus) animals with a purpose in life were happier than those without one. He called objections by P.E.T.A. to animals in the circus ''weird.''

Added bits in parentheses to clarify.  Read the NY Times story for more.  He was a nut before 9/11.  Now he's a nut who knows how to milk 9/11 for votes.  Ick.

Date: 2008/01/08 10:57:41, Link
Author: factician
terryf is not bad too:

Seriously. The Darwinists would be well served to actually get themselves into a laboratory, or out in the field, to look for evidence of their just-so story. They out to be publishing scientific papers rather than press releases.

Date: 2008/02/27 10:30:33, Link
Author: factician
[quote=Albatrossity2,Feb. 26 2008,17:17]
Quote (kevinmillerxi @ Feb. 26 2008,15:06)

On this board, there are several card-carrying practicing biologists, including Wesley Elsberry, with whom you have already interacted. It won't hurt to listen to some of what they have to say, rather than claim persecution.

*holds up card*

Feel free to contact me if you like.  I'm a card-carrying, publishing, experimenting scientist.

edited to add:  Kevin?  Kevin?  Bueller?

Date: 2008/02/27 15:18:07, Link
Author: factician
Quote (kevinmillerxi @ Feb. 27 2008,12:08)
Erasmus: You can't be serious in saying evolutionary theory has nothing to say about the origin of life. Have you ever read "The Blind Watchmaker?" "Darwin's Dangerous Idea"?

I hope I can clarify for you.

The mistake you're making is that because scientists are interested in the origin of life, and because scientists generally think the theory of evolution is correct, that the theory of evolution speaks to the origin of life.  It does not, though these questions are related.

We're all interested in the origin of life (or many of us, anyway) but the theory of evolution doesn't even get started until the first replicating organism shows up on the scene.  How did this first replicating organism form?  That's an interesting question.

Panspermia doesn't even address the origin of life question (and please stop referring to it as the theory of panspermia - it hardly qualifies as a theory, more of a hypothesis with no data attached).  Panspermia addresses the origin of life on Earth.  It just moves the origin of life to another planet, and still leaves us the question of how life arose (on said other planet, galaxy, nebula, dark matter chunkoid, etc).  Intelligent design says that there's a Designer.  We don't know when, or where.  And please don't ask.  Oh, and He's pretty complicated.  And nothing came before Him.  But don't ask us how we know that.

But let's pretend for a moment that panspermia and intelligent design are equivalent.  I think they're both bs, but I can't prove that panspermia is bs.  It's just my personal prejudice.

Panspermia predicts several things that we can test experimentally.  1)  That life arose somewhere else, and we could find it somewhere else.  Okay, this one is difficult to detect, but NASA is ostensibly trying to ask this question by digging around on Mars with robots.  2)  That we might find life on asteroids.  3)  That the earliest life forms would be associated with periods of bombardment on Earth.  4) ???  These are what I can come up with off the top of my head.  I really don't spend a lot of time thinking about panspermia.

Intelligent design makes the prediction that:  1)  Things will be pretty complicated.  Except that evolution also makes the prediction that things will be complicated.  And how do you define complicated, anyway?  Cause it looks complicated?  So I guess that's not a really good predictor for intelligent design.  Well then, we have prediction number 1)  ???

Perhaps you can fill that in for me, Kevin?

Date: 2008/03/25 13:15:30, Link
Author: factician
Via Uncommonhypocrisy:

Get yer tickets here!

Date: 2008/03/25 19:23:39, Link
Author: factician
Quote (bfish @ Mar. 25 2008,18:42)
Quote (Mr_Christopher @ Mar. 25 2008,13:50)
Is this turd playing in your neighborhood?  Click here and find out.

Ooh. Why yes, it IS playing in my fair city. Will be interesting to see if that actually comes to be.

And Occam, that was a nice prediction there.

Yow, it's several hours away from me.  Apparently they think the fine folks within driving distance of the NIH/Hopkins/Rockville biotech corridor aren't interested in this turd.

Go figure.

Date: 2008/03/26 16:37:06, Link
Author: factician
From one of the tards at UncommonDuplicity:

Actually, there are links to the rsvp system that come from the Evolution News & Views website.

From Evolution News & Views, click on “Academic Freedom Petition”. From there, click on “Get Expelled”. Click on “Events & Tours” and Click on “RSVP”.

I imagine there are other ways (I found this one accidentally, while reading Evolution News & Views). This showing wasn’t a secret. This showing wasn’t a private party. This had a perfectly legit way to sign up if you were interested.

This tard is right.  It works.

Date: 2008/03/30 09:34:29, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Mar. 29 2008,19:01)
Quote (Annyday @ Mar. 29 2008,17:55)
Checking on the expelled site, I note that fifty of their current theaters are in Florida. I believe this means Florida is getting something like 20-25% of the Expelled theaters in the country, as of now. I am certain this is merely a coincidence and has nothing to do with the antievolution legislation currently in play in Florida.

I recounted for all states earlier this afternoon - they're up to 496 theaters. I haven't any idea how this stuff works - isn't getting a bit late to add another 500 theaters?

Check out Texas, which has 60. They know where their audience lives.

And where their audience isn't.  No showings in Maryland, home of the NIH, the biotech corridor along route 70, Johns Hopkins and the plethora of U. Maryland branches.

Getting the word out to Big Science!

Date: 2008/03/31 10:48:54, Link
Author: factician
Quote (Dr.GH @ Mar. 31 2008,00:22)
... scientists who think they’re smarter than everyone else when in reality they’re just nerds with no street survival skills? Smart, on the urban streets, is having a 9mm Glock and knowing how to use it not having a biology degree and knowing how to use it.

The survival probability of a biology professor is far higher than that of a "street" punk with a glock, therefore the professor is more fit.

Not necessarily.  It all depends on how many kids the street punk fathers before he gets killed.  Survival to old age is not necessarily adaptive.  Survival until one reproduces is adaptive.  Professors (Behe being an exception to the rule) tend to have average or lower numbers of children.

I wonder what the fecundity of your average gun-toting street punk is?  My (dataless) guess is it would be higher than your average biology professor.

Date: 2008/04/01 10:37:09, Link
Author: factician

The money shot? What’s really at stake here?

Heh heh heh heh.

She said money shot.

Heh heh heh.

Edited to add link.

Date: 2008/04/09 12:34:13, Link
Author: factician
Gil Dodgen has a man crush.

David (Berlinski) is one of the most eloquent, insightful, clever, iconoclastic, and irreverently humorous speakers I have ever had the pleasure to encounter.

And there's passion:

I was wearing my Harley Davidson windbreaker, and David asked if I was a Harley rider, to which I replied yes. He asked about what model Harley I rode, and expressed his passion for motorcycles.

And there's yearning:

I sense in David Berlinski a great Renaissance man, with a keen mind and a searching, warm soul. I pray that this soul will find that for which it yearns.

Now I understand why creationists like to quotemine.  It's kinda fun!

(Edited to add passion)

Date: 2008/04/10 14:23:23, Link
Author: factician
FtK, PhD Cell Biology:

But, come on people, a cell’s a cell…I mean if you’re making a computer generated animation, I’d assume that you’re going to see some similarities between them.

Date: 2008/04/15 13:21:21, Link
Author: factician
And to put this in perspective, the American Society for Microbiology General Meeting has an attendance rate of around 13,000.  That's mostly folks with Ph.D.s in microbiology milling around for a few days.  I imagine other disciplines have similar sized general meetings.

Yep, there's a lot of ignorant fundies out there, but there's a lot of us, too.

Date: 2008/04/17 10:40:26, Link
Author: factician
Quote (caerbannog @ April 17 2008,10:17)
Quote (improvius @ April 17 2008,08:57)
Reviews are starting to roll in now.  Current Tomatometer rating: 11% and falling.

To put things into better perspective, the official Tomatometer rating for Howard the Duck (one of the all-time stinkaroos) is 19.

Ishtar, another famous Hollywood turkey, also clocks in at 19 on the Tomatometer.

Yeah, but Super Mario Brothers is a 6%, so Expelled is apparently slightly better than that stinker.

Bwa ha h ah hah haaa!

Date: 2008/04/19 14:39:22, Link
Author: factician
$1.1 million at box office on opening night.  I'm not sure whether to celebrate or cry.


Date: 2008/04/20 11:12:36, Link
Author: factician
I've now watched 2 separate comments go down the memory hole (by two different commenters - neither of them mine) that commented on the absurdity of:  
Well, you’re only off by a bit over two orders of magnitude. Now go away. -UD admin

Date: 2008/04/21 07:37:04, Link
Author: factician
It’s staggering to observe how people view these issues. What seems so abundantly clear to one person is a muddled mess to another.

FtK, I do not think that means what you think it means...

Date: 2008/04/29 12:48:46, Link
Author: factician
Quote (caerbannog @ April 29 2008,12:39)

Stein criticized educational systems, but put the blame largely on students for not having the kind of "mental discipline" necessary to perform well on testing.

He also joked about the lack of educational standards, "What do you get after driving around the UCLA campus in a red BMW for four years?" Stein said, "a degree."

When I was at UCLA, my primary vehicle was a Continental.  A *Schwinn* Continental.  And I'll bet I studied a lot harder during my time at UCLA than Stein did when he was in college.

Yep, my first car was purchased towards the end of graduate school.  I spent $1800 on it.

7 years later, and nearing the end of my post-doctoral work, I'm still driving that car.

Ben Stein's impression of education is quite different than mine.