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Date: 2007/10/15 12:50:40, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (stevestory @ Oct. 11 2007,16:46)
A couple of years ago I saw an interesting website. This out of shape guy had embarked on a rigorous exercise program and diet, and took a photo of himself each week. The site had the whole series of photos, week by week, as he transformed. I remember nothing else about the site. Anyone else seen this one?

This the one?

Date: 2007/10/17 12:56:58, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (stevestory @ Oct. 16 2007,21:12)

That is exactly the site I remember. What a series of pics. Amazing. Take a look at the week-by-week shots. His progress by the end of the third, fourth, and fifth months is astounding.

Yup.  A friend sent the link a few years ago and I marveled at it, but didn't think any more of it.  

Earlier this year I revisited it.  I had some chest pains and difficulty breathing (likely weight and overall health related) and decided to see if I could undergo a similar body transformation myself.  So far so good. With a radical change in diet coupled with regular exercise I'm down from 231# on July 6 to 178# and from 32% BF to 12%.  

I think I'll skip the body building though.  I'm content to be breathing easier and looking/feeling better.

Date: 2007/10/17 12:58:06, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 17 2007,12:50)

I've just agreed to review an article in a Journal. What exactly does this entail?

At least a 6 pack and some cheesy poofs. :p

Date: 2007/10/18 08:12:36, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (stevestory @ Oct. 17 2007,19:45)
That's really impressive.


Hope you took before and after photos to remind yourself of what once was.
My wife and I have a soon to be two year old, so there are plenty of pics. :)

Much like you I'll never be slender.  I'm a tick under 6' but have a fairly muscular build.  Even at my present weight (20# less than high school even!;) I still have a 44" chest and 18" neck (it's been 12 years since I last played competitive football and the damn thing still won't shrink).  The best I can hope for is  trim, which I'm getting close to.  

I've run in a few 5k runs since I started training again.  I'm a cancer survivor myself, so it's good to pitch in with an entry fee here and there.  The triathlon is no joke.  If I wasn't such a crap swimmer I'd consider training for it.

Date: 2007/10/18 08:16:33, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (stevestory @ Oct. 17 2007,20:01)
That's the funny thing. I've been told that catabolism and anabolism can't occur at the same time.

I don't think they can either.  In my experience I either lose mass or gain it, depending on how my calorie totals stack up.  

I wanted to shed some weight to spare my knees and lungs.  And while I accomplished that I know that it came at the expense of some muscle (and a whole lot of fat).

Date: 2007/10/18 08:24:40, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (J-Dog @ Oct. 17 2007,14:13)
And why did it take 4 years of Marine Corp Education to get it through his head "that racial features are no measure of a man."?  Did Mommy and Daddy Springer leave their white sheets and pillowcases laying around the house for Davey to see growing up?

Spend some significant time in Texas and the answer would be readily apparent.  There's still quite a bit of racism/segregation bubbling just below the surface.  

I grew up here, and I've watched many of my friends grow more and more bigoted as they get older.  I think a lot of that stems from value reenforcement at home.  My best guess as to why I'm not nearly as bigoted as my friends is that my parents are both uber liberal NYC transplants (otherwise known as pinko-commies down here), so I wasn't getting that "Good ol' boy" indoctrination at home.

Date: 2007/10/18 08:27:52, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Oct. 18 2007,07:45)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Oct. 18 2007,07:13)
I suspect he's in a room, in a straightjacket, typing with his nose.

If he's typing those voluminous screeds with his nose, I've even more impressed with BA77's abilities than I was before!

Ain't that the truth!

Date: 2007/10/18 08:34:50, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (J-Dog @ June 15 2007,15:34)

Under A Green Sky - Excellent - I recommend it and give it 2 Mastodon Tusks Up.  

I've got to chime in and say thanks for this recommendation.  I'm just about halfway through it and finding it very enjoyable, and it's not something I'd have casually stumbled across or given a second look in a store.

Indeed, thanks to everyone for their many suggestions.  I've now got about a years worth of material stacked on my bedside table.  I just need to find the time to churn through them.

Date: 2007/10/18 09:18:46, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (keiths @ Oct. 18 2007,09:07)

Sgt. Tard is actually from New York state.  It's safe to say, however, that Texas is his true home.

Ah.  I didn't realize that.  All that talk about singlehandedly running Dell, worshipping GWB, etc. and I just figured he was homegrown. :) You're right though.  He fits right in.

Date: 2007/10/18 17:28:30, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 29 2007,19:40)
Speaking of spicy peppers, a Jamaican friend told me a while back that nobody in Jamaica makes their own Jerk mixture from scratch, they just buy the premade stuff. So I bought some from McCormicks or however you spell it. That was a mistake. No heat at all. Good thing I had some high-octane Scotch Bonnet sauce in the fridge.

I like this stuff.  I usually buy them a dozen at a time

I augment with habaneros as needed, as it's really not all that hot.  Of course it'll still blow the doors off of anything McCormick's making.

The traditional is really good for mixing up with ground beef for jerk burgers.  It gives them a really nice flavor and a little heat.

Date: 2007/10/19 06:56:05, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Louis @ Oct. 19 2007,04:07)
Despite the occasional voice in the head that screams this crap, I'm well aware of the liberal tradition and "live and let live".

Wow, your inner voice is so much more tolerant than mine.  Mine says "Kill 'em all and let entropy sort them out".  :p

Date: 2007/12/29 17:52:14, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Ftk @ Dec. 29 2007,14:08)
I am my own island... :p

And for that we are all grateful.  I shudder to think what kind of damage you'd inflict if you were allowed anywhere near a classroom.

Date: 2008/01/10 05:28:00, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Jan. 09 2008,20:58)
And Fred Phelps doesn't have a blog...

Bwahahahaha!  Now excuse me while I go get a paper towel for the coffee on the screen. :)

Edit:  Yay. I can haz edit button. :p

Date: 2008/06/16 08:41:52, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Doc Bill @ June 16 2008,08:31)
She just cheers for her side


and watches the scoreboard.

I can't imagine that's true.  If she were paying attention to the scoreboard she'd have stopped cheering long ago.  :)

Date: 2008/07/16 12:09:00, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Louis @ July 16 2008,09:59)
Any Texans amongst you been to Stubb's? Sounds like a good place.

Yup.  It's a good place to take in a show.  Nice open courtyard that'll comfortably hold ~2000 (if I had to guess).  There's decent grub too.

Date: 2008/07/16 12:27:36, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Louis @ July 16 2008,12:19)

Does that make me a bad person?

Of course it does you meanie!  Like you even need to ask.  :O

*Edit*  Because I can...and to fix the quote.

Date: 2008/07/16 12:31:56, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Louis @ July 16 2008,12:15)
Nice. I've heard good things about the barbeque sauce.

It's decent for something you can get at a supermarket.  It doesn't compare to some of the local stuff.

Now I'm not saying that I am some ridiculous, sauce addicted, fat bastard*, but I have been tempted to make a deliberate pilgrimage completely informal and inconsequential journey when convenient to the USA to get some.

I thought your visa request had already been denied.  :p

Date: 2008/07/16 12:49:43, Link
Author: drew91
I just finished The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals which I found quite good.  

A friend suggested Real Food: What To Eat and Why as a good follow up.  The author is a self described "recovering vegan", so I'm interested to hear her thoughts on diet.

The other book I'm slowly churning through is Moral Minority: Our Skeptical Founding Fathers.  Quite interesting.  Especially so considering I receive at least an email a week about the collapse of our "Christian Nation" from some of my more right leaning friends. :)

Date: 2008/07/16 12:57:25, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Louis @ July 16 2008,12:40)
Oh now that is truly maginficent abuse. Well done.

Why thank you.

I shall expect great things.

It's better for both of us if you don't. ;)

Date: 2008/07/16 18:58:02, Link
Author: drew91
Shubin's book won't take you very long.  It's excellent, but very short. (~200 pages)

Date: 2008/07/17 19:46:59, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Ftk @ July 17 2008,17:52)
Guess we might as well have Dembski's new book displayed on the 1000th page.  It'll be released in October.

What would either of those two know about being an Atheist...or intellectually fulfilled for that matter?

Get those torches ready boys (and girls).  We're getting close.  :D

Date: 2008/07/17 20:31:45, Link
Author: drew91
A hearty thank you for those brave souls that are so willing to go and mine TARD for the rest of us.  You've provided me with endless hours of entertainment.

Date: 2008/07/18 07:57:02, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (lcd @ July 18 2008,06:45)
As for UD running out, on the contrary.  I think by the 1000th page we'll see more coming out of ID inspired research than ever before

That won't take much.  Any data from ID inspired "research" will be the first of its kind.

Date: 2008/07/22 06:44:59, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (stevestory @ July 21 2008,21:34)
it looks like I'll be moving to Oregon next. I don't care if the high in January is only 45º, because the high in August is only 79º.

I was going to wish you luck in your journey to San Diego before you mentioned Oregon.

Maybe you're just thinking aloud, but I say go for it.  I did a post-doc at Oregon State in Corvallis and really enjoyed my time there.  They have great beer and tons of high quality outdoor activities to enjoy, and the coast is fantastic.  The wife and I enjoyed many a trip to the Rogue brewery in Newport on our way to appease her shopping habit in Lincoln City/Depoe Bay.

Eugene and Portland are also really nice.    I'd stay away from the East half of the state if you're not into wild temperature fluctuations though. :)

Here it's 85º right now at 10:15pm at night. Screw this.

Yup.  Here too.  We're having 100º day after 100º day in Austin...and my AC just stopped working (again) last night.   :angry:

Date: 2008/07/25 20:24:11, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Lou FCD @ July 25 2008,19:59)
Today was registration day.  I'm all scheduled up.

Congrats Lou.  The second time around is always more fun.

I'm kinda tickled and think I'll crack a bottle of wine tonight.

Amen to that.  Here's a glass of 12 year Macallan raised in your direction.   To continuing education. :)

Date: 2008/07/25 20:31:52, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (jeffox @ July 25 2008,16:05)
(Pretends to be FTK)


(No longer FTK now, doncha know)

Edited to prove the previous statement.   :)

That should be cowhered.  

This is cowherd!

Date: 2008/09/19 14:13:42, Link
Author: drew91
Rough week (I've got a newborn at home), so I'll be chasing a burger and fries with some of this

And thinking about some of this for dessert

Date: 2008/09/19 14:22:07, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Louis @ Sep. 19 2008,13:45)

Obviously this means that I am more like Palin than I though, therefore I should vote for her 'cos she's just a good ol' girl etc.

I bet you've been buying red patent-leather shoes and glasses like crazy too. :p

Sales Soar For Shoes, Glasses Like Sarah Palin's

Date: 2008/10/17 09:45:23, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (dheddle @ Oct. 17 2008,06:31)
I don’t want them to think I’m a racist—what should I do??

They already think you're a racist, so just grab whichever cup is closer and get on your way.

Oh yeah, and quit drinking 7-11 coffee.  That's just nasty. :p

Date: 2008/10/17 12:34:40, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (carlsonjok @ Oct. 17 2008,12:28)
Shorter Davescot: Help! We've been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture!"

I love that quote.  It makes me chuckle every time I see it.

Date: 2008/10/29 08:57:57, Link
Author: drew91
Happy 34th.  I'll be there myself in a little over a month.

We're only as old as we feel...or something like that. :)

Date: 2008/11/03 10:46:25, Link
Author: drew91
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Nov. 03 2008,10:27)
Quote (J-Dog @ Nov. 03 2008,06:56)
What is everyone's Libation / Libation & Food Creation Of Choice to properly celebrate Tuesday Night?

This, from the great state of Delaware.

Excellent choice.  That's my current favorite for commercial IPA.