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Date: 2008/02/28 21:54:04, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
The bathroom wall should be a good place for a test post...

Date: 2008/02/28 22:00:53, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Squee...first successful post.

Date: 2008/02/28 23:13:04, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
LOL, thank you Lou.  I have been lurking around here, PT, and ScienceBlogs for around two years.  I have tried registering a few times before, and have had problems.  I would get an email, follow the link, and be told that I was registered.  However, when I tried to log in it didn't work.  

Since my personality is the lurker type, my normal motivations to post were driven by either an egregiously stupid comment pointed out from UD, or some bizarre drive by postings here from fundies of various stripes.

Well, back to lurking.  

(If a "Squee" can get an A, then hopefully a later wry comment can get me a full Phd)

(Ah hell, in theory, a simple blind confession of faith with some illogical suppositions could get me that from Liberty.  Never mind.)

Date: 2008/03/11 22:01:08, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
At first guess, I would say that he made a decision to use the appropriate definition of an allele in the model.....

We now return you to your lurker free channel

Date: 2008/04/25 22:46:37, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Could someone for amusements' sake, provide me a link to the lair that William Wallace calls home?  

I am sure it is a dank and lonely place, but I feel I must visit it for the extreme TARD that UD cannot provide.

Xie Xie

Date: 2008/05/04 23:13:43, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
OK, this is a weird question, but one of you'se guys posted some Orang Pendak pics.  Could you please give me the source?  They were a couple, and a nice lite orange...

Fess up, one of you'se   :D

Date: 2008/05/14 22:31:27, Link
Author: digitus impudicus

Even though I disagree with your theology, being towards the atheist end of agnostic, I generally have to give you kudos for your comments.  While I may disagree with your starting points, generally you do quite well in building up your arguments from your starting points.

That, and you can actually have a sense of humour here when conversing with the Denizens of the Thumb.


Date: 2008/05/16 22:26:10, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
<Bizarro world on>

However, there are no intromitent organs to be seen in the picture.  We are not sure how their genes could be transferred.  (We don't even know how light aircraft progress from ultralights - light aircraft - 737 - 747 - C5A)  None of this has been observed in the wild.  Occasional possible gene transfers from KC-137's to various F-4's, F-15's, A-4's, F-14's, B-1's, B-2's, and F-18's have produced no new kinds.

<Bizarro world off>


Doesn't even get into possible homosexual relationships.  No one except the pilots of the above aircraft have sexed them, and even they don't agree.....

Date: 2008/05/16 22:31:04, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
We can though, further study this apparent relationship between the Beechcraft C-35 Bonanza, and it's much older Stinson mate.  However, since we still are unable to reliable sex aircraft to this day, we might be facing another public demonstration of the homosexual agenda.  (DT, WAD, etc, be praised.)

Date: 2008/05/16 22:32:14, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Damnit, too many beers, too few edit buttons...

English sucks after about 10 beers..

Date: 2008/05/16 23:04:51, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Descent with inebriation is at least a better excuse than what has come from ID...

Date: 2008/05/16 23:30:00, Link
Author: digitus impudicus


Date: 2008/05/16 23:31:36, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Can someone explain to me rationally the whole F-35 and evolution thingy?  after 16 beers, that concept still doesn't make sense...

Date: 2008/05/16 23:38:05, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Correction, I just did the XL calculations, and it is technically 17.333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 beers.

F35 wing = evolution

still = shit


Date: 2008/05/17 00:16:55, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
And much tard ensues...

Date: 2008/05/21 23:30:46, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Sighs heavily...and delurks...

OK, I am probably about the only one here who could possibly tie Erasmus for small towndom.  I was raised in Byhalia MS, currently live in the big metropolis of Memphis, TN (well, just a tech outside of it).  

I am a scary thing, an intelligent redneck.  I do at least have a Bachelors degree in Econ/Finance.  That, in theory, should at least qualify me as mildly evil.  

Date: 2008/06/11 22:52:31, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Quote (BWE @ May 24 2008,05:51)
Quote (digitus impudicus @ May 21 2008,23:30)
Sighs heavily...and delurks...

OK, I am probably about the only one here who could possibly tie Erasmus for small towndom.  I was raised in Byhalia MS, currently live in the big metropolis of Memphis, TN (well, just a tech outside of it).  

I am a scary thing, an intelligent redneck.  I do at least have a Bachelors degree in Econ/Finance.  That, in theory, should at least qualify me as mildly evil.  


I grew up somewhere close to what's now 162nd. The road was gravel and maybe 10 neighbors within 3 miles. It was all Weyerhauser land around us and the closest town was Machias about 5 miles away. School, 3 miles. We were at the top of one hill and school at the top of another. I really did walk uphill in the snow both ways to school. There are paved roads there now by the look of this map. I haven't had a reason to go back and try to find the farmhouse. I can't tell where it would be from this map anyway.


I grew up somewhere close to what's now 162nd. The road was gravel and maybe 10 neighbors within 3 miles. It was all Weyerhauser land around us and the closest town was Machias about 5 miles away. School, 3 miles. We were at the top of one hill and school at the top of another. I really did walk uphill in the snow both ways to school. There are paved roads there now by the look of this map. I haven't had a reason to go back and try to find the farmhouse. I can't tell where it would be from this map anyway.

Google earth doesn't have good detail, but the 2003 data from the gub'mint says Byhalia's population is 717 or so.  Look for Route 309 heading north from Byhalia.  Somewhere before you get to Goodman Rd, and before the river, on the lleft of 309 you will see a big house with a pond in the back of it, a little house to the south, and what looks like a bigger house (actually a barn).  My grandfather built all of those, but I only remember that the smaller house used to be a barn (and remember him turning it into a house), and I remember him and my uncle Ted making a toothpick model of what would be the big barn later.  I used to fish out of the pond in back, and of course the bass and bream would be our dinner.  There were lots of woods around, and before it became as populated as you see on the mapquest picture, I commonly roamed through a lot of those woods armed (pistol, rifle, or shotgun, it depended on the mood, we had lots of feral dogs in that area).  It is still pretty rural, my grandfathers family lived in Moscow TN.  He had to hunt for squirrels to help feed the family when he was a "yun'un".

Date: 2008/07/23 22:52:36, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Just an FYI, and to bump this thread back up, PZ put up a new post about crackergate.

Date: 2008/07/23 23:00:50, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
I have to agree with RB, but with an even greater sense of guilt.  I lurk, since I don't often have a quick witty observation to make around the likes of FTK.  I just sort of wince, realize how closeted their thinking is, and compare her to the sales critters at my company.  There is a lot of denial of reality with lots of wishful thinking that is the hallmark of both of them (sales critters and FTK/creos).

Date: 2008/08/08 19:51:27, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
TR - 6 with a date of Feb 1970.  Tall tires, with moderate grip, slides nicely around corners.  And, in a parking garage, rolling through in first gear sets off car alarms.  Also, a MGB GT from 74 (has the ugly big rubber overriders, but not the rubber bumpers).  Since the TR was never really meant to be weatherproof.

Both with knock off wire wheels.  Lug nuts are for pussies.   :angry:

Date: 2008/08/08 19:58:11, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Of course, being one of those completely insane types, I would love to have one of these:

Classic english craziness, and prettier than the A/C thing that Carrol Shelby cobbled up.

Date: 2008/08/08 20:02:07, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
This wasn't bad either, even if it was American

Ah, the sixties were cool...

And, with that, I will stop spamming the thread.

Date: 2008/08/08 23:57:35, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
you realize that the engine you showed looked a little small to be real, right?

An engine over 5L should be huge, and cover more surface area than what is shown in your pics, especially given how the big three built/engineered big blocks back then!

Date: 2008/08/09 00:05:20, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Mea culpa, mea magna culpa.  I didn't read the post to figure out that the pics where a photo shoot of a kit.  Slap me with eldreberries.

On the flip side, I still think that the TR-6 was still a better mans car than any Challenger, Cuda, or Satellite.  :P

Date: 2008/08/09 00:09:40, Link
Author: digitus impudicus

Being a member of the British Empire, you had damn well better be supporting me.  I realize that the car manufacturers were themselves crap, the potential of the automobiles should still live one (Moss Motorsports be praised).

Date: 2008/08/09 00:11:14, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Ah, frack, one should be "on".

Lou, Edit button please?  Whimper?  Grovel?

Date: 2008/08/09 00:13:25, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
At least let me fight these muscle car puftas on fair terms?
Pretty please?

Date: 2008/08/09 21:10:42, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
In response to Jeffox's DUKW:

It has more cover for rainy fishing days.

For further reading:

Date: 2008/08/09 23:21:59, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Yeah, the 20MM is just in case a Megalodon shows up.  I am not sure that the cannon can depress low enough though...

Date: 2008/09/19 21:19:47, Link
Author: digitus impudicus

Damn it RTH, you were one of the posters who kept up my interest here, and it is very upsetting to see you gone.  While Louis, Carlson, and Arden can be amusing, they have lost a lot of their color without your constant ripostes.  

I don't say much on this site, since I am not as well versed as others here, but half of my reason for coming here (aside from well written counters to the anti-evo crap was for the constant banter around the stupid things going on at Uncommonly Dense.  Science is fun, but it does needs some spice, and the banter here was that spice.

I have waited patiently for you and whichever moderator you were fussing with to return to your respective versions of sanity, but sadly that appears to have failed to have happened.

Requiescat in Pace Tardminer

Date: 2009/01/09 22:56:58, Link
Author: digitus impudicus

The sciborg is offline, and I must resort to Louis, Tarden, and Carlson (since RTH is MIA)

Some one please, inject me with a biology research link please............

World is going dark............the facility of reason seems to be passing............

(Please, no whatever it is crescent)

Date: 2009/01/09 22:59:16, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
I wasn't looking for whackaloon postings............  :(

Date: 2009/01/09 23:02:02, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
very true khan

Date: 2009/01/16 22:23:44, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
to Ceiling Cat: I didn't find any good pron on Miro, could you please elucidate your standards further?

Date: 2009/01/16 22:26:20, Link
Author: digitus impudicus

I meant this comment.  Louis doesn't seem to know the difference between porn and real pron.  

Poor british bugger, doesn't seem to have his definitions right.

:-P  (to Louis)

Date: 2009/01/17 21:30:07, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Ceiling Cat, I regret to say that long necked Canadian pron doesn't work for me.  I prefer traditional styles.

And Louis, I must say that British pron seems to be very lacking.  Getting excited at the hint of a wrist or ankle is getting very close to Dr.Dr. territory.  For the sake of my opinion of you, please restate.

Date: 2009/01/31 01:08:29, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
hey all, I have a sighting of BA^77 outside of the UD n^nn^f^lt^r.  He made a hit and run at pharyngula on this thread:  Unversity of Vermont

Date: 2009/01/31 01:09:15, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
COOL!  my link seems to be teh working!

Date: 2009/03/14 00:56:15, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Yah know, I am just surprised that no one has LOL cat'ed Louis' back, crack, and sack.

There has to be something out there, but I am just not brave enough to research it.


Date: 2009/03/20 22:22:44, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Listening to something simple at the moment.  

From Cake, "Satan is My Motor"

If I could only figure a way to broadcast that over at UD, I am sure hilarity would ensue.

Date: 2010/01/22 22:23:51, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
My apologies to RDK, I do admit to trolling for the Kwok.  After seeing the camera postings here, I was "inspired".

If that is the word for it.  Normally I just lurk.

Date: 2010/01/22 22:30:10, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
I do have an EOS 50D, but honestly I don't currently have the skills to "make it sing".

But it is good for holiday pics.....

Date: 2010/02/26 21:03:38, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Now I know for sure that Joe G is full of it.

I remember the 1987 GN, and the GNX.

The GN didn't have a black interior.  It had gray faces on the seats, with an embroidered 6 with an arrow tip at the end of the 6.

Date: 2010/02/26 21:10:42, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Why is there such a strong correlation between:

Creationism/Rednecks(southern and northern varieties)/fundamentalism/ autos that are fast in a straight line/cars that cannot corner/ cars parked in trees

GN and GNX's were worthless in corners.  They were fast in a straight line for their time, but there are many cars before and since those that are faster in a straight line.

Besides, TVR's and any Lotus's could wipe the asphalt with a GN.   Hell, the Elise can do it with about 100 less BHP (if my memory serves me right)

PS - even if my memory isn't right on the difference between the BHP difference between and Elise and a GN, the wiping the asphalt with the GNX still applies in the quarter mile

PPS - leaving the quarter mile for any sort of twisty bits, the Elise doesn't just wipe the asphalt with the remains of the GN, it scrapes it off of the Elises dainty tires

PPPS - Don't get me started on the comparison of a GN and an Exige...

PPPPS - stopping before I sound too much like GEM of TKI

Date: 2010/02/26 22:12:37, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
My oldest automotive child is a 1970 TR-6.

Probably a little over the 100K mark.

She is beautiful, dark blue, blue interior (one day I hope to change that), and knock off wire wheels.

She has the Michelin redlines.  They squee when cornering.  No power steering, and sometime soon will need work on the transmission (getting into 1st is sometimes stubborn, she needs a gentle but firm hand).  Of course, no A/C, no power windows, and a stiff clutch.  But she runs, and sounds like nothing else in the past 30 years.

She isn't practical, but she is mine, and a hell of a lot more interesting than the piddling Regal with a 6 cyl turbo.

Date: 2010/02/26 22:15:58, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
It is an automobile that requires you to get your hands dirty, bruised, and crushed at time.

Sort of like good science.

Something that Joe G with his Regal wouldn't know about.

Date: 2010/02/26 22:31:29, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
I personally haven't owned a real truck.  My grandfather had several.

My favorite was a 1960's Chevy 1/2 ton. SWB, only had a two speed auto tranny.  Once again, no power anything, no A/C, but had a nice small block v8, and when he owned it it had two tone primer.  I used to drive it occasionally when I was in college.  It was great in rush hour traffic since folks thought you had no insurance.  They generally moved out of your way....

Date: 2010/02/26 22:38:25, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
my grandfather also had a 1970 Buick Riviera.

When he first acquired it, it had been sitting up for about 15 years.  The exhaust pipes had rotted out, but being the redneck that I am I drove it while it was still getting civilized.  Before the pipes were fixed, it sounded like a WWII fighter landing when you were decelerating.

Wonderful car, but gone now after so many years and family issues.

There was also a 70's two door Plymouth Satellite.  Red, white vinyl top, 318(?), white vinyl interior.  Amazing under-rated hot rod.  Gone before I could drive.

Date: 2010/02/26 22:47:55, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
I don't think Louis is an automotive afficianado...

(whatever the spelling of that should be)

Date: 2010/02/26 23:01:31, Link
Author: digitus impudicus

You remember me...


11!!!!1111!!!! eleventy !!!!111!!!

Date: 2010/02/26 23:02:37, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
the previous posting by DI was rather banal.

Please ignore.

We now return you to your previously scheduled programming...

Date: 2010/02/26 23:06:11, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
and where the f*!* is Joe G(tard) when you need to abuse his ideas about automotive iron?

FFS, his ideas about biology are scarcely worth regarding.

hopefully his automotive discussions might prove a little more worthwhile?

of course, I think his ultimate auto would be something like this:

Date: 2010/02/26 23:07:08, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Of course, there is nothing intrinsically wrong about an Isetta.

Date: 2010/02/27 03:15:19, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
yes, the Elise is something of an automotive nirvana.

at least for on road stuff.

for off road roads, one must really go to the old Land Rovers...

Date: 2010/03/05 23:21:22, Link
Author: digitus impudicus


Whatever happened to our GN/GNX discussion?

Is it parked in a tree?

Date: 2010/03/05 23:23:28, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
<Tammy Fay Bakker voice>



The kids were only joking honey.


<close Tammy Fay Bakker voice>

(look up Sam Kinnison for those unfamiliar)

Date: 2010/03/12 23:04:56, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Quote (Joe G @ Mar. 11 2010,08:29)
Quote (digitus impudicus @ Mar. 05 2010,23:21)


Whatever happened to our GN/GNX discussion?

Is it parked in a tree?

I don't have a GNX.

And why would I want to discuss my GN with you?

Someone asshead said I drive a Dodge.

I just corrected that nonsense.

So you couldn't afford a GNX?

Or did you just drag a regal out of the junkyard and paint it black and slap some labels on it?

Date: 2010/03/12 23:15:31, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Besides Joe, I don't remember saying that you drove a Dodge.  I do remember you muttering something about a Buick GN and responding to that.

Date: 2010/03/26 22:04:31, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Has anyone yet figured out why Joe G hasn't responded to my queries regarding his Grand National?

Date: 2010/04/16 23:47:52, Link
Author: digitus impudicus
Joe, I'm bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Have any new misconceptions about the Buick GN/GNX from the 80's????

Date: 2010/04/23 23:48:31, Link
Author: digitus impudicus

Is the CSI of a Grand National higher or lower than that of a GNX?

Just for curiosity's sake............

Date: 2010/05/08 22:36:39, Link
Author: digitus impudicus

You never did specify whether or not a GN had a higher CSI than a GNX.  

I will understand if you admit ignorance of the difference between a GN and a GNX, but surely such a great wizard of GM should have worked through those calculations by now?

Please sweety?