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Date: 2005/08/11 02:33:41, Link
Author: cichlid666
If western government is so devinly inspired, then why teach the bible at all, just teach government. the fact of the matter is .. people are growing up, and learning slowly why it wasn't such a good Idea to have the bible as a road map for better living. Just look at our "western civilization,history, and culture!" We killed, dropped a bomb on milions in hiroshima "for god sake!"  who would jesus bomb now? you tell me? This country is grounded in fear, hatred, and an Idealistic know it all attitude, just face it, take a look at our leader. Jesus may have taught peace,"Love your enemy Like he was your own brother"in that i believe, george w doesn't and for that i am greatly dissapointed. The bible is not helping any more than it is hurting, just take a look around.

Date: 2005/08/11 02:35:03, Link
Author: cichlid666

Date: 2005/08/12 02:01:14, Link
Author: cichlid666
I cant fathom that our president can believe this. " Astrophysicists such as stephen hawking determined that the evident starting point just before the Big Bang was something called "singularity" wich is: all the cosmos's potential mass (matter), energy, and dimentions (and time) reduced down to an infinately small point ZERO volume --- so , matter, 3-dimentional space , and time virtually did not exist before the Big bang."I am truly scared If people can accept this, wow!

Date: 2005/08/13 01:59:00, Link
Author: cichlid666
quantum physics to me would seem to be based a bit more on "theory" than the theory of evolution. It seems a bit ubsurd to think that we could ever reproduce the big bang, therefore it makes for a pretty darn good start to base an ID theory off of ? But lets poke fun at the theory of evolution, a theory that science has slowly, but surely started piecing together. Could it just be the simple fact that people who are so caught up in old school religion cant let go or what?