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Date: 2005/02/15 05:33:35, Link
Author: aarobyl
Hi, all,

I've just encountered a new form of creationist attempt to refute evolution -
the main line of it goes like :
"vertebrate immune system ( + proteolytic system )
is so gargantuanly efficient and precise that it wipes out any mutation, except few deliberately allowed for microevolution's sake,
and therefore evolution in vertebrates doesn't exist"

This claim is of course absurd. But...How to explain that to them ?
And, more over, this is ( I believe ) none of the standard creationist objections to evolution.

Author does't explicitelly claim that God, or the Designer did it, and only keeps proclaiming that evolution doesn't work.

Has anyone here encountered something similar ?
Or is this a next step in the evolution of creationism meme ?

Date: 2005/05/03 04:18:27, Link
Author: aarobyl
Are there known designers to these artifacts?

Well, and what about designers of these
artifacts ?

Surely, they have been designed too. They look similar to things designed by humans, so they have been designed, haven't they ? :D