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Date: 2007/05/28 00:43:16, Link
Author: Zucadragon
I would like to add that intelligent design is not a hypothesis  or a theory, for it to be a hypothesis it requires a testable scientific idea but intelligent design is not testable, on the contrary..

Saying "an intelligent designer did it" goes against all scientific testing methods ever invented (or being invented still), it pulls a conclusion where all information is not yet figured out.

A good point for instance is the Bombardier beetle, it was called irreducibly complex because it couldn't have evolved.. This means an intelligent designer did it... BUT, if they had done actual research they would have realised (As real scientiests did when "they" did the research) that the organism wasnt irreducibly complex at all... ID is now at the flagellum point and slowly but surely it is being figured out as well and then they'll step to the next, and the next, and the next point.

It is not a hypothesis or a theory.

Date: 2007/05/29 15:26:54, Link
Author: Zucadragon
please go somewhere else, I dont want the forum to shake from the laughter you are producing out of us..

IF it isn't in the bible and thus it isn't there..

Then why do you have a brain... Your brain specifically isnt in the bible, so it must not exist..

End of deal, we only deal with people who have a brain and by your own logic you dont have one.. Please come back when you accepted the reality of a brain.