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Date: 2004/09/26 13:47:53, Link
Author: Stirling Newbery
If by "post-structuralist anti-foundationalism" e.g. Lacan, then the criticism of creationism is implicit: creationists believe in the privileged nature of an utterance, namely the religious text as the particular source of truth, and the logocentrism of the argument follows naturally. From this it is obvious that "ID" is another form of patriarchal hegemony, where the "Designer" is the phallocentric giver of "seed" and the visible world is merely a receptive feminine "earth" which the Designer imposes dominance on.

If by "post-modernism" in the larger sense, then current evolutionary theory is already a post-modern theory based on provisionality of truth, construction of framework and the supremacy of dissemination within a game.

Evolutionary biology as we understand it is not merely post-modern, but one of the central forms of post-modernism.