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Date: 2005/05/19 07:20:03, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Can either of you please clear up a couple of points for me on this? Could this be made to work in say Pennsylvania where "I" am at the other end of the state from say Dover, or would it have to be raised by someone in the Dover district? This is assuming of course that you consider Pennsylvania's state standards to be "strict" enough.
Which states could be considered to have strong enough standards?

Date: 2005/05/19 07:24:21, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Fusilier - You think you have it bad, I am in Santorum country !

Date: 2005/05/19 07:50:36, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
I seem to remember the suggestion somewhere that fundamentalism really began it's expansion as a re-action to the "liberalism" of the 60's/70's, where those who were disenchanted by mainstream Christianity's re-action to Vietnam war protests, Hippies, etc. and feeling themselves marginalised they became more attracted to  those churches with a stricter interpretation, and often a more charismatic leader than their current pastor/minister/vicar. In addition to this many were dismayed by what they regarded as the left-wing agenda being embraced at that time, prime examples of which have often been given as Rev Martin Luther King jr, Rev Jesse Jackson (if you consider civil rights to be left-wing that is). Thus many of these (sects? schisms?) began or certainly gathered momentum from a combination of a right-wing agenda with strict bible literalism.
I would like to state however that this situation is neither limited to the United States, nor to Christianity, indeed the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in recent times bears consideration, particularly as the "success" of this appears to goad many of these Christians to greater efforts in response.

Date: 2005/05/19 08:27:57, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Does anyone know what happened about the IRS investigation of "Dr Dino"?
I remember seeing - "IRS agents investigate Pensacola man who operates a creationist theme park, who they say is evading taxes on $1million dollars income."

Date: 2005/05/19 08:42:34, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
"Peer reviewed scientific journal - Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ)"
:D  :D  :D
???  Sounds like the case where the defendant wanted the jury composed of 12 mass-murderers because it ought to be a jury of his peers.

Date: 2005/05/19 10:53:40, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
I haven't stumbled across a transcript yet, however the student paper states - "Television stations PCN and FOX43 covered the event" does that help?

Date: 2005/05/19 14:25:40, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
This sounds like a description of punctuated equilibrium as proposed by Niles Eldredge, and Stephen Jay Gould.

Date: 2005/05/20 05:36:43, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
PCN TV replied to my enquiry regarding a transcript, it seems they never provide transcripts, however, if the date, location, and participants are provided they will sell you a video.

Date: 2005/05/20 05:41:55, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
I remember reading somewhere, that someone at ICR had estimated that the current population should be in the region of 10/\47, I may be sticking my neck out here, but do you think they forgot to take into account premodern childbirth deaths, and infant mortality rates?

Date: 2005/05/23 09:42:09, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Creationist dinosaur museum opens in Arkansas
Spotted this from Paul Harris, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
I have already mailed the Guardian to let them know, sorry this isn't the first, Kent Hovind had one running in Floriday years ago.

Date: 2005/12/28 02:04:03, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
From BBC News -
Muslim burial for Malaysian hero

One of the Malaysian conquerors of Everest who died recently will be buried according to Muslim practices, even though his Hindu family deny he ever converted to Islam, the family were not allowed to appear before the Sharia court as they are not Muslim.

If anyone asks me why I am such an ardent opponent of the "culteral renewal" "mob" then this will do as an opening - this is the future if we fail even once to oppose "the wedge". Forget the separation of church and state being lost, eventually these fanatics would strip everyone except "their" brand of Christian of all rights and legal defenses.

Date: 2005/12/28 08:17:42, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
And how do you feel about Europe's attempt to ban "hate" (read:critical) speech against religion (read: Islam).

If you pop over to, the majority opinion there seems to be the protected religion is Judaism - seems this is a law that religious groups are opining as being "against" them and "for" whoever their pet-hate group is, whereas most Europeans see this as a means to encourage moderate groups by holding extremists accountable for their immoderate language.

One of the few places I am aware of where this law seems to be being applied to Christians is Glasgow, and there only in an attempt to eradicate the vile bigotry between Rangers and Celtic supporters (Protestant vs Catholic), all the other contemplated cases so far seem to have been plans to arrest Muslim spokesman - many for holding the "extremist" view that Bush mislead the USA, Britain, et al, into attacking Iraq for its oil, and to avenge some perceived "loss of face" for his father not being allowed to finish the job in '91.

Finally, yes let us consider some extremists - hmm, lets start with Pat Robertson, maybe the UN could broker a deal - for every Pat thrown into Gitmo (or an East European CIA run equivalent) Palestine, or Lebanon, or Tadjikstan throws in two mullahs, my Sheikhdom will happily contribute any number of blue-nose Dee huns to sweeten the deal.   :D

Date: 2005/12/29 01:21:07, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Aceh's answer to Pat Robertson

Maybe we could have a whip round and get Mr Robertson and this Dr Jalil in a slam-dunk no-holds barred fight to the finish cage match in Madison Square Gardens, or Louisiana (make a change from cock-fighting / dog-fighting)  :D

Date: 2005/12/29 06:06:59, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Oriana Fallaci should of course be allowed to speak her mind, the fact that she resorts to stereotyping, and seems to be on her way to creating a modern "protocols" casting Muslims as the adversary in place of Jews is neither here nor there. Reasoned responses to her emotive articles would be far better in this case, after all although she may equate all Muslims as Arabs, and all Arabs as suicide bombers, she does not call for the murder of individual mullahs, political figures or suggest the genocide of Muslims in general, the main criteria I would use for "hate-speech".

As an example - Oriana mistakenly generalises Islamic response to 9/11 as "millions and millions marching in support of Osama Bin Laden", I agree that a number of distateful demonstrations glorying in this monstrous crime did take place, however it should also be noted that (a) a candle lit vigil for the dead was held in Tehran (b) Crowds gathered to lay flowers at the U.S embassy in Jakarta © Similar expressions of shock and sympathy occurred in places such as Tashkent, Baku, Ankara, Sarajeveo, and Tirana. Thus the reasoned response to Oriana is to specify these examples of common humanity again and again when faced with her emotive generalisations.

To conclude - Oriana's writing (at least those I have seen) contain misconceptions and generalisations bordering on the racist, they do not contain terroristic threats against individuals or groups, therefore as a rational human being I concede that distasteful as they may be they are indeed protected speech, as a direct comparison however Pat Robertsons call for the assassination of President Chavez is a terroristic threat, and he is more deserving of prosecution than she is.

Date: 2005/12/29 07:06:11, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Can someone please explain to me how having posted two items critical of Muslim fundamentalism to draw a comparison to the aims of Christian Reconstructionism (Rushdoony) , I have ended up in the position of a spokesperson for Islam?

It would'nt be so bad, but I am only a Dundee United type Arab....along with my compatriots -
Sheikh Alegg (Shake A Leg)
Sheikh Maheid (Shake Ma (my) Heid (head))
Sheikh Ratlnroll
Yessir Ahmthatfat (Yes sir Ahm (I am) that fat).

Date: 2005/12/29 09:18:04, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Whats the big deal? U.S history for all its brevity is full of waves of immigration, e.g Irish, Italians, Jews, Germans, Poles, etc. etc. In many cities , Boston and New York spring to mind immediately, it was probably possible at one time or another to visit an area and find nothing but Italian or Yiddish, or something else being spoken. Yet U.S /American has become robust enough to encompass many of the words and cultural concepts while being enriched. So the majority of people in Texas might have Spanish derived surnames, they may even retain it as a primary language, but, and heres the big but, as long as the schools retain "English" as the standard language then within one certainly two generations the immigrants and natives will adapt, hopefully to their mutual benefit.

Date: 2005/12/30 01:40:57, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Personal experience - I went to a primary school (Brmingham / West Midlands / UK) equivalent to U.S elementary - 98% of class was split between West Indian (Caribbean) Indian (sub-continent) and Pakistani, many of the Indian and Pakistani children had Punjabi, or Hindi, or Tamil, etc. as first language but all had to learn English - because of the school board you ask - no, because all state examinations (O / A Levels) were in English except single exams such as Punjabi for native speakers, so anyone planning to study Chemistry, History, Physics, Biology, etc had to understand English.

Applying this to your last post, yes local school boards could perhaps undertake to have the curriculum in mainly Spanish, but if the State Examination or SAT's, etc. remain in English then they are at an immediate disadvantage, so it is counter-productive, my guess is, maybe one or two might experiment with it for a few years, but will soon revert to having "English" as the main language.

Date: 2005/12/30 01:56:55, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
One thing I'm going to be doing in the new year is thinking about how the "product" of atheism or secularism doesn't compete as well as religion does, in America and many other parts of the world.

Actually it probably IS more of a "problem" in an American context, perceived social benefits of church membership are a minor factor in a European context, where many other organisations or groups compete to provide such social benefits.

Britain - Miners Clubs, British Legion, local soccer supporters clubs, Ramblers Associations, Bingo, etc, etc.
France - The French habit of promenading, going for a walk stopping in at a Cafe Tabac for coffee or a glass of wine, is still common, each library has lists of organisations with contact information etc.

Date: 2005/12/30 06:29:56, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
B B King, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Junior Parker, Phil Lynott (I know, I know, could technically be classed as Irish), or how about Carlos Santana?

Date: 2005/12/30 06:44:46, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
In an earlier post you asked for a refutation of Jared Taylors "The Colour of Crime", please follow this link which questions the reliability of JT's analysis in light of questionable statistical practices -

Southern Poverty Law Center : Intelligence Report

Date: 2005/12/30 06:56:10, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Yes - all references to "Intelligent Design" or it's cognates will be replaced by "Sudden Appearance" or it's cognates.

Date: 2005/12/30 07:00:40, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
There you go - start up a couple of licensed working mens clubs, start selling proper beer, have live band / comedian performances......

Date: 2005/12/30 07:21:34, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
The Mahatma is alive and well and living in Surrey last I heard of him.

Date: 2005/12/30 07:33:28, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
To the Ghost of Paley
who seems very concerned about falling "European" birth rates -

One in 10 Europeans is allegedly conceived in an Ikea bed.

So simple solution - get your "allies" to provide IKEA beds to "Europeans"

Date: 2005/12/30 07:39:30, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
It seems the French at least,  are,  related to monkeys

Baboons can tell the difference between English and French. Zoo keepers at Port Lympne wild animal park in Kent are having to learn French to communicate with the baboons which had been transferred from Paris zoo.
 BBC Magazine



Date: 2005/12/30 08:12:36, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
why do Asians commit fewer violent crimes than whites?

Is this strictly true? In the USA perhaps, and Europe as a whole, however, there are exceptions even to this "rule" - as an example a couple of years there were the Bradford riots, now admittedly there was a great deal of provocation from the BNP, and shameful inaction by the local police force, but a great deal of violence did occur by "Asian" (in this case Indian / Pakistani) youths. There are also the examples of Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza, and in Russia Siberian mafia. In addition to these there are irregular outbreaks of violence on the Indian sub-continent, along with more generalised banditry, in the South China sea piracy remains a problem, need I go on?

It woudl seem that the oft-quoted phrase - "There are lies, damned lies, and statistics" still has validity.

Date: 2005/12/30 08:27:04, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Rule of thumb - Japanese for Akitas, Russian for Borzhois, French for Poodles....  :D

Date: 2005/12/31 08:54:09, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
I know someone will correct me if I am wrong, but didn't South Africa under apartheid have something similar, I seem to recall that the Japanese at least were treated as honorary "whites".

Ah the wonderous convolutions of the political mind, especially where money is involved.

Date: 2005/12/31 09:11:15, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Referring back to one of my previous posts - Did the wave(s) of Irish immigration change the USA in any significant form, or the wave(s) of Jewish / German / Italian immigration, or how about the sudden influx of Cubans to Florida?
The USA has long been touted as the land of opportunity where no-one is disadvantaged because their father or mother (or both) were immigrants, that people are assessed for what they contribute not what language their grandfather spoke. Additionally there are those who see the USA as the greatest bastion of freedom in the western world because of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, so long as these fresh immigrants hold true to all these ideals then there is no cause for alarm, with the melting pot continuing to bubble along nicely.

Date: 2006/01/04 02:11:07, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
I seem to recall a criticism of Jared Taylors statistics, which cited not only the use of flawed sampling to produce skewed results, but also the following basic failures of logic and reasoning -
The statistics used deal with incarceration rates, rather than crime rates per se, thus - If blacks are more likely to be arrested, and if they are more likely to be convicted, and they receive longer sentences, then they will form a disproportionate segment of any prison population. Lets review the conditions one at a time -
(a) If blacks are more likely to be arrested.
If a number of groups A, B, C, D. etc commit crimes at equal rates (say 1% of total population) yet the arrest rates are 10% of criminals for groups A, C, D against 30% of criminals for group B, then it appears that group B contains as many criminals as A+C+D, which is not a valid conclusion.
(b) If blacks are more likely to be convicted.
From a we have an arrest group of 50% A,C,D. 50% B, if the conviction rate is 10% for A,C,D but 30% for B, then B as a conviction rate now outnumbers A+C+D.
© If blacks are more likely to receive longer sentences.
If we take as an example groups A,C,D receive average 10 year sentences, group B with an average of 15 years, then any study of incarceration will give the prima facia appearance of group B being more crime-prone, however lets assign some values an run through (a) (b) and ©.
Keeping it simple, if we have 1,000,000 for all groups, then the "criminal" population for each at 1% would be 10,000. For A/C/D the capture rate gives 1000 per group, 3,000 in total. For B the capture rate gives 3000. The conviction rate gives an even greater disparaty of 100 for A/C/D and 900 fo B. Now if © is also taken into account then over 10 years A/C/D is 900 (100 have been released) B is now 9000 with none released (longer sentencing).  
To summarise then a straight consideration of incarceration rates without consideration of other contributing factors can produce misleading results very easily.

Date: 2006/01/04 06:17:06, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
You could try this - The sceptics annotated bible
This includes Old Testament which should deal with many Judaic apologists also. An additional resource is which has similar discourses on Islam and the Book of Mormon.

Date: 2006/01/04 09:06:17, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Skeptics/Sceptics - Whoops Britishness showing.... :D

As for possible sites where Carol / David may be drawing "inspiration" - Kent Hovind ("Dr" Dino) contains all the usual, dinosaurs wandered round with Adam/Eve, Cain/Abel, etc...up until Noah.

Personally I waiting for one of them to declare that the movie 1,000,000 years B.C starring Raquel Welch was divinely inspired amd historically accurate.    :D

Date: 2006/01/06 09:22:09, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
From the York Daily Record -
Tuesday night, former Dover school board member Sheila Harkins said during public comment that she had talked to the district's attorney, Stephen Russell, about the legality of mentioning intelligent design. She said he had in turn talked to the American Civil Liberties Union and returned to her saying there was no constitutional issue.
Tuesday evening, Russell remained quiet. Wednesday, he said he didn't respond because he was in shock and he didn't want to get into an argument.
"Sheila Harkins would not have talked to me because I would have billed her for talking to me, and she would not have wanted to pay me," Russell said.
He said he didn't talk to anyone from the ACLU about intelligent design, so he couldn't have relayed an opinion from them to her.
Court testimony indicated he advised the district it had potential liability.

SHeila Harkins obviously joining Bonsell and Buckingham in being "economical with the truth".

Date: 2006/01/16 01:20:45, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Aaarrr Scrumpy - real zyder by crackey, aha and decent lager - snakebite anyone?.

My word - is that Dr Tony Hill, and Carol Jordan over there? What have you guys been up to?


Date: 2006/01/16 01:29:37, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Richard Ostling
Harper Collins Biography
and from TIME

Date: 2006/02/03 02:32:06, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Smoke him a kipper -- he'll be back for breakfast.

Rimmer from Red Dwarf, now I know who he reminds me of !

Date: 2006/02/07 04:49:43, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
How did you quit and stay quit? Any tips tricks for more recent quitters?

Date: 2006/02/07 07:56:50, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Not related to the current outbreaks of violence, however - Abu Hamza jailed for seven years

Mr Justice Hughes -
I do not make the mistake that you represent Islamic thinking generally.
You are entitled to your views and in this country you are entitled to express them, but only up to the point where you incite murder or use language calculated to incite racial hatred. That is what you did.

Abu Hamza = Pat Robertson  - Yes that equation works.

Date: 2006/02/07 08:19:24, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
It seems that you think evolution must discuss religion, but that is only correct in cases where the religion makes empirical claims that are open to falsification by scientific inquiry.  Of course, in those cases it would not just be evolution, but physics and many other fields.  So, I ask you what is it about evolution that is more atheistic than any other field of science?

Recent evidence shows that ICR at least is treating evolution and astronomy / cosmology as equally atheistic and inimical to their world view -
Bad Astronomy - A creationist take on comets

Date: 2006/02/07 08:51:18, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
That's the bugger.
The man should have been thrown out ages ago.
That tosser is not a UK citizen by any stretch of the imagination.
I find it incredible he emigrated here, lived off benefits and the whole time preached hatred against the UK and other countries.

The information I have uncovered to date suggests that Abu Hamza, lived off benefits only following his injuries received with the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan, until that point he was employed as an engineering contractor and translator. Up until which point no doubt the UK and US governments would have considered him (along with OBL) as "good" jihadis, so castigating him as some form of benefit scrounger in this case is probably counter productive.

Criticism of Abu Hamza is probably best to concentrate on his fundamentalism (which estranged a great many moderate muslims who formerly used the Finsbury Park Mosque, including the trustees of the mosque) and then to show the increasing descent into intolerance and hatred beginning with his detestation of corrupt middle eastern regimes and finally flowering into the bigoted, inflammatory hatred of just about everyone and everything.

BTW my equating Abu Hamza with Pat Robertson is not entirely tongue in cheek, the differences between them are more of degree than anything else, after all someone who can publicly call for the assassination of a head of state, is not that far removed from the person who would demand the death of anyone opposing (or at least not sharing) their political and religious objectives.

Date: 2006/02/08 06:20:24, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Pandas Thumb - Wisconsin Bill to Ban Teaching of ID

If the language quoted is corrected, not only does ID get the big E, but a whole bunch of other pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo is in trouble there (so long as the bill passes).

:D  :D  :D

Date: 2006/02/13 06:06:27, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Evolution Sunday

Evolution Sunday is the height of hypocrisy, Why do Darwinists think it is not okay for people to criticize Darwin on religious grounds, but it is just fine to defend him on religious grounds?”

Wake up Bruce - it is not Darwinists defending Darwin on religious grounds - it is mainstream churches criticising you and your supporters as being a
strident, vocal, minority

Bruce again -
Our view is not that pastors should speak out against evolution, but that the Darwinists are hypocrites for claiming--falsely--that opposition to Darwinism is merely faith based, and then turning around and trying to make the case that Darwinism itself is faith based

It is pastors, ministers, vicars, priests, yada, yada - who not only are not speaking out against evolution, but are showing that your argument IS a purely faith based false dichotomy raised on behalf of a bunch of extremists.

Wake up and smell the coffee Bruce, not only do you and the DI continue to be found out by reputable scientists, now the real mainstream of Christianity is turning on you and yours for giving them a bad rep.

Date: 2006/02/16 00:43:25, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
I happened across some article mentioning "Polonium Halos" and through all the follow up's arrived at PT, figured - periodic table of elements/logic on one side, grasping at very wet straws the other. Then found all these other things going on, so basically lurked for ages, but only became emotionally invested in the whole thing when Dover blew up - I mean Georgia phffft, full of wild eyed laying on of hands snake handling charismatics anyway, right, right. Kansas, bible-belt bible thumpers, right, right. Pennsylvania, hey hang on Dover may be at the other side of the state from where we live now, but I have one boy at the the same age as the poor kids getting force fed fundie BS, and one much younger, what if it spread, what if it got here just as Cameron was getting ready for 8th/9th grade science, no, no this just won't do, they are entitled to get up on their hind legs and bray about ID as much as they want in their little temples, or on street corners where we can cross over and ignore them, but to bring it into public schools and try and force their minority BS on the majority - NO WAY.

Date: 2006/03/06 01:21:34, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
I always preferred Tom Sharpe myself, "Riotous Assembly", "Indecent Exposure", "The Throwback", all of the "Wilt" series.
If only there was a satirist of his calibre to write about ID, and fundamentalism.

Date: 2006/03/06 01:24:57, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
That explains why you never saw a phylogeny that puts mammals, bacteria, and yeats at the same distance......

I hope you mean yeasts and are not making reference to my family.   :D

Date: 2006/05/11 06:33:40, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
I remember that at one time they did it with books, the list was called something like the "Index Expurgatoris", I also recall a number of countries used to apply the "Index", one of my uncles was fined and had his copy of James Joyce's Ulysses confiscated when he visited Eire.

Date: 2006/05/19 03:18:22, Link
Author: Sheikh Mahandi
Megalazoom and the Bob Cratchit Ceileidh Band.

:)  :D