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Date: 2006/09/21 10:20:02, Link
Author: PeterEvolves
A lot hinges on this, too.  What people think about origins and the nature of mankind is VITALLY important to law and society.  This is why you see me being so passionate about this issue.

Note: I am interjecting here to a much earlier thing that I still find fascinating after reading this awesome array of posts dismantling this amazingly inane argument.

I find the above quotation a stunning thing to write about the law, Dave, given that you apparently have no respect for the scientific method in your mind. The functionality of the U.S. legal system hinges considerably more on the scientific method and logic than you seem to be able to muster AND it functions so well because of its reliance on the presentation and logical (if emotionally laden) explanation of that evidence. You will find that the areligious (not anti-religious) nature of our legal system and its avoidance of a priori religious stances has ensured a much higher degree of fairness than those systems that existed before it.

Think of the Salem Witch Trials, the Inquisition or the present legal systems run by theocracies across the globe. What kind of evidence need be presented? None need be when you have the power of divine inspiration on your side. God fills in the blanks.

I have read so many posts here as a lurker and I find your lack of evidentiary respect so shoddy. You just keep moving the goal posts around trying to avoid the conflict that must arise in that fantastically evolved cortex when it is confronted by so much evidence.

Don't make us laugh by saying that you are serious about the law. You may be serious about some kind of anti-Enlightenment (your beliefs are antiquated beyond the 18th century) and anti-educational law rooted in a sectarian reading of the Bible (which translation I also wonder). You are serious about your ideology. You are not serious about U.S. law as it is rooted in the Enlightenment and the respect of evidence and reason.

You are a sham.

Date: 2007/04/18 07:12:33, Link
Author: PeterEvolves
Cool to see this. My small kvetch is that I have an M.M. in Music Composition and Theory. It's an Arts degree. Close to Humanities but...