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Date: 2007/04/21 12:00:41, Link
Author: Nullifidian
Quote (blipey @ April 20 2007,12:36)
BA - Theatre performance

with masters classes in clown theatre, juggling, mime, and stilt-walking.

This makes me qualified to drink beer, throw knives, and live in a cardboard box (simultaneously, though--that's the skill part).

I always thought an unemployed mime would live on the streets in a glass box.

My own background is a B.S. in cell biology and biochemistry, UCSD.
Currently working toward an MSc/MA in molecular cell biology and vocal performance (opera singing) at the University of Kansas.

Date: 2007/06/20 13:37:13, Link
Author: Nullifidian
Quote (SpaghettiSawUs @ June 20 2007,12:19)
I know this one is dead but I had to ask:
Why does God have to have his menu just so?

Perhaps God is an autistic child?

That would be my diagnosis, having read the Bible.

God's also a "He" and it's diagnosed in boys four times as much as in girls.

Date: 2008/05/23 12:30:37, Link
Author: Nullifidian
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ May 20 2008,13:10)
And it exactly explains the 'deathbed conversion' meme, since in religious apologetics, that WOULD invalidate a whole religion.

New-ish poster, but a long time lurker.

Although in practice, a conversion to another religion (taking it as granted that creationists think of evolution as a 'religion') hasn't always meant the death of the religious sect. Shabbetai Zevi, my favourite Messianic claimant, found himself running up against another Messiah named Nehemiah ha-Kohen, who didn't scruple at snitching to the Sultan in Istanbul that Zevi entertained messianic delusions of putting the sultan's crown on his own head.

Zevi, seeing the danger that he was in, converted to Islam, which pleased the Sultan so much that Zevi was made an official in his court at an enormous salary. Zevi was well pleased with this turn of events too. The only people who were displeased were Zevi's followers, some of whom abandoned their messiah, but a great deal of people hung on and actually converted to Islam as well! He has followers hanging on in Turkey, outwardly practicing Islam, to this very day.

I once tried that same line of thought on a Campus Crusader, entertaining the idea of converting to Christianity because it was Darwin who "showed me the way" and it caused a truly wonderful level of cognitive dissonance. :-D