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Date: 2007/05/28 21:22:20, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
I am strongly opposed to evolution. However, there is one nagging question in the creation story that I don’t quite get.

Why didn’t the Dinosaurs try to eat Adam and Eve?

As I understand it, the Dinosaurs were not wiped off the earth until the time of the flood along with the Nephilim.

Date: 2007/05/28 23:16:40, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
Quote (Henry J @ May 28 2007,23:06)
Since the Bible never mentions dinosaurs at all, you'll need to ask the people who are trying to rewrite it to include them.


Are you disputing the existence of the dinosaurs? Just b/c the bible does not mention them does not mean they were never there.

Date: 2007/05/29 13:17:32, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
Ok, the bible tells us that Noah was tasked with preserving 2 of every kind of animal that was considered “unclean” and 7 for every type of  “clean” animal. Given all the species of animals that’s quite a big number of animals living in that Ark. What do you think Noah and his family did with all that excrement? I don’t think they burned it since the Ark itself was made of wood and that could have set the whole ship ablaze.

Animal diapers perhaps?

I've been presented this question by several evolutionists and have never been able to provide a plausible solution to this problem

Date: 2007/05/29 13:24:46, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
Quote (Not A Monkey @ May 29 2007,07:32)
Dinosaurs fossils were planted by Satan to throw us on the wrong track, and away from the Lord.  "Dinosaurs" never roamed the earth, and they never breathed.  They only exist in the fossil state.  Do not let Satan lead you away from the unaissailable truth the the Bible, which is God's unfaillible word.

Genesis 15:9
"So the LORD said to him, "Bring me a heifer, a goat and a ram, each three years old, along with a dove and a young pigeon."

Did he plant them before or after the incident in the garden of eden?

Date: 2007/05/29 14:26:10, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
Does the Bible say anything about animal diapers?

Date: 2007/05/29 15:10:49, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
Quote (Not A Monkey @ May 29 2007,14:14)
The Bible is silent on this issue, but logic dictates they must have been planted at or near the time of the creation of the Earth.  I do not think the Lord Almighty would plant the dinosaur fossils AFTER allowing Adam and Eve to settle, for his activities might have been conspicuous.  However, since God is omnipotent, it is possible that the fossils were planted later on, sight unseen, and evidence of the planted fossils covered up.

Upon serious consideration of your question, I would have to say that it can go either way.

Hebrews 9:13
"The blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a heifer sprinkled on those who are ceremonially unclean sanctify them so that they are outwardly clean."

But you said Satan planted the fossils while God planted the Garden of eden. If Satan planted the fossiles prior to his first sin in the Garden of Ede with the intent on misleading mankind would this not have been his first rebellion against God? Why did God not eliminate him when he first planted the dinosaurs?

Date: 2007/05/29 15:41:44, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
Quote (Zucadragon @ May 29 2007,15:26)
please go somewhere else, I dont want the forum to shake from the laughter you are producing out of us..

IF it isn't in the bible and thus it isn't there..

Then why do you have a brain... Your brain specifically isnt in the bible, so it must not exist..

End of deal, we only deal with people who have a brain and by your own logic you dont have one.. Please come back when you accepted the reality of a brain.

I think that people who are inside the bible have brains.. how else would the person mentioned below be described as "intelligent"

Samuel 25:3
3 His name was Nabal and his wife's name was Abigail. She was an intelligent and beautiful woman, but her husband, a Calebite, was surly and mean in his dealings.

Date: 2007/05/29 15:46:18, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
I think you are wrong. The bible does mention pampers.

Proverbs 29:21    

21 If a man pampers his servant from youth,
      he will bring grief [a] in the end.

maybe the same idea was used on the animals in the Ark. I find it hard to believe 8 people could perform clean-up duty on all that crap

Date: 2007/05/29 16:56:33, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
Quote (Not A Monkey @ May 29 2007,15:17)
That is a most excellent observation, you are pointing out that I didn't think things through.  But still, there could be two interpretations.

(1) God planted the fossils as a test of Faith.
(2) Satan planted the fossils to mislead us to fill up Hell with ever burning souls.

Whichever it is - doesn't really matter.  You can only believe what is in the Bible.

Isaiah 9:16
"Those who guide this people mislead them, and those who are guided are led astray."

Do you think Satan has ever been to the Moon?

Date: 2007/05/29 22:44:01, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
Both evolution and creation are fact? What if God created monkeys with the ability to evolve into humans?

Date: 2007/05/29 22:46:25, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
What did Noah use for air freshrner when those animals took dumps?

Date: 2007/05/29 23:54:39, Link
Author: NoMissingLink
Please tell me where Cain got his wife?

Date: 2007/05/30 20:26:30, Link
Author: NoMissingLink