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Date: 2006/05/15 12:14:35, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote (Faid @ May 15 2006,15:44)
I was hoping for something along the lines of "yes it is/no it isn't" to keep this thread from sinking, but I must say this is better.  :)

"No, you didn't, you toffee-nosed, malodorous pervert!"

Sorry, it's the best I can do off the top of my head.  And greetings to all, since it's my first post and such.  Let's see, computer geek, amateur astronomer, archaeology buff, Monty Python fan, female.  I think that sums me up fairly well.  I've been lurking, enjoying the articles and posts on PT and the posts here.  Don't know that I'll ever have a huge amount to contribute to the discussion(s) at large, but enjoy reading them and learning from them.  I've had to cut down any reading I do at AIG and allied sites due to health concerns.  Hearing the same nonsense over and over and, well, you get the picture, causes me the dry heaves.


Date: 2006/05/16 03:34:05, Link
Author: Moorit
Hi, Renier!  Well, not really "met" them as such as I haven't "spoken" with any of 'em.  Now, I have shook my head more than a few times at their statements, mind you.  And Faid, I loved Anne "ahem!" Elk!  "I have a theory (ahem! ).  It is mine and it is my (ahem! ) theory that is mine and I made it up. (ahem! )"  If I believed in the supernatural (not likely to happen any time soon), it's almost spooky that MP so perfectly predicted the arguments of ID.  Truth may be stranger than fiction, but I guess satire comes awfully close.  :D

Moorit (edited to fix a few "(ahem! )'s--sorry about the extra space, but otherwise it turned the ahem!'s into "winkies".  Hmmmmm....)

Date: 2006/05/16 11:00:24, Link
Author: Moorit
Try to explain to someone why the "Fish Slapping Dance" is funny or, "There is no cannabalism in the British Navy.  And when I say, "none," I mean "a certain amount.""  I play in a bagpipe band and about half of us now have "The Lumberjack Song" down on the pipes.  It has a habit of being played at odd moments in practice. ;)  I'm still working on converting "Brave Sir Robin", but the pipe scale is....odd.

Moorit (Edited to add--"Come back here and I'll bite your kneecaps off!!!!!")

Date: 2006/05/16 11:07:36, Link
Author: Moorit
I'm still wading my way through this thread (only up to page 25, but hanging in there), and curiosity's gotten the better of me.  Has anyone ever had any success in asking Dave Scott (or whatever the heck his name is) how the whole agnostic/ID thing fits together?  Or has he 'fessed to believing Rael and company about the whole alien origins thing?  I'd try asking over there if, in fact, he's still the moderator, but something tells me my post would not be answered or even survive very long.


Date: 2006/05/16 13:47:47, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote (stevestory @ May 16 2006,17:54)
This is the greatest thread of all time.

BTW, someone should find out when the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ended racist policies. I bet it was long after Haeckel died.

I don't know about the Seminary, but the Southern Baptist Convention didn't make that decision until 1995.  Of course, the Seminary didn't grant tenure to a woman until 1988 and then did a "resignation in lieu of" on her in 1994.  Nice to know that they didn't rush into doing anything about sexism at the same time as the racism question.  Wouldn't want them doing anything rash... :angry:

Oh, and the link's for both are  here

Moorit (edited to remove a superfluous "the")

Date: 2006/05/16 14:07:48, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote (Mr_Christopher @ May 16 2006,18:58)
ps: Are non-whites allowed to date whites at Southern where Dembski teaches?

Don't know about that part, but they lost me in their "Beliefs" section:

"Christianity is the faith of enlightenment and intelligence." -- I guess we know where that leaves people of other faiths, agnostics and atheists.  And, see?  They really do call it Intelligent Design for a reason!

"An adequate system of Christian education is necessary to a complete spiritual program for Christ’s people." -- Well, heck-fire, yeah!  "Adequate" is more than good enough!  I'm just curious about who gets to decide what's "adequate" and what's a little too much knowledge for your own good.

"In Christian education there should be a proper balance between academic freedom and academic responsibility. Freedom in any orderly relationship of human life is always limited and never absolute. The freedom of a teacher in a Christian school, college, or seminary is limited by the pre-eminence of Jesus Christ, by the authoritative nature of the Scriptures, and by the distinct purpose for which the school exists." -- I think this translates as, "Teach what we tell you, how we tell you.  Thou shalt not deviate from the approved, graven in stone lesson plan that we will provide you.  Don't, whatever you do, color outside the lines.  Or else."



Date: 2006/05/16 14:37:07, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote (sir_toejam @ May 16 2006,18:46)
er, not that i wanted to be a mad scientist bent on world domination or anything.


I believe you, Sir To...wha?!!?  What's that copy of "Evil Geniuses for Dummies" doing in your pocket??!??   :O


Date: 2006/05/17 05:18:35, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote (Faid @ May 16 2006,16:12)
Well, Moorit, you can try the kind and gentle approach, but it won't help. Most of us tried it, and simply got banned a couple days later.

Re: 100 pages: And the winner is...

Thanks, Faid.  I might give it a try sometime, but will probably meet the same fate as everyone else.  I had no intention of going to town on his beliefs--he can believe whatever he wants to as long as he's not trying to shove it down my throat.  I'm just curious if he's found some way to reconcile the two in his own mind, or if it's merely a convenient pose to try to appear impartial.  Oops!  Originally typed "impractical"--must have been the right brain taking over momentarily.  ;)


Date: 2006/05/17 05:33:43, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote (afdave @ May 17 2006,10:10)
Yes. I'm dangerous and so was Newton and Maxwell.  Look out world!

Just having a flashback moment to Carl Sagan talking about crackpots defending themselves with "They laughed at Galileo....." and then says, "Yes, they laughed at Gallileo, they laughed at Pasteur, but they also laughed at Bozo the Clown."

And, Dave, put down the apologetics.  I know it's nice to read things that reinforce your beliefs and all, but try picking up an actual science book (or two.  Or three.  Dozen.)


Date: 2006/11/03 05:52:18, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote ("Rev Dr" Lenny Flank @ Oct. 31 2006,18:41)
ID is dead as a mackerel, and has no hope whatever of resurrection.  Not a chance.

Sadly and respectfully, I have to disagree.  The whole ID mess never really dies.  It just gets repackaged with a great big, "NEW & IMPROVED!!" label stuck on it and a snappy new name.  Those who buy this sort of product never seem to notice that it's the same old, stinky pigshite.  "Teach the Controversy" has just changed to the "Controversial Issues Template.''  After that gets it metaphorical head slammed in the door a few times, it'll just change its name again.  Probably something like, "Modeling Other Methods" or some such thing to suck in the gullible all over again.


Date: 2008/05/21 08:12:12, Link
Author: Moorit
Delurking...cloaking device "off".

I loved this quote about Mike Fairbourne from his own station:
"Fairbourne said in his daily work he doesn't spend hours researching studies about global climate change, but rather the particulars of daily forecasts. He worries that people are trying to politicize the scientific issue of global warming." - article here.

Translation: "I don't actually do any research about global climate change, but, knowing that there's a 25% chance of rain in Podunk, MN, makes me a qualified expert able to refute those who do nothing but global climate change research."

Cloaking device "on".

Date: 2008/05/21 10:14:54, Link
Author: Moorit
Delurking twice in one day?  Eek.

Not some of my best work, but I hope you like it.  And I can make it a little tidier if you like; some of the edges are still a little harsh.  I just didn't want to go too crazy on it if you like it the way it is.

Now, I really, really have to lurk.  And drink more coffee.  Lots more coffee.

ETA: after realizing that there's a difference between "too" and "to" for a reason.

Date: 2008/05/21 15:17:41, Link
Author: Moorit
You are more than welcome.  And it has to be "Moorit" with "oo", else it would be "Morit" with "o", which isn't a word.

Date: 2008/05/30 18:02:46, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote (Lou FCD @ May 29 2008,11:48)
Oh, and wherever you go, there you are.

And no matter where you go, your butt is always behind you.

Date: 2008/06/06 10:47:50, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote (k.e.. @ June 05 2008,14:14)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ June 06 2008,05:43)
Quote (k.e.. @ June 05 2008,22:25)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ June 06 2008,01:23)
Can a tornado in a junk yard assemble a 747?

Just curious.

No .....but a handful of dust can be blown into a man.

I'm pretty sure a 747 in a junkyard can generate a tornado, too.

And some humans can generate an awful lot of hot air.

......Why is marriage like a tornado?

Because when you're rear-ended, it can explode into a white-hot fireball of...wait...

I'm sorry, I was thinking of "why is marriage like a Ford Pinto."  

Carry on.

Date: 2008/06/06 10:57:16, Link
Author: Moorit
Erasmus, where was the plant located?  And if you say, "On the ground" or "Up to its sepals in leaf mold", I'll smack ya.  I like plants and I'd like to take a shot at identifying it.

Date: 2008/07/20 22:21:25, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote (lcd @ July 11 2008,06:34)

Even Hawkings addressed this supposed issue in his books, "A brief History of Time".

Sorry to be late to the party--surgery, catching up (my!  Everybody's been busy!), yadda-yadda, but, no.  Please disregard if this has already been answered, but if not, where does Dr. Hawking discuss this in "A Brief History of Time"?  I've got a 1988 edition and the speed of light is discussed on pgs. 18, 19-20, 21,24,28, 81 and 82 with no mention whatsoever of the speed of light having changed.

Date: 2008/07/30 12:13:10, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote (lcd @ July 29 2008,23:20)
Your silence and refusal to go and speak out gives the impression that you have something to hide.  That you're afraid to have your ideas actually put forth in open debate.

Here's some things to ponder:

You and I are sitting and having a discussion about your religion.  We get stuck on a topic (say, the virgin birth or transubstantiation if you're into either of those) and you finally just give up.  A week later, I come to you again wanting to discuss, say, "original sin."  You decline.  Does that mean you have "something to hide" or does it mean that you don't foresee a new discussion going any forwarder than the last and so you decline to participate?

Why, if creationists are so sure of the correctness of their stance, do they decline to debate in writing, i.e. under circumstances where goalposts can't be moved, last minute changes can't be made to the topic and the audience can't be packed with supporters to yell down the opposing speaker?  Why, exactly, do you think that might be considering that a written debate posted on the Internet would get to a metric boatload more people than one confined to a church or auditorium?

Why, if creationists are so open to debate, are they so very, very unwilling to have anybody knowledgable in the topic at hand post to one of "their" fora?  You pointed out yourself (interthreadality alert!) in the "Tellic" thread that that disturbed you.  Why?  It's business as usual for those boards.  Why do you suppose that might be?  What are they trying to hide?  What are they afraid of?

As others have pointed out, other than possibly educating a few people, debates themselves prove nothing.  Reality does not change because someone spoke more convincingly than someone else or because one side caused emotions to run higher than the other.  The "historical" plays of Shakespeare cause my emotions to run high, but I don't confuse his works with actual history.  Don't confuse what "ought" to be or what you want to be with what is.

ETA: some lovely bolding.

Date: 2008/07/31 19:52:52, Link
Author: Moorit
I went over there and let's just say it's going to take a gallon or two of bleach for my brain to ever be as it was pre-exposure.

I did like the description in the comments on "Dispatches...."

"Someone, maybe Orac, issued my favorite quote about Day/Beale: How can you take anything seriously written by a guy with a merkin on his head? (or words to that effect)"

Date: 2008/08/01 22:57:19, Link
Author: Moorit
Quote (Venus Mousetrap @ Aug. 01 2008,00:29)
Quote (Advocatus Diaboli @ Aug. 01 2008,08:22)
Kairosfocus: PS: I must note that I am rather uncomfortable with the level of language used in the OP and its headline.

You're not alone. It was - after all - written by O'leary.

Hey, Denies uses plenty of language. We're just not sure which one.


Date: 2009/07/03 22:08:39, Link
Author: Moorit
My!  Chunk's ignorant of how Google cache works, too?  So, to sum up and make sure I'm caught up: he's ignorant about biology, the scientific method, and logical fallacies; he lies, quote mines and reinterprets the words of others, and dodges and handwaves any questions directed at him, is that about right?  Sounds like they should be offering him a Board seat at DI any day now.  

Oops!  Forgot the whole "forbidden love that I mustn't indulge, but it feels too good and forgive me, Father, for I have sinned" angle.  Yeah, definitely DI Board material.