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Date: 2004/10/04 07:38:00, Link
Author: Moderator
As stated in another thread, "jasonparker"'s Turkish IP address has been banned. Commercial spamming of this site will not be tolerated.

I'm amazed at the brazen dishonesty of "jasonparker"'s posting. Each message of "jasonparker"'s has a link to an enterprise run by Harun Yayha, yet this post is stated as if there is simply some intellectual curiosity about the topic.

Date: 2005/02/02 00:58:34, Link
Author: Moderator
The "Intelligent Design" of a Monkey Trial: A Case of Hidden Agendas


To understand the significance of these "monkey trials," one must look beyond the legal decisions to the hidden agendas.  This long view is crucial, especially now with school districts in 40 states under attack by creationists and with the reelection of an evangelical president who wears his religion on his political sleeve and who believes that "God did create the world."


Much of the Discovery Institute¹s funds are spent maintaining a stable of authors who write creationist books for the popular press. William Dembski, whose sobriquet is "God's mathematician," is arguably the Wedge¹s leading intellectual. His book, the Design Inference, is the screed most often cited, but least read or understood, by letter-to-the-editor writers attacking evolution. But even Dembski's agenda is recoverable from the labyrinth of his text. He writes, "Indeed, intelligent design is just the Logos theology of John's Gospel restated in the idiom of information theory."

Date: 2005/10/10 04:51:17, Link
Author: Moderator
OK, there are definitely some people here posting in violation of the forum rules.

Read them, live them, or the IP bannings will begin.

I trust one reminder is sufficient unto the task.

Date: 2005/10/10 04:56:23, Link
Author: Moderator
I'll post this in this thread, too: Read the board rules. Those who don't conform will be gone.

Date: 2005/10/22 07:54:36, Link
Author: Moderator
Read the board rules

Warnings were issued, and ignored. Say goodbye, "evopeach". Others who want to continue to use this BB for playground antics will follow. Is that clear?

Date: 2005/11/14 07:12:14, Link
Author: Moderator
Just another test to make sure all is well here.

Date: 2006/01/29 07:47:39, Link
Author: Moderator

I think it's both JAD and Dave, and maybe some others from UD.

I think we have a winner. There seem to be at least two people who have dusted off their modems and are posting via dialup to evade IP banning, since the IP addresses differ from comment to comment and are from at least two different Class A IP address spaces. A password account system is not able to distinguish between two different people who share a password between themselves.

OK, it looks like the trolls want to play whack-a-mole. Send a PM if you'd like to help me out with clearing out the comments as they come up.

Date: 2006/01/29 08:38:45, Link
Author: Moderator

I don't think that all their comments should be removed. I may be fun to destroy their arguments.

There were reasons that they were banned in the first place that are only reinforced by the latest antics.

Date: 2006/01/29 08:50:30, Link
Author: Moderator

Just give them a chance.

They had plenty of "chances".

Please return to topical discussion. This matter is closed.

Date: 2006/02/13 05:08:15, Link
Author: Moderator
There's an ikonBoard bug that hoses topics once a very long text message is entered. I've switched DB managers this morning so that I have a chance to intervene via the DB interface, but to restore the currently missing messages would take more work than I can budget time for at the moment.

Date: 2006/02/13 17:27:16, Link
Author: Moderator
I've put together a little something for folks registering multiple accounts. I hope they like it. Happy Valentine's Day...

Date: 2006/03/21 19:19:24, Link
Author: Moderator

not a foolproof method of divining the only real reason for entering a comment

I seem not to recall claiming that it was.

But if you are on about my editing out the illicitly entered stuff from JAD, you *will* take the discussion to email. That's a moderation issue.