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Date: 2007/11/03 07:08:14, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
If I were "For the Kids" it would distress me that I might have helped  bring both Kansas fundamentalists and intelligent design into disrepute.

Date: 2007/11/10 12:45:15, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
In nonspecific intelligent designer's name! I have to agree with reciprocating Bill - either give him a beak or admit that "evolution" is a cruel hoax! And was that donkey bone post supposed to be humerus?

Date: 2008/02/09 19:29:04, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Actually, this could be turned on Ben Stein and the whole right-wing anti-science movement.

Who says there's no possibility of intelligence in biogenesis or evolution? They're explicitly leaving out "intelligence" possessed by systems, and things like the Gaia Effect. They're leaving out coevolution. Indeed, all sorts of things.

It's like the saying that monotheists are atheists for all gods but one. They want to expel all intelligence that doesn't meet a theistic definition. The way they treat the panspermia and alien designers is a great example. They should not be allowed to get away with that.

Make them commit to a yes or no on could the whole thing be space aliens, with no need for a god or gods, could it be that there was panspermia so even if the Earth wasn't "old enough" for evolution to work, it could have come from outer space, could life systems as a whole have some kind of "intelligence" we can't comprehend, and so on. Maybe we should worship Nature, and theistic patriarchal deities violate The Intelligence. :)

Not to push any of these. More to point out that THEY are not allowing or admitting anything but their narrow Christianist wedge definitions, and call them on it publicly.

Date: 2008/05/07 15:52:31, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
[Graffiti moved to Bathroom Wall. -Admin]

Quote (Louis @ May 07 2008,11:19)
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ May 07 2008,16:50)
We're talking about calculators.

Yeesh, this is almost as nerdy as Louis and his Mornington Crescent games.


Oh now THAT is a low blow. Mornington Crescent is not nerdy, it''s....

Yeah ok, you got me, it's nerdy. Damn, foiled again.


If it's any consolation, I believed in evolution until I saw that post. Now I realize it's for suckers, and probably genocidal.

After all, if a person can't navigate from Earl's Court to Elephant and Castle, how can they hope to navigate the mystery of Life, and the labyrinth of the human genome? They can't!

Mornington Crescent, like the fossil record, is often arbitrary and deceptive, but always rewarding.

Date: 2008/05/10 18:23:43, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I am proud to announce that I will be added to the production of Expelled II:No Intelligence Anywhere. Independent producer Martin Durkin of Channel 4 will join Ben Stein.

I was tossed off of a science panel on BBC 4 because I had research proving statistico-thermodynamically that the London underground was designed -- intelligently designed -- in such a way that you could not fail to arrive at Mornington Crescent station from any starting point within the lifetime of an average traveler. First, I noted it would take random chance over 17 quintillion years to produce such a well-tailored design.

The idea that travelers, especially window-shoppers with MC on their minds, would have developed techniques on their own enabling them to get to MC, even from Victoria, is absurd on the face of it.

The Totteridge and Whetstone Finchley Flipover, for instance, does absolutely nothing, leaving you back at Mill Hill East. The Osterly Ru-Slip is worse, stranding you at Arsenal, often right after a football game. Yet, combined, they produce Kensington's well-known, and taken for granted, Hounslow Flagellating Barnet-work, which often solves five expression rule-tangles at once. Where would the incentive be for a single traveling organism to develop it?

Dr. Dembski has graciously secured me a stipend from the DI to branch out from intelligent tubing and use crescentology in application to finally solve the sickle-cell anaemia problem once and for all.

Take THAT, BBC 4 .. perhaps now you regret EXPELLING me, hmm?

Date: 2008/06/11 16:00:10, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I don't know WHAT you lot are going on ABOUT.

I learn things there.

I had no idea genetic drift weeded out mutations in particular.

Nor did I realize that resistance to antibiotics was a degradation as opposed to being an advance such as evolution would require.

You people just don't get it.

The E. Coli wags its bacterial flagellum disrespectfully in your general directions.

God wins again!  :D

Date: 2008/06/12 03:22:30, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
This is a depiction of the Edge of Evolution .

As you can see, the evolution fish in the center think their scientific universe is boundless, but as time goes on they make smaller and smaller discoveries. On the other hand, to them the incredible progress made by Intelligent Design and the other critiques of evolution doesn't seem meaningful from the evolution fishes' perspective.

It's just like relativity near a black hole. Evolution is the black hole, and Dave Scott, Dr. Dembski, Dr. Behe, etc. are looking down from Dave's perch somewhere north of 150, which is exactly why he involves gravity in the discussion. In that sense, he's a neutron star of evolution analysis.

Being banned from Uncommon Descent is like being tossed back into the circle from the big, infinite, universe God made into the narrow, bounded world of mainstream science.

Also, if you invert the hyperbolic world of science, you get the elliptical geometry of God's round Earth. I think people like John Davison get it.

I hope this clarifies some of the things you can learn there. IF approached with humility and reverence.

Date: 2008/06/13 11:58:24, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I think you all have it wrong. I have Dr. Dembski's book Intelligent Design and it's clear that theistic evolutionists being on the wrong side of the culture war springs directly from information theory, genetics, and microbiology. Don't believe Drs. Dembski and Behe, look at the evidence.

Dr. Dembski had no choice but to conclude that theistic evolutionists were worse than infidels; it falls right out of the math.

Date: 2008/06/13 13:12:26, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I forgot to add, there is indeed a good infidel. His name is Steve Fuller, he lives in Warwick, England. He's fully vetted and up to speed with the latest and most exciting conclusions from irreducible complexity to the explanatory filter to the endless wonders of the bacterial flagellum. And he understands the philosophical underpinnings of Design and the nihilistic alternative.

Date: 2008/06/14 17:04:39, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (hooligans @ June 13 2008,14:35)
Perhaps one of the funniest posts I have ever read from Sal:
The general mood among my associates is that the Darwinists haven’t even begun to see what will be unleased on them. They’ve only been sparring with scouting parties so far, they haven’t seen yet a truly organized and large-scale assault yet, but they will…

The main reason a large-scale organized assult will happen is that the Darwinists no longer have a monopoly on the dissemination of information. Their tactics of censorship and intimidation don’t work like they used to….

Cheap access to the interenet and video and teleconferencing cannot be policed by them. These communication mediums are not yet even being fully leveraged, but they will be, and as they are leveraged the great Berlin Wall will collapse.

Most importanly, the facts are on the side of ID.

This guy is so delusional it makes me laugh. He Sal, if you're going to win the youth over, how about starting by getting more than 1 comment per week at Overwhelming Evidence.

Another funny picture . . . misinformed youth speaking up in high school and college classes trying to show off how smart they got while watching some crazy preacher in the basement of their local church. Wow! Sal, I'm shaking in my boots already.

It's too much to expect that hooligans would appreciate Ms. O'Leary's tireless efforts at hard work:

(Highest Users - Overwhelming Evidence)

oleary 2206
SChen24 507
Patrick 336
BobMort 203
eric 148
quintilis 140
hblavatsky 125
TRoutMac 125
4freedom 79
wvit1001 72
terryf 66
mrskippy 66
siddigrl 63
TheMAN 60
quizzlestick 56
Mofi 46
Anhar_Miah 40
Mario Lopez 38
FiveStarLucky 36
HodorH 35
johnadavison 34
Joey Campana 30
HaEris 26
scutus 25
kpritc01 24
Sparky 23
Artifacts of Design 20
Jeffery 20
Tom 20
TReid 20

Also, I think Sal did a great job pointing out how stubbornly atheistic and lacking in bioinformatics Darwin really was: What Would Convince Darwin of Design

Date: 2008/06/20 14:43:23, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
We should ask the bacteria if global warming is real or not.

They have to live here, too, and they don't join parties or get research grants.

If they're designed to foretell the future, they can even guess how bad any warming would get.

My suggestion: thicker or thinner coats. Especially in the Arctic and Antarctic. If the bacteria grow thicker hides, we know they are preparing for global cooling. Thinner, global warming. And the rate of change vs. a control group out in space beyond the stratosphere tells the rate, and you extrapolate from that.

That's using the results of ID to transform other scientific research. Just as Dr. Behe and the bacteria predicted.

Date: 2008/07/11 14:25:24, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (JohnW @ July 11 2008,11:54)
Quote (Bettawrekonize @ July 11 2008,08:12)
These kinds of ideas are NOT acceptable and while DaveScot may not wish harm on Myers, there could be crazy people out there that might get bad ideas from him and do something stupid. This kind of behavior from DaveScot is NOT acceptable and it is not how we should go about attacking the naturalistic monopoly on thought in public forums. Again, we need to be proactive, but we need to be civilized as well.

Though I seem to be banned from uncommondescent (for no apparent reason) I hope the moderators there read this.

Betta, you're right in principle.  But if anyone out there is so batshit insane that they think DaveTard is a fount of good advice on how to live their life, they're already beyond helping.  They'll go completely off the rails sooner or later anyway.  Even if Dave never says another word.


The point is not whether they'd do something eventually, although I would dispute that DaveScot is not adding something to the mix there, too. The point is, he's helping direct them. Singling out someone as a likely (and somewhat worthy) target.

Very similar to what Neal "A man's first girlfriend is a mule" Horsley did with abortion doctors on the Nuremberg Files website.

Date: 2008/07/23 16:41:03, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (stevestory @ July 22 2008,11:38)
Davetard said:
Now get busy. I didn’t spend 25 years making networked computers into cheap household appliances so you can squander your time bashing creationists. I did it so you can process, correlate, and share the growing mountain of information needed to reverse-engineer the simplest cells (plus the money was really really good and it was fun too).

He claims credit for the desktop computer revolution, and also says he did it to advance the field of bioinformatics? Even at UD, who would possibly believe those lies?


DaveScot has incurable delusory randosis (also called delusory cleptosocialitis) it's a chronic condition not amenable to treatment.

The sufferer believes him or herself to be a heroic omniachieving genius surrounded by inferior socialist parasites. Because so many suffered from Nietzschean and even Hitlerian delusions, it was originally believed to be an organic condition caused by a spirochete like syphillis. With the advent of Objectivism, it turned up in epidemic proportions in people who had never had sexual or any other sort of physical contact with other human beings, and was formally named and classified as a mental illness with the DSM III.

Narcissistic confabulation is a tell-tale. Also look for incoherent swaggering.

Date: 2008/08/05 01:15:07, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
If it weren't for banned luck, they'd have no luck at all.

gloom despair and agony on me!

Date: 2008/09/12 21:52:02, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
It's obvious to this person, with an IQ somewhat east  of 151, that you are all deeply threatened by the inquisitive scientific attitude of cdevolution proskeptics.

Date: 2008/09/12 21:54:49, Link
Author: Marion Delgado

A couple of pints, or even more, help immensely, as does Vaseline. But speaking on behalf of Dave Scot, how did you know?

Date: 2008/09/16 02:27:10, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
What's happened to my beloved Conservapedia?

When I wrote that line, it read "There is no end of censorship on Conservapedia."

Someone's altered my work!

Date: 2008/09/27 15:44:26, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Re the poor termite sacrificed on the altar of Dawkins/Darwin:

I notice this so-called "Lou - an obviously made up ideal composite "student" "of" "biology" - grasps at straw after straw in order to avoid even raising the hypothesis that one of God's creatures is following God's purpose.

Even after secular hypotheses crumble, each one more desperate than the one before, he clings to the faith that there has to be some sort of materialist mechanistic explanation. Despite the lack of positive evidence for it, he even invokes the idea that ballpoint pen ink, which anyone who had a mother would know is very poisonous, is some sort of food the termite follows around.

Experiment if you dare:

put a pile of termite food on one part of the paper (wood shavings?) and a pool of ballpoint pen ink on another. Which does the termite follow?

Conclusion: the "following a chemical" hypothesis is for dimbulbs who think Godlessness is a substitute for rational thought.

Here's an idea: What if red/black ink circling behavior in termites is irreducibly complex? then any attempt to break it down to components will destroy the information, won't it?

Date: 2008/10/01 19:51:50, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
By the way, Lou, as someone whose biology notes in college were always much-borrowed, I think you take very good notes. Illustrations are vital, and you take due note of that.

Date: 2008/11/18 00:54:58, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
tobacco extracted into water is almost unbelievably toxic, to most animals.

Date: 2008/12/05 22:19:41, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I saw the movie, very great, very convincing.

HOWEVER it DID lack any John A Davison presence.

Remember: teach BOTH SIDES .. ID *AND* Davisonian evolution.

In my opinion, even junior high kids nowadays can figure this stuff out for themselves. If you don't believe me, ask one to program your VCR sometime!

Date: 2008/12/11 01:18:08, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
If Dr. Dembski has seen farther, it is because he is standing over the bodies of giants who were obstructing his view.

Date: 2008/12/11 20:33:24, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Someone clue me in on how UD pissed off heddle?

Science denialism - check.

Dishonest and brain-dead Christianity - check

A relentlessly and comically partisan outlook - check

Is it a personality quarrel?

Is it Catholics vs. Calvinists?

Date: 2008/12/21 16:01:01, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
In your PASS program, I hope you remember to teach the controversy, Lou. Don't just teach intelligent design, teach the Davisonian counter-theory.

Date: 2008/12/23 19:40:28, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I couldn't help but notice you suck at Bible study and penmanship!

Not so smart now, are you, smart guy?

Date: 2009/01/05 18:29:22, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
The IQ thing I posted on somewhere, maybe this forum, God knows. The 2nd one is, I believe, a Military General Competency Test and JAD knows how the bacula you correlate that with a Wechsler or Stanford Binet test score.

It's quite possible he made at least some money at Dell, I have never thought any higher of "the market" than that, anyway.

And Dell in particular are not known for "good." What they're known for is "cheap." And customizable for the American boys who grew up after the Japanese and German imports ended the era of the shade-tree mechanics and just want something to tinker with.

Date: 2009/01/05 19:18:42, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Until JAD gets the credit he's due, I won't believe this "teach both sides" nonsense.

Why do you think they kept time cameras off the market? No one really wants the truth.

Date: 2009/01/11 15:09:03, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Point out that the theory of grading is just that - a theory!

Date: 2009/01/15 11:34:39, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Louis @ Jan. 15 2009,04:35)
I might favour the occasional game of Mornington Crescent, but at least I've never stooped to learning Klingon.

I think I am exempt from any nerd related humour from this point on, a new target has been found!




You won't recall this, but a long time ago, maybe years? I said Mornington Crescent should become the official antievolution game for UD critics.

Because Mornington Crescent is the telic target of the evolution of creationism. The rules of ID already strongly resemble MC.

And of course, now that Behe and then Dembski have had their time in the sun, I plan to make a killing writing the definitive Next Wave creationist book and textbook supplements, based on MC. I am going to be a multiple doctorate senior fellow at the DI and you cannot stop me!

Just think, SC->CS->ID->MC

And this will of course boost tourism around MC tube station, which will become a telic shrine,  as well as the careers of Belle and Sebastian and My Life Story, so everyone wins.

Date: 2009/01/17 20:33:53, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
In the face of all criticism and counter arguments, let me press my case nonetheless*.

MC lets you infer there MUST be frontloading, without necessarily inferring any design or designer.

For instance, fully 49%, or nearly half, of all MC positions require the jokingly named thermidore triple bypass (from some movie, I believe).

That is a frontloaded strategy that cannot be arrived at by stochastic processes of random innovation or deviation coupled with game winning selection.

Some people are uncomfortable with MC, because it can literally get you from, say, Noah's ark to the present without invoking Darwinism.

But the consequences of a theory are irrelevant to its truth. objectivity coupled with MC should let the chips fall where they may.

All the created kinds, if you insist on using outdated creationist terms, from a period 6000 years ago, can be represented with a mapping equation by Earl's Court, Elephant and Castle, and Gloucester.

If you represent the entire biosphere by the current London Tube Station system *including stations that are no longer in operation* and use Victoria Station to represent EITHER Man or Beetlekind, you can show that the rules of MC enable you to precisely match the true fossil record.

This discovery is indeed Nobel caliber, but I am already girding my loins to be expelled from the Nobel process.

Date: 2009/01/17 20:34:51, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Marion Delgado @ Jan. 17 2009,20:33)
In the face of all criticism and counter arguments, let me press my case nonetheless*.

* this is how you know I am the successor to Behe and Dembski.

Date: 2009/01/17 20:46:22, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Bad fashion, my dear stevestory, is on the same exact chromosome as vital groundbreaking insights into evolution.

Which you would know if you weren't bamboozled by Darwinian hoohah.

I note I am wearing the baggy sweater here, and you're not!

Date: 2009/01/19 15:55:16, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
It was a great film, as I said, left out the Davisonian counter theory.

However, it completely lived up to its title, unlike many science movies.

Date: 2009/01/23 21:03:28, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Okay, now i'm confused. I feel Expelled contributed to the discussion more than House Bunny. I watched House Bunny a lot, especially some scenes, and it totally does not explain evolution, per se.

whatever happened with the main character and the guy, they were clearly the same species. I will ask John Davison to weigh in on this. Kevin Miller is right, you guys know consensus but not what a science documentary is.

Date: 2009/01/24 12:02:48, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Not that I am siding with all you atheists and science fascists, but I have to admit that I've met a few designers and I've never met or even heard of one that didn't want to be identified.

What about the possibility that the Designer actually created life on Earth as some sort of bootleg or knock-off? We could be a cheap Chinese replica of the real thing!

I never had these depressing-type thoughts until I learned about evolution, and I wonder what professor Davison would think? Does the Designer have to be dead, or is He just keeping a Low Profile?

Date: 2009/01/25 14:48:53, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I would like to call this the theory of Budget Design, unless a literature search shows it's been already theorized/described.

As I see it, our designer would be more an imitator or reverse engineer, poorly paid, and working for a concern that depended on mass marketing for its return on investment.

And my theory makes a testable prediction, because when we find other life in the universe, it should mostly be flawed (hernias, aging, backaches, etc. etc.) but pointing to something perfectible. Because only a select few planets would have designer life, the rest will be mass-market.

As a scientific corollary, when we find perfect life, we will have located Heaven, and we can adjust our Bibles accordingly.

I'm not fit to latch professor Davison's sandals, or carry Professor Behe's coat, but I must say I am already feeling the inspiration of something "new under the sun" as Eccliastes puts it. As a bonus my theory is in accordance with the iron laws of economics as we know them.

Date: 2009/01/27 20:17:05, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
"Give em hell!"

No, he just tells them the truth and they think it's hell!

Date: 2009/01/30 18:21:39, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
You science fascists say there are no simple answers. No!! As President Reagan said, there ARE simple answers, just no EASY answers. I post this here because in addition to hating special needs children (euthanazis!), I realize you can only accept the truth about evolution in a context of derision.

1) How does random change (mutation) in the genome add information to a genome to create progressively more complicated organisms? It Doesn't.

2) How is evolution able to bring about drastic changes so quickly?  An example is the Cambrian Explosion. It Can't.

3) How could the first living cell arise spontaneously to get evolution started? It couldn't.

4) The Human Genome Project showed that only 1-2% of Human DNA codes for proteins, or about 25,000 genes.  These are not enough  to account for the complexity of the organism.  What is the other 98% of the genome's function?  We don't know.

See, that took, what, 8 words? And yet, Darwinisim is in ruins.

Date: 2009/01/30 18:25:21, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
And take warning heed, scifascis!

Apparently, the above article touched a frayed nerve in a University of Minnesota biologist, Paul Z Meyers, on the Pharynula blog.  I was flattered that he would expend all the time and energy to write about the above article, even though his rebuttal was a dismal failure.   See my reply to this guy.  He typically uses Nazi Style smear tactics, an example of which he calls Dr. Dach "an embarrassment to the medical profession",  and then degenerates into childish name calling.  This is a clear case of libel, so any attorneys out there interested in taking the case on contingency basis contact me.  This could lead to a large settlement from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Dach MD!

Date: 2009/01/30 20:05:45, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I agree he's very science-y. I knew nothing about the benefits of bioidentical hormones before reading him. And he's a continuing source of inspiration for me:

The bible does have an explanation for Newton and Maxwell. It's called Genesis or the first book of the old testament. Amazingly the Big Bang Theory seems to have a lot in common with Genesis which was written 2000 years ago or so. See Genesis and the Big Bang by Gerald Schroeder. I have heard him lecture and he comes to my town to visit every once in a while.

jeffrey dach md
JANUARY 30, 2009 07:53 AM

Comments are now closed.

Date: 2009/01/31 20:14:28, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Despite all persecution I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my brother in faith and sound science, Logan Strain.

Date: 2009/02/03 14:25:16, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Tony M Nyphot @ Feb. 02 2009,21:02)
Jeffrey Dach, MD, did have one recent citation of some repute in his article:      
The top ten Darwin and Design stories of the year

Doesn't that make it science?

Finally! An objective question that can actually be tested.

And I immediately have. I asked Dr. Science himself about what makes something science:

And as soon as I hear a definitive response, at least one question will be settled.

Date: 2009/02/03 14:36:45, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Occasionally I link sincere evolution-haters to this thread, Lou, if I think they might have moderately open minds.

I recommend they start from the beginning and see what they think afterwards.

I think the big issues are intractable but at least we may all move towards, e.g., the understanding of a Michael Behe, which is not so far off the beam that it would actually retard our ability to educate people in biology.

This may seem a poor example/comparison, but I've decided for myself that I think string theory is a nonproductive research program in particle physics. That given, at least some of the string theorists reject the dependence on the landscape and the anthropic principle. I still think the residual is not productive, but the current landscape, etc., self-described Rube Goldberg system, which lacks predictiveness and testability, is actively retarding progress in theoretical physics.

The idea of evolution most evolution-haters have is so far from correct that they're shadowboxing with stuff that was barely the case 150 years ago, IMO.

Date: 2009/02/03 14:40:05, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Just out of curiosity, does the usual denialist hatred of modeling apply there? or only to computer models? or are they selective depending on the results?

Date: 2009/02/03 22:25:19, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Bob O'H @ Feb. 03 2009,13:55)
When the CSI post comes up, can someone who isn't banned ask what the CSI for a 747 being formed by a tornado in a junkyard is?  Please?

How will I know when the "CSI post comes up?" I haven't been banned.

I won't push my luck either. I'll ask about the tornado in a junkyard producing a 747 ... but I WILL NOT ASK ABOUT THE CSI OF WINDOWS VISTA.

Date: 2009/02/06 22:18:39, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (khan @ Feb. 06 2009,20:09)
And maybe babies are really brought by storks.

I used to think that was impossible. But Jonathan Wells taught me that DNA does not determine embryo development. Hence, could it be that storks fly through contrails/chemtrails determines embryo (baby) development? And if not, how would you prove it?

It's better to say, I don't know than i am so sure of myself.

Date: 2009/02/06 22:30:35, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Kristine @ Feb. 01 2009,13:03)
Kevin Miller! None of the articles and websites announcing Ben Stein's upcoming commencement address at the University of Vermont mention your film Expelled when listing Stein's latest accomplishments. None. Don't you feel insulted, slighted?

Don't worry, we're doing something to help you. As I (advocate of free speech that I am) suggested, posters of Stein's quotes will be plastered all over campus. More publicity than you've ever had! Free speech in action! Trustees (notoriously frightened of controversy) appalled at the attention and the humiliation of having "Science leads you to killing people" plastered all over a university still recovering from its "party" reputation. The students are rising up and questioning the establishment! By donning Charles Darwin masks! Doesn't that just bring a tear to your eye? Daniel Fogel, tear down that wall! :D

By all the planets, this is priceless! Students reminding Stein of a film he obviously wants to forget! Academic inquiry, remember! Oh, I don't want him disinvited, not at all - this is too great to miss! I invited PZ again, and Dawkins. :)

Remember, film buff, that scene from Citizen Kane? When Leland (Joseph Cotton) admonishes the protagonist for claiming to "speak for the common man" until the common man started speaking for himself? It's happening now. Be careful what you make a film about claiming to wish for.

Kristine that's very gracious of you and had more evolutionist Darwinists reacted in a spirit of cooperation, perhaps Kevin and Ben would have apologized for any misunderstandings that happened during the making of their science film.

I think it took a woman's touch to respond graciously and positively and in a spirit of cooperation. If Ben Stein comes to speak here, I will act in the same spirit and put up Expelled posters everywhere. Thank you for a really good idea. I have had no problem in the past finding plenty of unused Expelled posters and even have a few left in my house.

Date: 2009/02/06 22:34:26, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I used to wonder what it would be like if FTK and DaveScott had a baby. And I want to thank Joe G for answering my question.

Date: 2009/02/09 03:39:03, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
As you know I usually side with Dr. Dembski. This one time however i feel patrick is right. The FAQ for Uncommon Descent would be more honest and better if it gave fair due credit.

It should read, ''this FAQ was created by Dave Scott and was originally entitled "PUT A SOCK IN IT!"''

I think Dr. Dembski, however, may have reasons for not letting that happen and in some cases it's almost as if he himself had hard to discover CSI. So I don't know.

Date: 2009/02/11 10:54:47, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
On the one hand, I admire what Joe G is doing to save God from atheist assaults, by tying so many of you secularists and materialists up with endless repetitive back and forth over dictionary definitions - a tactic I greatly admire and use whenever possible, and one which you evolutionists (which my dictionary defines as baby-raping Islamonarcommunist cannibal fascist mind control cultists. We can argue it if you like, but you'll lose) clearly never evolved the gene to cope with.

On the other hand, as a sensible moderate of the ID cause, I have to admit I wouldn't consult Joe G on an illness contracted along the male line he apparently doesn't believe exists scientifically. We all have our specialties - I would preferentially choose Joe G for Christian-oriented electrical engineering. Even Genesis says God gave specific curses to the male and female lines. We give men unemployment checks and women anesthesia during childbirth AT OUR PERIL. But that's another discussion.

Date: 2009/02/15 02:59:21, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
khan until you can explain how balloon animals evolve, how are you going to have any luck with real ones?

It's like the people who criticize Pivar without having moved their hands a mile on his planchette.

Date: 2009/03/02 11:46:57, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Well, if you're "Frahnkenshtine" I think it should be EYE-gnor, thank you very much. Think this way ...

Date: 2009/03/06 16:14:40, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
What the great Dr. Egnor didn't say was that when  we, the plain, honest, hardworking people of real America, cut off your science funds, we'll have MORE MONEY FOR TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS!

Be very afraid.

Date: 2009/03/16 19:19:00, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
You atheocrats somehow managed to get DaveScot Expelled from Uncommon Descent. Hope you're satisfied.

Behavioratheists just lost the best friend there they never thought they had!

Date: 2009/03/17 14:44:16, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Behaviorists were not and may not to this day be committed to science as a fixed methodology and were instead interested in reducing scientific behavior to behavior - a descriptive, not prescriptive analysis - closer to a Paul Feyerabend or even Steve Fuller than a Richard Feynman, e.g.

To give them the mantle of "science" and dismiss Chomsky as being like Behe is rank ignorance of virtually everything involved here.

My main involvement with Chomskian stuff was through computer-related research, especially on regexes and parsing and lexing and natural language and so on.

Chomsky's "school" - which owed a lot to earlier French linguists in particular - should be described like a Linux kernel, IMO. You inherit the uniquely homo sap. kernel and that determines the underlying rules, whereas the higher language tasks depend on what's installed by the environment. And in terms of things like a chimp's sign language or a parrot's use of sounds, the difference is that the language parts "forked" a long time back for humans vs. other animals.

First of all, the construction over a kernel theory is just that, a theory. It can be tested, and it can rise or fall. It certainly has shown a lot of utility, as has a purely behavioral model of the scientific process, but I am not sure how much you can hang on either.

Date: 2009/03/17 14:51:14, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Chomsky's work is not, by the way, on the evolutionary development of an irreducibly complex kernel - it's almost entirely on trying to first abstract out what that commonality is that (a) people have and (b) non-people don't seem to have, which is by definition irreducible - as a greatest common factor in arithmetic is, for example.

And yeah, to say that evolution has to account for progress once the language faculty introduces a new means of transmission or else you're an ID quack is to take the meme analogy to a ridiculous extreme not justified by any evidence or systematic thought. Whether Chomskian linguistics will continue to be as relatively useful as it has been is one question, but it should be understood for what it is, first of all, and its usefulness in the past acknowledged.

Date: 2009/03/17 14:51:58, Link
Author: Marion Delgado

Your two topics of attention are not unrelated :)

Date: 2009/03/17 17:28:57, Link
Author: Marion Delgado

There are 2 other possibilities, too:

1. Said person is doing science but not the science they think they're doing. It could be they'll contribute to computer science or modeling or what-have-you.

2. Second, they could be doing science and in fact "ID science." In which case all we can say is that the safe money would be to bet that they will come up with little or no results affirming ID if they're scrupulous with their research and consistent with the definitions of results of the larger scientific community, since that's the near-certaintly likelihood derived from the results of decades of other people's dedicated research.

Date: 2009/03/17 17:34:37, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Erasmus, that PDF obviates most of my keystrokes.


Date: 2009/05/04 12:06:15, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I think the Big Bang is a terrible idea - it'd be the biggest detonation in history, the radiation would be unparalleled, no one knows the consequences, and much of what you read about it is hype, not hard facts.

We need to organize in our neighborhoods against this crazy scheme! If we speak up, our voices shall be heard!

Date: 2009/05/13 11:49:32, Link
Author: Marion Delgado

I have to add the quibble that, while I agree about Coyne re the pepper moths example, and I don't like the spirit of his attack on the NCSE, he could still be right about the particulars this time - even if in one case he was careless or hasty and either misunderstood the thrust of the book he was reviewing or represented it poorly.

Date: 2009/05/13 19:50:07, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quibble 2:

Jerry jumping on the NCSE (And PZ et al. joining in) is probably a good thing in the long run. Purely from a strategic and PR POV*.

Also, Steve Fuller shouldn't be the only person considering the Sociology/Philosophy of Science aspects of the various evolution fights. This kind of dispute and discussion can make it clearer where the boundaries of science and meta-science are.

*It takes some of the wind out of the sails of people claiming Kevin Padian, Glenn Branch, Genie Scott etc. are evangelizing for atheism in the schools on a pretense of separating church from science class.

Date: 2009/05/15 11:49:23, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I'm kind of teary-eyed. Glad to see they're keeping the old traditions going there!

Date: 2009/05/17 18:11:23, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I think prices for troll-thread have crashed on the market of ideas and free speech.

Date: 2009/06/23 03:44:05, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Louis @ June 20 2009,17:59)
Quote (Richardthughes @ June 20 2009,19:53)
UD truly is a sockumentary.

Is IDC even real or did some bored physicists make it up one day to piss off the guys in the building across the quad?

Is there anyone here, apart from me, not operating a UD sock? I think we need a super secret private thread where all the socks unmask and discuss sockery.


Wait, I thought if you posted at the Henke vs. Humphreys thread with [SECRET]at the start, it didn't show your post in the post count.

So far the IDCs haven't been able to crack rot-13, but I was told if you want to keep your sock puppet's name secure you should use rot-14 - pretty clever.

But don't tell any of the IDCers about that thread, whatever you do!

Date: 2009/07/29 22:28:53, Link
Author: Marion Delgado




I'm no kin to the monkey, no no no
The monkey's no kin to me, yeah yeah yeah
I don't know much about his ancestors
But mine didn't swing from a tree

This monkey business has got to stop
Because it just isn't true
The teachers who believe evolution
Would be better off in a zoo!

Date: 2009/08/17 09:59:52, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (midwifetoad @ Aug. 16 2009,20:33)
No need to hunt for snarks after you find this place.

No one say anything boojuny, or he'll know!

Date: 2009/11/16 18:29:51, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I think UD will never rise to the level of the Ceiling Cat Era of DaveScott. Mrs. O'Leary's Cow, Denyse, has the lantern-tipping burn-down-the-paradigm slapstick down, but all her self-promotion is timid and modest compared to Super-Dave. Bill Dembski, too, is not a patch on his old self. It's fairly clear that the ID Kingdom is stagnating and fingers of blame are pointing.

Without Panda's thumbpuppets, I wonder if UD wouldn't, in fact, shut down. They're like the radical groups that only had FBI infiltrators near the end.

Speaking of puppetry, could a brouhaha between Casey Luskin, Bill Dembski, and Denyse O'Leary be worked up? I want the most value for my internet reading time.

Date: 2009/11/21 04:08:37, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
This is a tiny contribution, not UD, not creationist (when I've posted at UD they had zero idea where I was coming from, and I've never even been given typographical dirty looks).

When climate denialist Ian Plimer said the dog ate his purloined and photoshopped graph from the Great Global Warming Swindle and he got it out of a particular edition of a German-language journal called Klimafakten - he's a nutbar about editions; If you say he got something wrong in his Choose-Your-Own-Science book, he always says you have to say in what edition - said that when the book had been out a week - anyway, it was definitely not in any edition of Klimafakten.

So I "defended" Plimer, saying I was perusing a Basque-language climate journal and noticed one article printed, surprisingly in the Tibetan language that contained the chart and the article backed up Plimer. I dunno how I could have been more Dan Brown / DaveScott. Maybe I should have started - I'd been called in by Interpol, when ...

The long and short is, I was cited by quite a few blog commenters and a handful of bloggers.  And I amused myself greatly.

Date: 2009/11/21 14:23:04, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
W0000t! Bayler kafteria privs kan haz?

Date: 2009/11/21 14:33:37, Link
Author: Marion Delgado

What will you do when your biology students find UDOJ, etc. "Mr. ____, this was your WEBSITE?"

Although I might provide encouragement there. For a while, I was a straight-edge with a shaved head. I started subbing - wearing a nice suit and a trilby as befits a ska guy - and one time it was for a good friend, so I came in an hour early the first day to discuss the week with her. The long and short of it was, word got around that "Ms. X has a Nazi boyfriend and he's a hard-ass who'll beat you up" (which is jr. high boys for you), and not only were they perfectly behaved for me the whole week, but when she got back they were much more respectful.

I think you'll look very web-savvy.

Date: 2009/11/22 00:20:33, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Thank you for pointing me to that, Lou. It's very germane. I may be going back for a third pass at grad school soon.

Date: 2009/11/25 00:58:45, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Science-Jocks Talks: Say
Kwok's Socks could be Vox Day

Date: 2009/11/27 03:42:17, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Freddie @ Nov. 26 2009,11:07)

I would love to get my hands on a nice æ, but the radical Alphabetists have suppressed the evidence of the superiority of Olde English.

It was evolution by natural selection…

The way you spell ævolution betrays your radical bias.

Date: 2009/11/29 04:15:16, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Raevmo @ Nov. 28 2009,09:58)
Quote (Reg @ Nov. 28 2009,09:39)
Quote (Raevmo @ Nov. 28 2009,09:30)
Not gone yet.

Anybody else find this claim by O'Leary hard to believe?
Laughable at 1, as a woman who has faced sexual assailants myself on several occasions

To be fair, she didn't claim the assailants were human.

Don't mean to sound like the Thought Police, but that reflects some outdated and distasteful myths about sexual assault that attackers only go after attractive women or that sexual assault isn't a worry for "ugly chicks".

Hey, don't blame me - my genes made me say it.

I just re-watched that (I think some or even many scenes are reenactments, they don't look like real dinosaurs in the wild, or at least some of the incidents are definitely staged - the ones where people are killed, of course and some of the scenes inside buildings) and actually, Jurassic Park got that one flipped around. The people doing it are just announcers, so they said accidentally that the dinosaurs and other reptiloidians mostly hunt by motion, so if you freeze then the dinosaur can't see you.

Just great for documentarians to give people the kind of advice that gets you scratched up by a velocipede!

Date: 2009/11/29 04:18:53, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Badger3k @ Nov. 28 2009,09:47)
Quote (Raevmo @ Nov. 28 2009,09:38)
Vjtorley is exhibit A in the case that religion rots the brain of people that would otherwise be classified as very intelligent.

Scoff if you will, but I have read that mammals and birds – the only two classes of creatures generally considered to be sentient – differ from other animals in one important respect: they are capable of visually tracking moving objects.



That's why reptiles are notoriously bad hunters - they have to wait until the prey is extremely still.  A bit of movement and the target is invisible.  They showed that in the documentary...umm...Jurassic Park, I think it was called.  Maybe that's why Dino always ran into Fred - he was moving and he just didn't see him?

I just re-watched that (I think some or even many scenes are reenactments, they don't look like real dinosaurs in the wild, or at least some of the incidents are definitely staged - the ones where people are killed, of course and some of the scenes inside buildings) and actually, Jurassic Park got that one flipped around. The people doing it are just announcers, so they said accidentally that the dinosaurs and other reptiloidians mostly hunt by motion, so if you freeze then the dinosaur can't see you.

Just great for documentarians to give people the kind of advice that gets you scratched up by a velocipede!

Sorry, last post quoted the wrong thing, i think the software here sometimes tries to pretend i am replying to the wrong thing to put words in my mouth.

Date: 2009/11/29 15:16:59, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (fusilier @ Nov. 29 2009,09:51)
Don't anybody tell FloydLee this.

Remember that one of the ~mmmmrealmealdeal 95 inherent contradictions~ between FloydLeeianity and reality is that "Teh Bible says there was no death before Teh Fall."  

Now if the Great and Powerful Oz Doctor declares otherwise, what is to be done?

All deaths in Bible Days happened in the Fall (and Winter). Which is why if the Lord wishes to warm His Earth, it's because the godly will never die, thereafter. Also, therefore, there were no deaths before the fall.

Date: 2009/12/11 03:14:19, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Dec. 10 2009,18:47)
Expelled! Is on Showtime tonight. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Except Walter Brennan in The Gnome-Mobile is on at the same time.

Sorry, Ben.

The Gnome-Mobile refutes Darwinism almost as well as Expelled.

If there were gnomes in those days, then there undoubtedly were giants. Also, random mutation on such a small population (the gnomes were only inches tall) could never produce the odd soaping of the eligible bachelor behavior. Furthermore, the Cadillac, evolutionarily later, died where the older Rolls-Royce line thrived, under field conditions of the landscape.

And how does evolution explain DJ and Knobby having almost the same features?

Furthermore, it was the good-hearted rich Christian DJ who helped the gnomes survive, not the atheist preservation state most Darwinoids wish to foist on us, and certainly not random chance.

Date: 2010/01/14 00:29:23, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (J-Dog @ Jan. 13 2010,16:32)
oldman - How in the name of The Holy Designer did you dig this up?

J-Dog, as I've said three times since sunrise, the Designer is not holy. He is unspecified in Intelligent Design Theory, but probably not a space alien.

Date: 2010/01/17 05:09:35, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Wait, if I honestly believe no one could have the ignorant viewpoint on adaptive phenotypic plasticity that RichardTHughes has without flying a plane into a building someday, isn't it my scientific duty to say so?

Or would you all rather censor the progress of science like a bunch of fascists?

I'm not saying everyone who believes plasticity generates novel opportunities for selection to act flies planes into buildings, because some of them are probably handicapped or afraid of flying.

Date: 2010/01/17 16:01:11, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Lou FCD @ Jan. 17 2010,09:11)
Yet more bluster, but no ordered list with FCSI/CSI/CFSI (or any combination thereof) calculations, I see.

What's up, Joseph? Can't do it?

Funny that.

Keep pushing Lou, I bet it ends up being a hilarious list - kittens are more complex than marmosets because "I like kittens. Kittens are cute. They obviously have more CSI." Or what have you. We should act Very Afraid of Being Proven Wrong By the List until it's made.

Date: 2010/01/25 05:29:10, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (CeilingCat @ Jan. 22 2010,04:32)
Somebody mentioned Here O Israel's web site a couple of days ago, but in the hardness of my heart, I scoffed and didn't read it.

Then, just a few minutes ago, feeling a deep missingness in my life, I typed those fateful letters into my computer and found this:
         One day I got in the company truck in which I hauled lumber. It was always kept clean and neat.  As I crawled in, there was a white slip of paper lying on the seat, and I said "Lord, I wonder if that has a message on it?"  I picked it up and read it. It said, "isolated diaphragm . . . look upstairs."  Obviously, it was a note from a dispatcher to tell somebody where to look for a particular part in the warehouse.  I laughed and thought, "Well, it might have another meaning, Lord, but I think this is a message to me.  I don't know how or when you'll do it, but this will have significance, I'm sure."  Then, I forgot about it.  This happened on Wednesday or Thursday, and during the following weekend I helped put a roof on someone's home.  The next Monday, I was at work, when about lunch time, while walking through the hangar, I heard this 'click, click, click,' at my feet and I thought, "It sounds like I have taps on my shoes."  I lifted one shoe and, there, stuck into the middle of the heel was a huge, round roofing tack, the head of which was about the size of a quarter.  If it had gone another eighth of an inch deeper, it would have reached my heel.  I then remembered the piece of paper that said, "isolated diaphragm . . . look upstairs."  I thought, "It would be just like the Lord to do just exactly the opposite," but I never thought of looking on the soles of my shoes, which was about as low as I could look.

Well, COFFEE!  Needless to say, the scales instantly fell from my eyes.  Scoff if you will, but that kind of logic is impossible to deny.  God is as real as that giant Satanic thumbtack on the wrong end of his body that missed maiming that fine Christian man by a mere 1/8 of an inch!!  Talk about a miracle!  How could I have ever doubted?  If they taught Good Sound Theology like this in Sunday School, I never would have strayed from the faith.

I have not only repented, but I think I'll make a YouTube video about my new-found faith and the man who saved me.

And then, Praise the Lord, my daughter lost something in the 2nd floor bathroom, and I am going to become a grandmother!

I don't believe it had anything to do with the tack in my shoe, but it's a blessed event.

Date: 2010/03/06 04:10:42, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Michael it's time to consolidate telic thoughts with uncommon descent again.

Denyse O'Leary recently said her toe was smarter than she was, though. So not sure what commentary and discussion can add to that.

Date: 2010/04/23 11:43:59, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Zachriel @ April 22 2010,09:15)
GilDodgen presents the latest in scientific engineering, which formalizes the argument from incredulity.

GilDodgen: In our engineering department (software, hardware, electrical, mechanical, aeronautical) we have a phrase: Does the proposed solution pass the beverage-out-the-nose test?

The idea is to replace peer review with teams of Dodgenan researchers with beverages.

They're still trying to work out the problems caused by overspray.

What a high bar they have! "At THIS high-quality software concern, we frown on code that is PRIMA FACIE laughably incompetent! IF your code is literally so bad people laugh helplessly at it, it will NOT be acceptable."

On the plus side, they make all their deadlines ("A spreadsheet macro done by Christmas") and fulfill all their mission statements ("change all the lightbulbs in the break room").

Date: 2010/08/01 02:59:06, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Everyone at the Discovery Institute has tested every dating method they could find and gotten no results at all.

Date: 2010/08/01 03:37:17, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
I was taught in my secular math classes that a power set is a set.

But now I know all power is the Lord's.

Date: 2011/03/18 19:32:33, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Quote (Hermagoras @ Mar. 18 2011,16:48)
Should we start taking bets on when the ID world is going to acknowledge the Sewell retraction?  What's the over/under on that?

The fact that the Materialist Inquisition cased Sewell to make a forced retraction simply proves that he was indeed Gallileo all along!

Date: 2011/06/27 19:33:39, Link
Author: Marion Delgado
Your own, personal, Mabus
someone to hear you breathe,
one who believes

Your own, personal, Mabus
someone to hear your calls,
right through the walls

Feeling unknown
and you're all alone,
tired and sad,
by the keys and pad,
crank up the aggression,
you're making an impression

Take second best,
put me to the test,
things in my chest,
feels like its pressed,
a pain no God could suture,
you know I see the future

Reach out stalk athe-
Reach out stalk ath-

(eist)- Your own, personal, Mabus
someone to foil your lies,
hide from your eyes

Your own, personal, Mabus
someone to read your leaves,
someone to grieve

To the enemy missed
Enemy faith promised
will not be maintained,
the captives retained
one near death was captured
one just a shirt was raptured
the rest as I reported
damned for being supported*

Reach out and touch crazed
Reach out and touch crazed
Reach out and touch crazed

Reach out and touch crazed

*"A l'ennemy, l'ennemy foy promiƒe
Ne ƒe tiendra, les captifs retenus :
Prins preme mort, & le reƒte en chemiƒe :
Damné le reƒte pour eƒtre ƒouƒtenus." - Century X 1