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Date: 2006/01/23 02:54:42, Link
Author: Lord Monar
DaveScot is now complaining about being blocked on this site.

Not only have they banned me from commenting at “After The Bar Closes” but they banned my IP address from even READING the forum. Yes Virginia, you heard right. These paranoid censoring fascists don’t even want me to read what they’re saying no less reply to it. They make my moderation policy look like a paragon of tolerance in comparison.

Now...for a guy who is supposed to be a blog moderator (if that is what you call that particular site)...he should know that when you block an IP address, it prevents any connection between the server and the blocked IP.

Date: 2006/01/23 03:12:10, Link
Author: Lord Monar
The bible is not consistent with science because the writers did not know the first thing about science.

They were telling tails and explaining as best the could before the advent of what we consider science.

Most of it is a fairy tale, about as accurate as the Roman, Greek, Norse, or (insert any ancient society) mythology.  The few parts that are historically accurate are so full of bias, and second and third level sources it cannot be take literally.

The bible was written by scientifically illiterates for the purpose of educating even more illiterate people long before any serious science began.

It only shows the Funies are scientifically illiterate because they take an obviously flawed book as the "inerrant" truth of everything!