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Date: 2002/05/19 09:52:51, Link
Author: Lizard
In KC, the local ID people rented a movie theater and "premiered" another video, "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" on 5/16. This one is offered on the ARN website also. Nobody I know went to see it. Apparently, it has some neato special effects taking you inside the amazing complexities of a cell, showing the amazingly complex mechanisms of the bacterial flagellum, etc. Are these the only two examples of "IC" they can think of?  ???

Date: 2002/05/21 20:32:31, Link
Author: Lizard
Now IDers are putting on a full-court press to have ID taught in Nebraska K-12 schools. They are testifying before the Nebraska BOE, and the local Rationalists are scrambling to get pro-science people to testify in favor of science.

What the ID promoters learned in Kansas, they are applying in Ohio. What they are learning in Ohio, they're applying in Nebraska. And so on and on ID strategy evolves. It's scary how relentless they are.

It would be extremely useful to have a comprehensive anti-ID resource for activists in Ohio, Nebraska, Washington and elsewhere to go to for information, ideas, tactics, etc. Could that be part of our website?

My organization, KCFS, sponsored a meeting of pro-science activists from 9 or 10 states about a year ago. One great project that came out of it was an "Activists' Handbook" that is in the process of being readied for the Web. I recommend that we link to it and think of other helpful content for anti-creationist activists to include.

My $.02.


Date: 2002/05/30 08:52:12, Link
Author: Lizard
I met Maureen Fritts last June at the IDnet's DDDII conference in Kansas City. I attended her concurrent session on how to build an organization using the Internet. Her co-presenter was one of the "Managing Directors" of IDnet (www.intelligentdesignnetwork). She seems to be very smart and good at what she's doing. I believe she's from Nebraska. She discovered my name on the Internet somewhere and sent me a rather strange e-mail. I don't remember the content.

I don't know whether Maureen is affiliated with the DI or IDnet formally, but she's working for the cause.

Date: 2002/06/04 16:45:54, Link
Author: Lizard
I'd be interested to hear what "evidence" Behe thinks rules out theistic evolution. If he's talking about "irreducible complexity," I don't see how that -- or anything, for that matter -- could rule out God's involvement in the diversification of life on earth.

Date: 2002/09/05 22:11:31, Link
Author: Lizard
You sure this is our Dr. Dino? Assault, battery and burglary doesn't sound like his style. Where did you find out he assaulted one of his tenants? Where are the details?

Date: 2002/09/08 19:46:24, Link
Author: Lizard
Once again, a misinformed journalist equates evolutionary science with "origins science," a term invented by creationists to give the impression that evo is all about how life originated. Every single time this canard comes up, it needs to be debunked.

Wesley, your post here is eloquent. I hope you sent it to Ms. Neal.