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Date: 2005/10/01 12:05:29, Link
Author: KingsFisher
I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that I have more brains or a better education than most people within these forums, but I've noticed that everyone seems to be missing a rather simple fact regarding the Bible. The Old Testament was written literally thousands upon thousands of years ago. A time when people had little scientific knowledge if any. If evolution was part of God's plan, explaining it to the people of that time (Thousands and thousands of years ago) would have been pointless because it was far beyond thier ability to understand. Did the people of those times have the ability to comprehend the enormity of space or even numbers that reached into the billions? The answer is no. The Bible wasn't written to combat science, it was written to educate the people of this earth about their God. Attacking a paragraph in ancient text about creation with modern science is a rediculas waste of time. Whether evolution is proven or not won't make the Bible any less credible.