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Date: 2007/12/30 16:29:01, Link
Author: Jbird
I'm not sure if this is exactly what the site is for but I haven't found a very good science/evolution education site to pose the question so...

I'm a professor at a small liberal arts college and am interested in ideas for books to use in the evolution section of my Ecology and Evolution course.  A bit of background, evolution is about the first third of the course and ecology the second two-thirds.  It is the third or fourth biology course they take and they've at least been exposed to a little bit of evolution in previous classes - but many still come in rather unwilling to "believe" in evolution (though by the end they are generally understanding of what evolution is, and isn't).  
The text we use, I don't like - it's used for the first 4 introductory courses (2 intro course, Genetics, and the ecology/evolution courses) and is lacking for ecology and especially evolution.  So, I support the textbook with some better sources like the Berkley Evolution 101 website and a few webcasts, HHMI video, and journal articles.  

I support the text with Weiner's The Beak of the Finch which is really helpful to allow students to "see" evolution occurring and to start discussions on other things we've covered.  However, I'm curious if others have tried other books that are a little more contemporary (though I don't see The Beak as necessarily outdated, just looking for options.)

Additionally, is there a good single day reading that would explain the history of theology disguised as science?  I've used an article from Skeptic on the Dover decision but they dislike it as it is too legalistic.  The decision itself would be too long for my purposes.  

Thanks for any suggestions!  I'm looking to make a few changes before next semester starts and for next year where I might be able to change texts.  


Date: 2008/04/13 22:28:28, Link
Author: Jbird
The sad part is filling 2 gaps just created 4 new gaps   :(