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Date: 2005/10/25 09:36:08, Link
Author: IMind
This kind of stuff is why I get physically ill anytime they associate Behe with Lehigh. (I went to Lehigh) Of course the statement from the biology department made me feel better. It does real damage to the university's name.

Date: 2005/10/25 10:15:53, Link
Author: IMind
I'm not technically an alum. I went there for 3 years, then transfered to Penn State..

BUT the Biology department did post a page on their web site distancing themselves from ID and Behe. Hopefully that helps.

Unfortunately, Lehigh's alumni is largely conservative. They probably have no problem with Behe's statements or at best are indifferent.

Date: 2005/10/26 04:37:59, Link
Author: IMind
I suspect the number of people that are Atheists or Agnostics is actually well higher than 10% of the population.

Because there are lots of communities that would alienate anyone who was "openly" athiestic or agnostic... etc. but I doubt that's a signifigantly high number....

but there are a large portion of people that identify themselves as a particular religious affiliation just because they were born into it... like racial affiliation...

Date: 2005/10/26 04:47:35, Link
Author: IMind
Hehehe there are exceptions to every rule. And the degree no matter what it's subject is worth the paper it's printed on.

I was a philosophy major in college. I make a signifigant amount more than most of the engineers who I would have graduated with.

My uncle has a chemistry degree from an excellent school with an outstanding chemistry department. He's a wine salesman.

There are so many variables at play that determine a persons worth and the worth of a degree than salary...

I may also make a lot more than say an English teacher, but I'd be loath to say that I am "more valuable."

Date: 2005/11/01 03:32:09, Link
Author: IMind
[Graffiti moved to Bathroom Wall. - Wesley R. Elsberry]

I believe he's getting it from a Gallup poll from 1991. Cited on a site which apparently is trying to foster religious tolereance... it's also the very first link that comes up when you google "polls evolution"... pretty lazy.

Relgious Tolerance - Evolution Polling page

A more recent poll shows the number at 15% from CBS News...
CBS Evolution Poll

However... in both polls there is a large percentage of people that believe in evolution of some form... it's really pretty depressing how deluded most Americans are.