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Date: 2006/08/05 11:02:07, Link
Author: IAMB
Quote (argystokes @ Aug. 04 2006,20:12)
Hmm, that smells like poo to me...


There I was, content merely to lurk for all eternity, and then I'm forced to register just so I can defend myself...

No, I am not behind UDoJ. Not my style.

I'm not nearly as confident as JuJu that the truth will never be revealed, but I'm sure as heck not going to spill the beans either... so don't ask. </delurks>

Date: 2006/09/08 12:18:51, Link
Author: IAMB
I've got a beer that says Dave's reaction, should there be one at all, is that he knew the whole time and was playing along for the entertainment value. Any takers?

Date: 2006/09/09 09:04:10, Link
Author: IAMB
Hey! You were right!

Unfortunately nobody took the bet. Guess I'll have to buy myself a beer...

I'll admit that I was one of the ones in on the joke at the beginning, but I won't name any others.

Date: 2006/11/16 13:04:13, Link
Author: IAMB
So, is there a particular reason that DaveScot is banned?

Threatening to hack PT, if I remember correctly. The remnants of his final post as himself look something like this (Source):
H fckng sshls. plgz t Dvsn NW bfr gt pssd ff nd strt fckng wth . dn't wnt t mk m md. Trst m n ths. r scrt scks bg tm.

I'll let you reinsert the vowels if you'd like.

Date: 2006/11/16 14:50:48, Link
Author: IAMB
It's good that new generations should be reminded of these things from time to time.

Definitely. I always have to remind myself not to be shocked when people outside of a few select forums respond with a "huh?" when I mention DT, JAD or other characters such as GWW.
facknug, ifycuking, ufcaknog, fociknoug

Well, whatever. I don't suppose he apologized for the outburst.

Nope. Not a bit that I'm aware of. Wes would be the one to ask about that.

Of course, DT's version of the ban, when asked by a commenter on UD, was something a bit different from reality(Source):
Quoth DT: My comments were arbitrarily deleted and disemvoweled at Panda's Thumb. Trying to escape that treatment I resorted to using randomly selected names. I was then banned for using multiple names.

I attempted to explain the situation to the questioner, but naturally my comment never saw the light of day, meaning I never even got banned with insult... I was just simply blinked out of existence by the godlike tard powers of UD.

No matter... I saved the original comment, added a bit onto it and rendered it in blog post form. If you're curious enough to see what his final PT post looked like before disemvowelment but don't want to go through the trouble of translating the gibberish, I have a copy here.

Date: 2006/11/17 17:31:22, Link
Author: IAMB
Quoth slpage:
"Random" names - no, he used MY name, a name he KNEW was real.  He used it in an attempt to make me look bad.  The irrational person he is, he glommed onto me for reasons unknown to me and began, among other things, of accusing me of being 'GWW'.

Unless you are, during normal operation, far more vitriolic than I suspect, it's pretty hard to imagine someone thinking you were GWW. Then again, DT's design filter doesn't seem to be working according to spec... erm, predicted spec, that is.

Ah, GWW: proof that evolutionist forums will occasionally ban one of their own.

Date: 2006/11/17 18:34:40, Link
Author: IAMB
Do you have a link for where GWW got banned?  I could go for a good laff.

Give me a little time and I'll find you something if I can. If I remember off the top of my head the "last straw" comment had something to do with either fellatio or child molesting, but don't quote me on that.

It was around the same time a His Tardiness got the boot, so if you dig around the PT archives for April and May 2005 you might find it. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until I can dig it up.

Date: 2006/11/17 20:47:43, Link
Author: IAMB
That wasn't the final ban... there are still posts from GWW dated March and April that pop up without too much digging.

I'm afraid the final post may have been sent to the wall or deleted, but I do remember someone saved it first. If only I could remember who...

Time to go back to my digging.

Oh, and it was an interesting nostalgic trip when my search led me to the "Davison's Soapbox" thread. Yikes.

Date: 2006/11/17 23:48:45, Link
Author: IAMB
Lemme dig out my crystal ball here...

Hmmmm... it's coming to me. Wait. I see it clearly now... it looks like a couple of words. Now, if I could just make them out...

Wait... got it. The phrase reads suspiciously like "dick waving" and something to do with someone called "PZ"...

Now, if I could only figure out what that has to do with anything...


Date: 2007/01/11 11:06:41, Link
Author: IAMB
Barbara: Do you wanna die Bill?

Sorry, but I couldn't resist. You understand...

Date: 2007/01/23 11:46:51, Link
Author: IAMB
Quote (Richardthughes @ Jan. 22 2007,14:24)
And the reply:

aka...Forthekids said...
Good grief, Rich, go back to your buddies at AE. You're right, I'm rejecting the rest of your comments because they're empty. You have no interest in dialogue whatsoever.

Go hang out with the rest of your little friends in the playpen.

11:57 AM

I'm pleased I cross-posted now.

Hmmm... Forthekids... Isn't that the stupid beeyotch that got her ass handed to her by Skatje Myers a couple weeks ago?

Guess she's still smarting a bit...

Date: 2007/02/01 14:51:02, Link
Author: IAMB
Can I back things up a minute to bring up something that's driving me nuts? Good...

I've been following this whole Ujvarosy crap ever since quizzlestick first posted, and the OE folks keep referring to him as "Dr." Ujvarosy. I've been looking around for a week now (mostly because I only ever managed to find one publication from Kaz), and nothing I've seen anywhere, including his own website, indicates that he has any sort of advanced degree at all. Am I looking in the wrong place, or is anyone crazy enough to advocate man-mustard consumption as a medical breakthrough automatically awarded a doctorate by these stupid fucks?

Date: 2007/02/01 15:41:54, Link
Author: IAMB
An old friend was the first one I ever heard use it, but we can't be the only ones. Everyone on seemed to know what I meant anyway. What can I say? If the shoe fits...

Date: 2007/02/02 17:00:49, Link
Author: IAMB
Quote (J-Dog @ Feb. 02 2007,15:54)
Headline:  DaveScott Getting Hit with a cluestick at Science Blogs!

For your reading enjoyment, the Tard Strikes out on his own, outside his cozy UD nest environment, and gets smacked upside the head by reality...

This is fun, and tardelicious!

And then DT runs right back to UD and pulls the pharma shill gambit after being smacked by the cluestick. How sadly predictable.

He'd fit in really well on

Date: 2007/03/12 16:29:53, Link
Author: IAMB
Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 11 2007,22:13)
One word: Guiness. I had two last night - yeah, that's pretty light for me. *Winks at J-Dog* With a steak and mash and a big ice cream sundae!

Guinness: in my humble opinion only drinkable when served on tap at room temperature or slightly chilled. Otherwise a bit too bitter.

Then again, I'm a liquor drinker...