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Date: 2007/02/19 02:10:42, Link
Author: HelpingHand
Quote (Ichthyic @ Feb. 19 2007,01:55)
I am the leet-speak king fear my leet-speak skills you (lameass?).  Arden is gay.  Woo!

Wikipaste -- "The term "llama" has become popular amongst Internet denizens; especially gamers. Generally used as a derogatory title, a llama is usually a newbie or a person that does not play the game very well and is frequently used synonymously with the term lamer (both expressions sounding similar or identical in English). Most prevalent among games that are played simultaneously by many people online, such as team games, a llama will invariably detract from the gaming experience of others due to his own ignorance or intentional disruption. The term llama was adopted by the earliest of online gamers being a frequent insult used among Quake players and Quake teams (known as a Clan)."

After lurking for over a year, I am finally compelled to decloak because of a gaming reference.  So, while I am standing in the open...

Thank you all.  I have found that viewing the tard secondhand from a minimum safe distance (with bonus mockery) is much better for my mental health that taking it directly.  I wrote a couple posts over there early last year and either hit a banning lull or am just too inoffensive.  I hang my head for the shame of not being banworthy in the eyes of the most triggerhappy cheesypoof slayer this side of the funnyfarm.

Date: 2007/04/11 02:05:36, Link
Author: HelpingHand
Quote (Kristine @ April 06 2007,17:09)

"I read in a magazine today (I think it was Time) that China is forecast to surpass the US in total CO2 output by 2010.  They will, however, still lag behind us in CO2 output per person."

I'm not an expert, and [b]I don't think they're going to actually surpass us[b], but China's and India's CO2 output is going to increase significantly and is a growing problem as well.

China is on course to overtake the United States this year as the world's biggest carbon emitter, estimates based on Chinese energy data show, potentially pressuring Beijing to take more action on climate change. --

Last month the International Energy Agency announced that China would probably surpass the United States as the world's largest contributor of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide by 2009, more than a full decade earlier than anticipated. --

China is the new big dog on the block with a rate of growth which is itself accelerating.  Curse my sleepy brain, as I can not recall the source, but I saw some Chinese growth projections compared to CO2 production for various countries.  There are many first world countries with total CO2 output levels lower that what China will be adding as an increase on an annual basis.

And just to stay on topic, another thanks for the great collective mockery.  (or should I be thanking UD for that?)  I may no longer visit on daily basis, but long will this thread retain an honored spot near the top of my bookmarks.

Temper fi.  Meow.  Meow.  Meow.

Date: 2008/01/16 17:47:52, Link
Author: HelpingHand
Quote (Kristine @ Jan. 16 2008,10:05)
(Who remembers Immanuel Velikovsky today?)

Ted Holden?

I would pay good money, and a bottle of scotch, to see a DaveScot/Ted debate.

Date: 2008/01/31 18:55:44, Link
Author: HelpingHand
Can I get a bit of interpretive help since my googling has failed me?  The following is the complete text of the shortest letter to the editor I have ever seen.

How can evolution work when the central dogma proves DNA only has information for making DNA, RNA and protein?


What is he trying to say?  I believe I do a fair job countering our local antievolution cranks when they copy and paste the usual canards.   But when I am not even sure what point he thinks he is making....

Date: 2008/01/31 23:11:34, Link
Author: HelpingHand
That is the best theory I could come up with as well.

Ye olde '747 from a tornado in a junkyard' argument is easily handled, but I was/am caught offguard by 'why do 747s come from 747 factories?'.

Date: 2009/10/10 15:18:19, Link
Author: HelpingHand
Quote (Louis @ Oct. 10 2009,11:03)
Quote (khan @ Oct. 09 2009,20:16)

And why is there only one Grand Canyon and why that particular location?

By the way, and I know this is late, but I just want to say that this is a bloody good question that should be used a lot more. It cuts right to the heart of the glib superficiality of the creationist claims.

I tried that angle a few years back with a creationist in the forums for the Weather Channel.  (What can I say?  It was one of the few sites that came through the company firewall and twelve hour graveyard shifts streeeeetch...)

I was informed that the Grand Canyon, La Petite Canyon and Average Canyon in addition to every river valley, mountain pass, scabland, trench, ditch and culvert on the planet were evidence of the Great Flood.  The only reason the Grand Canyon keeps coming up is because us atheistic evilutionists keep harping on it while ignoring all the rest of the evidence.  Typical of our godless intellectually dishonest ilk.