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Date: 2006/03/15 05:40:27, Link
Author: Frodosh
Intelligent Design is no more a religion than it is a science. It is a confusion of the two that nullifies both, along with more traditional creationism. Therefore, denying intelligent design has no effect upon religion, only upon science, allowing it to continue without the specious and all inclusive conclusions that the inference of a designer inevitably results in.

Evolution may well have been god's way of designing. But speaking from my own position of Theistic Evolution, I would suggest that the question is not as simple as "Did god design the world in order to meet specific ends". I see the laws of nature as a kind of guidance system, allowing for the completely freedom of creation, the "Fully gifted creation" perspective as Howard J Van Till puts it.

In relation to religion, Evolution by Natural selection is completely neutral, just as all scientific theories are. Neither affirming god's existence, nor denying it.

The reason?

God cannot be placed in a analytic box, I.E. god cannot be subject to scientific methodology, because the existence of god is beyond the reaches of science, but it is not the only way of knowing. If it were, i should deny the existence of not only god the designer, but also god the creator.

I do deny the former, in the traditional sense at least, but that has no implication for my acceptance of the latter.