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Date: 2005/01/27 17:22:29, Link
Author: Frank J
First AIG, and now ICR! Cheer up Discovery Institute, you still have Rael.

Date: 2008/02/09 09:26:58, Link
Author: Frank J
Pardon the "jumping in" but AIUI, this is the thread where nothing is off-topic.

A few weeks ago, ABC (who may or may not be Larry) complained that my questions on the Panda's Thumb about the age of life (does he agree with Behe that it is ~4 BY) and common descent (does he agree with it like Behe?) were off-topic, and someone suggested that he take the discussion here.

After having some trouble locating this thread I got sidetracked.

Does anyone know if he answered those questions?

Also, have other regular anti-evolutionists offered clear answers to those or similar questions?

Date: 2008/02/09 15:38:13, Link
Author: Frank J
As for other anti-evolutionists, it depends on which one you're talking about, but most of the ones I bump into would say "no" to both questions.

Our very own Ftk, well, she's special.  My understanding is that she believes that both positions could equally be true, or both should be taught as equally valid interpretations of the evidence, or somesuch inane straddling of the reality fence.

I'm sure she'll be happy to clarify* her own position for you.

Thanks, Lou.

After 10 years I'm still amazed at how "postmodern" these people have become with the "it could be anything" approach. Or why those who disagree with Behe don't challenge him directly, as it would only help their scientific credibility to have healthy public disagreements, as "evolutionists" do.

It all makes sense, though, when one considers that their primary religion is pseudoscience - "code of silence" and all. Impressing scientists, and letting students learn to misrepresent evolution on their own time (which is easier than ever with the Internet), is not high on their priority list.

Date: 2008/03/02 08:31:08, Link
Author: Frank J
Can someone please save me the trouble of searching old posts and tell me if everyone (particularly Paul N and Paul C) agrees with Michael Behe as to approximately when the Precambrian began and ended?

Date: 2008/03/02 08:55:28, Link
Author: Frank J
[QUOTE]The RSS here has some hacked-in code in the posting module that puts something information out to a file. There is a PHP file that manipulates that data and puts it in RSS. That PHP is all mine. IkonBoard is all Perl. So I need to add some more information to the output, parse it and encapsulate it so XML parsers don't get offended. Doable, but not real soon.[QUOTE]

Ironically, you computer people are helping me understand how rank and file creationists think. IOW, it's tempting to think that you are a vast conspiracy, making up stuff as you go along, and shutting out us non-geeks who desperately seek a simpler explanation. We don't want to know that there are all sorts of simpler "explanations", but none of them work.