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Date: 2007/04/18 14:40:58, Link
Author: Duvenoy
Not much of an education and certainly no degree, here. But I read a lot, and not just on the internet....


Date: 2007/04/19 07:27:18, Link
Author: Duvenoy
Quote (dougp59 @ Oct. 31 2006,15:05)  where we fish for the truth on the theory of evolution.  This site is pro-id and pro-creationist.  Take our 7 question quiz.  Post in our blog, e-mail the author. is  now ranked #1 on page 1 of Google and Yahoo search using keyword phrase "Evolution Sucks".  We rank even higher than the Beavis and Butthead "Evolution Sucks" episode! :)

Kent? Is that you....?


Date: 2007/05/28 12:55:55, Link
Author: Duvenoy
I have every intention of visiting it -- life has become dreary and I need a good laugh. I'll probably go late this summer, just before the fall surf fishing season when more important matters are at hand.

Count me among those who think that this might come back to bite AiG in the ass. It is already being held up to ridicule and I doubt that will decrease. I do not think it will become either the recruitment tool or the gold mine that Ham dreams of. On a smaller scale, it's been done before.

I understand that they have "rumbling chairs" in the theater..... Go figger.


Date: 2008/04/18 08:05:18, Link
Author: Duvenoy
I carry, legally, a S&W Airweight, .38 spl, that replaced a very old and now retired S&W Chief's Special. I have never fired either in anger, but shoot them a lot on the range and in occasional, pick-up, snubnose (belly gun) matches with some of our local fuzz, et al. Five bucks in the hat, winner take all.

My knife is just a pocket tool, not a weapon, and my cane is merely a cane -- I'm old and a little crippled and need it to walk. With any luck at all, my shoot will never be necessary.


Date: 2008/04/20 09:09:01, Link
Author: Duvenoy
I live in a rural area and my winter bird feeders usually have:
eastern nuthatch
eastern chickadee
junkos (who the hell names these things, anyway?)
hairy woodpecker
golden fronted woodpecker
mourning dove
boat tailed grackle
carolina sparrow
grey squirrels, one of which was a rehab and is still pretty tame.
a couple of optomistic but seldom lucky cats, mine and a neighbor's.
and some other stuff that slips my mind at the moment.

My feeders are made from small, galvenized garbage cans and hold someting like 15# of black oil seed each.

Beyond the feeders, I'm not all that intense a bird watcher. This time of year, I'm usually herping, and later on it'll be bug watching. Having finally gotten a decent camera, I hope to finally get some photos worth keeping.

I have a house (of sorts) 'possum that visits through the cat flap and hustles handouts. He's also a damned good mouser.


Date: 2008/04/20 09:30:17, Link
Author: Duvenoy
Well, they got sent home in disgrace from Kansas; they got completly trashed at Dover, and I can't at the moment see that this stinker is going to be a lot different, nor add much if any swag to their coffers. Even as we speak, Dembski's at UcD whining about some "Darwinists" at II sneaking in to see it by buying a ticket for the flick next door.

I wonder if they'll go for the best five out of seven. Hope so. Imbecilic Demogoguery-bashing is fun and often enlightening.