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Date: 2006/08/17 07:45:53, Link
Author: Donna Chaidh
I like the idea of a non-theistic religion. I founded the Curch of Scientific Humanism many years ago (see:
We do have a so-called holy book, namely God Fraud (ISBN: 0-9713985-5-0).
We used to hold gatherings of like minded folk. We affiliated with all those organizations that you'd expect.
However, getting Humanists and their ilk to do anything that even remotely resembles a group is much like herding cats.
I have found that people who think generally try to control their emotions, to ask questions and get answers. Once that's done, they move on to the next thing that's bugging them.
Yet, I've also found that all humans, even Humanists, have a need for group-related activities. These include: births, namings, coming-of-age, graduation, marriage, and death ceremonies. Therefore, there is a basic conflict between the human social need and the intelligent, educated or intellectual person's skepticism and independence.
I also find a huge negative reaction to the word religion. I feel that the Theists have usurped the word to require some kind of diety in order for the word to be used. I was pleased to see that, within this forum, we recognize that it is possible to have a religion devoted to the betterment of humankind that does not require one or more gods or imaginary states of being.
Although I can not say that I'm much closer to an answer, I hope that I have developed a synthesis that does address some of the religious needs of the Non-theist. I hope that others will continue to seek better solutions, in the hope that whatever it is, it will light some kind of an emotional spark under the posteriors of the vast majority of thinking, caring people who reject magic, mystery and superstition. Then, we could indeed have a movement based both on emotion and reason that would sweep across the world.
Either that or I have this really great bridge that's up for sale ....:p