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Date: 2009/07/31 18:43:42, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Zachriel @ July 31 2009,12:14)
Quote (Zachriel @ July 31 2009,11:50)
Oh herb, you naughty boy.

Quote (Maya @ July 31 2009,11:51)
Really, Gordon, Herb is on your side.  Pay no attention to the sock behind the curtain.

Shh. They won't figure it out. The comment was sufficiently obtuse that ...

Quote (Maya @ July 31 2009,11:52)
Darn you Zachriel and your teenage boy, video game trained twitch factor.  Darn you to heck!

Sigh. Back to the Tard Mines for Zachriel.

Your silence on this question proves you can’t so why keep pretending that your position is scientific?

So. Fcsi <500 =" Meh!"

SFci >1000 = "Praise be!!!one !!eleventy!!"

Am I correct?

Date: 2009/09/04 02:20:06, Link
Author: DaveH
The RING CYCLE (abridged)

SCENE: A fantastical fitness landscape with many snow-covered inaccessible peaks.

ENTER: A ridiculous little man in silly round spectacles. His mighty horned helmet of personal incredulity keeps slipping over his eyes. He is wearing a rather stylish sweater.

Elmer WaDD (for it is he!) sings: "Be vewwy quiet! I'm hunting weasels!"

WaDD spots a wabbit hole. He feeds the barrel of his shotgun into it, not aware that the barrel pops up out of another hole behind him and points at his arse.

He pulls the trigger of "peer-review" and shoots self in the ring-piece.

Bugs R Welsberry (casualy chewing carrot): Meeeeeh, What's up, DocDoc?


Date: 2009/11/05 11:15:12, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (damitall @ Nov. 05 2009,10:52)

If he doesn't object to his family being vaccinated, why does he not want the vaccine for himself? Seeking martyrdom?

My Quote of the Day this morning, from George Bernard Shaw

Martyrdom is the only way in which a man can become famous without ability.

Date: 2009/12/14 10:58:47, Link
Author: DaveH
Welcome to Auld Reekie, Kattarina!
FYI there is also Hutton's Section on Salisbury Crags, where he worked out that igneous rock had intruded into the overlying sandstone (I think, IANAGeologist). It's at an old quarry easily reached by a 10 minute walk up the Radical Road. HERE
Sorry the weather's not so good for you!

Date: 2010/03/28 18:11:11, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (OgreMkV @ Mar. 27 2010,21:00)
Quote (J-Dog @ Mar. 27 2010,16:29)
Quote (Quack @ Mar. 27 2010,15:31)
You will not get such treatment here.  If you are interested in talking science, there are many here who will be happy to discuss it with you.

I just hate this thread, it is so damn boring. Latest bore is cdanner, who is doing his best to avoid discussing science.

ppb, you echo my mind.

I couldn't care less about Dembski's credentials WRT to God, science, dignity, honesty or whatever - the same goes for cdanner, but I really would appreciate a few words about science, in particular WRT to the 150 years old theory of evolution.

cdanner, have you got any questions at all about evolution, something you want to learn?

Quack - I don't think they want to learn anything.  If they did, would they be taking a class from Dr. Dr. D?[/quote]
I'm not sure that it's so much 'they don't want to learn anything'.

Instead, it really sounds like they can't even grasp the concept that there is stuff to learn other than theology.

It's why they always claim that atheism is a religion.  The old 'you can't not believe in something unless it actually exists to not believe in' argument.

People like these poor smucks have been so brainwashed that they literally cannot grasp the fact that something other than the Bible has a valid answer.  Everything in their universe must be interpreted through the bible... of course, that's worshiping the bible instead of god, which is a cardinal sin (number 1 of the commandments if I recall correctly).  

One thing I recently heard about really put this in the proper light.  Christians universally loathe Judas.  However, without him, the new testament would the be bronze age equivalent of a Billy Graham crusade.  Their Jesus had to die, Judas arranged for it to happen.  Christians everywhere should be praising Judas a hero, not condemning him.  One dead martyr is worth a thousand live evangelists.[/quote]

Ahhh, Judas!

Leon Rosselson's Song

Sadly couldn't find the Dick Gaughan (definitive) version.

P.S. Never post, but *sniff* Love you guys!! ('cept Louis, obviously)

P.P.S  Uxbridge (aka Big Durex)

Date: 2010/08/05 11:48:46, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 05 2010,09:47)
I've paid the price.

"When you look into a TARDbyss, the TARDbyss also looks into you"

A useful miner's mantra, if the protective shielding fails for any reason:

"TARD is the mind-killer.
TARD is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face the TARD.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the TARD has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain"

Date: 2010/09/09 15:03:34, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (khan @ Sep. 09 2010,13:59)
Quote (Bing @ Sep. 09 2010,14:50)
Quote (Dr.GH @ July 09 2010,00:45)
I must recommend a most delightful Scotch Whisky, The Balvenie.

current contents of my whisky cupboard.  Not included are duplicates ( I have some doubles), cooking whisky, flask-in-the-sporran whisky (Johnny Walker, etc.) Irish whiskeys (4) or Canadian rye whiskeys (2).

Lagavulin 16 yo
Scapa 14 yo
Poit Dhubh
McLellands Islay
Glenfiddich 12 yo
Glenfiddich Special Reserve 12 yo
Glenfiddich Caoran Reserve 12 yo

Cragganmore 12 yo
The Macallan Fine Oak 15 yo
The Macallan Select Oak
The Macallan Elegancia 12 yo
Ancnoc 12 yo
Highland Park 15 yo
Té Bheag
Glenfiddich 15 yo
Dalwhinnie 15 yo

When a cherished bottle dies it is replaced by something new, hence the absence of The Balvenie, Oban, GlenRothes, Glen Morangie, etc.

I think your collection might be worth more than the house; certainly more than the car.

If anyone comes to Edinburgh/Leith and is curious/serious about whisky (without an "e"!) I'd be more than happy to take them here (*sound of heavenly choirs*)
Just leave a message on this thread.

Date: 2010/10/27 16:18:04, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Kattarina98 @ Oct. 26 2010,13:07)
Perhaps instead of crawling around geological sites I should hang around pubs more often.

Sorry, K, pub next time, definitely!
And, yes, we Scots can start a punch-up in an empty room.
(When you look at the weather, we've got to do something to get the blood pumping!)

btw It's whisKY (and please, never "Scotch" either, that implies that there might be some other type) ;)

Date: 2010/10/27 16:22:21, Link
Author: DaveH
While I am briefly de-lurked to be pedantic on another thread, I thought I might point folk to a few photos I just uploaded of some local Edinburgh wildlife here

Date: 2010/10/27 16:50:19, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (carlsonjok @ Oct. 27 2010,16:43)
Dave stumbles across the truth in the first part of his sentence, but picks himself up and carries on without even noticing.

Real whiskey comes from Kentucky (postal abbreviation: KY).

(Fightin' talk snipped)

Yeah, I think I heard something about this stuff...don't they call it something it "Barbarian whiskey"?  :D

Date: 2010/10/27 17:52:26, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (carlsonjok @ Oct. 27 2010,16:47)
Does that weasel latch?

BTW, nice work!

ETA: Okay, so it is a mink not a weasel.  Sue me.

Thanks for your kind critique!
Weasel puns are always acceptable, and by the look of the vicious wee bastard, it would have been delighted to latch on to my testicles with its fierce pointy teeth!
Sadly, as an introduced species, minks have caused a hell of a lot of devastation among ground nesting birds in Britain. There is a native European mink, but it didn't make it back across The Channel after the last ice-age. Strange, when you consider that koala bears and thylacines got to Australia from Mt Ararat on rafts of floating vegetation much more recently....

Date: 2010/11/11 15:58:32, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Raevmo @ Nov. 11 2010,13:33)
Quote (keiths @ Nov. 11 2010,13:04)
Quote (didymos @ Nov. 11 2010,08:13)
Quote (KCdgw @ Nov. 11 2010,08:02)
Quote (Zachriel @ Nov. 11 2010,09:26)
Quote (BillB @ Nov. 11 2010,08:43)
Quote (Zachriel @ Nov. 11 2010,14:34)
Quote (dogdidit @ Nov. 11 2010,08:15)
Quote (KCdgw @ Nov. 11 2010,07:43)
Quote (KCdgw @ Nov. 11 2010,07:39)
Quote (sledgehammer @ Nov. 10 2010,17:45)
Quote (Robin @ Nov. 10 2010,14:03)

Quote (olegt @ Nov. 10 2010,15:57)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Nov. 10 2010,15:52)
Quote (KCdgw @ Nov. 10 2010,15:45)
Quote (fnxtr @ Nov. 10 2010,15:41)
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Nov. 10 2010,13:19)
Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 10 2010,15:00)
Quote (didymos @ Nov. 10 2010,13:51)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Nov. 10 2010,12:49)
Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 10 2010,14:41)
Quote (Louis @ Nov. 10 2010,13:34)
Quote (Zachriel @ Nov. 10 2010,20:24)
Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 10 2010,14:20)
The modified salmon includes a gene from an eel. Any explanation has to explain that fact.

That requirement is apt to leave them floundering.

Cod happen.

Gentlemen, is this really the plaice for this sort of behaviour? Louis

Well, not if people are gonna carp about it!

I can't believe what I'm herring. LOLer-Skates.

I shall not be reeled into this undignified pun cascade.

So this then will be your sole reply on this matter?

You all have finally jumped the shark.

I knew something smelt fishy about this thread.

I'm getting a haddock over all this

Are you having a wet bream?

I am afraid this is eel-conceived.

I am dolphin*-ly not impressed. Methinks it's just time to clam up. * fish, not the mammal

It all smells of, ick, theology!

Makes me want to tuna-out.

And its a crappie thread, besides.

Stop this, you bass tards!

Go fish.

Oh Cod, not again!

For the hallibut, get off your perch and sucker your asp!


You all mako me sick.

Walleye think this has gone on long enough.

Ik snapper niks meer van

The answer they are looking for is: "The piece of Cod that passeth all understanding"

Date: 2011/02/19 17:54:11, Link
Author: DaveH
Had a bit of an epiphany about JoeyG the Mussilman, the other day.
(I seem to recall that Joetard claimed to be Muslim, I can't be bothered to trawl back through his screeds to confirm it; I realise that he's a pathetic lying turd who will say anything and then immediately deny it)
Listening to one of the worst programmes on BBC Radio 4, on Monday (Beyond Belief, Podcast available HERE 14th Feb,  for our colonial cousins, but don't bother, it's embarrassing for the leftwing biased, secular BBC to even produce this crap) I heard a Muslim school-inspector (ie a Muslim, chosen to officially inspect state-funded Muslim schools in the UK, to make sure that they adhered to national standards of education) freely volunteer the tard that pupils at Muslim state schools would be taught about probability so they could pass the national exams, but would then be instructed:
"But actually, nothing happens except by God's will!!!11110ne"
So, there's JoeJosephIDguy's point: there is no such thing as a chance event, it's just that his omnipotent designer *chooses* to be constrained so that his (or His) actions are indistinguishable from a Poisson distribution.
But, ITZ ALL TEH DESGINER, OK??? Obviously ....

Date: 2011/03/27 17:44:45, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (EyeNoTwo @ Mar. 27 2011,16:20)
[quote=carlsonjok,Mar. 27 2011,12:55]Just had a flock of mostly tom Turkeys wander by outside my home office window.

You sure that's not Joe G. stalking you?

Nope, JoeG is  Gallus gallus, not Galloparvus
(Though he is a gobbler)
(With IDGuy)
(If he's got a very flexible spine)

Date: 2011/04/24 13:29:51, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Lou FCD @ April 23 2011,15:02)
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ April 23 2011,15:17)
Coincidentally, I heard my first Prothonotary Warbler of the season this morning, while we were out seeking morels. Here's a pic from a few years back; probably not the same one I heard this morning  :)

Now see? That right there is how it's done. Sweet shot, the light is perfect, the focus is dead on, and the bokeh is beautiful.

Just a quick delurk to add to the chorus of folk saying"Fuckin'ell!" at Albatrossity2's Prothonotary Warbler. That is just stunning (and I hate my crappy Tamron 70-300 now)  :angry:
PS I wonder if Lou's giant Canada goose is a cross with a domestic? I guess we'll never know the Anser. (Coat/fetch/etc)

PPS Coincidentally I just found another melanocytically-challenged bird today

The ducks were in London, but I saw the gull flying around in Edinburgh here for the last week or so. Tracked it down today and was devastated that it wasn't an Ivory Gull. They are occasionally spotted in the UK, but normally live in Greenland, eating decaying walrus carcasses, beached whales and Davetard's used condoms. That would have been one for the life photo list!

Date: 2011/05/13 17:05:41, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Robin @ May 13 2011,08:45)
I think for what I'd like to do, I might splurge on the 70-300 VR. Based on the reviews it seems like a nice lens that isn't a major investment.

Well, I just got the Nikkor 70-300 VR (for the reasons you mentioned) and I have to say that I'm loving it, so far.
The limitations are what you would expect for the maximum aperture, it's a wee bit soft at 300, but the VR genuinely works a treat and autofocus is fast and accurate.
I was delighted to get any shot at all of this extremely shy and flighty Kingfisher, handheld (and in the middle of a city!;)

Date: 2011/06/20 09:25:35, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Richardthughes @ June 14 2011,09:29)
Joe caught in another lie shocker:

Perhaps Richard or Oldman might like to point out to Joeturd that there is indeed a good hypothesis about planetary formation. Currently being investigated by someLeicester Uni post-grads. You know, Joe...experiments...perhaps he could disprove the hypothesis in his Super-dooper basement lab.
Just have to move those smelly melon rinds out the way  :p

Date: 2011/06/26 14:22:31, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (JohnK @ June 26 2011,13:47)
Sewall's Soliloquy

k_B, or not k_B -- that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The Joules per Kelvin of poker entropy
Or to take arms against a quirk of history
And by opposing, end it. To stop, to end--
No Kelvin--and by an end to say we end
Degrees of Temperature, and the stupid misunderstandings
That Tard is heir to. 'Tis a consummation
Difficult for this IDiot. To stop, to end--
To end--perchance to think: ay, there's the rub,
For in that end of Tard what awareness may come
When we have shuffled off this clueless wit,
Must give us pause. There's the respect
That makes calamity of years of Tard.
For who could bear the thought that thermo entropy
Is dimensionless when considered theoretically,
Temperature the quality of energy, not "degrees",
The constant of Boltzmann mere fluke
of historical accident meriting th' unworthy stakes,
When he himself might his IDiocy keep
With a bare Tard grin? Who would stupid bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary load,
But that the dread of something after Tard,
The undiscovered country, from whose bourn
No Tardiller returns, puzzles the brain,
And makes us rather bear the Tard we have
Than fly to science that we know not of?
Thus non-science does make cowards of us Tards,
And thus the native hue of creationism
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of Tard,
From enterprise of great pitch and moment
With no regard, my ramblings turn awry
And lose the name of science. -- Soft you now,
The fair Internet! -- record, in thy orisons
Be all my Tard remembered.

*standing ovation*
*Cries of "Author! Author!"*
:D  :D  :D

A perfect illustration of how the IDiots could be bounded in a tardshell and count themselves kings of infinite space (were it not that they have bad dreams....)

Date: 2011/07/27 14:51:46, Link
Author: DaveH
[quote=Stephen Elliott,July 27 2011,13:33]
Quote (JohnW @ July 27 2011,13:21)
Do you think that Kinnock would have been a better choice?

Definitely! Not her husband, though... ;)

Date: 2011/09/25 09:51:21, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Amadan @ Sep. 24 2011,06:12)
The bartender says "We don't allow your type in here." A faster than light neutrino walk into a bar.

Not my own, but I am still happy to take any credit I can.

My fave so far....

"Knock, knock!"

"A neutrino!"

"Who's there?"


Date: 2011/10/04 18:07:55, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (OgreMkV @ Oct. 04 2011,17:36)
Quote (BWE @ Oct. 04 2011,10:28)

Fox news.
Alleged sightings of Yetis in Kemerovo and the neighboring Altai region, about 1,988 miles (3,200 kilometers) east of Moscow, are up three times compared to 20 years ago, with scientists estimating that there is a current population of at least several dozen in the area.

Other evidence of the existence of the creatures -- such as basic twig huts, twisted branches and footprints of up to 35 centimeters (14 inches) -- also has been found in the area.

A group of scientists from the conference will be sent out to search the region's mountains to examine the evidence and try spot a Yeti.

It will be the first expedition of its kind since 1958, when scientists from the Soviet Academy of Sciences scoured Western Siberia trying to catch a Yeti.

Igor Burtsev, who heads the Moscow-based International Center of Hominology, said, "When Homo sapiens started populating the world, it viciously exterminated its closest relative in the hominid family, Homo neanderthalensis. Some of the Neanderthals, however, may have survived to this day in some mountainous wooded habitats that are more or less off limits to their arch foes."

Whoda thunk? ;)


The picture they show with the footprint is a CENTIMETER ruler.

Someone needs to tell FoxNews that the rest of the world uses this new system of measurement called the metric system.

Not exactly a smoking gun... or a dead body (which is about the ONLY evidence that will be acceptable, a live yeti would be the other form of acceptable evidence).

Where's the long-form birth certificate? Eh?

Date: 2011/10/28 14:50:49, Link
Author: DaveH
You guys will hardly know me, unless you have seen a couple of posts in the Wildlife threads. I lurk, I lurk.
I did recently bin my Pharyngula bookmarks (and made an official flounce post to tell them so), as Louis says: I'm so bored with this subject, and it seems to be the whole raison d'etre of the comments over at PZ's place now. Not specifically the RW/sexism stuff, but the smug superiority and gatekeeping evinced by the "OM" crowd. No thread seems to get past about 20 posts before descending into "You're a fucking moron and all my friends think so, too!"

One thing severely lacking there is any form of self-deprecation (can we say "Josh" or "Sastra", children?) While Schroedinger's Dog was a bit oblivious to sensitivities, and got flamed for it; surely he should simply have been banned for being French, as would happen in any well-regulated society????

I reckon that I have been reading PZ's blog for 5 or 6 years now, but no more. There were some great posts about evo-devo and nailing crackers to the Q'uran...

You know what? I really miss w00t and his boobies. Which of you guys was that? pm 'Ras!

Date: 2011/11/07 13:26:27, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (forastero @ Nov. 06 2011,18:13)
...but her boss was putting negative pressure on her from the get go. “When she first found the red-blood-cell-looking structures, I said, Yep, that’s what they look like,” “Now see if you can find some evidence to show that that’s not what they are.” Jack Horner--Smithsonian Magazine May 2000. Sure they are going to dismiss her work and force her to retract. They did the same thing when they stomped all over Woodward's dinosaur bone DNA found in the coal mine.

Geologists Find First Clue To Tyrannosaurus Rex Gender In Bone Tissue
It’s a girl … and she’s pregnant! Because the dinosaur tissues didn’t look exactly like pictures published of medullary bone in living birds like chicken and quail, Schweitzer’s team compared the tissue from the femur of the T. rex to that taken from leg bones of more primitive ratites, or flightless birds, such as ostriches and emus. These birds share more features with dinosaurs than other present-day birds. They selected an ostrich and an emu in different stages of their laying cycles, when medullary bone is present.

Oh and btw not even mineralized impression fossils couldnt last in such a fine state over so called millions of years of uplift

again you scoffing without reading

Simply off the top of my head, two of 4-Arse's examples are ludicrous:
"Now see if you can find some evidence that that's not what they are" is not "dismissing her work", it's the scientific method ffs! Take a look at Louis' sig-line quote from Feynman, read and inwardly digest.

Also, medullary bone in birds is just that...bone. An excess bone deposit in the medullary cavity of the long-bones of female birds which acts as a store for calcium that is therefore available as a reservoir during certain parts of the breeding cycle as a source for the extra mineral needed to lay down eggshell.

again you bloviating without reading, and certainly without beginning to understand what you are cutting and pasting.

Date: 2011/11/07 18:12:25, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (forastero @ Nov. 07 2011,13:46)
Ha...Those were the scientists quotes that you cut up. Not my own

I simply pointed out that you have no idea what those scientists meant, and how they negated your "point" or were utterly irrelevant to it.

Date: 2011/12/28 03:04:43, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ Dec. 27 2011,22:45)

Just when I thought I had enough from the anti-ID/ evotard minions, I get attcaked by a whining snot-nosed pro-IDist - who doesn't appear to understand ID all that well.

Another Freudian slip?

Date: 2012/01/15 16:37:23, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Kristine @ Jan. 14 2012,21:39)
That made me think of something: if a movie (or more appropriately, a miniseries) were to be made about the whole evo-ID fight, which actors would you choose to play which personalities on our side and the IDists'?

Joe (bench-pressin', paradigm bustin', intellectual) would surely be played by Lou Ferrigno in full "You wouldn't like me." mode.

Or Charles Hawtrey.

Date: 2012/01/26 16:41:36, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Robin @ Jan. 26 2012,15:55)
Examples of a few bird photos that I feel just are not sharp:

I hesitate to say anything with Lou in the house, but I think I can make a few observations (plus I use Nikon kit).
The first thing I notice about your chickadee, here, is the grain. It looks like you have used a fairly long zoom with the aperture wide open and you still have had to set a high ISO. Lower that, or close up the aperture for a greater depth of field, and you'd start to get camera shake. There's maybe even a hint of that here, anyway.
If you look at Lou's excellent photos, you'll see that (apart from the flash ones) all the birds are in full direct sunlight.

I think you've probably got about the best shots you could manage, given the light (Unless you have a spare $10,000 for a top-end zoom lens). Trying to get a good shot of any bird in a Scottish winter, even when I'm not on a forest trail, is well nigh impossible, so I feel your pain!

One thing I would do is go to 'Set Picture Control' in the shooting menu, and increase the saturation and contrast a bit. Adds a bit more life. Sharpening is best done on the computer.
I hope some of that helps. Love that grasshopper, by the way!

Date: 2012/01/26 16:50:22, Link
Author: DaveH
I think the answer generally is keep taking photographs; sometimes, when the light is great, you can get lucky!



Date: 2012/03/07 11:38:23, Link
Author: DaveH
Can't believe that no-one has linked to
SMBC yet!
Or should it go on the Joetard thread?

Date: 2012/06/08 17:31:45, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (didymos @ June 08 2012,16:32)
Here's an interesting question though: Of Dense and JoeG, who's dumber?

Ha! You can't fool me! Trick question...

Bag of rocks = sack of shit

Date: 2012/09/10 15:53:35, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Amadan @ Sep. 10 2012,15:34)
Living that close to the Soufrière Hills volcano, you would be in terrible danger of being overcome by the choking clouds of scorching hot gaseous emissions that follow explosive eruptions.

Technically, these are known as kyrospastic flows.

I am forced to de-lurk briefly to say thank you for that comment.
My wife has to get up stupidly early for a train tomorrow, and you have woken her up by causing me to laugh like an hyaena on acid.

Date: 2012/09/24 16:27:54, Link
Author: DaveH
Don't know if this has been spotted... Our Hero turns up on The Loom.
Same old, same old contentless pish, nothing to see here.

Date: 2012/10/11 13:02:40, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Oct. 11 2012,11:48)

That's just racist shit, 'Ras.

Date: 2012/10/11 14:46:33, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 11 2012,14:15)
Quote (DaveH @ Oct. 11 2012,13:02)
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Oct. 11 2012,11:48)

That's just racist shit, 'Ras.

I think he's in fact referring to this:

ID, and Mullings in particular.



I am familiar with the terms and concepts.
I don't see why the citizens of Montserrat should be gratuitously insulted; especially when some are dealing with the deaths of loved ones in a plane crash.
It might be a small and fairly unimportant island, but I haven't seen any evidence that they pay one whit of attention to that poisonous little logorroehic fascist, Mullings. If he was Generalissimo and President-for-Life Gordon the 1st (as you know he is in his sick wank fantasies) then I'd see the point.
Not classy.

Date: 2012/10/11 18:07:34, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Oct. 11 2012,15:35)
Well, I don't know what crash you are talking about.  I don't get the Montserrat news channel and I'll be fucked if I start chasing links to figure out what Gordon's talking about.

Racist... yawn.  ID is cargo cult science.

So you didn't read Freddie's post about the fatal aircrash, that you replied to.
KF=Montserrat? L'etat, c'est lui????
He may be the biggest, most unpleasant git on the island, but then, he's also one of the biggest gits on earth.

Kick that slimy toad (and I'll lend you my boots when yours are worn out). Leave the decent Montserrat people (who have never heard of him) alone.

Date: 2012/10/12 02:07:24, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Oct. 11 2012,19:13)
i just skimmed over it and say "Fly Montserrat" and I thought, I bet that's a hoot. I have no idea what crash it is though.  And before I look it up let me just say I wish Gordon was the obstacle whatever the thing that crashed into

Fair enough. I withdraw my censure.
And you're right, Gordo particularly deserves large objects to fall out of the sky onto him; my uncle Bert served with the 6th Battalion of the Gordons in N Africa and Sicily, that pusillanimous little shite hides away at UD, too scared to move.
By-fucking-dand, indeed  *spit*

Date: 2012/11/13 02:49:00, Link
Author: DaveH
Monty Python Theological Dept.

Date: 2012/11/20 16:00:10, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (The whole truth @ Nov. 20 2012,07:31)
A few questions come to mind:

What was joey in his previous incarnations?

A tick?
A slice of caek?

Date: 2013/02/10 03:58:49, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Jim_Wynne @ Feb. 09 2013,16:31)
Here's what you don't understand: You can't just randomly write things down as they occur to you and later try to put them in place.  Your sentences must make sense logically and grammatically on their own, as well as in the context of the paragraph where you stick them.  This is especially true of sentences such as the one that begins "The behavior of matter level..." which will never make sense, regardless of context.  WTF is "matter level?" And what do you mean by "...this scientific method..." (my emphasis)? Is there more than one?

I was irresistibly reminded of a Freak Brothers comic, where Fat Freddy has an idea for a book. He takes a whole bunch of speed and starts bashing the typewriter. Two days later, he wakes up and looks at his magnum opus, which consists of 50 pages of

And then, and then, and then, and then, and then, and then , and then, and then, and then, and then, and then, and then, and then....

Date: 2013/02/19 11:17:47, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Feb. 19 2013,10:37)
His theory was not even original. And I cannot confirm whether the following is true but if it is, then he outright plagiarized Al-Jahiz.
My history teacher in college told us that when she went herself to the British National Library, there was only one copy of al-Jahiz's work in their collection. Eager to read it for herself, she went to the shelf, but it was missing. Upon checking, she discovered that the last person to check out the book was Charles Darwin - who never returned it... It is quite possibly one of the most profound plagiarisms of history.

There are several slight problems with the above quote, apart from it being pure hearsay.
1) There is no British National Library, it's the British Library.
2) You do not go "to the shelves", books are brought to your desk in the reading room by a librarian.
3) Even if the story of plagiarism was true, so what? We would just talk about al-Jahizism rather than Darwinism and it would still provide the most coherent explanation for the observed anatomical, palaeontological and genetic data.

Date: 2013/07/04 18:37:35, Link
Author: DaveH
It seems to me that poor wee Gary had one thought (which may have happened 40 years ago) wherein he noticed that adaptation was, metaphorically, a bit like learning. I don't know if that was his only thought, ever, but it appears that he got very excited and decided to reify a commonplace metaphor (I'm sure that we've all noticed that phenotypes appear to "learn" what their best adaptations are) into an hypothesis (which he grandiloquently calls "Theory" or, THE theory).
That's it. No more.
Gary, it's a metaphor.  It's not a stunning insight. Anyone who has studied biology or biochemistry has noticed that one could use that metaphor, but there are other explanations for why it appears like "intelligent learning", explanations rooted in reality, and well-understood processes.

Now, let us turn to your execrable use of the English language... My beloved Mother was an English teacher, and I imbibed the rules of grammar (literally) with my mother's milk. I am not a grammar absolutist by any means. I realise that, for clarity, or convenience, the rule about splitting infinitives is mere convention. It derives from a sad and slavish following of the rules of Latin grammar, whereby the infinitive was a single word, and therefore physically unable to be split. However, in many of your posts, you will put a dependant clause (and often even two!) between the "to" and the verb. This makes you largely incomprehensible, and speaks to an incoherent mind, unable to maintain a train of thought.
Your reaction to any criticism (unlike how a scientist would react) appears to be hatred and hysteria.
My advice?
Stop posting here, if it makes you angry. Go elsewhere. Your "theory" a metaphor, dude, not anything real.

Date: 2013/10/09 16:04:42, Link
Author: DaveH
De-lurking to add to the praise for LouFCD's bird pix. Stunning!

The bar-tails are just returning to S Scotland, as well... a real shame we don't see them with the breeding plumage; brick red head and breast.

Amazing birds, one was tracked (radio-transmitter) flying non-stop from New Zealand to Alaska!


Date: 2013/11/25 15:48:19, Link
Author: DaveH
A few birds, some are locally rare...

It has taken me a while to get to grips with the focussing of the new D7100, so some photos are a bit rubbish. Also we only have sunlight from 8.00 to 3.30 at this time of year in Edinburgh, and it's at a low angle, so limiting if there's trees or clouds to cast shadows and force the ISO up :(

local birds

Date: 2014/03/09 10:15:19, Link
Author: DaveH
An old photo, but always worth showing for the sake of the comedy potential of the name...

Great tits

Just posted to draw attention to the amazing bit of research about these guys' evolutionary arms race with the pied flycatcher. Carl Zimmer has a summary here . Information Parasites? Who knew? (Except for IDC-ists, obviously....)

Date: 2014/04/15 15:04:57, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ April 15 2014,14:30)
Quote (JohnW @ April 15 2014,11:23)
Quote (Richardthughes @ April 15 2014,08:38)
Quote (OgreMkV @ April 15 2014,10:29)
Quote (Richardthughes @ April 15 2014,09:25)
Joe has more cyber warrior fantasies:

TSErik- I always got the biology correct- always. But unfortunately my temper and the biology prof’s temper got the best of us- I told him to shove darwinism up his arse- face to face. He tried to throw me out of the classroom and landed flat on his butt (with a little help from me). No one has the right to grab me.

I then traded majors and took up electronics. I never looked back and made a better living than I would have in biology.

Joe being a failed biology major is funny, though.

If that story is true, I'm surprised he was allowed to continue at that school.  Assaulting a professor... no matter what the provocation... is serious.

"If that story is true...", com'on man, it's a Joe story.

We should put together a Joe timeline:

- Lives out Jack Chick tract at college
- Defends thesis "It's the fuse, asshole.  Your position can't explain fuses." and obtains PhD in toaster repair
- Bench presses 400 lb
- Injured flying helicopter on super-secret Iraq mission
- Converts to Islam
- Grows enormous belly
- Opens cutting-edge ID research facility in shed
- Discovers new species of vegan tick
- Presents ID Awareness Days at public schools
- Finds largest known number
- Feted at opening ceremony of the JoeG Wing at FSTDT Towers.

That's my guess at the order, anyway...

A few more of Internet Tough Guy Joe's major milestones:

Wrote GA's for a company doing sooper dooper top secret cryptology work for da Guberment.

Got fired from Stratus for posting physical threats from his work computer.

Challenged someone to meet him for a fight, gave a bogus address in an empty parking lot 30 miles from his real home.

I'm sure there's more.   :p


Date: 2014/05/30 08:30:22, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Cubist @ May 28 2014,18:43)
Anybody who knows the address of Mabus' parole officer should probably notify them of what he's up to here.

Et voila!

Back in court.

Date: 2014/07/05 15:18:53, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (JohnW @ July 05 2014,14:00)
Quote (fnxtr @ July 04 2014,19:21)
I forget: how many oodles in a dembski, again?

A shitload.

That's a metric shitload.

Date: 2014/07/18 02:42:51, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (Texas Teach @ July 18 2014,00:57)
He was born with a Civil Engineering degree?

Well, it was pre-loaded into his DNA.
Checkmate! etc

Date: 2015/06/19 03:36:50, Link
Author: DaveH
Quote (OgreMkV @ June 18 2015,12:22)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ June 18 2015,00:01)
Quote (Learned Hand @ June 17 2015,23:29)
Warm fuzzies all around! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, and they're well reciprocated. The only thing better than a loving spouse is one who understands and indulges your fascination with irrational creationists (et al).

And they said that atheist marriages would never last.

I was married by a defrocked minister. We're about to hit 20 years.

My cousin was married by a priest... the first two times and by a judge the third time... none of them lasted more than 4 years.

Small sample size though .

We're on 15 years, now.

And Yay! for Scotland! :)