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Date: 2006/08/29 04:43:29, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Hello.  Wee call for help actually.  :(

Attempting to activate my registration on ATBC, unfortunately my computer skills are about as good as my driving skills (sorry).  So I hope I'm posting this at the right place.   ???

I keep getting this error message:

"An error occured, not all of the required fields were sent from the validation link. Please ensure that they whole link was entered, it's possible that your email clients auto-wrapper cut the link in half. Please try again.

You are NOT logged in"

I've tried pressing the links provided in the email and also copying & pasting them into my browser.  Even when already logged in, going into these particular links, they dont seem to recognise me being logged in and I get the same error message.  I don't seem to have a problem logging in otherwise or with posting comments on a thread, but of course, I won't be able to after 30 days if I can't activate this darn thing.  Could anyone help?  Thanks.


Darth Robo

Date: 2006/08/29 12:20:32, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Well I only registered with this forum the other day and have since tried to confirm the membership as I was asked to in the initial email and kept getting that error message.  But if everything looks cool, then I guess that's cool.  Thank you for checking up on me.   :)

Date: 2006/08/29 16:46:14, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Dennis O'Leary as she is most fondly remembered, as Snaggletooth in Star Wars Episode IV."

Wow, that's actually pretty uncanny!   :O

Date: 2006/08/30 15:14:44, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Leo, let’s see how you respond to the familiar Mount Rushmore test."

Oh no!  How will Leo ever pass the 'Mount Rushmore Test' ?!?  It's obvious anyway that said alien would completely ignore Mount Rushmore itself and be amazed at the complex specified information inherent in all the other rocks nearby (the cracks, crags and lumpy bits) and MARVEL at the incredible design-work of the Intelligent Designer!

Or maybe not.   ???

"My prediction: Leo will ignore these two questions altogether or he will try to dodge them. "

My prediction: Leo will probably just think...  "What a plonker!"   ???

"It has now been over two hours since I posted my response. This means Leo has almost certainly seen the questions I asked, and my prediction was right on. He chose to ignore the questions. He knows a no win situation when he sees one.

Are there any materialists out there braver than Leo who want to take a shot at a response?"

Come on, any takers?  I dare ya!   :p

Date: 2006/08/31 14:04:37, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Nope, 'fraid not.  I'm not much of a computer expert.  Actually, Pandas was my first foray into internet forums (lurked for nearly a year before posting).  

I do think this droid deserves to be in a movie, though.   :)

Date: 2006/09/06 15:27:40, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"In the year 2000...a very specific form of Carpal Tunnel will aflict the scroll-wheel will be called "Glen Davidson Disease" "

And it'll be all Darwin's fault!   ;)

Date: 2006/09/07 14:51:30, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Methinks the whiney crybabies missed THIS bit...


Date: 2006/10/13 02:43:51, Link
Author: Darth Robo
And Heywood's scientific response to guthrie is telling us all about his bizzare bath fetish fantasies.   ???

Coming up in 3, 2, 1...   :(

Date: 2007/01/10 09:29:34, Link
Author: Darth Robo
The ID packs that they sent out to school apparently did have links to the DI.  Thankfully, the government already saw the "truthinscience" packs and threw it out.

I doubt it'll stop places like the Vardy school from teaching it though, but hopefully we can at least limit its teaching to a few fundy schools.

Date: 2007/01/10 10:41:36, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Yup.  Someone on the Dawkins forum managed to get hold of one.  I've been hanging there a bit since the pc's at work (don't have the best net connection) have trouble loading PT if the comments get above 30 and my net at home went splat.   :(

It's also nice to see this stuff from a UK perspective to see what the fundies are up to over here.  Hopefully at the moment they seem to be not much more than a minor nuisance.

Date: 2007/01/10 10:50:51, Link
Author: Darth Robo
I'm from UK but I got relatives in Jo'burg.  Had a wee visit there about 2 years ago.  Also went to Durban and Sun City.  That was nice.   :D

Date: 2007/01/24 11:26:34, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Like Louis, I'm also a bit wary that the credence of ID will be overstated in these lessons and that it will be used as a stepping stone to get it into science lessons if popular opinion demands it.  Also, will they conflate evolution with atheism?  If taught in the right way, these classes might not be a problem, but then:

"I expect that it will be abused since some teachers are lying scum."

Then it WOULD be a problem.  Beware fundies sneaking in back doors.

Date: 2007/01/26 07:18:21, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Colour me extremely bored with this latest incarnation of IDCist."

I don't know, actually.  I mean, futile attempt at refuting evolution theory she knows nothing about based on ID evidence she can't remember (but sounded good at the time) and add to that space aliens into the mix?  it's definately better than Heddle's quantum (G*d) chemistry.  I just wish I had a crate of beer.  Guess I'll have to settle for a virtual one.   :)

Date: 2007/01/31 07:05:11, Link
Author: Darth Robo
To be fair, demallien, I think that calling Louis and Lenny 'abusive' is a bit OTT.  I've seen other posters at PT for example borderline on 'abuse', but I don't think what I've seen so far cuts it.  Okay, you may disagree with their methods, you might think that they're a pain in the butt, but so what?  The reason they might not be as 'nice' as you is simply they pointed out a flaw in Avo's reasoning, Avo didn't back it up and refused to back down when she was shown wrong.  That's when the kid-gloves come off and they'll just say what they think.  Avo is perfectly welcome to just switch off, or simply just say: "Fuckoff, you mean old evolutionists!".  Or back up (or even retract) some of her claims.  Sorry, but I had to have a little smile at some of Avo's posts because I KNEW that at any moment that Lenny was gonna come in for the slaughter.  (I also had that same smile when you told him to cool it).  

Now Avo could have reconsidered her position (especially since she had lots of other nice posters like yourself to point out her errors) but she didn't.  Hence the response she got.  I've seen this happen on other forums and usually it's the fundies who then cry out about how mean they are being treated, right after they've been slaughtered for talking nonsense.  If you wanna feel sorry for her then fine, but I saw this coming a mile away.  I don't think Louis or Lenny are gonna worry too much just because someone thinks they're 'mean'.  So, slaughter away, boys.   :D

Date: 2007/02/02 05:07:12, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"I was a tad concerned about a year ago when I thought that religious apologetics might get taught in science lessons. I do not see that as a danger now. I couldn't care less if ID was taught in schools providing it was in religious lessons rather than science."

I'm a little worried that they would use it as a stepping stone to gain public support and then try to force it in science class a few years later.  Remember, ID is not religion, it's a con.  So it shouln't be taught at all.  It was designed to appear scientific to the laymen and that's the problem.  Also, the Vardy schools teach creationism already.  

We unfortunately don't have the protection of seperation of church and state in the UK.  I know that our religious classes have not stopped us from teaching good science in general, but if public support grows for 'teach the controversy', it could be a problem.  It's easy for us to look at the USA and think we could never be that daft to even consider ID as science, but I would argue that fundieism in the UK is on the rise.

Date: 2007/02/06 06:44:54, Link
Author: Darth Robo
I can do that.  And puppy eyes.    :)

Date: 2007/02/09 03:15:23, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Ah, Balter.  If ever there was a guy who seriously needed a 'Lenny takedown'.  Miss ya at PT, Lenny.

Date: 2007/02/19 07:02:08, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Keep me chained up at the Bathroom Wall and I will keep writing the truth about Wesley, Steve and AtBC wherever I go.  (I won't call names, mind you ... I'll just state the facts)"

The TRUTH as told TRUTHFULLY from a YEC!  :)

"Are AtBCers truly open minded, dispassionate people of science as the Dawkins people seem to be?"

Careful, they banned JAD, too.  Eventually, your "truth" might end up to be too much for them.  Those mean old Darwinists!  ;)

Date: 2007/02/22 06:43:35, Link
Author: Darth Robo
DaveScot recently popped in to BA's blog, where they've been debating over whether a YEC should be allowed to be given a PhD:

"To be awarded a PhD one needs to demonstrate understanding of the widely accepted views, and probably at least be familiar with the minority views, and be able to work within the widely accepted paradigm. One needn’t believe it. All science is tentative and anyone who doesn’t know that probably shouldn’t be awarded a PhD. I take it you don’t have one."

He doesn't make it clear exactly who he's responding to.  He sounds almost reasonable, doesn't he?      ???

Date: 2007/02/27 07:18:05, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Sen. Raymond Finney proposes to use the legislative process to get an answer to the question of whether the universe was created by a "Supreme Being."

Under Senate Resolution 17, introduced by the Maryville Republican, the answer would come from state Education Commissioner Lana Seivers "in report form" no later than Jan. 15, 2008."

Okay, you've got until the end of the year to discover the meaning of life.  Come on now, we've had long enough!

"holy crap.

to think these idiots get paid to be representatives."

I second that motion.  Combine the complete disregard for the seperation of church and state aswell as the total stupidity, how the friggin' heck do these guys get away with it?  It's insane.  Somebody should keep Finney away from that whiskey!    ???

Date: 2007/03/23 07:53:20, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Merry belated b'day!   :)

(Hopefully my net will be fixed by april & I'll never be late again.   :angry:    Look out world, I'll be back!)

Date: 2007/04/04 07:21:32, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"I'm already on record as saying I'd "do" Ann Coulter, so I have no problem sleeping with the enemy. . . . . "

Oh, Lenny!  Have some standards, please!  :(

Date: 2007/04/13 07:21:55, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Ftk is certainly cleverer than your average IDer.  Try to sound as reasonable as possible while bad-mouthing the opposition but avoiding actually addressing any relevant arguments.  Looks good to all her like-minded friends, I'm sure.

Date: 2007/04/13 09:29:49, Link
Author: Darth Robo
So, the prof's should go just to satisfy the IDer's childish call for a p*ssing match and if they don't they will start making 'chicken' noises?  (gasp)  The shame!

You're like a brick wall.  If they really want to debate, then they should take it where it matters - in court (oh, yeah they lost that one (oh, and Dembski 'chickened' out)) or in peer review.

Date: 2007/04/24 06:17:12, Link
Author: Darth Robo
skeptic, don't ever change.  It's fun watching you being slaughtered.  :p

Date: 2007/04/24 08:37:38, Link
Author: Darth Robo
How the heck can anyone take Brown seriously?  Some of the stuff he comes out with is hilarious.   :D

Date: 2007/04/24 08:50:01, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"But, I keep an open mind about these issues, and seriously consider ~all~ the arguments from both sides of the debate."

I doubt you consider them seriously, but at any time will you be actually weighing up the "arguments" from both sides of the "debate"?  Or you gonna STAY open minded?

Hey, I'm open minded about astrology, tarot cards and the vegatarian T-Rex.  Should I be taken seriously?

Date: 2007/04/24 10:21:01, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"More misinformation.  I've addressed that false spin here before as well."

Umm, which bit?  You never seem to provide us with any details (on anything... )

"Twisting reality to mesh with Darwin's "The Origins of Species" shouldn't be how science works either."

Umm, which bit?  Come on!  Here's your chance!  Show us all our "Doh!" moments!  Where exactly have we got it wrong?  

(dramatic music)  Take it away, Ftk!   :)

Date: 2007/04/25 06:56:28, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"I'm only here to correct serious misconceptions about my position that people seem to like to bring to this forum."

So in other words, you're basically here to say "I think 'Darwinism' is wrong and you're all liars, but I'm not going to give you any evidence to that effect."

At least skeptic is entertaining.  (yawn)

Date: 2007/04/25 07:19:47, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Doesn't anybody here like vodka?    :(

Date: 2007/04/25 10:38:21, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Not since I drank a quart when I was 16 and tore the sink off of the wall in my sister's apartment and almost choked on my own vomit..."

Yikes, must have been a good night!      :O

Date: 2007/04/26 06:43:33, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Pictures aren't loading for me.   :(   (I've NEARLY got my new ISP up an running - 7 months!  AARRGH! (End rant))  :angry:

My mum sometimes brings me a bottle of vodka when she comes back home.  Apparently it's cheap (I can't remember the name of it), but it's 43% instead of the usual 37, and unlike most cheap (sh*tty) vodkas, it goes down very smooth, very nice.  If I can get hold of proper Russian vodka, I like that too.

Date: 2007/05/04 05:12:10, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Oooh! Can you be 'through with' all of us now?"

Aw, but he provides so much entertainment!  :(

Date: 2007/05/04 05:28:10, Link
Author: Darth Robo

Statement:  That is clearly an inefficient droid made by an inefficient meatbag.  ;)    If I didn't know any better, I'd say you had help from GoP on that one.  :p


"The speakers were all from KU and die-hard liberal evolutionists."

Not that you're biased or anything.    ???

Date: 2007/05/09 07:28:16, Link
Author: Darth Robo

"I can say that when atheists suggest that atheism is not a religion and their ~philosophy~ is allowed in the science room as well as other classrooms under the notion of "truth and reason" rather than faith, it is irritating to me.  I feel that they have a foot in the door that other religions do not."

Funny, I don't remember atheism being mentioned in any of my science classes.  Why should religion be mentioned in science anyway?

"It doesn't mean that you're going to convince me that the historical inferences of the ToE are "fact".  And, I will always be open to creationist theories because personally I think they are much more logical (shut up - that's not due to my religious beliefs alone)."

Then perhaps you can provide us with the "science" of creationist "theories" then.  Oh right, you can't.

Stephen Elliott:

"Either, you do not know what the ID movement is or you don't know what science is or you are lying"

She knows what ID is (she's been told), she doesn't know what science is (she just doesn't get it) and unless she can provide any evidence (I don't think she understands that word) of the scientific majority being suppressed by a certain few bigwigs of science, it might be a slight possibility that (gasp) she's lying.

Date: 2007/05/09 08:35:11, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"I just don't understand why one makes the choice to be a Christian when they reject the NT as literal and, in fact, believe that some of what is written comes from an active imagination on the part of the writers."

It's probably based on a choice to still believe in God, but recognise that some parts of the Bible simply don't hold up to scientific scrutiny if taken literally.  What's wrong with trying to be realistic?

Date: 2007/05/09 10:06:15, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"the ID inference remains a strong conclusion."

Correction:  the ID inference remains a strong assumption.  

"News flash...ID has been considered a scientific inference since the dawn of time.  Only materalists reject it."

News flash... theistic evolutionists disagree with you.

Date: 2007/05/09 11:00:57, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"It a bizzare leap of faith for a Christian, IMHO."

Religion requiring faith.  Who'da thunk it?

Date: 2007/05/14 09:26:26, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"No where you will find "goddit" in Brown's theory about the grand canyon.  Get your fingers out of your ears and the blinders off your eyes and read it."

Not directly, he just assumes all modern science is wrong if it contradicts the Bible.  Then comes out with his own fantastic explanations of how things happened but then doesn't back them up wih any evidence.  Kinda gives the game away, "goddidit", ya know?  I've read some of his stuff.  

You do know the difference between an open mind and an open cranium, don't you?

Date: 2007/05/14 11:25:33, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"They're a relatively serious problem here because a) Tony and Tony's Cronies are the most religious bunch we've had in Number 10 for a while. Fucking B-liar is a right little god bothering nerk....or at least appears to be. Second we have a habit, a culturally ingrained blindspot, of not challenging religious claims here in the UK. This is how Vardy has got away with STATE FUNDED creationist academies in the North East and how faith schools are proliferating. Don't worry over much, some of us are fighting it."

So who the heck can we vote for here?  I admit that politics isn't my forte, but Cameron has apparently been pandering to the fundies a little recently, and yeah, Blair certainly does that.  Brown isn't showing any particular reason to make us think that he's gonna run the country any different to Blair - he's already been spewing the same old bull about what Labour has done to reduce NHS waiting lists etc when in actuality IMHO they fucked it up.  :angry:

The Lib Dems don't exactly inspire me, they'd probably turn out to be just as useless as Labour and the Conservatives.  Feel like I'm in voting limbo.   :(

Date: 2007/05/15 09:24:19, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Ah, the Monster Raving Looney Party!  There's an idea!   :)

Date: 2007/05/25 05:00:41, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Not even a trip to Fantasy Island aboard the Loveboat would endear Dawkins to me. Besides, I "pick on him" regularly on his website."

You talking about  I don't recall seeing you there, do you have a different handle?

Date: 2007/05/30 09:03:01, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"might be time to scrap the whole system, archive it, and start over with something new."

Aye.  The net at work has probs loading PT if the posts start getting to about 40 or more.  (And still no net at home!;)   :(

I do kinda miss Carol.   :p

Date: 2007/05/30 09:05:50, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Damn emoticons!  There's not supposed to be a wink there!


Date: 2007/05/30 10:40:32, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Darth Robo - Please report to the ER -  stat- Your meds are ready."

At the bar, right?     :p

Date: 2007/05/31 06:05:15, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Supey posted on JAD's blog?

"The only person he actually gets into a conversation with is legendary creationist and idiot Supersport. Always amusing to see John argue with a bonafide Goddiddit-in-six-days, Koalas-swam-from-Turkey-to-Australia and T-Rex-Ate-Coconuts Jesus freak, esp. when they find out that John believes God has died."

LOL!!!    :D

That's great!   Sorry I missed that one!  There's a few more fundies I could introduce to JAD...  


Date: 2007/05/31 06:31:26, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"I’m not quite sure what science is, which is precisely why I am an intelligent-design proponent."

Perfect for


Date: 2007/05/31 10:31:43, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Cue slaughter.....

Date: 2007/05/31 10:40:23, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Oh, Jesus!  It's the one man Jack Krebs fan club!

You got a problem with Krebs, Avalos, Mirecki (or anyone else in particular), can't you just uh, piss off and go and take it up with them?  Then they could just block your posts etc, then you can whine about atheists suppressing free speech or whatever, then we can take the piss out of you for defending FTK's "moderation" of her blog.  

Then everybody would be happy.    :)

Date: 2007/06/12 07:12:50, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Statement:  IDer's pretending to be as cool as Han Solo!  Some meatbags will surely pay!


Date: 2007/06/13 06:34:26, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Look, everyone was waiting for Han and Luke to lock lips! Right?"

What?  Luke smooching his sister not enough for you?


Re Dog party:


Date: 2007/06/13 06:41:20, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Heard of this before.  As the sun wobbles through the galaxy like a drunk, asteroids may also be disturbed and get thrown our way.  (I think it was on that Sam Neill 'Space' documentary.)

Date: 2007/06/13 07:12:06, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Prince:  cool

abba:  not!


Date: 2007/06/13 07:28:46, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Scott, you're not the same dude who turned up at the Dawkins forum claiming the sun has a solid surface, are you?  (If not, then um, sorry!;)   ;)

I should check these other forums more often.  The fun I miss, eh?   :)

Date: 2007/06/13 08:32:49, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"so I keep an open head about these "transitionals". "

Corrected.    :p

"same as evolutionist predictions."

So YEC and evolution predicts the same things?   ???

Date: 2007/06/13 08:36:04, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"I rather enjoyed that documentary."

So did I.  I thought it was quite funny that in nearly every episode, he was like "And if (such and such) happens, we're all gonna DIE."


Date: 2007/06/13 11:00:49, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Me likey.   :D

Date: 2007/06/14 06:19:45, Link
Author: Darth Robo
I thought JAD hated people who were anonymous on the internet.  (Although I guess it's not hard to tell who he is - could be an impersonator though)    :O

"Now Sal thinks he’s Han Solo, a real ladies man"

I'm ashamed, I tell ya!   :angry:   But he forgot - Solo's an atheist.   :D

Date: 2007/06/14 06:55:43, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Is it too late to tell the Klingons to make Behe Qu'vatlh?


Date: 2007/06/14 07:01:03, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"oh, did I forget to mention the giant, planet-eating space sharks?"

Never heard of them.  Have heard of the amoeba's, though.

Date: 2007/06/14 07:18:19, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Surrounded by Clouds"

Obscured by Clouds.   ;)    Which I'm sure Louis & Spags would agree with.    :p

"As for starting a thread on RD regarding moderation, I intend to do this next week when my ban is lifted."

Ouch.  I forsee a brief flamewar, quickly followed by thread lock, and perhaps a few bannings.   :O

Date: 2007/06/15 06:52:11, Link
Author: Darth Robo
I thought Legion was Christensen (Jack Krebs 1 man fan club), not Larry.  

Anyway, the idea of either of them being cloned...  yeeks!


Date: 2007/07/02 06:32:03, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Me also been away.  Don't let the trolls drag you down dude!   :(

All the best where ever you go, man.   ;)

Date: 2007/07/03 09:56:54, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"The Designer reach perfection so there's nothing to be front-loaded anymore."

Then why are there still VMartin's and JAD's?


Date: 2007/07/04 05:28:49, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"I am not perfect. But haughty darwinists at AtBC reach the point of perfection (in use of abuses instead of  arguments you know)."

Gee, and yet you're the one who avoids any arguments instead of giving people answers.

First try to think. If it doesn't help read Darwin's Origin of species. It will help you no doubt.

Date: 2007/07/05 06:38:29, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Query:  Did someone call for an assassin droid?  Is skeptic complaining about those damned "liberals" again?     :)

Date: 2007/07/11 11:18:51, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Aw, a group hug party!  :p

Well, Louis and Lenny for their sense of humour and no-nonsense attitude toward dingbats.  They know their stuff and always make me laugh.  And Lenny always has an interesting (and usually funny) story to tell.

And another with a weakness for the ladies, I'm afraid.  We like shimmies and hugs from Kristinee and Shirley, respectively.  

Respect!   ;)

Date: 2007/07/11 11:24:05, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"I have had my Darwin fish prised off my car before."

Quite surprised to hear that happened in the UK, I wouldn't have thought it was that well known.  

Little buggers!     :angry:

Date: 2007/07/12 07:09:21, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Yeah, I like that one.   :D

Though strangely isn't showing up at the moment.  Probably cuz our 'net connection can be a bit naff.   ???

Date: 2007/07/13 08:10:27, Link
Author: Darth Robo
geocities - obviously run by inefficient organic meatbags.


Date: 2007/07/13 10:56:53, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"New fossil discovery in Ethiopia has been dated from between 6000 and 3.8 million years old (the time of Adam) bearing all the hallmarks of design by a creator.  Darwinist scientists are already covering up all evidence of intelligent design in their bid to stamp out scientific knowledge in order to prop up their flawed, satanic theory.  More news as it unfolds.  Praise the Lord."


Date: 2007/07/17 08:39:00, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Do they really, truly think that silly analogies are evidence fo the ID as in the ID movement?"

Some guy on BA blog was trying to convince me today by saying "Humans make ipods.  Biology is more complicated and THAT's evidence for ID".   ???

He/she was a persistent little so & so, too.  Accused all of the talkorigins, talkreason and PT sites to be the work of just one "closed-minded fanatic".   :D

Date: 2007/07/19 08:47:32, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Evolution is not really referred to as "Neo-Darwinism" very often, as far as I know.  The word "Neo" literally means "New", but creo's like to use it because it sounds like a negative connotation, as in "Neo-Nazi's".  And since they hate Darwin, just the use of the term "Darwinist" in their eyes is a negative connotation.  Of course, evolution has come a long way since Darwin's time.

Date: 2007/07/19 10:04:56, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"You don't suppose the fellow was referring to me, do you?"

I doubt it.  I think it was his imagination of a lone single "boogieman", so he could dismiss it without having to address any criticisms of ID.  If you wanna have a laugh, here's the link:

The dude I've been "debating" with is called 'contrarian'.  Everyone else has left this thread and got bored, so it's basically just me and him having a urinating contest.  BA's probably miffed at having to still moderate an old thread that nobody else cares about, with two daft gits left arguing.  


Date: 2007/07/20 10:16:24, Link
Author: Darth Robo
You people have no sense of humor!!!

:angry:      :angry:      :angry:      :angry:      :angry:

(runs and hides)

Date: 2007/07/20 10:51:17, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Sympathy mode:  Don't be too hard on yourself.  You didn't have the advantage of perfect construction by an intelligent designer.     ;)

Date: 2007/07/25 08:49:51, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Problem with solidarity is you're screwed if your colleagues lose their nerve.

Date: 2007/07/25 09:06:40, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Hey, she got another little friend.   :)

Or does she have a little remote control like JAD does with Vmartin?    ???

Or is this Legion again?

Date: 2007/07/25 09:21:57, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"how we can tell if something is designed"



Date: 2007/07/25 09:45:05, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Doesn't matter who it is really.  They will always come over, say something stupid like comparing atheists to Nazi's and Communists or something, get slaughtered and then run away for a few days.  Makes me smile, at least.  

Carry on, Blair.  


Date: 2007/07/26 06:31:37, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Just came upon a peach by contrarian:

"We don’t know anything because it is unknowable, exactly because the designer is responsible."

Date: 2007/07/26 11:30:12, Link
Author: Darth Robo
""Blair" is indeed part of Legion"

SCORE!   :p

I wish I could remember the name of the guy who threatened to sue Bobby Henderson (the guy who came up with the FSM) on his site.  Bobby said "Go ahead" and the guy retracted and claimed someone else was posting as him.  It was then that people actually DID start impersonating him with mock posts.  They found his hotmail address and myspace page and everything.  It was beautiful.   I wish I kept a link to that thread.  It was on the FSM's complaints page, but he re-arranged the site a bit and it might not be there anymore.  

I could be wrong, but I think that Legion might have been him, since he was posting under numerous names himself at the time on various blogs.  Might not be him, so don't quote me.

Date: 2007/07/27 12:08:24, Link
Author: Darth Robo
But now it's all thinner!   :(

Everywhere is changing their layouts!  I swear, it's like going to your local shop only to see them change everything 'round every coupla weeks!


Date: 2007/08/02 05:35:01, Link
Author: Darth Robo
And what the heck has the magnetic field got to do with a 6000 yr old Earth?  As I understand it, the strength is currently decreasing and will soon switch polarity.  Something which has happened many times.

Date: 2007/08/06 11:38:56, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"How did all the freshwater fish survive then?"

Fishtanks on board the Ark.

I think I've heard afdave explain that the logs outran the velociraptors because logs float.  

I still dunno what the earth's magnetic field has to to with a 6000 yr old earth.   ???

Date: 2007/08/06 12:03:12, Link
Author: Darth Robo

Somebody please MAKE Wesley Elsberry let me back into AtBC. I cannot bear watching people say things about me that are incorrect. I really HAVE to quit peeking into that forum and watching those loons make up stuff about what they believe my "worldview" consists of."

Translation:  "No fair they won't lemme play martyr at AtBC as well as my own blog!  They all jus' big mean poopy-heads!"      :angry:       :(

Date: 2007/08/07 07:29:22, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Or the Halliwell sisters?"

Geri Halliwell has a sister?  NNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


Date: 2007/08/07 08:56:27, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"The small subset happens to be the most vocal and prolific in their writing, however, Darwin himself mentioned "the Creator" several times so I'm puzzled as to why Darwin (and the larger ToE) is used to bash religious people, especially Christians, so often."

Sure, some avid atheists do that, but what about all those Christians who accept evolution?

Answer - it's the fundies themselves who started bashing the ToE and Darwin.

Date: 2007/08/07 09:45:34, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"They go after God and attempt to refute the existence."

Refuting ID and Creationism is not the same as refuting God.  Then the fundies complain about people like Dawkins who got that way by putting up with fundie bull for years.

Date: 2007/08/08 11:11:29, Link
Author: Darth Robo

Geri Halliwell is/was/is a spice girl.  Now you understand my pain.    :(      Was more of a "Buffy" fan more than "Charmed".   ;)

"The difference between Americans and British:

Americans think that 200 years is a long time.

British think that 200 miles is a long distance."

Lol!  Perfect!    :p

Date: 2007/08/08 11:25:55, Link
Author: Darth Robo

"As a clarification, I don't think ID is either science or religion, it is a philosophy."

Whether or not there is a creator may be a philosophical idea, but ID is not.  It's creationism disguised as science.  That's PURELY what it was invented for.

Shirley Knott:

"The pet cemetary in Portmeirion, Wales, predates the demise of the empire."

I was just thinking of that one!  I've been there.   :)   Had no idea it was that old, though.  I just assumed it was a modern thing.   :O

Maybe I should've taken a closer look at the dates on those graves.    :p

Date: 2007/08/08 11:37:25, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"For example, the degree of time dilation predicted when we start to look at objects at say about 30,000 light years is about 59, their physical motions will appear to be slowed down by factors of 59!"


Date: 2007/08/08 11:40:34, Link
Author: Darth Robo
That would be Tiddles KITLER!


Date: 2007/08/14 09:59:11, Link
Author: Darth Robo
"Com'on....are you that stupid, disingenuous...or dishonest???"


Date: 2007/08/15 12:34:36, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Hark!  Can it be?  My net working @ home?  Time will tell...   :O

If so, then YAY!   :p


It appears that you are just so rooted in materialism that you just can not accept that there may be knowledge that can not be accessed by rational means.

You're gonna have to provide some proof

Malfunction:  Logic circuit failure!  Organic grey matter flaw detected!  

In other words:  Huh?


Date: 2007/08/22 20:02:30, Link
Author: Darth Robo
it is a part of you, and you are a part of it.  It is only your Mind that makes it appear separate from you.

"No different!  Only different in your mind.  You must UNLEARN what you have 'learned'."


Date: 2007/08/23 04:31:15, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Problem also is that the big GL could probably sue you.  

Maybe you could pitch the idea to him?  I'd buy it!   :D

Date: 2007/08/23 16:41:31, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Well at least it didn't land on my shirt!    :D

Date: 2007/08/29 17:13:30, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Contrary to popular belief, the wakizashi was not the sole tool used in the ritual suicide known as seppuku; this usage was also commonly assigned to the tant?.

Interesting, ya learn something new every day.  Anyway, the platform shoes might come in handy to get your head at a comfortable height for it to be chopped off.   ;)

Date: 2007/09/03 08:05:23, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Happy Birthday!  Hope muchas drinks was involved.  


Date: 2007/09/03 08:10:03, Link
Author: Darth Robo
What could be better than fried congealed pigs blood?

Everything!    :(

My mate loves it.   You're all sick sick people!    :angry:

Date: 2007/10/02 09:40:20, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Oh, man!  Have I missed Supersport?


Hey, Supey!  How ya doin?   :p

Date: 2007/10/02 11:15:55, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Every living thing dies.  Everything.

Isn't God dead?   ;)

Date: 2007/11/01 21:08:01, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Oh yeah, and the soundtrack by Peter Gabriel is incredible.  Even if you aren't interested in the film, you should give it a listen.

Got it.  And got the soundtrack for The Mission.  Haven't seen either of the films but I do likes me movie soundtracks tho.

On movies, we do likes Blade Runner, Empire Strikes Back and Star Trek II - BEST Star Trek out of ALL of 'em - don't care wot ANYONE sez!   :angry:

In case anyone didn't know, I like my science fiction.   :p

Liked Stargate as well, for a bit of mindless entertainment.  Couldn't get into the TV show - Richard Dean Anderson ain't a patch on Kurt Russel.  "Send my regards to King Tut, asshole!"   :D

Speaking of which, no-one's mentioned Big Trouble In Little China?

Also like LA Confidential, Grosse Point Blank, Leon (The Professional) , and the Long Good Kiss Goodnight.

"Nathan: Alice, please. Your dog, Alice. It and my appetite are mutually exclusive.

Alice: Well, what's wrong with the dog?

Nathan: Simple. He's been licking his asshole for the last three straight hours. I submit to you that there is nothing there worth more than an hour's attention. I should think that whatever he is attempting to dislodge is either gone for good, or there to stay. Wouldn't you agree?"

And as an alternative to Die Hard I'd recommend Hard Boiled.

Date: 2007/11/02 22:09:54, Link
Author: Darth Robo
There's nothing to "wrap your head around".  I don't neccesarily agree with Behe on certain issues, just as I disagree with Dembski on various issues.  I also question many aspects of the creationist scenarios.

The only person who she doesn't disagree with is herself!  Isn't that clear?


Date: 2007/11/03 18:59:10, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Work began there today and should be completed by June 2009.

It will take them that long to get all the displays to say:  "GODDIDIT" ?


Date: 2007/11/03 19:07:41, Link
Author: Darth Robo
I wanted to say that, but I didn't!     :p

Or at least I'm still expecting a punchline.    :D

Date: 2007/11/03 19:11:05, Link
Author: Darth Robo
If you don't cry at Shawshank at least once, you're some kind of inhuman robot thing.

Me liked but didn't cry.  But I am a droid.   :p

Date: 2007/11/14 10:42:50, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Sorry I missed it.  Busy man lately.  Happy Birthday, semi-old dude!    ;)

Date: 2007/11/22 18:45:41, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Catz an Hoeseez.  Reminds me of Leviticus 18:23-30

23 No can has teh dogsex. No can has fuckings wif teh horse. No can fuck teh goats. Srsly.

24 Guys, you no can has. Teh hoes is myne.25 If u teks mai hoes, I kik ur azz.26 Sooo, uz dun can has teh buttsecks, no can has teh dawg fucking.27 I are on teh ceiling. I cans spunk on u.28 I spunkd on dose guys. Hehe.

29 Dey DO NOT WANT.30 OKAI? I are ceiling cat. I are watching u masturbate.

So on dis caturday (for evry day iz caturday) i sez, Happee Birfday.  Srsly.


Date: 2007/11/28 10:04:25, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Any cake and beer left?     :p

Happy Birthday fo day befo yesterday. :D

Date: 2007/12/24 20:50:16, Link
Author: Darth Robo
(Very) Merry Xmas to all of you Godless Darwinists!   :D

Mwah! To all of you, and heathens' greetings.

Ah, I was holding Santa hostage until I gots my xmas snuggles and smoochies.   ;)    I release you, big bearded man, go fly, go fly, be free!    :p

Date: 2007/12/29 22:52:18, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Yes, yes, there are so many excuses that can be used to avoid actually debating the man.  I suggest that someone just do it, and then, if he is a dishonest tard, you can document his dishonestly and have something to legitimately bitch about.

You mean he could get his very own thread here just like YOURS?


Date: 2008/01/03 07:51:25, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Wot's a clicky image?    ???

I suspect our dear departed Lenny would have an idea.  

Me no likes spiders.  'Orrible lookin' buggers!  Yeeks!


Date: 2008/01/03 08:40:44, Link
Author: Darth Robo

Too open minded or not open minded.  Either way, anyone throwing common sense her way will always be throwing either side of a very hard to hit basket.   ???

Date: 2008/01/03 09:10:50, Link
Author: Darth Robo
I drank more on xmas day then new years eve so why is it I had the nastier hangover on new year's day?   :(

Date: 2008/01/03 09:42:40, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Could be these useless works comps but um, I noes seez teh image!


Me try again when I gets home.   :(

Date: 2008/01/03 09:59:29, Link
Author: Darth Robo
The fact is that atheists believe that these tribesmen aquired their social skills and their sense of morality through evolution and evolution alone.

Have you ever thought that people get their morals by using their plain COMMON SENSE?!?  Do you NEED your God to tell you that you shouldn't shag a horse, Ftk?


Date: 2008/01/03 10:04:52, Link
Author: Darth Robo
sin affects everyone...

So if God DID imbue people with morals then he didn't do a very good job then?

Date: 2008/01/03 10:33:14, Link
Author: Darth Robo
You guys aren’t going to flipping believe this!

Sal being a dick?  I believe it.   ???

Date: 2008/01/03 15:54:38, Link
Author: Darth Robo
FtK, why are you more interested in bestiality than in answering this simple question?

Absolute Biblical morals and lack of common sense?

Date: 2008/01/03 15:56:23, Link
Author: Darth Robo
AHA!  THERE it is!     :)



Date: 2008/01/04 07:24:31, Link
Author: Darth Robo
In the process of trying to ID this I've learnt a bit about spiders eyes and apparently their arrangement is useful in determining family.

Yeah, I found that on wiki (but forgot to post linky).  And I thought it had six eyes.   :(

I have that effect on weemens of all species.

Yeah, right.  Remember with eight eyes they are seeing double, double, double.  Double.  Or sumfin...   ???

Anywayz, it can'ts looks gud!    :p

Date: 2008/01/07 17:57:05, Link
Author: Darth Robo
You still bitter about that lump of coal you got for xmas Larry?  

(tut, tut)  


Date: 2008/01/08 10:42:59, Link
Author: Darth Robo
What, did everyone get put into moderation except me?


The trick is to talk dumb.   ;)

Date: 2008/01/08 10:51:19, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Is FtK in rehab?


Why not?

(Sorry, couldn't resist)     :p

Date: 2008/01/09 08:32:02, Link
Author: Darth Robo
I wonder what Lenny is thinking...wherever he is.

"They're not bulletproof..."


Speaking of missing persons, where's Louis lately?

Date: 2008/01/09 08:39:40, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Aha!  J-Dog's just mentioned he's on vacation.

Date: 2008/01/09 08:53:18, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Not necessarily.  

"GODDIDIT!  Now he's dead."

- JA Davison.


Date: 2008/01/09 18:37:16, Link
Author: Darth Robo
I haven't really studied both sides of the whole "age of the earth" debate

Wait, there are TWO sides to that?!?


It's possible, but again I don't know.

Then the Flinstones could be a documentary?

I believe in the flood, but only because I haven't seen the evidence against it.  My main reason for believing it (other than the bible), is that the landscape looks like the aftermath of massive flood runoff when viewed from the air.  Not very scientific, I know but that's where I'm at.(insert joke here)

BIG FLUD CARVES TEH LANDSCAPE - dinky (but not too dinky) wooden boat SURVIVES.  

Hooray fer humanity.   ???

Where did this massive flud runoff to?  


Date: 2008/01/09 18:46:49, Link
Author: Darth Robo
It is only then that you will let everything go

LET GO, Luke!   ???

new understanding of life, the cosmos, or man's place in it.

Contrast with:

Age of the Earth/Solar system/Universe

I don't know.  I haven't really studied both sides of the whole "age of the earth" debate, so I'm not prepared to give an answer on those.

Man (Fred?) and dino:

It's possible, but again I don't know.


I believe in the flood, but only because I haven't seen the evidence against it.

whether it's through a new understanding of scripture

Have you considered trying to understand that if scripture is taken literally, some parts could be complete bollux?

Date: 2008/01/11 08:42:07, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Okay, now we KNOW VMartin is talking bollocks.   :p

Hey, somebody had to make that joke.    ???

Date: 2008/01/11 08:47:19, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Next time you're up in an airplane -- look down.

But, but...  I never get a seat by the window!


Date: 2008/01/11 08:58:45, Link
Author: Darth Robo
We've always been given RM/NS with no real explanation about how that resolves into complexity.

What's comlexity?

Date: 2008/01/11 08:59:13, Link
Author: Darth Robo
We've always been given RM/NS with no real explanation about how that resolves into complexity.

What's complexity?

Date: 2008/01/11 09:00:35, Link
Author: Darth Robo

Too complex for me to spell, apparently!    :angry:

Can I has edit button?    :(

Date: 2008/01/11 21:29:14, Link
Author: Darth Robo
So you don't have any explanation od descent of testicles? None?

But you still believe it was a natural selection responsible for their descent, right?

Translation:  "Darwinists can't explain ho my balls dropped, so GODDIDIT!"


Date: 2008/01/15 07:51:01, Link
Author: Darth Robo
The TRUTH is that we'd all look pretty silly with our dangly bits around our heads, PROOF that we were Intelligently Designed!

Date: 2008/01/15 08:02:17, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Furthermore, evolution obviously must have started off with asexual reproduction, so even if it were possible to evolve the incomprehensible complexity of sexual reproduction, why would life go that route?  Asexual reproduction is much more efficient.

Then why didn't the Intelligent Designer make us that way?  

It'd also surely help alot with the problem of sin?    :p

Date: 2008/01/16 09:55:48, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Misspell every word in the line "METHINKS IT IS LIKE A WEASEL" starting with one error per word and continue until every word in the line  became completely unrecognizable.

Seen this years ago, in fact someone made a whole website out of it.  Simple program, click the button once and a number of characters randomly change into different symbols, it's not even  restricted to alphanumeric characters - speechmarks, commas, anything can show up.  

The problem is that it's an argument by analogy, and a poor one too, conflating english language with biology.  

Another thing is, that pressing the button over and over for millions of years, it is easily possible that "Weasel" would appear.  In the "real world", weasels would stick around for a while (major catastrophes not withstanding).  Mutations may occur that may affect some weasels, but in the program, click the button once and the "Weasel" will disappear, replaced by gibberish.  That's analogous to the entire species dying off due to detrimental mutations in one click.  Which I would have thought would not happen very often in the "real world".  

I'm not a scientist of course, so if I've made any errors, point 'em out.

Date: 2008/01/23 10:29:37, Link
Author: Darth Robo

Actually it would be hilarious to see Dembski talk Louis style, with all thems naughty cuss words.   :D

I hope he is celebrating in an appropriate manner, e.g. submitting a peer-reviewed paper or a grant proposal, teaching a class, and then relaxing in front of a fireplace with a good book.

Or perhaps having a glass of beer or wine?   ???

Happy Birthday!   :p

Date: 2008/02/26 06:31:19, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Out of the blue, for anyone who wants to have a little fun.    :)

THE Larry.  Confirmed.  

Also you are banned from the Panda's thumb.

Yes -- because my arguments there were too persuasive.


Date: 2010/11/13 09:19:41, Link
Author: Darth Robo
The originator of the Hydroplate Theory challenges anyone, and particularly any evolutionist, who doubts his theory to a book-length written debate. His terms should appeal readily to anyone who truly believes that he can defend evolution, and to a publisher interested in a controversial subject.

The debate question is simple:

   Does the scientific evidence favor creation or evolution?


Brown offers himself to debate the creation-science side, and asks only that the leader of the evolutionary team hold a doctorate in either the basic or applied sciences. (Brown holds a doctorate in engineering, the prototypical "applied science.") Brown includes that, not to say that someone without a doctorate is unqualified, but to rule out "lack of scientific qualifications" as a reason for a poor performance in the debate by either side. When an evolutionist has agreed to participate, then and only then will the selection of an editor-moderator become appropriate.

The two sides will choose one between them at random to recruit an editor and publisher. Then the other side may either accept that editor or try to recruit one of its own to offer as an alternate. The back-and-forth nominating will continue until one side has received three nominations, at which time it must select one of the three. The qualifications for an editor-moderator are:

  1. His publishing house must have more than $10 million US in annual sales, and
  2. He must not have a strong opinion either way on the creation-evolution controversy.

(Brown next proposes to outsource the design of the book. Brown is self-published, and needed to recruit his own book-design experts. A publisher with $10 million US in annual sales almost certainly has its own art department, a fact with which Brown might not be familiar.)

Each side must then submit four manuscripts, each having 100,000 words, or the equivalent in text and graphics, with each graphic regarded as equivalent to 200 words. The submissions are due in four-months intervals, beginning four months after the two sides agree on the selection of an editor. The editor's first job is to strike from each submission all religious ideas, "unprofessional remarks," or dilatory comments. The editor must then transmit both submissions to each side within a month of receiving them. The editor also would have full authority to call an early halt to the debate if he decides that one side or the other is not participating fairly.


(YEC Terry Hurlbut, one of Conservapedia's Digg Patriots)

Who could resist such a challenge?   :p

Date: 2011/06/03 07:32:10, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Quote (OgreMkV @ June 01 2011,21:31)
FTK, honestly, why are you here?

To finally tell us what the "scientific theory" of ID is?


Date: 2011/06/03 07:36:33, Link
Author: Darth Robo
Quote (Kristine @ June 01 2011,22:46)
I notice that when she is alarmed, such as during the hype about the reactor rods in Japan, she comes here to ask questions. Probably because she knows that despite everything that transpires between people she will get a straight answer without an agenda.

What, all that Judgement Day stuff she got off Billy and co ain't scientific?