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Date: 2006/05/03 15:10:04, Link
Author: Dark_Drakon
Quote (mperkel @ Dec. 06 2005,22:37)
Quick introduction, I am Marc Perkel, founder of the Church of Reality, a religion based on believing in everything that's real. Since we don't kno everything it is really about the pursuit of reality the way it really is. It is like a religious commitment to science. Of all the religious choices out there, I thought reality should be one of them.

One of our goals is evangelizing reality and giving religious and religious rights to Realists and Atheists. We are a 501C3 tax exempt organization. One of the things we do is to keep science sacred. Any rights that the government gives Christians, we get too.

Always looking for new ideas and suggestions. Keep up the good work.

Yours in Reality
Marc Perkel

You know Athiesm isn't a religion, it's a group of religions, like Polythiesm and monothiesm.

Religions under Athiesm are more like philosophical practices, than actual religions. But they are religions nonetheless. One of such religions is Taoism and Buddhism.

Unlike what most people believe, Buddhism is a religion that neither accepts nor denies the existence of god/gods. Which means you are free to believe in such if you choose to, you don't have to, because no one is forcing you to decide.

Taoism is the religion based on balance. It would be considered Monothiestic, since it does believe that a divine force controls nature and everything, establishing a unity of balance with the retrospect of creation. Fortunately enough Taoism does not associat such a force as a god, however it also does not deny such a force as a god or the god or whatever. Which mean Taoists have a similar freedom as Buddhists have, to choose to become Athiestic, Monothiestic, or Polythiestic.

I'm creating my own philosophical cult to challenge Christianity to the greatest extent, not to destroy it, but to bring back the true ideas that come from Gnostic Christianity with the establishment of facts and such.

It's a philosphy about free individuality to choose one's own beliefs, to neither enforce nor deny one's self of human nature, to respect the ideas of others, and to consider the possibility of alternate ideology.

But there are strict policies. One cannot deny one's self of their human nature/sins. Like for instance, if you have a great desire of lust. Then you must accept that part of you, for hindering such will only harm your soul. Another policy is that you must accept reincarnation and in beings more intelligent than yourself. Which is just believing that there are extraterrestrials, not that anything involving such would have to do with humanity or anything. But you can choose to believe in that.

And not only must you accept the existence of reincarnation, but you must also accept the reality that the actions or such that effect others will have an effect on your next life. In addition, you must accept that there is no way to excape reincarnation. But you can excape the pains of living in a corrupt world over and over, only by insuring that the proceeding generations of your species no longer contain such a corrupt nature.

That basically reflects to you about the importance of the youth and that you must insure that your species does not go into some sort of a dark age or long-term crisis. Because as a result, you will be force to live in that crisis you help create.

Another basic element to this philosophy is to accept your weaknesses and your flaws. But to also accept that you and everyone else does have a positive attribute. That even though we as a species do have our flaws, which we must accept entirely, that we also have positive attributes that allow us to become successful in life amongst other humans.

You could say my philosophy, not only promotes peace like Buddhism, balance like Taoism, but also the establishment of complete happiness as one's self.

As for a name of this new religion, I guess I'll call it Draneism (Dra-nee-ism).

I'm not asking anyone to follow my philosophy as I know the skeptical ones amongst you would probably have nothing better to do than to completely obliterate any positive view on my ideology. However, if you are interested then perhaps I may be of some assistance in providing you with more insight of this philosophy.