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Date: 2010/11/06 07:37:41, Link
Author: DSDS
If anyone is interested in seeing a list of questions that "I believe in god"  (AKA IBIBS, AKA Ibigot) refuses to answer, or a list of things that he/she has been wrong about recently, I would be more than happy to post them.  Until then, perhaps IBIBS (AKA Ibigot) can tell us, in his own words, what is wrong with the following statements:

If lying is not always wrong, it is never wrong.

If murder is not always wrong, it is never wrong.

If Newton's laws are not always right, they are never right.

If, as I strongly suspect, he is also unable to answer this question, he can be safely ignored.

Man, that would really be low.   Being dumped to the bathroom wall.  Then being segregated from decent society at After the Bar Closes.  Then being completely ignored because you couldn't even follow a train of logic, even after you had been told many times what was wrong with your reasoning.

Well, now you can see what we have been dealing with for the last six months.  A character completely incapable of looking at evidence and yet fixated on "absolutes".  The only absolute I can discern is that he absolutely refuses to read a scientific article, or to admit when he is wrong, or to answer questions like an honest human being.  That is all.

Date: 2010/11/06 11:05:13, Link
Author: DSDS
Well I told you he couldn't answer even the simplest question.  Here are some other questions that he has been avoiding for two months now:

1) Why do dolphins have five digits early in development if they do not have five digits as adults?

2) Why do dolphin embryos start out with the nostril on the front of the head if it is positioned on the top of the head in the adult?

3) Why do dolphin embryos have pharyngeal gill pouches if they lack gills as adults?

4) Why do dolphin embryos start to develop hind limbs if they do not have hind limbs as adults?

5) Why do horse embryos have five digits if they have only one as adults?

6) Why are there fossils intermediate between apes and humans?

7) How old is the earth? How do you know?

8) Why is there a nested hierarchy of genetic similarity with Cetacea deeply nested within Artiodactyla? (Hint: common design is not the answer).

9) Why is there a nested hierarchy of SINE insertions with Cetacea deeply nested within Artiodactyla, the exact same relationship revealed by the developmental and other genetic data? (Hint: common design is not the answer).

10) Why are human and chimp chromosomes nearly identical gene for gene and band for band, including the extra centromeric and telomeric sequences found in human chromosome two? (Hint: common design is not the answer).

11) Why is there a nested hierarchy of genetic similarity for primates with humans most closely related to chimps? Why is this pattern consistent in both nuclear and mitochondrial genes and also consistent with the fossil evidence and the chromosome banding data?

12) Why is there a nested hierarchy of SINE insertions in primates, with humans most closely related to chimps? Why is this pattern consistent with all of the other fossil, morphological, developmental and genetic data sets? (Hint: common design is not the answer).

13) Why are there intermediates between terrestrial mammals and Cetaceans in the fossil record? Why are they in exactly the order predicted by descent with modification? Why are they precisely consistent with the developmental and genetic data?

14) Was there a world wide flood less than 10,000 years ago? How do you know? Why do no real geologists, paleontologists or archaeologists agree with you?

15) Why are there intermediates in the fossil record between horse ancestors with five digits and modern horses with only one? (Hint: you can’t get out of this one by redefining “digit” or “intermediate”).

16) Why is the human eye wired backwards?

17) Why must mutations for novel features be selectively advantageous from the time of their appearance? Why can’t they be selectively neutral or selected for other functions?

18) Exactly how many “kinds” of birds did god “create”? How do you know?

19) Why are there intermediates between birds and reptiles in the fossil record?

20) Why is there a nested hierarchy of genetic similarity with birds nested deeply within reptiles?

21) Why do birds have scales?

22) Why does nothing that is not a bird have feathers?

Now in all honesty he did at least try to answer a couple of these.  Like the time he tried to explain why dolphin embryos have hindlimb buds by denying that they exist, while looking at a picture of them!

Just a few more questions for IBIBS (AKA Ibigot):

If you have lied before, what hope is there that you will not lie again?

If you were wrong about everything so far, can you ever be right about anything?

If you cannot answer any of these questions, will you ever be able to answer any question?

If you have refused to read a single scientific reference so far, will you ever read one?

If you will not read the scientific literature, if you will not answer questions, if you will not admit to being wrong, do you think that anyone will care what you believe?

Date: 2010/11/07 12:20:19, Link
Author: DSDS
Just in case anyone is interested, here is a short list of things that IBIBS (AKA Ibigot) has been wrong about recently:

1) Dolphin embryos (nostirls, digits, hind limbs)

2) Horses

3) Mutations

4) Selection

5) Novel morphological features

6) Biblical prophecies

7) The antichrist

8) God killing innocent babies

9) God committing genocide

10) Primate nasal bones

11) Primate footprints

12) Polyploidy in animals

13) Menton being a liar, fraud and charlatan

14) And all that crap about information (didn’t actually make any point, but still somehow managed to be wrong)

15) Neanderthals were not modern humans

16) The human eye is not irreducibly complex (and neither is anything else not man made)

17) There is no information front loaded into dogs, or anything else. (But then again, since IBIBS refuses to define the term “information” he never really had a chance with this one).

18) Earthworms already have photoreceptors, birds already have scales and dolphins sometimes have hind limbs (I’ll be generous and combine this all into one big thing)

19) Mutations for novel features need not be selectively advantageous from the time of their appearance

20)  There are absolutes!  (Wrong again master of wrongness)

Of course IBIBS (AKA Ibigot) was also completely wrong about the quote mine he tried to get away with.  He never did admit to being wrong about that.  Funny thing, he never did admit to being wrong about any of the above things either.  Now I wonder why that is?

I can make a list of things he lied about.  I can also make a list of papers he has refused to read, including a list of the ones he claims to have read.  Of course those lists would be pretty long, so I'll wait for now.  No wonder he is reluctant to continue the "conversation".

Date: 2010/11/10 08:41:51, Link
Author: DSDS
Well it looks like we have finally rid ourselves of the blemish on the butt of humanity that was IBIBS (AKA Ibigot).  As he sinks slowly into the west and becomes nothing more than the fading memory of hopeless incompetence, we bid a not so fond farewell to the undisputed master of wrongness, the sultan of illogic, the pinnacle of ineptitude.  

Too bad, it would really be fun to play poker with a guy who believes that, if a pair of aces doesn't always win, then it never wins!

Date: 2010/12/30 18:39:32, Link
Author: DSDS
Well if IBIG, Kris, Johan or Steve P. want to have any "discussions" of science they can come her to do it.  If they are too chicken shit to do that, then why bother with them and their ignorance?  They all need to be segregated from decent society.

Date: 2011/01/25 10:05:16, Link
Author: DSDS
Still waiting for a response as to why hox genes don't represent an example of gene duplication, divergence and new function.  Still waiting for the atheist to read even the first three papers on hox genes.  Still waiting for him, to come up with some excuse why this doesn't count as something or other.  

Still waiting for him to demonstrate why mutation and selection cannot produce information.  

Still waiting for him to say where the information comes from.  

So basically, I'm still waiting for him to answer anything.

Date: 2011/01/25 12:00:11, Link
Author: DSDS
Quote (OgreMkV @ Jan. 25 2011,10:44)
Quote (mrg @ Jan. 25 2011,10:25)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Jan. 25 2011,10:23)
I bet myself a chocolate milkshake that 'clast never shows.

I dunno.  The guy just can't shut up.

either way I win.

Yea, kind of like the argument the atheist guy makes:  If no new gene is produced, I win.  If a new gene is produced, I win, just because.  No matter what example is provided, there is always some reason why it isn't good enough.

Date: 2011/01/27 08:50:53, Link
Author: DSDS
Well it looks like the "maverick" has run away.  I guess all he wanted was attention after all.  Imagine that, someone so desperate for attention they will try to pretend they are a real scientist and try to publish in real journals, just so they can argue with people.

If he really had a clue he would have been desperate to discuss hox genes.  The fact that he avoided the topic for days shows he never really understood anything he was talking about.  All of his misconceptions were maintained only through willful ignorance.

Oh well, at least he proved one thing.  There is never any increase in information in the brain of a creationist.  Maybe that should be the law of conservation of information.