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Date: 2007/04/19 23:38:40, Link
Author: Cubeb
Richardthughes, you magnificent...

...I just registered (de-lurked) at your request, read the rules, and would certainly not want to be considered vulgar in my very first post in this forum.

I stumbled upon The Panda's Thumb, and After the Bar Closes, just when the Kitzmiller decision was released, and have followed both, obsessively, ever since.

This forum has been a real treat, an antidote to the Bush era's theme of return-to-the-dark-ages. Any of you other old-timers remember the August 1972 issue of the National Lampoon? Same basic idea. Panda's Thumb occasionally supplies me with teaching material, and that's pretty good. But After the Bar Closes is, well, the ne plus ultra. Long live the Church Burnin' Ebola Boys!