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Date: 2006/01/24 05:41:49, Link
Author: Charliecrs
Keiths -  wanted to ask ya question b4 you were booted from "UC" what is the main reason (if not more) [evidence / fact / logic ] , that has convinced you beyond a reasonable doubt that Evolution is a fact ?. Perhaps is the reason pending ?.

Given [fine print] : Evolutions is a well documented and established fact.
The majority of scientist world wide accept evolution as is, unquestioned solid as rock fact.
Real scientists do not question Darwin.

Is it because you belive or accept / know the following ?

- the overwhelming evidence of the fossil record ?
 overwhelming evidence period - no questions asked ?

- came to realize that the world is round, instead of being flat like to so called uneducated bible      believers thought it was ?

- because the earth / universe is millions  / billions of years old ?
therefor we weren't made in 6 so adios los bible believers ?

-  because we have *evolved*  from the great ape *ape like*  creature ?
and have the well documented, "homo every-things" as proofs ?

- was visited by the ghost of Caption Piccard and Eugenie scott, instead of the traditional ghost of Christmas past ?.

Perhaps you accept Darwin for all of the above statements with a couple exceptions. I for one cant understand it.
"You're welcome to discuss things here. Panda's Thumb, and After the Bar Closes, are run by scientists who believe in open discussion"

Huh - a crackpot calling someone else a crackpot. Funny am i missing the irony ?.


Date: 2006/01/24 06:10:16, Link
Author: Charliecrs
Lol Steve - but im not a creationist so what more can i say there. I do however like ID- so i thought i could have some fun here. Now please do start giving me the 411 about what i belive in, what color my hair is or what i eat 4 breakfast.

Russel - I can easily argue that Evolution is a seat warmer for uneducated atheist /secularists who think they are some dignified smart people because they can be intelligent while rejecting the notion of a "G-d"... You know the type who argues that 'separation of church & state' is in the constitution. While @ the same-time have a lifetime membership to American united for sep. & church [curiously enough]. Uneducated because if they actually read the constitution they would of withdraw their membership a longtime ago.


Date: 2006/01/24 06:30:23, Link
Author: Charliecrs
Just joined to ask Kethis a question that i didnt get to ask b4 he got axed. So will the *real* Kethis please stand up ?

"Hey, look! That's just what you've done! And no one erased you! Funny how that works... :p"

- wonder how long thats going to last though, cux i do have the habbit of mouthing while trying to do it politely lol :) :) :)


Date: 2006/01/24 06:54:32, Link
Author: Charliecrs
"The Ministry of Truth (aka the "Discovery" Institute) continues to claim there are all these "design" theorists and "scientists" workin in labs and doing science.  In over a decade they have yet to provide a shred of evidence of a creator."

Lets be fair shall we. Over 150yrs there has bee 0 evdiences for evolution [Darwin-in]. My main problem with the theory is that its often repeated as Fact - but where are they? I mean we still have people 'quietly' looking for the transtional fossils that were supposed to be so aboundent. Yet when one is found that might fit the possibily of such evolutionist are quick to jum the gun and say we have the proof of evolution. While im saying okay you may of found one but how many other speice were there ? where are other millions ?. A closer examination of the one supposed t-from and do we have a raging debate & rebuttals.