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Date: 2007/11/19 12:08:23, Link
Author: BopDiddy
I think Davey and Gramma have been Raptured.  

We're left down here with only Kirk Cameron and banana-man to save us.

Date: 2007/11/19 13:28:44, Link
Author: BopDiddy
From here:

the Apostle Paul spoke of the rise of pseudoscience in the last days and we should be ever vigilant.

Over. The. Top.

I practically peed.  Golf clap for that one.

Date: 2007/11/19 19:21:06, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Ptaylor @ Nov. 19 2007,18:10)
Uh-oh, comments on the book release thread have been disappeared! Has anyone saved them?

Ask and ye shall...

Original dance of tards, trolls and sockpuppets as of 5:21 ET:


Code Sample

5 Responses




3:55 pm

I bet this will be just as successful as Pan^das! Born^again 77, what do you think?




4:30 pm

Cough…um, are there any moderators around here anymore? Just curious.




4:37 pm

Forthekids is right. I’m usually lurker, but I now have to say I can’t stand all these darwinian trolls anymore. I think I will stop reading this blog if something is not done about that.




4:45 pm

Mine is already on order.




5:19 pm

   I can’t stand all these darwinian trolls anymore.


Only commitable, knowledgeless Philistines (undoubtedly Panda People) enjoy trolling.

Then Mom and Dad came home and started cleaning up after the party.  Now, crickets (or equivalent):


Code Sample




4:45 pm

Mine is already on order.

I wonder if ba77 was complicit in the editing?  Likely not.  And if not, very tacky.

NOTE: I saved it for posterity, as I was flagrantly sockpuppeteering.  For fun, see if you can spot it (names changed to protect my hosiery).

Date: 2007/12/04 11:18:43, Link
Author: BopDiddy
And the the hammer comes down again:



William Dembski


12:08 pm

Carl Sachs and Tedsenough are no longer with us. Word to the wise: Watch tone and don’t insult others on this blog, even if provoked.

Date: 2007/12/05 15:42:18, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Let's hear it for getawitness:

12:01 pm

Yeah, well, thanks for that advice, Denyse, but I’m not advertising anything.

Date: 2007/12/07 12:47:33, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Back to the tard, this time courtesty the good Dr Dr:

The ID community is committed to a culture of rational discourse, and that means freedom of expression for all parties to a debate.

Date: 2007/12/10 13:34:03, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Zachriel @ Dec. 10 2007,09:34)
Quote (SpeedDemon @ Dec. 10 2007,09:11)
Joseph is really an annoying little shit.  


Joe has his own blog, ironically named Intelligent Reasoning. {...}

My dominatrix has the flu, so I abused myself by visiting said blog.  I choked on this tasty morsel:

Lose Weight, Normalize Cholesterol and Eliminate Acid Indigestion!

(Hat tip to Kevin Trudeau- “More Natural “Cures” Revealed”)

1. Start with a body cleansing. “Dual Action Cleanse” will work for those who do not want to opt for a colonic.

Kevin Trudeau?  Colonics?  Will the (pseudo-)science never stop?


Date: 2007/12/13 08:50:37, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Adding to the meta-conversation about sockpuppetry at UD and how DS et al prune and bonsai the the posts and participants, here's an interesting geeky post on the mechanics of making useful online communities.  Points to one article in particular that discusses the usefulness of nuking some trolls but keeping others, etc.

The bit I find interesting:
It's the articulate trolls that you should be wary of ejecting, on this theory - they serve the hidden function of legitimizing less extreme disagreements. But you should not have so many articulate trolls that they begin arguing with each other, or begin to dominate conversations. If you have one person around who is the famous Guy Who Disagrees With Everything, anyone with a more reasonable, more moderate disagreement won't look like the sole nail sticking out.

Oh, and if-we-didn't-know-this-already, it seems UD is doing it wrong if they're actually trying to solve something and add some value to a given body of knowledge; but they're absolutely doing it right if they want to maintain company line.

This is all grain-of-salt wanking, of course, but still interesting to any shut-ins who live their lives online.

/who? me?

Date: 2007/12/13 10:18:26, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (J-Dog @ Dec. 13 2007,10:08)
Quote (ooberman @ Dec. 13 2007,09:53)
I'm new and am still working out where I can post. So, sorry to post in an unrelated thread. I'll be happy to delete it and move to another section.

Here's my question. Would anyone be willing to stop into another forum and address the "resident" ID'ers issues?  Kind of a Science Response Squad.

It would be nice if you could provide a blog name and/or a link...

Looks like Specification and Design at the It's All Politics forums.

Date: 2007/12/14 13:37:46, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Rob @ Dec. 14 2007,13:04)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Dec. 14 2007,11:12)
And Sal, don't forget Sal who is currently proving god exists via math.

I just noticed this.  Instead of laying low like he promised, Sal is now jumping the shark.

Unbelievable, even for Sal.  He's actually using Darwin's honesty, humility and good humour to claim that he, Sal, is smarter than Darwin.

Since this is about science (isn't it?) perhaps we should use a different yardstick for comparison?  How about the number of third-party direct or indirect references to a total body of published, peer-reviewed, scientific work?

That embarrassing ratio would make a homeopath blush.  (The word "ratio" would just confuse Sal.  Too "mathy".)

Date: 2007/12/15 14:53:00, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (EXEVOLUTIONIST @ Dec. 15 2007,14:36)
Hmm- If the evolutionists believe they have such an airtight case for thier religious belief in evolution, it would seem that they would welcome a side by side comparison of evolution vs. either Creation or ID. But it appears that there is much fear and trepidation about doing that. If you have not done that comparison, perhaps you should. It changed my mind completely! And perhaps that is the underlying reason why evolutionists seem so frightened of the thought of another explanation.

Time for your education to begin, Orville Redenbacher.

We don't have a religious belief in evolution, we have provisional beliefs based on the current facts and theories, and only give these beliefs provisional weight when they're proven using standard scientific method, discussed in a peer-reviewed manner, and are repeatable.

Come up with something better, using objective science, and we're all ears.  Until then it's opinion, not science, so don't dress it up as such.  It just pisses people off who take science seriously.

You probably already know this, but refuse to value or practice it.  If so, you're a ninja at compartmentalization, and you have my sympathies.

Date: 2007/12/17 13:00:29, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (factician @ Dec. 17 2007,12:52)
Quote (JohnW @ Dec. 17 2007,12:10)
Quote (blipey @ Dec. 17 2007,09:48)
You are exactly right, Carlson, in your comparison of professionals and amateurs.  Of course, this makes Dembski's claim even funnier when you realize that WAD is like William Hung singing Nessun Dorma.

Dr Dr D is more like William Hung claiming he can sing Nessun Dorma, but he doesn't feel like it.

And like Hung, Dr. Dr. Dembski makes a lot of money just from being a Tard.

And, further nesting quotes (cuz I can! but I still can't edit..) did anyone else notice Dr Dr's link is to, a site that houses fun stuff like

"Do you smell that?"  

Indeed.  I didn't think his Baptist College and BBQ's firewall would allow links to those types of sites.

Date: 2008/01/01 14:57:09, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Galapagos Finch?  If only I had the photoshop skills to add a HUUUGE sweater:

Date: 2008/01/02 10:05:37, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (keiths @ Jan. 02 2008,07:17)
One of the saddest parts of the film is around 36:15, where the blond-haired kid blames himself for not being able to swallow the dogma they're feeding him.

Agreed.  For me, that kid was the one I felt for the most.  Paralleled my own confusions and unnecessary guilt when I first began to lose my faith at about that age.

Sometimes I'm angry at the pain I had gone through (although not as bad or pressured as this poor kid), but I'm overwhelmingly happy in the fact that I'm past it now and I no longer live a life in constant self-revulsion and fear.

Date: 2008/01/02 14:53:15, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Ftk @ Jan. 02 2008,14:44)
... I've also been told by posters that it is a complete and utter waste of my time to discuss YEC here due to this fact.  So, I have declined from ever discussing the subject here.

Why not?  I'm assuming you think YEC has merit due to some reasonable weight of evidence that holds up to scientific scrutiny.  If so, please present it.  If not, then it's faith (which you're welcome to have), but you're right not to discuss it here.

Date: 2008/01/04 09:28:40, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Annyday @ Dec. 25 2007,22:05)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Dec. 25 2007,20:14)

Quote Sales Rank: #6,887 in Books

Waterloo is off, folks. :angry:

I've been watching it, it's been fluctuating between 5000 and 7000 depending upon the time of day and/or night these past few days. I still don't think its sales figures will outlast the attention of Pharyngula's readers, I'm just not sure how long that'll be.

For giggles:

Quote Sales Rank: #10,604 in Books

Which is bested by:

- Sylvia Browne's seminal "Secret Societies...and How They Affect Our Lives Today" (@ #1,778)
- "How to Raise a Jewish Dog" (@ #6,442)
- "Tickle His Pickle: Your Hands-On Guide to Penis Pleasing" (@ #1,903)
- "Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life" (@ #10,446)

They should be proud, however, that it just beat out "Dr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care: A Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management" (@ #11,004).

Date: 2008/01/04 10:14:59, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Richardthughes @ Jan. 04 2008,09:51)
I think for every fundy that Huckabee switches on, he turns three rationals off.

So that's all of us?

Date: 2008/01/09 11:17:05, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Joe G also writes for the Onion?


I'm Just a Simple Country Refrigerator Technician

Date: 2008/01/30 09:54:12, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Why concentrate on photos when you can see Casey in full video.

Is it just me, or is the height difference reminiscent of Gandalf and Frodo?

Date: 2008/02/12 11:31:04, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (olegt @ Feb. 12 2008,08:47)
Not content with being a mere Isaac Newton of information theory, Bill Dembski photoshops himself onto the picture of the 1927 Solvay Congress alongside Einstein, Bohr, Planck and the like.

Now, now.  We don't know categorically that Dembski was involved in the creation of that parody.

We're the ones claiming that he was involved in its creation, so it's up to us to provide evidence of his involvement.  

Anyone here know any shitty math to help with this proof?

Date: 2008/02/13 18:25:22, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Richardthughes @ Feb. 13 2008,18:20)
Quote (Mr_Christopher @ Feb. 13 2008,18:15)
this whole deal is just priceless.  And I haven't gotten anything done at work for the last two hours...

Me and Dave just had a chat over at PTET's. We're old pals.

Personally I think this was intentional on DS's part (still hypocritical, of course).  

He gets to sling mud on Gramma Tard by proxy -- all the while claiming he's too delicate a flower to so much as mention the title.  

Poor dear.  Must have been all the tough-lovin' at Parris Island.

Date: 2008/02/14 18:22:32, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Mister DNA @ Feb. 14 2008,16:37)

It looks like "Salvador" is Finnish for "Ointment". If that's true, that's almost the funniest thing I've seen all day.

"Slimey Ointment".  There's something disturbingly poetic about that.

Date: 2008/03/03 10:05:59, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Mar. 02 2008,22:10)
A review of The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist's Case for the Existence of the Soul
Reciprocating Bill


If Mother Teresa were still here, she'd be pissed.

Free associating, given the reference to Momma T and the wonderful review of the twaddle of Beauregard and O'Leary (both Canadians), I thought I'd share an interesting piece of Canadian trivia:

French Canadians call cinnamon buns "nun's farts" ("pettes de soeurs").


Back to our regularly scheduled admiration of Reciprocating Bill, his missing hat, and his strong stomach.

Date: 2008/03/04 13:11:13, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (olegt @ Mar. 04 2008,06:08)
Sal informs us that Caroline Crocker is selling a new product, intellectual honesty.  $5,000 if made from scratch, $1,000 for gently used.  Details are available from her agent at intellectual

Yes, the intellectual honesty of saying on her site "It is a fact that ad hominem attacks and the banning of certain thoughts stand in the way of the advancement of science."

Yet here's a clip from the course material that got her turfed (from


Charles Darwin

- Failed at medical school (could not dissect).
- Had some training as clergyman.
- Rich kid who enjoed partying, drinking, and gambling.
- Went to Galapagos Islands.
- Father was not pleased!

Her voiceover at the time: "(I gave) just the scientific evidence.  I was so careful when I wrote that lecture ... not to be partial in any way.  I was very sure to talk about, point-by-point, the evidence."

My hypocrisy meter is now a paperweight.

Date: 2008/03/04 14:26:01, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Mar. 04 2008,14:10)
Darwinists have no right to impede the acquisition of diplomas merely on the grounds that the biology student might use his scientific learning to further the spread of his personal faith and convictions. Whether an individual believes the Creator is a Deity or the Flying Spaghetti monster, that individual has the right to follow his convictions and not be punished academically for having such convictions….I expect the fight over students civil rights may only be beginning.

If Sal thinks everyone has the right to be awarded a PhD, then I see a bumpy road ahead of him in grad school.

You know, maybe I'm talking about the wrong Crocker...

Date: 2008/03/06 10:02:25, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (olegt @ Mar. 05 2008,22:27)
Iz true.  66 Witherspoon St. is the address of UPS store #2026 in Princeton.  CLick on to see what a "suite" looks like.

And just up the street at 14 Witherspoon is the most excellent "Small World Coffee".

In fact, here's a video of (I believe) the ISCID guys getting their morning coffee:

Date: 2008/03/09 16:15:55, Link
Author: BopDiddy
I miss bornagain77 like a lolrus misses his bukket.

Did his library close down?  Is he in de^tox?  Sad that we may never know.


Date: 2008/03/28 13:35:35, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (IanBrown_101 @ Mar. 28 2008,13:09)
I just saw a particularly good example of the utter nonsense companies claim in order to sell the products they produce. A cosmetic that spoke of "[letting] the skin breathe". Ugh, now I'm no scientist, but even I know this is crap.

Anyone else find stuff like this annoying? If not, how come, and if so, any particularly egregious examples?

For me it's pretty much any ad that has people in lab coats, glasses and clipboards running around clean white rooms.  Arg.  

There used to be one for "The Ponds Institute" that had some bizarre line, with model-scientists as above running around in the background, that went something like "here at the Ponds Institute our scientists are finding new ways of revitalizing your appearance and making you feel your best" or equally ridiculous vagueness.

EDIT: typo

Date: 2008/03/28 13:56:05, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (VMartin @ Mar. 27 2008,15:49)
Professor Davison writes:


The actual facts are as follows. In birds the cells destined to become the germ cells first appear in the extra-embryonic endoderm (germinal crescent) anterior to the head of the developing embryo.
Incidentally, this region has no homologue in the hatched bird as the extra-embryonic endoderm is, by definition, resorbed as nutrient for the developing chick. From there the presumptive germ cells enter
the circulatory system and, after a period of time in the bloodstream, penetrate the walls of the venous circulation and invade the gonad where they differentiate into the definitive gametes. In mammals the presumptive germ cells first appear in the endoderm of the allantois, a structure destined to become the urinary bladder of the adult. From here they migrate in amoeboid fashion anteriorly and laterally to reach the gonad where they complete their differentiation. Thus, there is no way that the reproductive cells of mammals can be homologized with those of birds as they
originate from opposite ends of the embryonic axis and reach the gonads by completely different means.

What about monotremes?  Why would the designer throw us a curve ball like that?

Is your point that a lack of homologues means a lack of common descent?  Then why not just point at bird wings and fly wings and be done with it?

Date: 2008/04/04 15:26:59, Link
Author: BopDiddy
The expressions 'too often to be explained by "natural selection"' and 'very conspicuous' do nothing more than express incredulity.

How do you define 'too often'?  Does the coloration you see occur 'too often' compared to all the other 'bugs' that are not 'very conspicuous regarding their coloration'?  If so, how can you call that 'too often'?

Oh, speaking of "I could not answer, but should maintain my ground" (pot! kettle!), can I ask you to please answer a question that has been asked of you many times here before:

As opposed to simply negative arguments around RM+NS, what alternate explanation for do you propose for what you consider to be 'conspicuous'?

(edited to remove stubborn iB Code)

Date: 2008/04/07 15:02:02, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Ok, here's me trying to piece this all together in my mind.

(My bolding)

Quote (kevinmillerxi @ April 07 2008,13:54)
As for Luther's influence on Hitler's anti-semitism, there's no need to explain it away. It's patently clear. No one is saying Darwinian science inspired Hitler's anti-semitism,

Quote (kevinmillerxi @ April 07 2008,13:43)
But evolutionary biology has never been just about the science. Why else would there be such a heated debate over it? All scientific theories and philosophies have consequences, intended or otherwise. So you can't just pretend like the connection doesn't exist. Hitler isn't the only one to pick up on the ethical implications of Darwinism. They were evident to Darwin himself and everyone else who initially heard his theory.

Assuming an honest and objective genesis to these statements, I can only conclude that they're saying "Hitler used Darwin's theories as an excuse and justification for his actions" and clearly not (given the top quote) "Hitler was inspired by Darwin's theories to attempt genocide."  If my conclusion is wrong, then I ask Kevin how I should reconcile his comments.

If my conclusion is right, and Hitler used whatever conceptual tools available to justify his actions, it directly follows (with ample evidence, as well as the remainder of the top quote) that Martin Luther was just as "responsible" for Hitler's actions as Darwin was.

I must have misinterpreted Kevin, though, otherwise there's simply no reason for all the Nazi stuff to be in the movie.  What point is being made with the Nazi clips, then? Please unconfuse me.

Date: 2008/04/07 16:11:35, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (kevinmillerxi @ April 07 2008,13:10)
Here's my response, Arden: I was involved in writing the film, not marketing it. The decisions about who does and who doesn't get to see a pre-screening of the film are entirely in the hands of our producers and our marketing team. If you sincerely want an answer to your question, I suggest you contact Motive Marketing or Premise Media.

The Producers?

Code Sample


           Heil, baby!  I just finished the
           morning propaganda broadcasts.

           What did you tell the people?

           I told them we were launching to
           a thousand theaters!

           Hey, baby, that's good!  How'd we
           come out?

           We won the Oscar, the Emmy, the
           Tony and the Templeton!

           Groovy!  Darwin's the real tyrant, baby!


Date: 2008/04/09 12:02:45, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (J-Dog @ April 09 2008,09:24)
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,April 09 2008,08:07)
Tribute to great tards

I was hanging out on the front steps of the lecture hall when David appeared, and we chatted in both French and English. (As bizarre as it might seem, although I earn my living as a software engineer in aerospace R&D, my three college degrees are in French language and literature, and classical piano.) ...

Beautiful catch!

A match made in Heaven!  And 3 college degrees in French?



 You weren't in broadcasting?

 No, uh-uh.  Believe it or not
 I studied nineteenth century
 french poetry.

 What a waste of time!

Date: 2008/04/09 12:56:40, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Bing @ April 09 2008,12:45)
Quote (J-Dog @ April 09 2008,12:35)
Quote (Kristine @ April 09 2008,12:29)
(I had a Bigfoot phase when I was around ten-eleven and I can still rattle off way too much Bigfoot trivia!)

Like, they live in TX on houseboats?

I doubt it!  

I knew a girl early in college who said she picked guys based on the size of their feet.  In her (anecdotal) experience large feet were positively correlated with other large anatomical developments.

I never did ask her if she had exceeded sample size at least n=10 and if her results approached the .05 level of confidence.

Given this evidence however, I doubt very much if the Texas Houseboat Tard has big feet, as he writes and behaves very much like he is afflicted with Penis Minimus.

Want disturbing?  My mother believes a man's size is related to the size of his nose, not his feet.  She also says you can tell the way a man makes love by the way he eats.

Date: 2008/04/09 15:56:11, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (stevestory @ April 09 2008,15:43)
I've got to start watching that. I've had friends who thought it was the greatest thing ever, but I've only seen bits and pieces.

FYI, the two main guys from MST3K have active projects ongoing.  Joel Hodgson has Cinematic Titanic and Mike Nelson has RiffTrax.

Date: 2008/04/09 16:26:34, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Caption contest?

"Look, I can still see a small brown bit from Nixon on his nose."

"A face and voice for speech writing!"

"His 'bat in the cave'?  God did it."

Date: 2008/04/10 11:58:36, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (uriel @ April 10 2008,02:34)
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ April 09 2008,16:33)
The only problem being that I've heard that Mike Nelson is pretty firmly an antievolutionist. It was gossip when I heard it, so I'd appreciate being corrected on that.

Well, no. As far as Mike Nelson goes, that's one problem.

The other is that Mike is to Joel, as BJ was to Trapper John: on the one hand less funny and original, and on the other more stilted and uninteresting.


C'est la vie, as the Quebecois are wont to say.

And as far as this goes:      
Quote (dheddle @ April 09 2008,15:40)
There was one where a character in the 50's B scifi movie said "it's destiny" and one of the MST crew--I think  it was the bubble gum machine robot said: "He's a Calvinist!"

That's just the best thing I've read all day.

Bet it was Joel, wasn't it? 'Course it was. Stupid f-ing Mike.

By the way, did I mention I have strong views on the Joel vs. Mike issue?

Man, oh man, *now* here comes a flame war...

Mike was the head-writer, even for much of the Joel stuff, I hope ya know.  And most of the awards the show received were during Mike's involvement.

So there.  Neener neener.

"Esti de câlisse de tabarnac!" (As the Québécois I know say to me all the time)

Date: 2008/04/11 16:04:53, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (VMartin @ April 11 2008,13:26)

Obviously "natural selection" is no explanation of it.

I'm curious, too.  What is the explanation?

Date: 2008/04/12 14:36:53, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ April 12 2008,14:04)
Wha...? This appeared, but was quickly taken down.

<clipped out (satirical?) meltdown>

Poe's Law is killing me right now!  Either way, I'm laughing my ass off!

Date: 2008/04/13 14:16:50, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (Quidam @ April 13 2008,13:43)
Quote (steve_h @ April 12 2008,16:42)
This could mean that someone has created a draft post and not published it, or that something was posted and subsequently disappeared (either Demsbki posted something, or  somebody else posted in Demsbki's name), either way it would be difficult for an outsider to fake this.

As they say in American Sign Language:

Date: 2008/04/13 21:14:03, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (GCT @ April 13 2008,20:36)
Wait, Spinal Tap isn't a real band?  Next you're going to tell me that Dethklok isn't real.  Pshaw.

Note the physical resemblance between Murderface (the one on the left) and DaveTard (the one whose politics are far right).

Date: 2008/04/15 15:07:37, Link
Author: BopDiddy
I had a very opposite experience (one of hope) this morning while volunteering for the elementary school attended by our eldest child.

We had a class trip to the local natural history museum, with specific content around dinosaurs (hey, they're in senior kindergarten, it's all about the dinosaurs).

There were two separate components to the content: one was a tour through the exhibits, the second was activities.  In each case, the guides were very clear on timelines with the kids: "over 65 million years ago", "humans and dinosaurs never lived together", "dinosaurs evolved these features over time", "certain dinosaurs were the ancestors of birds", etc., etc.

The "humans and dinosaurs never lived together" comment must have come up at least four or five times.  References to evolution were all over the place.  Even questions like "how do we know dinosaurs even existed if we've never seen one?" came up for the kids to answer, with answers that went into more than just "fossils!" but with a bit of detail on how paleontologists try to piece together an accurate picture of the creature, it's environment, the timeline, etc.

They even touched on stuff that I had only heard about in passing (I'm no paleontologist) such as the clear terminology distinction between prehistoric marine reptiles and dinosaurs, gastroliths, coprolites, legs-under-the-body vs legs-at-the-side of thecodonts (sp?) etc.  The kids just ate it up.

On top of that, I actually know one of the guides from adjacent social circles and know that she's a fairly devout Christian, however she had no problem with the content.

After seeing and hearing some of the chicanery of the ID and YEC crowd through the eyes of this forum it was nice for a small dose of hope.  It doesn't lull me into any sense of complacency, though.

Date: 2008/05/06 14:27:53, Link
Author: BopDiddy
My calendar says it's a Tuesday, but it feels very Friday:

6 May 2008
Who’s in it for the money?
William Dembski

Critics of the ID movement often complain that we’re fabulously well funded by right-wing extremists and in it for our own aggrandizement. Fortunately, money leaves a trail. When one follows it, Darwinists seem to be doing much better financially than ID theorists (perhaps an indication that they are serving Mammon more faithfully). Let’s consider a few better off Darwinists: ...

No Free Lunch, indeed.  Rough Visa bill this month, Dr^n?

Date: 2008/05/06 20:03:57, Link
Author: BopDiddy
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Quote (dnmlthr @ May 06 2008,15:34)
Quote (Richardthughes @ May 06 2008,20:08)
American beer is like making love in a canoe, Dave.

But sometimes a canoe is exactly what's needed. Like a Brooklyn Lager in the late spring heat.

Is that code, like a Cleveland Steamer?

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Quote (JonF @ May 06 2008,20:53)
Quote (dheddle @ May 06 2008,14:20)
I am giving a final as we speak. One student forgot a calculator. I gave him mine, but for amusement purposes only. It is an HP with RPN, and this generation can't use 'em! Oh, what fun--he is now searching desperately for the nonexistent equals button! I can actually see his blood pressure rising!!

RPN rulez!

[ RLZ ] [ RPN ] [ ENTER ]

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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,May 07 2008,08:37)
from that Oh So Delicious post Every House Is Built By Some Man And A Blue Whale And A Fracterial Blagella Are Houses, Man

[ ... ]

someone kick this idiot off of Hee Haw.  hes gayer than jim nabors.

My avatar will gloat as you burn!


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Quote (olegt @ May 10 2008,22:08)
Gloppy confirms that he's been Expelled:

The BRITES go dim. Web site shut down by summary judgement order.

Galapagos Finch

[ ... ]

Until then, you won’t have Gloppy Finch to kick around any more.

Oh, if only it were true.  Marks/Gloppy creeps me out.

We really need to play DSM-IV Bingo based on that guy's material.  *shudder*

The sad, sad image of Dembski and Marks doing their dumb-ass UD riffing is also horribly depressing.  Seriously, I would normally laugh, but the hollow sound-of-a-barrel-scraping with that banter makes me shake my head.

Of course, it's probably because I can't find anything better to do on a Saturday night than call other people on the Internet "losers."

Date: 2008/05/22 12:51:20, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Is Dr^n in Australia, where it's already Friday?

He's really throwing the toys out of his pram over this one.


“There is no controversy”
William Dembski

“There is no controversy.” “There should be no controversy.” “It’s okay to expel those who pretend that there is a controversy.” “Academic freedom does not apply where the scientific consensus says there is no controversy.” …

The Washington Post has a ridiculous editorial that elevates evolutionary theory to the same status as gravitational theory and the truths of mathematics go here.

Meanwhile, the Altenberg meeting coming up this summer brings together biologists who see the contemporary state of evolutionary theory as in upheaval (go here). Yes, the field is in disarray, but there is NO CONTROVERSY. What, are we living in a Kafka novel?

(EDITED to add the quote to save people from having to actually go to UD)

Date: 2008/05/22 14:13:48, Link
Author: BopDiddy
I thought you guys might enjoy the fact that our favourite crocoduck wrangler has been interviewed on Dennis Miller Radio.

See if you can catch the irony and hypocrisy (read: not get run over by it) when he gives advice for Miley Cyrus early on (from 1:50).  He then goes on to talk about his "blind faith" in his teachers and the "Richard Dawkins crowd" at 3:20.  Then he's a poster boy for Pascal's Wager and the fear of death.

Disclaimer: I'm not a huge fan of Dennis Miller (at least not anymore) but occasionally his interview subjects are quite entertaining.  Unlike
this git.

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Quote (stevestory @ May 25 2008,14:45)
[ ... ] My entertainment needs depend on a lot of poorly educated, arrogant, armchair creationists thinking up pseudoscience. But the supply seems to be dwindling. Can this be? Or am I missing several sites with big ID activity? Anyone have suggestions on where to look? [ ... ]

I think "Expelled" was the dying gasp of creationism trying to appear as legit science to the legit scientists and educated segments.  As was said (very well) earlier on there's trashing but the head's been cut off, now we just wait for the slow twitches.

Shamefully, an astonishing number of people still believe true creationism, so the underlying stupid isn't going away.  Regardless I think it'll be awhile before the true scientific poseurs return in significant force for our entertainment.

So it seems we may have to switch from heroin to methadone to avoid the DTs.  

Which compromise to make?  Follow the unapologetic twits like Hamm and Hovind?  Move to other pseudoscience denier arenas where things are less directly reflective of mass religious buffoonery, or are murky enough for tards to hide their tracks (HIV denial, climate change denial)?

I'm thinking I might check out the big blue room and make some RL friends, I hear from the blogosphere it's not as scary as it sounds.

Date: 2008/05/28 15:09:03, Link
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"Waa Waa, Baylor ...*ahem* ... well, hello there..."

Research at work:

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Quote (Ftk @ June 26 2008,10:10)
Do you teach any evening classes?  Honest to god, I’d love to freak your world for a semester.  Though, I’m sure your true colors never surface in the classroom.  Maybe I’ll bring along some of your more choice comments from AtBC.

I'm willing to contribute to Ftk's tuition on this one.  Anyone else?

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Quote (Zachriel @ Oct. 06 2008,07:13)
I was going to register for Scordova's Young Cosmos, to link to my previous comment, but I couldn't figure it out. Then I noticed that the vast majority of the recent comments were by John A. Davison.

Date: 2008/10/21 07:06:25, Link
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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Oct. 20 2008,23:30)
I just noticed the Firefox "Error Console" function under "Tools". That helped a bunch in tracking down the button problem.

For me, professional nerd, Firebug rocks.  Integrates cleanly with Firefox.  Check it out.

Date: 2008/11/20 15:26:17, Link
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I just wanted to say, regardless of recent events, DaveTard will always be the king:

Elvis Presley Painting with Cheese Puffs on Velvet - Cheesy Art in Cheetos

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Quote (J-Dog @ Nov. 27 2008,10:45)
Quote (kevinmillerxi @ Nov. 27 2008,10:41)
Hey folks: You may enjoy this little interview  I did after an Expelled screening recently: <a href="[URL=" target="_blank">interview</a>]interview[/URL]

Kevin you ignoramus - Please learn to link the right way.

Thank you.

Here's a link example: Expelled: the whole steaming turd.  

Yup, the whole movie, at least while it lasts.

EDIT: Yes, it's the real thing, broken up into YouTube bits.  Yes, it's horrific!  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Date: 2008/11/27 14:55:44, Link
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Quote (Bob O'H @ Nov. 27 2008,13:59)
Someone should improve it, but here you go:

(now on a Flickr site near you))

Toss in a little phlogiston and the four humours and I think you're set.

Date: 2008/11/27 15:08:49, Link
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Quote (Advocatus Diaboli @ Nov. 27 2008,15:01)
Quote (BopDiddy @ Nov. 27 2008,14:26)
Quote (J-Dog @ Nov. 27 2008,10:45)
Quote (kevinmillerxi @ Nov. 27 2008,10:41)
Hey folks: You may enjoy this little interview  I did after an Expelled screening recently: <a href="[URL=" target="_blank">interview</a>]interview[/URL]

Kevin you ignoramus - Please learn to link the right way.

Thank you.

Here's a link example: Expelled: the whole steaming turd.  

Yup, the whole movie, at least while it lasts.

EDIT: Yes, it's the real thing, broken up into YouTube bits.  Yes, it's horrific!  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Watched the first 8 mins.

"What happened to doctor Sternberg was terrible"

- Stein.

So, what happened to him? Do I find out later in the film?

Turns out he appeared in a third-rate documentary starring a fourth-rate eye drop salesman written by a man with a self-admitted dearth of scientific training or understanding.

Yes, what happened to Dr Sternberg was terrible.  He will get his retribution in the afterlife, however, if I understood the movie correctly.

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Quote (stevestory @ Nov. 27 2008,17:56)
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Nov. 27 2008,18:53)
Quote (Nerull @ Nov. 27 2008,15:41)
Ah, good ol' wget. Essential tool in the belt of any half-assed unix guru. Always useful.


That's not me at all, scumbag.

My cigarette is in my left hand.

HTTrack, looks to be excellent for mirroring websites.  Open Source, available for all major OSs.  Even on MacPorts, from what I can tell, but there's an OS X build available so don't bother.

If that picture had WoW on the screen and a bag of pistachios beside it, I would be suing somebody.

EDITED to editorialize on using the OS X installer v MacPorts, not that I don't love MacPorts.

Date: 2008/11/28 15:13:03, Link
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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Nov. 28 2008,14:39)

No way.  I wear boxers.

Date: 2008/11/28 15:24:48, Link
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Nerds, start your engines, this may be what we're looking for:  ChangeDetect.


Know exactly what content has changed on your watched web pages...

ChangeDetect marks web page text for you with color-coded highlights of what has actually changed!

Date: 2008/12/16 11:40:46, Link
Author: BopDiddy
And the prize for the fifth worst movie of 2008 goes to Expelled!

From The Onion's A.V. Club:

There are terrible movies, and then there are terrible movies that cause harm to society by feeding into its ignorance. Nathan Frankowski's odious anti-evolution documentary belongs in the latter category. Even those who buy the thesis that star Ben Stein puts forward—that creationists are being unfairly locked out of the scientific establishment—should be disappointed by how Expelled spends almost no time explaining the specifics of intelligent-design theory, or presenting well-researched data to establish it as a legitimate challenger to evolution science. Instead, Frankowski and Stein rely on the same old Michael Moore-style cheap shots to prop up their pathetically shallow case. Few moments in cinema in 2008 were as shameless and disgusting as the Expelled sequence where Stein solemnly visits a Nazi death camp and unsubtly links "survival of the fittest" theory to the Holocaust. Don't worry, Darwinists: If the "bad as Hitler" argument is the best that ID pushers can muster, you have nothing to worry about.

Date: 2008/12/25 16:08:56, Link
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Quote (lkeithlu @ Dec. 02 2008,19:55)
Quote (olegt @ Dec. 02 2008,17:33)
The funniest thing is this: Casey thinks that the book is "aimed at students — perhaps junior high or high school-aged."  The publisher recommends it for ages 9-12.

Life on Other Planets on

Well, there's the problem. Casey is too young short to be in the Adult section. A good librarian would have provided better guidance. No wonder he was having difficulty-that book was WAY too advanced* for him.

*credit to MiB


/too little, too late, but I tried

Date: 2009/01/08 12:13:57, Link
Author: BopDiddy
The Journal of Evolutionary Informatics (JOEI) invites submission of manuscripts concerning theoretical and applied aspects of information phenomona in science, mathematics and engineeering.

Is "engineeering" to "engineering" as "chocolatey" is to "chocolate"?

Date: 2009/01/15 10:01:24, Link
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Quote (Zachriel @ Jan. 14 2009,19:01)
Michael Behe: My book, Darwin's Black Box ... was internationally reviewed in over one hundred publications and recently named by National Review and World magazine as one of the 100 most important books of the 20th century.

"National Review and World"

To be fair I think he meant to say "National Review [magazine] and World magazine".  Or something similar, can't really tell.

For NR, though, his dreck is listed:

I consider myself a Google ninja and I just can't find any "World Magazine".  "National Review and World" isn't the formal name for NR, either.

Perhaps this statement is unparseable because, and this is putting it politely, poor distributivity in his English grammar is likely related to his proven shitty grasp of mathematics and logic in general.

Regarding the list, my irony meter went boom when I notice Karl Popper made #6.  

Expected entries from C.S. Lewis, Pope John Paul II, G.K. Chesterton, William F. Buckley Jr. (of course!), and the cheerless Allan Bloom share the list with Camus, Einstein, Feynman, Freud and Nabakov (but not for that book).  Collective cognitive dissonance at its finest.

George Gilder, Senior Fellow at the Disco 'tute, has his ignorance on full display in his predictable gushing over Black Box: "Overthrows Darwin at the end of the 20th century in the same way that quantum theory overthrew Newton at the beginning."  

Yes, George, the Laws of Motion along with differential and integral calculus are collecting dust with Phlogiston theory while engineers only concern themselves with the Schrödinger Equation, the Kronig-Penney model and the Explanatory Filter when designing braking systems.  Whatta maroon.

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Buddy of mine is a graphic artist and made this for Chuck's birthday.  Enjoy.

Date: 2009/05/28 10:52:33, Link
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Quote (dmso74 @ May 27 2009,22:57)
Quote (BWE @ May 27 2009,18:38)
To the editor:

In his article “On the Origin of the Immune System” (Science, May 1, 2009) John Travis makes the same mistake as did the judge in the 2005 Dover trial — badly confusing the notions of intelligent design, common descent, and evolution. Citing the courtroom theatrics of the lawyers who piled a stack of textbooks and articles in front of me, Travis quotes me as remarking “They’re wonderful articles. ... They simply just don’t address the question I pose.” Unfortunately, Travis seems uninterested in what that question might be. Instead he cheers, “Score one for evolution.”

Although some news reporters, lawyers, and parents are confused on the topic, “intelligent design” is not the opposite of “evolution.”

from the amazon letters.

Behe is now officially the cranky old man writing angry letters to the editor from his basement. I hope they're written on a manual typewriter..

I love it so!

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Quote (Lou FCD @ May 28 2009,19:13)
Quote (BopDiddy @ May 28 2009,11:52)
Quote (dmso74 @ May 27 2009,22:57)
Quote (BWE @ May 27 2009,18:38)
To the editor:

In his article “On the Origin of the Immune System” (Science, May 1, 2009) John Travis makes the same mistake as did the judge in the 2005 Dover trial — badly confusing the notions of intelligent design, common descent, and evolution. Citing the courtroom theatrics of the lawyers who piled a stack of textbooks and articles in front of me, Travis quotes me as remarking “They’re wonderful articles. ... They simply just don’t address the question I pose.” Unfortunately, Travis seems uninterested in what that question might be. Instead he cheers, “Score one for evolution.”

Although some news reporters, lawyers, and parents are confused on the topic, “intelligent design” is not the opposite of “evolution.”

from the amazon letters.

Behe is now officially the cranky old man writing angry letters to the editor from his basement. I hope they're written on a manual typewriter..

I love it so!

Y'all are gonna have to PM me or something when there's a PotW nomination.

I'm not here as often since I retired.

Thanks, guys!  *sniff*

I'm glad to see you folks are as skeeved out looking at it as I was making it.  "Ze goggles ...", etc., etc.

Date: 2009/08/12 10:26:23, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Quote (k.e.. @ Aug. 12 2009,08:16)


Perhaps we can send one to Behe

English Ear Trumpet

Shamelessly reusing my one-and-only POTW winner, as it seems appopriate:

Date: 2009/12/13 23:01:00, Link
Author: BopDiddy

Date: 2011/09/01 00:39:45, Link
Author: BopDiddy
Exhuming an old Behe thread to post this:

The Humanist Interview with Leo Behe "The son of intelligent design heavyweight Michael Behe discusses his journey to atheism"

A snippet:


The Humanist: How long was this transformation, and why didn’t your father’s ideas (or others) about intelligent design demonstrate proof of a “designer” or creator?

Behe: The journey from very devout Catholic to outspoken atheist took about six months total. Once my trust in the Bible was shaken, I still believed strongly in a theistic god, but I realized that I hadn’t sufficiently examined my beliefs. Over the next several months, my certainty of a sentient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent deity faded steadily. I believe that the loss of a specific creed was the tipping point for me. After I lost the element of trust—be it trust in the Bible, trust in a church, or trust in the Pope—I had no choice but to vindicate my own beliefs through research, literature, and countless hours of deep thought. It was then that my belief in any sort of God faded away gradually, and to this day I continue to find more and more convincing evidence against any sort of design or supernatural interference in the universe. As for the arguments from design, such as irreducible complexity or the so-called fine-tuning of the six cosmological constants, I have many reasons for dismissing them each in particular, but one overarching reason would be the common refutation of William Paley’s classic watchmaker argument—the only reason that complex objects appear to be designed is because we as humans create complex objects, and we then assume that complexity is indisputably indicative of a designer. This is an association we make only as a result of what our “common sense” tells us.