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Date: 2006/05/21 05:00:21, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (normdoering @ May 21 2006,08:50)
You have a really wrong idea about how this all works. Do you think some single type of life form has to take over and beat every other?

That doesn't happen because all the different life forms live in different niches. It's all part of one ecology where things become dependent on other things. Right now there are more bacterial cells in your body than there are human cells, you couldn't live without them and they can't live without you.

AFDave's hopelessly stuck in that "And God hath given Dominion over all living things to Man" meme.

Date: 2006/05/21 06:21:59, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ May 21 2006,08:15)
Dave, the comic book you learned evolution from--was it even in English?

Chick tracts are written in English, so the answer is presumably 'yes'.

Date: 2006/05/21 07:26:26, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ May 21 2006,11:27)
OOOOO speaking of that...

Hey Dave! Go and read this

Big Daddy?

and tell us what you think.

I like Apes, Lies and Mrs. Henn too!

Date: 2006/05/22 04:22:06, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Paul Flocken @ May 22 2006,03:15)
Air Farce Dave,
When you were in the Air Force did anyone ever send you on the typical newby search for slip stream, pneumatic fluid, flight line, or prop wash?  More to the point how long did you spend looking for said items.  

He couldn't have found a wing-nut even if you loaned him the mirror.

Date: 2006/05/24 06:44:14, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ May 24 2006,11:31)
...... to distinguish it from macroevolution, which is impossible and untrue, and which is what I'm fighting.  And remember, the reason I am fighting it is because on the social and government scene it is critical to correctly define human beings as what they truthfully are:  Creations of the Creator God, made in the image of God, and placed in a position of dominion over all of nature.

There's the admission folks, in his own words.  Not a single word of this was about science.  There is nothing you can prove to him, nothing that will change his mind.  

He's here ... because on the social and government scene it is critical to correctly define human beings as what they truthfully are:  Creations of the Creator God, made in the image of God, and placed in a position of dominion over all of nature.

'nuff said.  Ban him now.

Date: 2006/05/24 08:35:59, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ May 24 2006,13:11)
Not the public HERE.  The public OUT THERE.  See, let me walk you through it again.

(1) AF Dave needs to sharpen his arguments because he is actively involved in the education of children with regard to Origins.  See  He does not want to lead these children wrong, so he wants to test his arguments against some evolutionary biologists.  He has big plans for greatly expanded information to be available at k4t.
(2) So he comes to PT and finds some willing participants at ATBC, some of whom, like Rilke, have absolutely no clue what his goals are, but they try to guess.
(3) AFD has immense fun debating, achieves his goal of honing his arguments, the ATBCers are happy because they think they are honing their arguments, or watching a comedy, practicing their insults, or whatever.

So this place is providing selection pressure for AFDave.  His argument evolves.

We're effectively a half-used bottle of antibiotic against his infection of kid's minds.  Not enough to kill it, only enough to develop a stronger resistance.

Date: 2006/05/26 02:05:44, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ May 25 2006,22:13)
There's one silver lining to AFDave's dark cloud of lies and child abuse.  Many of Dave's child victims will realize when they get older that they were lied to and used.  Hopefully they will develop a great resentment not just for AFDave, but for all the other evangelistic liars and charlatans like Dave who abuse children for their own selfish egotistical reasons.  They will make great champions for science because they will understand first-hand the damage that the pseudoscientific liars-for-Jesus like Washout Dave can cause.

I fear a great many more will complete their home-schooling and go on to academic careers at Patrick Henry College and then into internships with senators and congressmen.

Date: 2006/06/06 00:39:40, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Ichthyic @ June 05 2006,23:28)
a poll might in fact, be just the thing that appeals to the way his mind works.

Only if G*d does the poll and publishes the results through one of his prophets or on AiG.

The folks here are reprobate atheist evolutionists, and as such are not to be listened to as has been amply demonstrated over the past several weeks.

Date: 2006/06/17 02:35:13, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ June 16 2006,17:39)
LOL I don't remember. Probably tv.

Quote (ved @ June 16 2006)
I believe that wonderful man Mr. Colbert said that recently, no? Though I'd be surprised if he was the originator...

Some things are burned in my memory.  If it's not failing me, that phrase was first used on The Jeffersons.

Date: 2006/06/17 05:36:22, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ June 17 2006,10:23)
And the apes are a pretty diverse looking lot as well and anyone that knows anything about breeding should know that it doesn't take long to get a lot of very different looking apes.

My head just spins at some of the blindness on this thread!

Not just different looking but really different.  As in they cannot breed with each other and produce fertile offspring.

Date: 2006/06/20 16:26:50, Link
Author: Bing
DaveTard wrote on the NEA and gay marriage thread  
Public school is not meant to be a place to indoctrinate children with the socio-religious cultural mores of a majority of NEA members. The indignation by parents that they would attempt such a thing is justified and there’s nothing hyperbolic about being alarmed by it. Buy a clue. -ds

No, everyone knows it's a place to indoctrinate children with the socio-religious cultural mores of a minority of fundy wingnuts.  

Why oh why can't we atheist moonbat church-burning ebola boys ever get anything correct?

Date: 2006/06/21 12:07:28, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ June 21 2006,09:05)
here it is again ... I think there was one super-continent before the Flood, then it broke apart during the Flood and began separating into the present day continents.

How far apart are the continents today?  If they began as one super-continent, when did they stop moving apart?  Is it 500 years ago?  Right around the time that Columbus came over?

Wikipedia says the width of the Atlantic is between about 2800 and 4800 kilometers, so let's say the Atlantic has an average width of 3800 km.  For North America to drift away from the coast of Africa and form this 3800 km ocean in 4000 years, it would be moving at a rate of almost 1 km every year.  That's 1000 meters every year, or about 2 and 3/4 meters every day.   That's almost 9 feet each and every day for 4000 years.

Do you really believe that the Americas hurtled away from Africa by 9 feet every day for 4000 years and then stopped?  What caused it to stop?  If this kind of movement of the earth's crust was a normal event, why isn't still going on at this incredible rate?  Is it possible for this to happen again?

Why weren't there catastropic earthquakes and tsunami every day that the earth was undergoing such a radical transformation?

Or did it all happen underwater while the Earth was covered by the flood?  The flood hid this radical transformation of the Earth and acted as a shock absorber?  That's why there weren't earthquakes.  Is that your theory?  

I've read some whoppers in my days, but this super-continent one of yours, it's the winner.

Date: 2006/06/21 14:21:58, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Rilke's Granddaughter @ June 21 2006,17:53)
Perhaps we should start a 'Dave' list - like the 'Steve' list - of non-stupid Daves!

Already done!

Date: 2006/07/03 02:01:54, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ July 03 2006,05:32)

ummm, Dave?  You did notice that was a drawing, a cartoon, right?  It doesn't have the same evidentiary weight as a photograph.  And another thing, it was made up specifically to fit with the evidence of the Bible.  

So again, you start with the book, gin up evidence to fit round peg - square hole stylee, and expect us all to go along with this?

Date: 2006/07/05 09:25:19, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ July 05 2006,10:17)
A LONG time ago in this thread, I asked one of my favorite questions, Dave...concerning syphilis and gonorrhea, which can only survive in human carriers. I'm still curious about who you think had syphilis on the ark?
Don't know.  Maybe one of them had it.  Or maybe animals were carriers back then, but they are not now.  I really cannot say and I don't think you can either.

Then how did it pass from your hypothesized animal carriers and back to humans?  You do know that STD's (sexually transmitted disease) are not airborne, or caught from toilet seats or doorknobs, right?  Someone has to do the humpy-humpy with the infected individual.

Or are you suggesting that Noah's family were into sex with farm animals?

Date: 2006/07/18 15:00:08, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (improvius @ July 18 2006,15:21)
I just want to say that I think the posts ridiculing Denyse O'Leary's physical appearance are in very poor taste.

We Canadians are a very even minded people.  For every


we produce, we have to also offer

just to be fair and balanced.

It's in our constitution, really.

Date: 2006/07/19 12:15:29, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Diogenes @ July 19 2006,14:11)
"Denyse married in 1970 and the following year graduated from Waterloo Lutheran University with an honours degree in English"

Waterloo Lutheran became Wilfred Laurier University in 1973.  It's not the computer science/engineering powerhouse, that's down the street at the University of Waterloo, but it ranked 10th in Canada for undergrad institutions in 2005 according to a Maclean's magazine survey.

Her English degree BA gave her as much science background as Dembski's 2 PhD's.  Which is just about none.

Date: 2006/07/19 12:25:32, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Wonderpants @ July 19 2006,14:37)
I wonder if Dembski is using medicines developed through research into evolution to cure the alleged sick offsprinng.

Yeah, but he's probably got an Elmer Gantry stylee faith healer working on it too.  

Don't you all know that there's a rising chorus of medical professionals who disagree with the methodological naturalism rife within evidence-based medical community and that we must be careful to teach the controversy?

Date: 2006/07/23 06:08:41, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ July 23 2006,06:26)
... Biblical Apologists are open-minded enough to the possibility that (1) there might be a Creator who inspired Scripture and (2) that He may be perfect ... so they examine the Scriptures with this open-mindedness.

I think you've got this completely bass-ackwards Dave.  

When one starts with the conclusion that one wants, and then reads the 'evidence' to fit the conclusion while discarding all evidence against the conclusion this is not an example of an open-mind.

Date: 2006/07/30 05:10:11, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (blipey @ July 30 2006,07:44)
Or does legal training only prepare you for a career in biology?

Close but not quite.  His legal training prepared him for a career in criticizing biologists and biology.

Date: 2006/08/05 05:37:33, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (carlsonjok @ Aug. 05 2006,02:04)
Serotta is cool, but Shimano?  A sweet ride like that really deserves Campagnolo.

Oh no, you're not one of those Campagnolo Cultists, are you?

7 TdeF wins in a row was good enough for Lance on Shimano, at the DA/Campy Record level I believe that any performance differences are due to the legs and not the components.

Date: 2006/08/23 12:13:21, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (deadman_932 @ Aug. 23 2006,16:55)
It's why the RCC basically gave up that stupidity...

I'm assuming by RCC you mean Roman Catholic Church?

Given a few of the fundies I have met, I'd be willing to bet that Dave would categorically state that Roman Catholics are not True Christians™ as defined by his church.  Rather, they are blasphemers, idolators, Pope-and-Mary worshippers who deny the supremacy of scripture and instead substitute heretical sacraments.

Rational or not, given the typical fundy view of RCC they are discounted by their worldview, just like the atheist science conspiracy (ASC).

Date: 2006/08/28 10:22:09, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (ericmurphy @ Aug. 28 2006,14:54)
Also, have you found out how long it takes for a photon to get from the center of the sun to its surface? Or is that going to be yet another question you can never trouble yourself to answer?

Here AFD, I'll save you the trouble.  A quick google of the phrase "how long it takes for a photon to get from the center of the sun to its surface?" lifted directly from the previous post and the first hit is for A162, Lecture 7 from Ohio State University.  

And the answer they give is as follows:

At the speed of light, it would take 2.3 seconds for a photon to go straight from the center of the sun to its surface.

But a photon in the sun can go only a short distance (about 1 centimeter) before running into an atom. It then changes direction randomly.

A path with random changes of direction is called a random walk. If each step in a random walk is length l, then it takes, on average, (d/l)2 steps to go a distance d from the starting point.

[A ``direct walk'' would take only d/l steps.]

On average, it takes a photon 30,000 years to random walk from the center of the sun to the surface of the sun.

So there's an answer, 30,000 years.  Or 5 total lifetimes of the universe using AFDave's Miraculous BibleMath™.

Date: 2006/08/28 11:18:24, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Aug. 28 2006,16:09)
Hmmm ... wanna change the subject to photons in the sun, huh?  It'll be a while before I get to that topic, boys.

Why will it take a while, has AiG not put up it's photons in the sun page yet?  Not a big topic for creationist tracts?

Date: 2006/08/29 09:57:22, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (notta_skeptic @ Aug. 29 2006,11:25)
5. I guessed that Dave wouldn't post the address of his church. What does he think people are going to do? Show up with ammo and anger??

That is almost too easy.  He mentioned once the name of his Pastor as "Herbster".  A quick peek at his Lying to kid's about Jesus page and one sees a Carl Herbster listed as an Advisory Board Member.  Then google  pastor carl herbster and the first linkie is to a page for Tri-City Ministries, Independence MO.

Just a quick question Davie.  A number of the google hits allege some financial hanky-panky going on between the blessed pastor and someone in the local banking industry.  Has the Herbster forgot that story in the bible about Jesus and his relationship with the money lenders?  Or does Jesus say it's OK in today's age if it means the pastor can live in a nice neighborhood?

Date: 2006/08/29 12:31:51, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Aug. 29 2006,15:31)
And Bing, go talk to David Martin at the Pitch about my Pastor if you like ... your kind of publication possibly?  He will tell you what you want to hear ...

What an excellent idea Dave, I might just do that.  

From the article about Pastor Carl Herbster "Blessed are the Money Makers":

By one former member's calculation, Herbster spent $6 million to $7 million without a vote of the membership. But Herbster's presidency was never put to a vote of the congregation -- the deacons would not allow it.

In the fall of 2002, one deacon, Dave Hawkins, wrote a seven-page letter to address "common misperceptions" that members of the church might have held. Hawkins argued that Tri-City was in a sound financial position because of its land holdings. In fact, the church had two offers on the table for $15 million, according to the document (which the Pitch has obtained).

Hawkins wrote that Herbster had acknowledged that it had been "unwise" to borrow the $1.6 million without a vote of the congregation. "But we Deacons are UNANIMOUS that he IS DOING A GOOD JOB and he is no way deserving of even a reprimand," read the letter (which made frequent use of all caps).
All caps?  At least you're consistent.

Still, some investors asked for their money. Deposits fell from a peak of $2.5 million to $900,000, the Star reported.

Hawkins, who still attends Tri-City, tells the Pitch that mistakes were made. But he suggests that the more serious accusations were unfounded.

"I will admit no church is perfect, and ours is not," Hawkins says. "But, boy, you'd think from reading this Kansas City Star article that we're ripping off old ladies and we're running a bank and we're just wheeling and dealing and this kind of thing, and it's just unfair."

Hawkins says 850 to 900 people usually attend Sunday worship at Tri-City, down from the 1,050-1,100 range of a few years ago. If Hawkins' understanding of recent events is typical of those who stuck with Tri-City, Herbster has succeeded in casting away questions about his leadership as the complaints of a few disgruntled members.

Hawkins, for example, says the secretary of state's investigation into the sale of church notes found just "one little technical violation that is, in my opinion, pretty minor."

In fact, all of the deposits had to be returned. Herbster signed a consent order with the secretary of state's office last year, which directed the church to steadily refund its outstanding notes and pay a $15,000 fine to a state investor-education fund.
Consent order and fine from the sec state?  That sounds like someone broke a commandment.

One former Tri-City member calls the church deacons "enablers."

Dave Hawkins occasionally serves as Herbster's pilot.
Are you an enabler Dave?  Or just Herbster's pilot?

What exactly do you mean about "your type of publication" though?  Are you casting aspersions about me?  The neat thing about publications you might not like is that they are extensively fact-checked and vetted by lawyers before publication.  Publishers don't want libel suits creeping up, so if the evidence isn't there, it's not published.  Nasty thing about that evidence, eh Davie?  It doesn't care which church someone goes to, or what worldview they subscribe to.  It just is.

Date: 2006/08/29 13:06:29, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ Aug. 29 2006,17:55)
While the story is juicy, that post of mine was perhaps a little improper. This is, not 60 Minutes. We should focus here on Dave's fraudulent science, and ignore whatever fraudulent financial dealings he may be involved in.

I respectfully disagree.  I think each shows the extent to which Dave is willing to go irrespective of evidence contrary to his deeply held beliefs.  Both are a measure of his character.

And Davie, we've all made the "Lying for Jesus" comments, now that we know you're Herbster's pilot, do you have a t-shirt that says, "Flying for Jesus"?

Date: 2006/09/05 09:08:41, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Diogenes @ Sep. 05 2006,13:49)
...but are you saying that every portion of Genesis was written down by a human alive at the time of the writing, and passed down until the days of Moses?

Yep, I distinctly remember him spouting off about 'scribes' that followed Adam, Eve and family around writing everything down on clay tablets or stone tablets or some such nonsense.

When asked about these scribes, tablets and even the tiniest speck of evidence whatsoever supporting his assertion he did what he always does.  Ran away and changed the subject when he came back.

Date: 2006/09/05 12:21:58, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Diogenes @ Sep. 05 2006,16:13)
What's your explanation why the Jewish tradition has always stated that Moses wrote the Torah?

*bzzzzzzz*  I'll take DaveTard rewrites Genesis for 100 Alex.

What is "The Jews were wrong, wrong on tradition, wrong about Genesis, wrong about Jesus, just plain wrong".

Date: 2006/09/08 08:33:23, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 08 2006,13:20)
I spent lots of time at Uncommonly Dense, but me still talks good.

And youse rites even gooder!

Date: 2006/09/09 07:49:11, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (jeannot @ Sep. 09 2006,10:47)
If you think you got evidence that its theories are flawed, why don't you send a paper to a scientific journal? If you want the YECs to take over the world within ten years, you should begin today.
I'll be checking Nature and Science for the next decade.

He doesn't want to be a published scientist, he said so himself.  The only evidence he gives any credence to is from AiG or ICR.  Forget about Nature and Science, they're hotbeds of radical atheists for which the academic mantra of "publish or perish" becomes "publish then perish in a lake of eternal fire".  

You'd be better off watching C-SPAN and reading the reports from the courts.  The fundies didn't take over the GOP from the ground up just because they believed the initials stand for "God's Own Party".  They believed that if they controlled the majority of elected positions from dogcatcher right on up to POTUS and the courts too then they could implement the America is a Christian Nation agenda without interference from the Damned.

If the Fundies see their power and influence waning I'd expect a last desperate gasp from them before they're consigned to the dustbin of political influence.

Date: 2006/09/13 10:00:42, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Sep. 12 2006,22:16)
I just think it's great that a few PhD's committed to the truth can make such an enormous splash on the world scene!

Davie, just because these people did the work at some time to earn a PhD it doesn't mean they're automatically correct in all things going forward.  Take that moonie cultist Wells for example.

Would you believe your family doctor if he abandoned all pretense of working within the practice of the larger medical community?  Would you take your kids to a quack and shrug it off because he has a diploma on the wall that says "MD"?

There are "doctors" like that Dave, they believe that they alone have the answer, but instead of using accepted techniques like CT and MRI and other diagnostic tests they hook patients up to a bogus galvanic skin response meter and diagnose everything from cancer to the heartbreak of psoriasis.  And then they sell the patient some quack remedy that cures nothing.  

And that is what it's like for your precious few PhD's committed to truth (which I take to mean your version of Biblical Truth).  They're quacks, charlatans, frauds and liars.  Their big splash on the world scene really amounts to nothing at all.  The scientific community knows who the cranks are, and weighs their ideas appropriately.

It's the wingnuts in the bleachers like you who think the frauds are accomplishing anything.  We can accept that, given your past history of taking AiG references as gospel, while at the same time discarding Nature and Science references as drivel.  But really Dave, you make a bigger splash every morning, if you know what I mean.

Date: 2006/09/18 08:25:07, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Sep. 18 2006,12:34)
... and here's a likely timeline of the Flood Events ...

Very nice picture Dave, but let's pick a nit here, shall we?

Your cartoon allows 1 day for continental drift.

Now various sources give a figure of roughly 3500 miles for the average width of the Atlantic Ocean.  Can we do a little basic arithmetic?  

3500 miles / 24 hours = 145.8333333 miles/hour.

Dave, this is more than 2X the legal speed limit on your nation's highways.

Why don't we break this down a little further?

145.8333333333 / 60 minutes = 2.430555555 miles/minute.

Reducing this even further we get a value of 213.88889 feet per second!  That's 2/3 the length of a football field every second!

How much energy does your car require to travel 70 mph?  How much energy does it take for your car to travel 145 mph?  

How much energy would it take for a continent to travel 145 mph through water?  Think back to your fluid dynamics classes from first year engineering Dave, come up with a number and get back to us, OK?  What would that energy do to the water surrounding it Dave?  Do you think the earth would even have cooled down yet, 4300 (alleged) years later?

Date: 2006/09/18 15:10:22, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Sep. 18 2006,14:29)
Bing ... think PRE-FLOOD continents, my friend.

Dave, you said in an earlier post that you believed that there was only 1 super-continent before the flood.  And that it broke up during the flood to become the continents we see today.

So again, how does 1 continent break up and then all the pieces go whizzing around underwater at 145 mph?  How much energy is required to overcome the drag of the water?

Here's a little hint I found for you.

D = ½ * p * v² * A * C

where D is the drag in Newtons, p is the density of the medium (floodwaters), v is velocity, A is the surface area and C is the drag coefficient.  

You can figure out the velocity Dave, something like 780,000,000 m/s?  What's that squared Davie-doodles?  Something like 608,400,000,000,000,000?

And the surface area?  Well, how long is the pacific coastline?  Billions of meters?  And how deep?  How many billions of square meters of surface area?  

Just how friggin' big does that drag number come out to Dave?  How much energy would be required to overcome that number?  Enough to boil the planet?

Date: 2006/09/27 12:33:05, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Sep. 27 2006,16:56)
Heddle is swiftly punished for pointing out the emperor's lack of clothing:

23. William Dembski // Sep 27th 2006 at 4:51 pm

David Heddle: I don’t like your attitude. I recently booted you off a listserve that I moderate. I’m now booting you from this blog. Goodbye.

Comment by William Dembski — September 27, 2006 @ 4:51 pm

Dang, maybe we should invite him HERE? He's certainly brighter than GoP or ROB.

But it appears his booting didn't stick.  See comment #27 22 minutes later.

David Heddle  // Sep 27th 2006 at 5:13 pm

Oh brother. Prevailing theories are not supplanted by mantra. .....

I predict that this comment will be deleted in its entirety very  soon.

Date: 2006/09/27 12:50:48, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Sep. 27 2006,17:43)
I don't think it's that his banning didn't stick, it's just that no one at UD has physically added his name to the ban list yet.

Maybe they're waiting for it to be miraculously added to the ban list, as some kind of trial by ordeal.  If the name goes on the list by some supernatural means, then G*d really wanted him to be banned?

Date: 2006/09/27 14:48:48, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Sep. 27 2006,17:53)
Please! We're making no claims as to the identity of whoever it is that will ban him!

It could be space aliens.

It could be, just for argument's sake.  But I recall something from Dembski about banning being the logos of John's gospel in the idiom of booting theory.

So even if he invokes powerful space aliens or time travellers from our future it's all just "nudge-nudge wink-wink say-no-more it's G*d".  

The sacrament of booting is more akin to an exorcism.

Date: 2006/09/28 13:34:54, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Alan Fox @ Sep. 28 2006,14:52)
I have absolutely no argument with moderation policy, just a thought that any snipping should be annotated.

I agree with this.  On another board I frequent the software automatically adds a small phrase at the bottom of an edited post identifying who made the edit and when it was done.

Steve edited one of my earlier posts to make it less gross and I thought I was descending further into dementia because I was sure of the words I had typed, yet what appeared on the screen was different.

Is this an easy feature to turn on in Ikonboard Wes?

Date: 2006/10/01 07:48:32, Link
Author: Bing
deleted because I didn't read far enough down the thread.

Date: 2006/10/01 13:11:19, Link
Author: Bing
William "Show Me the Money" Dembski-Tidwell on the Ken Miller up to his old tricks . . .thread:

... I, as one of its principal advocates, am looking at more speaking engagements than I can fulfill and very generous honoraria (I suspect more than Ken Miller receives).

So it's not about:
  • the science
  • the politics
  • the religion
It's all about the notoriety and the honoraria, the payola, the bling-bling.  Demsbki's taking the cash from the rubes, with maybe a little bit of dick-waving in Ken Miller's direction over their relative sizes.

Date: 2006/10/07 02:19:40, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (2ndclass @ Oct. 06 2006,17:41)
Well, that's news to me.  I'm not sure how I earned a Master's in Electrical Engineering and worked for several years as a hardware designer without designing hardware, but obviously you know more about me than I do.

Well, there you go.  You have both and undergrad and graduate degrees and professional experience in the relevant field.  Obviously you have no justfication for claiming any knowledge in the area.

OTOH DaveScot has sergeant's stripes from the USMC.  Because he's an autodidact (he's had a Scientific American subscription for more than 30 years) polymath (he told us) with an IQ above 150 (again, self-identified) based on extrapolation from his SAT scores then his stripes trump your academic hoods and actual experience any day.

In his ID world theology degrees confer expertise in biology, USMC rank tops IEEE membership and all that is really necessary is a fawning devotion to his Most Worshipful Master Dembski.

Date: 2006/10/09 09:26:26, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Oct. 09 2006,13:57)
  • All of human kind descended from two genetically rich parents, Adam and Eve, but did not diversify significantly due to minimal geographic isolation.
  • My hypothesis proposes that there was only one large "super-continent" prior to the Great Flood of Noah, thus minimizing geographic isolation and resultant natural selection and specialization/diversification.

  • Who was it that G*d gave syphilis to, Adam or Eve?  For it to get on Noah's Ark and then on to us it had to come from somewhere.
  • Evidence please, and not from some wacky creo-wingnut site.  Please account for the energy required to move continents at more than 145 mph.

Date: 2006/10/16 12:57:27, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (ericmurphy @ Oct. 16 2006,17:37)
So how many bacterial "kinds" do you think Noah collected with his beaker? Or did he use tweezers?

He didn't have to, Noah and his sons were shoveling mountains of E. coli over the side.  Therefore E. coli must be one of the original "created kinds" taken on the Ark as passengers of the passengers.

Date: 2006/10/20 15:43:02, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (JohnW @ Oct. 20 2006,13:46)
2.  Therefore Adam and Eve were, at best, heterozygous at each locus, and had different alleles from each other.

See, this is the part that I don't get.  

If Eve was made from Adam's rib (side?) then isn't she effectively a clone of Adam, with G*d using Adam's genetic material taken from muscle or bone to whip her up in His supernatural petrie dish?  Obviously He would have had to do some manipulation to eliminate that pesky 'Y' and double up on the 'X' to make things work for gender but wouldn't the DNA taken from mature somatic cells be pretty uniform?  No messy meiosis scrambling things up?

Date: 2006/10/21 02:05:37, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (JohnW @ Oct. 20 2006,23:35)
Maybe Noah's family were megaploid.

I was going to say that Dave is the only example of polyploidy here, but that would be insulting to people with trisomy 21

Date: 2006/11/15 16:59:23, Link
Author: Bing
Who called Dave?  This could be fun.  Oooh, my turn to guess!

I'm guessing that "Dr." Dino, Kent Hovind himself, called Dave.  I'm willing to go further and predict that "Dr." Dino offered Dave his own "Ph.D" in Creationist Science from Dino Adventure Land University for only $9999 (in small denomination, unsequential unmarked bills only, mustn't go over $10K and alert the authorities).   In addition "Dr." Dino offered unrestricted performance rights of Kent's schtick while he's away on federal vacation subject to a small royalty.  Said royalty payable in cartons of cigarettes on visiting day.

Date: 2006/11/18 20:28:03, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Nov. 18 2006,18:14)
Your "godidit" meme is dying out. If it was not, then you'd have no need to be here would you? Refining your "arguments" (wrong word for what you spout, but...)
Dying out, huh?

Perhaps you meant to say "Darwinism" is dying out?

So what you're saying is that good ol' Ken has never read Matthew 21:12-13?


12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

Den of thieves, eh?  Must be, running a $14M a year business that masquerades as a church.

Date: 2006/11/19 14:41:44, Link
Author: Bing
On the Larry Moran thread we find this gem:

3. Scott  // Nov 19th 2006 at 2:06 pm

Big shocker - he’s also an atheist fundamentalist…

Funny how atheism and blind zealotry for the Darwinian mystery religion so often go hand in hand.

Comment by Scott — November 19, 2006 @ 2:06 pm

But ID is all about the science, nothing about religion, no siree!  ID is not in any way the repackaged creationism taken from bible thumpers past, even if some activist judge says so.  So there's absolutely no reason at all to mention someone's religiousity or lack thereof.  Move along folks, nothing to see here.

Date: 2006/12/01 19:42:04, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Dec. 01 2006,19:16)
Remember my asking about Dembski's new job?

Next week there should be some news out about it.

You mean there's another Backwater Christian Clown College even lower on the totem pole than the one he's at now?

Date: 2006/12/02 13:18:53, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Dec. 02 2006,10:21)
Meanwhile, I have achieved my goal of finding out what evolutionary scientists really believe.

And it's even more unbelievable than I had even imagined.

There's the problem Dave.  It's not important what scientists really believe, it's what explanation they accept for a natural occurrence that's best explained by the evidence presented today.  Maybe tomorrow another scientist will present evidence that turns things completely upside-down, that's always a possibility.  But the practice of science marches on.

On the other hand you have your magic book, literal, inerrant, unchanging since it was dictated by G*d Almighty.  You believe, evidence not required.  

This entire thread is a monument to your Kurt Wise moment.

...if all the evidence in the universe turns against creationism, I would be the first to admit it, but I would still be a creationist because that is what the Word of God seems to indicate. Here I must stand.
(Kurt Wise, In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation, New Holland Publishers, (August 2000))

That you have so little imagination is not our problem.

Date: 2006/12/02 14:44:27, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Dec. 02 2006,13:42)
Just another little refutation of the idea that creationists are dumb.

Where did I ever say that creationists were dumb?  Find me the explicit quote.

But why don't you go ahead and read what Wise wrote about his decision.  

...the young Kurt touchingly dreamed of getting a Ph.D. from Harvard and teaching science at a major university. He achieved the first part of his goal, but became increasingly uneasy as his scientific learning conflicted with his religious faith. When he could bear the strain no longer, he clinched the matter with a Bible and a pair of scissors. He went right through from Genesis 1 to Revelations 22, literally cutting out every verse that would have to go if the scientific worldview were true. At the end of this exercise, there was so little left of his Bible that

   ". . . try as I might, and even with the benefit of intact margins throughout the pages of Scripture, I found it impossible to pick up the Bible without it being rent in two. I had to make a decision between evolution and Scripture. Either the Scripture was true and evolution was wrong or evolution was true and I must toss out the Bible. . . . It was there that night that I accepted the Word of God and rejected all that would ever counter it, including evolution. With that, in great sorrow, I tossed into the fire all my dreams and hopes in science."

Did you get that Dave?  He rejected all the evidence that would ever counter the WoG.  He chose to use the bible-filter to eliminate contrary evidence.

Dr. Wise must have got into Harvard by luck or privileged birth or something, right?
 Nope, never said that either, you must be thinking of somebody else (George W. Bush's and his Yale entrance perhaps, or the admission to Harvard MBA with C's?)

Date: 2006/12/10 07:34:30, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Kristine @ Dec. 09 2006,11:54)
I think they have a soft spot in their hearts for me, I really do.

Well, we have ample evidence in this thread of the soft spots they all have in their heads.  

I would guess that they also have soft spots in their trousers that no amount of Viagra could overcome.

Why shouldn't they also have soft spots in their hearts (which, BTW, is so complex it is impossible to have arisen by chance so it must be designed!  Praise be to G*d)

Date: 2006/12/16 15:55:46, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Dec. 16 2006,14:42)
People used to think death was brought by bad smells.

I was eating vindaloo and dupiaza last night and drinking many Double Diamonds.

There was a very bad smell this morning and I thought I was going to die.

I think I just presented more evidence than Davie has in both threads!

Date: 2006/12/21 17:45:54, Link
Author: Bing
I'm currently living in a small town outside of London, ON, Canada and  alum of UWO.  Go Stangs!

Date: 2006/12/26 09:22:47, Link
Author: Bing
Has anyone else notice that the young Master Maggy has only posted once on this thread to announce his arrival, and that the rest of the posts are by the usual suspects?

Given his websites are chock full of the typical creationist boilerplate I must ask why we're repeating this exercise?  That he's an award winner from AiG only secures his bona fides.

There's more than enough evidence out there to destroy the literalist's Creation Myth Confirmed by Science hypothesis.  How many times must we re-invent the wheel?

We already have our one intractable fundagelical wingnut, do we really need another?  And will AFDave get jealous when he sees he's been replaced with a younger model?

Date: 2006/12/27 11:07:22, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Dec. 27 2006,09:27)
I could be off by a couple hundred years on the Flood date, but before we go adjusting any dates, consider this ...

1) Longevity did not decrease until quite some time after the Flood
2) Brothers married sisters and half sisters routinely
3) Families were large.  Tradition says that Adam had a total of 56 children (Whiston notes in Josephus, p. 32)

1)evidence please?  And not from the bibble either.  Current evidence from tribal populations living in primitive pre-literate conditions suggests that living into one's 40s is extraordinary.
2)Who cares, it still means that women had to have lots of kids?
3)Again, evidence please.

Use your head Dave.  Do some math.  Babies mean a 9 month gestation, and then after that there's some ovulation suppression from nursing.  Assume that each baby takes about a year from the ol' humpa-humpa until it's out and suckling at the teat.  Even allowing some twins in that 56, are you really expecting us to believe that women gave birth year-in and year-out for a period of 30 or 40 years?  Assuming further that maternal age at first birth is around 15 or so, you're saying that women had serial pregnancies well into their 50s?  What about menopause Dave?  Did women not go through menopause until much later either, because of the miraculous effects of their pre-flood perfection?

I have some friends who come from large families.  With 11 brothers and sisters, the mothers look positively burned up.  Did the men take many wives to have those 50 children, like the fundy mormons do?

I also want to know how this explosive population growth was sustained.  If you plant in the spring, and then harvest in the fall, how could eight people have planted enough to sustain their exponentially growing families?

Date: 2006/12/27 20:52:59, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (skeptic @ Dec. 27 2006,20:29)
I hate to be disappointed but I had hoped that we had a prodigy on our hands.

Maybe we've only got a Ham prodigy or possibly a Hovind Savant.

Q:  How do you know when you've found a Hovind Savant?

A:  He's in jail for tax fraud while he's still in his 20s.

Date: 2006/12/31 11:21:07, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ Dec. 31 2006,11:00)
I sympathize. But in the history of the internets, no troll thread ever ended because all the sensible people decided to quit it.

So if we did, it'd be some kind of record?

What do you say folks?  Shall we abandon DavieDiddle to his AiG fueled dementia and carry on in the other threads?

He's said repeatedly that he's real deal, the intractable YEC.  Let's make this his Kurt Wise moment;

...if all the evidence in the universe turns against creationism, I would be the first to admit it, but I would still be a creationist because that is what the Word of God seems to indicate. Here I must stand.

Let's help him stand with Kurt.  But let's leave him alone to do it.

Date: 2006/12/31 12:57:09, Link
Author: Bing
Just as long as he's not #5000.  I'd hate to give him the ability to crow elsewhere that he's had the last word and single-handedly defeated the Evil Atheist Horde™

Date: 2006/12/31 17:04:53, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Dec. 31 2006,16:47)
So now if anyone asks if Wesley and Steve are open-minded, I guess the answer is "Sort of ... but they have their limits."

It's interesting ... Steve once said that the AFDave thread is great for science ... no one would ever want to be a creationist after reading Dave's stupidity.

Well now we see that that statement, like many statements from the science establishment regarding the Creation/Evolution Controversy ...

... is NONSENSE.

Davie-diddles, at the point where your thread is shut down there will be more than 11,000 posts!  A good portion are yours.

The thing is, it was your obligation to offer positive evidence for your hypothesis.  What you've done instead is post wingnutty objections to evolution, quotemines, handwaving and plain old sh1t that you or your AiG mentors just made up.  This does not constitute positive evidence at all.

You've proved absolutely resistant to any measure of learning whatsoever that in some cases even my 9 year old understands.  

But like everything else you bemoan the lack of "tolerance".  8 months and 11000 posts later and you whine about tolerance?  Doesn't this strike you as ridiculous?  You had your opportunity, you fumbled it and now it's time to move along.

There is no Creation/Evolution controversy, except in the fevered imagination of religious fundamentalists who insist on a literal reading of Genesis.  And you are the poster child.

Date: 2007/01/02 18:29:56, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (dgszweda @ Jan. 02 2007,13:03)
Isaac Newton supported creationism.  I would hope that the father of calculus and obviously Newtonian Physics is credible.

Newton died in 1727.  Darwin published OOS in 1859.  1859-1727=132.  Do you think the fact that he was dead for 132 years might have compromised his ability to do research?

Offering Newton as an authority and creationist is just as useful as saying he didn't support man's ability to build machines capable of heavier-than-air flight because he died before Wilber and Orville did their thing 176 years later.

Date: 2007/01/06 11:18:21, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Jan. 06 2007,07:21)
You mean the "YEC tarpit of the mind" like Newton's?  He had quite a mental "tarpit" didn't he, now?  Really dumb guy.  Couldn't do math or science.  What a waste of a life!

Dave you are an unrepentant wingnut!  

As I already pointed out to your friend the Rev. Pastor Dog'sBollocks, Newton died 132 years before Darwin published OOS.  So unless he was possessed of some special powers that allowed him to continue to do research after he was buried in Westminster Abbey and his brain became worm food, your appeal to Newton's authority is a non-starter.  By the same notion you could argue that Newton would also be against heavier-than-air-flight, (because he was dead 176 years before the Wright's flew at Kitty Hawk in 1903), the telephone (patented by Bell 149 years after Newton's death).

Date: 2007/01/06 19:27:59, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Jan. 06 2007,14:30)
my response on Newton was in response to someone saying my YEC mind is a tarpit.  I was wondering why Newton seemed to do just fine in spite of his "tarpitness."  Is your argument that Newton's mind was NOT a tarpit because he held a majority viewpoint on Origins, but mine IS a tarpit b/c I hold a minority viewpoint?

Interesting logic, that.

You still don't get it, do you?  Newton died 132 years before Darwin published OOS.  You on the other hand are alive 148 years after it's publication.  There is 280 years of accumulated scientific achievement between Newton's death and today.  You have the world's libraries at your fingertips because of the medium we're using now.  You've had experts in various fields explain to you why your "evidence" doesn't hold up, but you blithely dismissed it as a difference in viewpoints.

You had more than enough opportunity to present evidence for your hypothesis, yet all you managed to offer was misdirection and trumped up claims against evolution taken from sources who proudly proclaim something along the lines of "if observation contradicts the bible, then observation is wrong."  You don't get what that means?  

I have more respect for your friend with the unpronounceable handle.  At least he admits his blinders up front.  He didn't dissemble, quotemine, or c&p bullsh1te from AiG to help his case.

It's not viewpoint discrimination Dave, you're just wrong plain and simple.  You have access to knowledge that Newton never had.  He was an advanced mind for his time.  But things that were unthinkable to all but a genius almost 300 years ago are commonplace today.  I could never have invented the Calculus, but I did learn some of it in high school.  You have heard the phrase "on the shoulders of giants", eh Davie?

Do you think he would have done what you've done these past 8 months, the 'net equivalent of sticking your fingers in your yelling la-la-la, I can't hear you!?  That's your tarpit Dave, you discount all the work of those giants because it contradicts your image of your parochial little god.

Date: 2007/01/07 11:45:29, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afdave @ Jan. 06 2007,21:39)
So I have a tarpit mind b/c I hold a minority viewpoint.  (Like Galileo did)

Dave, once and for all, you are not Galileo.

You do not have a tarpit mind because you hold a minority viewpoint, you have a tarpit because your biblical literalism has disabled you from learning or acknowledging anything that would contradict it.  I'm rather surprised you're not a flat earther too.

From Wikipedia:
Galileo Galilei pioneered the use of quantitative experiments whose results could be analyzed with mathematical precision, an approach then lacking in Europe.

Although he tried to remain loyal to the Catholic Church, Galileo's adherence to experimental results, and their most honest interpretation, clearly contributed to the rejection of blind allegiance to authority, both philosophical and religious, in matters of science. This helped lead to the separation of science from both philosophy and religion, a major justification for his description as the "father of science".

Do you understand yet Dave?  Perhaps the most telling difference between you and Galileo is that he fomented the rejection of blind allegiance to authority, both philosophical and religious, in matters of science. This helped lead to the separation of science from both philosophy and religion, a major justification for his description as the "father of science"

Read it a couple times if you have to, I know you're going to have trouble with that rejection of blind allegiance to authority, both philosophical and religious, in matters of science.  But let that sink in a bit.

One more time, just in case you missed it.  rejection of blind allegiance to authority, both philosophical and religious, in matters of science. This helped lead to the separation of science from both philosophy and religion

In all the time you've been here, you've been about nothing but blind allegiance to authority, especially religious.  It's coloured every single post you've written.  You tried to cover it up with faux science, but your religious sources, your appeals to authority, your insistence on making the genesis myth fit within the accepted observation of centuries of science is so opposite to Galileo's experience that you couldn't be more wrong about yourself.

He provided evidence, you have provided none.  You sir, are the anti-Galileo.

Date: 2007/01/14 14:02:17, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ Jan. 14 2007,13:27)
Where's that link go?

Try this one

You had an extra . after the .htm in the filename and that just won't work.

Date: 2007/02/04 12:25:08, Link
Author: Bing
Is DaveTard now taking the opportunity of his premature Dell retirement to pursue a career in medicine?  

With the IQ certified at 150+ from 20 year old SAT scores and his vast science knowledge gleaned from 30 years of reading Scientific American I bet he could skip the MCAT, skip med school, and just go on to ace the national boards and put the letters FACS right after his name.

Date: 2007/02/04 14:17:52, Link
Author: Bing
Sweat trickled from his naked body although....
I normally hate to interfere with the creative process, but don't you think it would be more realistic to say something like?

Sweat trickled into the folds of his pale soft skin; folds created by an avoidance of actual work and his consumption of bags of Cheezy Poofs to numerous to count.  The smell of intertrigo hung heavy in the air.

Date: 2007/02/05 14:09:38, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Lou FCD @ Feb. 05 2007,06:29)

You'll spoil the ending!

Oh c'mon, this one should be easy to predict.

The "Designer" and engineers of the Spaceship Dumbskass didn't have to match the pathetic level of detail that the evil materialist starship constructors had to.  So they had a G*d-bothering graphics designer do all the control panels for weapons and propulsion systems.  While it looked great, it was entirely non-functional.  And when Commodore WAD tried to fire on the fleet from the United Federation of Darwinists it just made a *fizzle-pop* sound.  The Commodore and his intrepid crew just barely escaped in a ICpod to begin their 10-20 year trek back to the home planet to regroup before the next attack is launched by their successors.

Date: 2007/02/16 13:23:42, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (k.e @ Feb. 16 2007,03:54)
Old tards never die, they just fade away.

Sung in a falsetto: (with apologies to Neil Young)

My my, hey hey
The DaveTard is here to stay
It's better to burn out than to fade away
My my, hey hey


Hey hey, my my
DaveScot Tard can never die
There's less to the picture
Than meets the eye
Hey hey, my my

Date: 2007/02/18 07:39:04, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Occam's Toothbrush @ Feb. 18 2007,06:59)

Quote (Bozeman @ mom's basement)
It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

Yes, it will, Precious. It will get the hose.

Now it places the lotion in the basket.

It places the lotion in the basket.

Put the fucking lotion in the basket!


It's better if you watch the video.

Date: 2007/02/18 07:51:41, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (jujuquisp @ Feb. 18 2007,07:44)
If he acts like this outside of the internet, he probably lives a very lonely, sad life.  All his bluster and bravado is not enough to hide the true insecurities and inadequacies that lie underneath.

I've run into quite a few on teh intarwebs that are really Caspar Q. Milquetoaste in life.  Must be something about being able to create an online personna, if you want to be a 150++ IQ superhero autodidact with the entirety of your SciAm subscription committed to your memory palace, then that's fine.  Especially if you're a cheezy-poof glutton in a stained t-shirt.

Date: 2007/02/22 12:10:32, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Zachriel @ Feb. 22 2007,06:42)

How about these?


I read this and then the damnedest thing popped into my head.

And now I must inflict it on all of you Tommy TuTone  and Jenny (867-5309)

Date: 2007/02/24 05:58:49, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (ericmurphy @ Feb. 23 2007,18:59)
De rien, mon vieux, as our northern neighbors often say.

They say "tabernac" much more frequently.  I would suggest it be used like this:

Tabernac!! It's that wingnut fundy AFDave again!

Date: 2007/02/24 16:45:48, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Stephen Elliott @ Feb. 24 2007,14:37)
Coincidently, I had a Jehova's witness at my door today. He was sorta alone (as in he did not have a coleague), he did have his young (bored looking) son with him.

It was quite amazing with the arguments he used. Micro/Macro evolution, Why do we still have monkeys, The list of scientists etc etc where all mentioned. This site gave me enough counter-arguments to send him packing without being rude. He didn't even leave me the pamphlets he was going to.

This place and PT had me well prepared in my arguments. Seen them before and had answers/refutations.

With hindsight I could have handled it better. Invited him in and show him where he had been lied to.

OTOH I did not want to upset him too much. I believe that he thought he was doing good work.

That's where you and I differ.  I had one coming to my door every Saturday for weeks on end.  He seemed like a nice old geezer but polite requests to leave me alone and not knock on my door were ignored.

So finally fed up, I invited him in.  When I asked him to light the candles in the points of the pentagram that I had painted on the basement floor while I went and got the chicken he took off like a scalded cat.

And the next week I saw him cross the street as he walked up the sidewalk.  Guess I musta scared him or something?

Date: 2007/02/27 19:52:36, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ Feb. 27 2007,18:57)
Secular people are every bit as generous as the religious. Year before last I'd just graduated and was in dire straits, $10,000 in debt, 4 months late on the rent, very close to being kicked out on the streets by my landlord. I vaguely alluded to these problems in a post, and a guy from either here or PT contacted me and offered to send me some money to help me out, no questions asked, no expectation of repayment. Pure human generosity, straight out of the blue.

Despite all his Dellmillions, I can guess who it wasn't.

Date: 2007/03/13 15:43:30, Link
Author: Bing
I was listening to The Current on CBC Radio this morning and I caught this segment.  I thought you folks might like to hear it for yourselves.

Turkey – Creationism Documentary

Scroll down to The Current: Part 2 for a description of the piece and click on the linky to listen to the program in RealPlayer.

Date: 2007/04/14 13:40:04, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Kristine @ April 13 2007,21:39)
("It's your turn, Sal." "Psst Joseph, how can I create information out of ZXYWLRST?"

Wasn't that the drummer's name in Hedwig and the Angry Inch?

Date: 2007/04/19 14:50:50, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Ichthyic @ April 19 2007,13:38)
whoever wrote that surely recalls Dembski's wager.

BTW, WD40 still hasn't paid up on that one, has he?

Hey now, is that fair?  I mean the guy's a cough-cough respected faculty member at a third-tier Baptist seminary.  There's probably some kind of rule about him going into a liquor store to buy the stuff.  If he can't buy, he can't pay?  

I wouldn't be too sure if he didn't have to sign something to that effect either, along with his Statement of Faith and acknowledgement of Biblical Inerrancy to take the job.  

He probably can't f*ck his wife standing up either, because that might lead to dancing.

Date: 2007/04/20 13:34:57, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ April 20 2007,13:10)
WTF? Do they? I suspect that porn is the one thing where it "comes naturally" :) FTK, what university did you go to?

Yes, they do, well in a kinda-sorta way.  I took Psy153(Psychology of Human Sexual Behaviour) at Western with Bill Fisher back in the day.  Some of my friends referred to it as F*ckSci.  We only got movie night once during the semester and we had to watch a movie about a couple of 70 year-olds getting it on.  All the moves seemed the same, only slower.

I'm guessing she wanted to go go Liberty, but didn't meet the admission requirements, so she had to settle for Patriot like Kent Hovind.

Date: 2007/04/22 08:10:03, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (skeptic @ April 22 2007,07:55)
This is what happens when someone actually knows what they're talking about and has , maybe, served in the Navy as opposed to relying on Wikipedia and little cardboard cutouts.

Flipping sliders in the enlisted's mess does not count.  Say again, "Do you want fries with that Petty Officer?"  Takes you back, doesn't it?

Date: 2007/04/23 18:02:08, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (blipey @ April 23 2007,12:18)
No.  The Glenlivet 18 yr is a fine, respectable whisky.  However (and I may be wrong), I assume that DaveTard meant the 12 yr when he merely typed Glenlivet.  The 12 yr is a bit rough in my opinion and really not in my top 25 or 30 scotches.

The 18 yr Glenlivet is not in my top 10 either, but I would certainly have a couple--neat--if you insist.

My absolute favorite is the 21 yr Balvenie, portwood aged.  The Macallan 25 yr is also very nice.  For a slightly cheaper nice drink I like both the Tamnavullin Stillman's Dram and Laphroaig 15 yr Islay.

I'm currently partial to a wee dram of Poit Dhubh, 30yo.  It's rather outrageously priced, but it's my only vice.

I agree on The Balvenie, it's lovely.  

A friend wanted to clean out his whisky cupboard and held a party he called "The Culling o' the Herd."  He had 19 different bottles, all in various stages of consumption.  Hired a piper, we all wore our kilts, ate haggis, it was big fun.  We killed 12.

The guest of honor at the party was the reason he needed to cull the herd.  It was a Highland Park 25yo.

(A trivial note aside, my wife recently sold one of our whippet puppies to a fellow who's father was a master cooper at Highland Park.  Family legend has it that Da' was given a case of HP 50 yo as a retirement gift.  Oh what I wouldn't give for a nip of that!)

Sláinte mhath!

Date: 2007/04/25 17:55:12, Link
Author: Bing
Hey, with all this coffee talk, should I mention that I work for Van Houtte?

Wes, have you tried any dark roasts?  Typically much lower caffeine than the medium and light roasts (but not caffeine-free), with better flavour than a decaf.

PM me with an IRL mailing addy and I'll see if I can swing some frac-pac samples for you to try.

Date: 2007/05/12 12:27:51, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Ftk @ May 12 2007,10:50)
I'm not a "fundy",

This strikes me in the same vein as Richard Milhouse's infamous declaration,
"I am not a crook"

Date: 2007/06/27 16:04:04, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (jeannot @ June 27 2007,15:49)
Isn't Walt Brown the one who claims that continents diverged during the flood?

Yep, I think he's the one.  IIRC AFDave used Brown as a source to explain the breakup of the continents in a day.  Only AFDoodles couldn't explain how North and South America racing away from Africa at 145 kilometers per hour would not have boiled all the water off the planet.

Date: 2007/07/09 10:27:52, Link
Author: Bing
I just read that thread and noticed that one of her comments from a Jim Sherwood points out that Behe is a pariah.  Now, I don't think it's proper to use the correct term when FtK herself coined the spoonerism "...a pirahna to all scientific thought" on her own blog so I posted a comment correcting him.  Any bets on whether she'll allow it through?

Date: 2007/07/09 11:49:13, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ July 09 2007,10:44)
There must be a Broadway show tune here somewhere

That you know what a Broadway show tune is, let alone writing alternate lyrics to the tune of a very famous song penned by the Gershwins, (and performed by Fred Astaire) gives DaveTard the biggest opportunity to call you a homo in all-caps bold.

Date: 2007/08/21 12:50:17, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Aug. 21 2007,05:37)
They don't seem to realize that talking up "debate" while maintaining an empty page supposedly for the purpose of showing off "debate" just makes the whole thing look that much phonier.

Well that and asking participants to email in comments.  With all the forum software available they're asking participants to email comments??

"We will review them and address them on these pages."

So much for the lightly-moderated non-edited version that we all hoped Nelson and the Disco boys might provide.  I know that was a stretch but today I'm an optimist.

Anyone care to bet on where all the email to that address goes?  I'm saying straight to "deleted items" and purged on the close of Outlook.

Date: 2007/11/24 11:25:14, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Nov. 24 2007,11:05)
...reminds me of the pope giving married couples advice about their sex lives.

And it would be reasonable for the pope to give such advice if people actually married 12 year old altar boys.

Date: 2008/01/05 13:35:06, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Ftk @ Jan. 05 2008,13:18)
And, what about the "character assassination" aimed at Sal on a daily basis?  I've read all the crap said about him, and it is way beyond the pale.  Like you said, the man has three college degrees and is an aspiring scientist.  

Yeah, 3 college degrees and he thinks the evidence supports a 6000 year old earth.

Except physics, because that doesn't agree with a 6000 year old earth.  But if physics could be overturned somehow so that it supported a 6000 year old earth, then that would be good too.

And this is someone who is allegedly an "aspiring scientist"?

Date: 2008/01/17 03:19:51, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Jan. 17 2008,03:09)
IIRC, one of the popular prime-time cartoon shows had a segment on what Scientologists believe, which had a nice representation of Xenu, complete with deep villain laugh. Anybody recall that?

South Park

Wikipedia descripton of episode because the whole episode is getting harder to find on teh intarwebz.

Date: 2008/01/18 10:42:31, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Richardthughes @ Jan. 06 2008,23:47)
Argument ad paycheckum!

I think DaveTard tried this one first.

And he makes perfect sense in Tardworld.

  • 1. Bill Gates is a computer geek
  • 2. Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world
  • 3. Therefore Bill Gates is always right
  • 4. Bill Gates gives money to the Dishonesty Institute through his foundation
  • 5.The Dishonesty Insitute is correct, given #3
  • 6. Shut up losers, I'm a Dell millionaire.

Date: 2008/01/22 12:50:33, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Kristine @ Jan. 22 2008,12:34)
What I could never figure out is, what are you supposed to do if you save it, and your hubby is a lousy lover?

Cart before the horse missy, if you saved it like a good girl, how would you know he's lousy?  

Given the abundance of fundy sex advice on teh intarwebz there should be no reason for a good girl to have any ideas about the perversions of intercourse, other than:
  • you wear a burlap nightgown
  • lights off
  • missionary position
  • count to 10 mississippi and pray that he's done

Date: 2008/01/31 03:17:22, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (ERV @ Jan. 30 2008,22:38)
4.  IQ tests are bullshit.  Example A) Dave Scott.

But remember, DaveScot extrapolated his IQ from his SAT score.  It's not from the Stanford-Binet. And he wrote his SAT not as a 17 yo while still in high school but as a 21 yo after a stint in the USMC.  I'm thinking that perhaps some of the training he received in the Corps just might have given him an advantage when it came to taking the test.

Edited because I can too!

Date: 2008/02/05 12:50:53, Link
Author: Bing
C'mon now, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for that webpage.

As all of us in the Evil Atheist Conspiracy® know, HTML is short for HyperText Materialist Language.  And when the language was created the <GODDIDIT> tag was deprecated.

Without the ability to embed <GODDIDIT> after the <HTML> tag in a webpage it forces them to deny the very existence of G*d.  And because the Evil Atheist Conspiracy® controls the intarwebz through the W3C (another of the far reaching tentacles of the EAC®) then Godly Wingnut Pseudoscientists cannot create pages for the web.

Or they haven't accomplished shite and can't be bothered, just like their journal.

Date: 2008/02/11 13:54:00, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Ftk @ Feb. 11 2008,07:18)
I backed up what I said about Eugenie.  She said that priests with backward collars are of better use to her than biologists.

[snip] excise irrelevant blah blah [/snip]

You can interprete her method anyway you choose, but it seems pretty obvious to me what she's doing.

What is she doing?  Go back and read Wes' comment about NCSE guidelines for testifying at a school board meeting.  Do you see the point about "socio-political stance"?

I'll quote it again here for your benefit.

That's because religiously-motivated antievolution is a socio-political stance, not one that is primarily driven by consideration of the scientific issues. This remains the case whether pointed out by someone who personally is an atheist materialist or by a theist.

Now let's put our noggins together and think about this FtK.  What point is Genie trying to make?

Got it yet?  I'll give you a hint.  The point that Genie is trying to make is that a typical school board would be more readily predisposed to listen to a priest/pastor on any subject including the subject of science standards while at the same time wholly discounting the learned opinions of experts in the sciences.

Why did the Dover board dismiss the teachers' concerns?  Was it on the basis of the relevant science or culture war?

Now let's think about that for a moment.  Take your typical school board member and posit the following scenarios.

1:  he/she has an abscessed tooth
2:  he/she has difficulty reading the newspaper
3:  he/she has headaches, dizzyness and shortness of breath
4:  he/she has been served with a lawsuit
5:  he/she needs to know if he can renovate his house and add a room over the garage.
6:  he/she needs help understanding the relevent science for school curriculum.

For each question the school board member can choose from the following list.

1:  priest or dentist
2:  priest or optometrist
3:  priest or physician
4:  priest or lawyer
5:  priest or architect
6:  priest or scientist

So tell me why a reasonable person would seek the opinion of the relevant professional in scenarios 1-5?  Explain to me why that when it comes to question 6 all bets are off and the scientist is discounted?

As has been said so many times before you aren't here to argue the science.  You've proven many times that you don't understand it.

You're here as a culture warrior.

Date: 2008/02/11 15:16:48, Link
Author: Bing
FtK wrote:
To a person like myself, Dembski, Casey, or any one else who understands what ID is actually about...

So FtK annoints herself one of the leading lights of the ID movement?  Before Dembski, before Luskin?  Behe doesn't even rate a mention, nor do Gonzalez, Wells, Meyer, O'Leary, etc.

A Kansas housewife ahead of the philosopher-mathematician who can't hold a job in legitimate academia and a lawyer who can't even figure out copyright.

What exactly is ID about?  Help us understand too.  Can you explain the Theory of ID and the evidence for it?

Date: 2008/03/17 10:00:40, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Zarquon @ Mar. 17 2008,05:41)
They're so butch the Scotsmen wear the skirts.

And they referred to those Scotsmen as The Ladies from Hell.

Date: 2008/03/28 03:17:44, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (IanBrown_101 @ Mar. 27 2008,21:14)
I'm pretty sure you still lurk here FTK, although why you don't post is a mystery.

I think she's unhappy about being restricted to the Bathroom Wall by Lou.  She can't even post on her own thread IIRC.  

Her continued absence is probably her own version of Gandi's peaceful civil disobedience, although she probably wouldn't give him credit for the idea.  He was after all a towel wearing Hindu, and was therefore as close to being an atheist as dammit.

Date: 2008/04/09 12:45:12, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (J-Dog @ April 09 2008,12:35)
Quote (Kristine @ April 09 2008,12:29)
(I had a Bigfoot phase when I was around ten-eleven and I can still rattle off way too much Bigfoot trivia!)

Like, they live in TX on houseboats?

I doubt it!  

I knew a girl early in college who said she picked guys based on the size of their feet.  In her (anecdotal) experience large feet were positively correlated with other large anatomical developments.

I never did ask her if she had exceeded sample size at least n=10 and if her results approached the .05 level of confidence.

Given this evidence however, I doubt very much if the Texas Houseboat Tard has big feet, as he writes and behaves very much like he is afflicted with Penis Minimus.

Date: 2008/04/09 18:04:39, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ April 09 2008,15:07)
Quote (Assassinator @ April 09 2008,16:01)
Although Showgirls sucked (o ha   ha   ha), it still had lots of hot naked girls.

That wasn't enough. It's one of only two movies that I've walked out on in my life.

The other is Schindler's List. Make of those facts what you will.

You didn't want to perform a Pee Wee Herman in the theatre where Showgirls was playing and left in a state of partial tumescence?

Date: 2008/05/15 15:56:49, Link
Author: Bing
I was listening to Q on CBC this afternoon and Jian had the curator of  Darwin’s Garden: An Evolutionary Adventure on talking about the exhibit.  Any New Yorkers planning on taking it in?

Podcast will be available here

Date: 2008/06/12 13:07:58, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Louis @ June 12 2008,12:18)
ETA: POST 3000 woot! Oh wait, is that a good thing?

Well, it could be 3000 or it could be 2.3 Billion.  I haven't decided yet but I'm open-minded to either possibility.

I suppose it's possible that the post counter in the code could be incorrect due to materialist atheist bias?

Date: 2008/06/20 10:18:38, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ June 20 2008,09:37)
From DrDrD.    
This is the first book from my own imprint, Erasmus Press (

Why did the Dr² have to start his own press?  Has he become too wingnutty even for Regnery?

Date: 2008/06/26 18:36:28, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ June 26 2008,17:55)
If my daughter is gonna have professors like that, I'm keeping her out of college.  :angry:

I don't blame you in the least.  Disgusting.  

Have you thought about marrying her off to a nice young man from church?  And she can be his help-meet and squeeze out youngins and bake pies for the church picnics and avoid message boards full of atheists-on-a-daily basis.

Date: 2008/06/30 16:36:33, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (lcd @ June 30 2008,16:25)
But what can one expect from a bunch of atheists and God deniers?

Hey now, the Reverend Ronald Simms is anything but a God denier.

Date: 2008/07/22 17:04:00, Link
Author: Bing
[Graffiti moved to Bathroom Wall. -Admin]

Quote (Ftk @ July 22 2008,14:21)
......with parents who believe that they are ultimately the ancestors of a primordial blob that rose from miraculous soupy sludge.

I see we're having another "piranha" moment.

The parents to whom your children would be entrusted are the descendants, the soupy sludge blob is the ancestor.

You say piranha, I say pirhana
You say tomato, I say tomahto
piranha, piranha, tomato, tomato
Let's call the whole thing off!

Date: 2008/07/27 07:55:00, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Louis @ July 26 2008,17:13)
You guys call it ding-dong ditch too? Nice. "Knock down ginger" was the prefered nomenclature when I were a lad, but the other was known also.

What?  "Knock down ginger"?  I thought that was the game you played after a few jars down the pub when you found out the red haired fellow at the next table cheered for Manchester City?

Anyway, our version was called Nicky-Knicky Nine-Doors

Date: 2008/08/08 14:58:01, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 08 2008,11:15)
Louis is a rugby "man".


It must remind him of his Public School days, fond memories of straw boaters, bubble & squeak and buggery.

Date: 2008/08/20 14:22:28, Link
Author: Bing
A majority of Americans (57%) believe that Divine Intervention can heal loved ones when physicians determine that further treatment would be futile.

Trauma Death  Views of the Public and Trauma Professionals on Death and Dying From Injuries, Lenworth M. Jacobs, MD, MPH; Karyl Burns, RN, PhD; Barbara Bennett Jacobs, RN, MPH, PhD, CHPN, Arch Surg. 2008;143(8):730-735.

And a linky to the article that piqued my interest initially.

Date: 2008/08/24 09:53:24, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afarensis @ Aug. 23 2008,22:14)
On behalf of Missouri I apologize. Our bad. Will a couple of cases of budweiser make for it?  

No, it will not.  Budweiser is now a Belgian-by-way-of-Brazil beer.  If you want to offer apology gifts please try to make it a real American one.

Date: 2008/08/24 20:33:08, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (afarensis @ Aug. 24 2008,11:19)
Srsly, why do you hate Belgo-Brazil, er, America?

I don't hate Belgo-Brazil.  Belgium gives us Stella-Artois, and Brazil has given us the wax, both wonderful on their own and together, sublime!

Bud has given us rice sugar in the wort.  Are there rice paddies along the Mississippi?  Then why is there rice in the beer?

Date: 2008/08/25 14:10:16, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Henry J @ Aug. 25 2008,12:19)
But isn't Waterloo already a town (or city?) in Europe? Ergo, it's already materializationedized!!111!! :p

Waterloo is among other things a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada.  Jeffrey Shallit (he of the "Dembski is a pseudoscientist fraud" deposition from the Dover trial) is faculty at The University of Waterloo.  

I would presume that Dr. Shallit is even allowed to enter and eat at any of the UW cafeterias.  That's gotta sting the Dr.Dr. Sweater.

Date: 2008/08/26 13:51:05, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (ERV @ Aug. 25 2008,22:44)
I dont want to be the head atheist.  I want to be the boob atheist!  YAAAAAAY!!!! *claps giddily*


Your *ahem* qualifications don't appear on your CV.  Please provide the documentation at your earliest convenience so that the committee may make its determination.  Pictures of new t-shirts will suffice.

If you're jumping up and down while clapping giddily even better.

Date: 2008/08/26 15:15:20, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 26 2008,14:07)
Everyone knows the correct scientific apparatus required is a trampoline.

Everyone??  Evidently we have a [sneering]dogmatic trampolinist[/sneering] in our midst.

I'll have you know sir that a rain-soaked trampoline is slippery and quite dangerous.  

If ERV so chooses she can perform jumping jacks with the *giddy clap* with her hands meeting at the top of the arm motion.  She can also attempt to do this on a pogo stick, but removing hands to clap increases the degree of difficulty to 3.5.

Date: 2008/09/11 21:10:31, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Sep. 11 2008,20:58)
Ftk likes Palin. I know why: They use the same arithmetic.

Here an otherwise articulate Palin explains to us that the Exxon Valdez "spilled 11,000 gallons of fuel."

Actually it was nearly 11 million gallons of crude oil - she's off by a factor of one thousand and a refinery or two.

11thousand or 11million.  6thousand or 3.6billion.  Off by a factor of 1000, or off by a factor of 600,000.  I think we should be open to the possibility that either is correct.  

Where exactly does the 11thousand-million number come from?  No doubt from some unGodly materialist source like a ship's manifest, and probably written by an atheist.

What does Uncle Waltie say about the Exxon Valdez?  I bet he has some doozies.

Date: 2008/10/11 07:00:20, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (American Saddlebred @ Oct. 10 2008,11:26)
I took first and third in the international masturbation competition.

First on the right and third on the left?  

You'll need to increase the training on your off side to balance your technique or you'll develop a wicked curve in your tadger that'll cause you to pee in the urinal beside you.  Not a problem in and of itself really, but it does tend to upset any neighbours in the public loo.

Date: 2008/10/25 11:11:23, Link
Author: Bing
Reading people self-reporting high IQ's extrapolated from entrance exams on a science-based board is a little like reading Penthouse Forum for the stories of the proverbial 10" dick.

We all know everybody here has got one.  

Well everbody except for ERV, although I would hope that she has a big black strap-on she's saving for Dr. Dr. Dembski.

It also comes perilously close to borderline DaveTard behavior, but without the pathetic self-aggrandisement, boorishness and general wingnuttery-at-large.

Be careful friends!

Date: 2008/10/27 19:18:31, Link
Author: Bing
Oh geez, I completely forgot about this thread.

So back at the beginning of the month we threw a little birthday party for Alexander Keith.  He was 213 on October 5th.

Got a keg of Keith's, had a few bottles of whisky and all was good.  On the nosh side we served Jigg's dinner (corned beef & cabbage), some salmon, Steak and Guinness pie, neeps & tatties, mushie peas.

Celtic music and more whisky for afters.  Unfortunately some miscreants decided that The Macallan Fine Oak 15 yo ($125/bottle), Lagavulin 16 yo ($115/bottle ) and my Highland Park 30 yo ($399) would make excellent shooters.  Sadly all are now but a memory.

Here are some pictures.

Date: 2008/10/31 04:55:48, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Oct. 29 2008,22:55)
Quote (stevestory @ Oct. 29 2008,19:40)
chunky ragu ingredients according to label:

tomato puree (water, tomato paste), diced tomatoes in puree, onions, sugar, soybean oil, salt, spices, garlic powder, natural flavors.

Take that, Chatfield!

You're right, Steve. I shouldn't make fun. Why, in five years, everyone might be enjoying the exciting new Italian curries you've invented.


I thought the same thing.  Olive oil??  Chunky Ragu?? Balsamic vinegar??

Next we'll find out that he doesn't use basmati rice, preferring arborio to make a risotto and that instead of a nice raeta on the side he just sprinkles a little parmesan.

Keep this up steve and Madhur Jaffrey will come to your house and slap you about the head with hot naan fresh from the tandoor.  Or maybe Mario Batali will come and beat you with pasta rags.  Better yet, both will show up to slap you about the head for bastardizing each of their respective cuisines.

Date: 2008/10/31 13:25:41, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ Oct. 31 2008,08:01)
Quote (Bing @ Oct. 31 2008,05:55)
Keep this up steve and Madhur Jaffrey will come to your house and slap you about the head with hot naan fresh from the tandoor.  Or maybe Mario Batali will come and beat you with pasta rags.
Okay, well, if Mario Batali is discovered dead one day, having been drunk under the table and buried in a thin greasy pile of papadum, you'll know what happened. :D

Mario, dead drunk under your table?  If what Anthony Bourdain (himself no slouch in the "legendary appetites" department) has written about Mario is even halfway true then he has nothing to fear from you.  
Oh, Mario! Oh great one! They shut down Molto Mario--only the smartest and best of the stand-up cooking shows. Is there any more egregiously under-used, criminally mishandled, dismissively treated chef on television? Relegated to the circus of Iron Chef America, where--like a great, toothless lion, fouling his cage, he hangs on--and on--a major draw (and often the only reason to watch the show). How I would like to see him unchained, free to make the television shows he’s capable of, the Real Mario--in all his Rabelasian brilliance. How I would love to hear the snapping bones of his cruel FN ringmasters, crunching between his mighty jaws! Let us see the cloven hooves beneath those cheery clogs! Let Mario be Mario!

But you keep making those Italian curries.  Unfortunately they are to cooking what afdave is to science education   :)

Date: 2008/11/01 13:32:35, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ Oct. 31 2008,15:05)
Ouch! The knife has been twisted!

And this is the knife!

Date: 2008/11/15 13:02:08, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ Nov. 15 2008,00:30)
Without getting into the story of how I have to keep a foodie occupied for 3-4 days in BFE Florida, let's just say I've thought about taking her to a tapas bar in Gainesville, which is only 30 mins away, but it would be nice to have some clever recipes to use here.

what, you're not making your special Spaghetti Vindaloo?

I made this autumn soup last night.  Everyone had 2 bowls, some went back for a third.  Made it kind of hard to eat the steaks as the main.

Apple and butternut squash soup

Serves 4 to 6

2 tablespoons (25 mL) butter

1 cup (250 mL) chopped onion

3 cups (750 mL) cubed peeled butternut squash

2 cups (500 mL) diced, peeled apple

4 cups (1 L) canned chicken broth

1 cup (250 mL) apple juice

3/4 teaspoon (3 mL) salt

1/2 teaspoon (2 mL) ground coriander

1/2 teaspoon (2 mL) ground ginger

1/2 teaspoon (2 mL) nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon (2 mL) freshly ground pepper

Chopped fresh parsley, paprika as garnish

Melt butter in a heavy bottom pot (dutch oven) over medium heat. Add onion and saute until softened, about five minutes. Add squash and apple; saute for two minutes. Stir in next seven ingredients (broth through pepper). Bring to a boil. Reduce heat. Simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally, until squash and apple are tender, about 25 to 30 minutes.

Puree soup in batches in a blender, filling blender no more than half full for each batch. Return soup to pan and heat to serving temperature.

Serve sprinkled with parsley and paprika.

If you want to crunch it up a bit you can make your own 'crackers'  Take a baguette, slice it on a shallow diagonal about 1/2" thick, brush with olive oil and slide it in a 400 oven until they're golden brown.

Make it all ahead of time and you can reheat the soup when you need it.

Date: 2008/11/16 08:13:52, Link
Author: Bing
I can't believe I missed this straight line, I must be getting old.

Quote (stevestory @ Nov. 15 2008,00:30)
Without getting into the story of how I have to keep a foodie occupied for 3-4 days in BFE Florida,

2 words steve, edible condoms

Date: 2008/11/18 05:22:53, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (stevestory @ Nov. 18 2008,01:31)
thought about adding nicotine to coffee earlier this year, only to find that 1, it was patented 4 years ago, and 2, there's already an urban legend that Tim Horton's does this.

It's just that, an urban legend.  The Canadian Food Inspection agency would have locked their doors by now if Tim had been doing that.

I suspect there are a few things that contributed to this myth; the flavour (boiled ass strained through a filter made of will-not encrusted arsehole hairs) coupled with the tendency for people to line up around the block to purchase and consume the swill.  Reasonable people wouldn't willingly do that, so it's gotta be the addition of an adictive agent so goes the thinking.

In reality it's their coffee and the roast.  The last price I saw when I was in the coffee biz was under $2.75/lb finished.  Really low grade Robusta coupled with a light roast that preserves the amount of residual caffeine that makes it into the cup.  At the end of the cycle they crank the heat up to burn the surface of the beans to impart some colour to the brew.  The 'prototypical' tim's is a double-double - 2 sugars and 2 shots of cream - so the coffee has to have some body to stand up.  And where most places use half-n-half or 10% tim's uses 18% cream.  A coffee has to be really dark to take this or it doesn't look like coffee.

If anything it's the butterfat in the 18% that is the addictive agent, fat carries flavour in foods.

Remember kiddies, coffee roasting and residual caffeine content is opposite to what most people think; lighter roast = more caffeine but less flavour, darker roast = less caffeine and a much stronger flavour (b/c the increased heat burns more of it off).  The next time you need a high test pick-me-up, order a light roast, save the dark roasts for late afternoon or after dinner when you want taste but need to be able to sleep.

Date: 2009/02/08 13:12:16, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (khan @ Feb. 07 2009,19:07)
Heated up the cast iron skillet, dropped in some ghee, dropped in hollowed out slice of rye, cracked in an egg, covered for 2 minutes, turned and sprinkled on teeny bit of cheese, covered for 1 minute.

That is what my scouser Nana referred to as "Toad-in-a-hole".

My kids still love it.

Date: 2009/02/12 12:05:45, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Nerull @ Feb. 12 2009,09:54)
Never seen a preacher heal someone who couldn't walk.I *have* seem them put people in wheelchairs and pretend to heal them. For the more honest ones, the person may actually have a disability, they just use a wheelchair for convenience, but they are capable of walking. I know people like this.The more dishonest ones use actors or have people sit in them who never use wheelchairs.People who can't really stand are ignored and not allowed into the 'healing' area.Go talk to these people sometime, instead of just relying on what the preacher tells you. They generally are not so enthusiastic about it afterward, since they know they've been played.

I'm sure everybody remembers when The Reverend Brother Doctor Doctor Dembski took his wife and autistic son to the Faith Healer and even he was ignored?

Date: 2009/02/13 08:41:30, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Ftk @ Feb. 13 2009,07:40)
*FtK sticks her tongue out at *all* of you*

Just keep that thing in your mouth unless you intend to share.

Date: 2009/02/23 11:39:32, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Louis @ Feb. 22 2009,04:03)
Anyway, who uses titles with someone's first name? The man's a twat.

  • King George
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Prince Charles


    I believe that's your people's doing old bean.

Date: 2009/03/04 19:31:30, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Mar. 04 2009,05:32)
I kinda remember about Dr Dr writing a desastrous account of his visit to a "healing preacher" with his wife and his son who is afflicted with Down syndrome.

Close, but not quite.  The Dr.Dr. went to faith healer Todd Bentley.  The Dembski spawn is autistic.

We have twin 7-year-old boys, one of whom is autistic (largely nonverbal, still not fully toilet trained, serious developmental delays).

Full article at the Baptist Press

Date: 2009/03/26 19:54:20, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (J-Dog @ Mar. 26 2009,15:25)
B UT You seem to have forgotten that West and Luskin's body of work have earned them the IDCoveted Dumb As A Texan Award,

Are they allowed to eat in the Baylor cafeteria?

Date: 2009/04/24 07:08:07, Link
Author: Bing
I know some of the others around here are old enuf to remember this, even if you aren't.

Happy Birthday

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Author: Bing
Quote (Dr.GH @ April 25 2009,22:48)
I think I am too old to fully grasp the sense of that song.

It was freshman year and I was bangin' a girl who reminded me of Claire Grogan.

Which is much better than freshman year for Louis when he was banging someone that reminded him of Boy George.

Date: 2010/09/09 13:50:52, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Dr.GH @ July 09 2010,00:45)
I must recommend a most delightful Scotch Whisky, The Balvenie.

current contents of my whisky cupboard.  Not included are duplicates ( I have some doubles), cooking whisky, flask-in-the-sporran whisky (Johnny Walker, etc.) Irish whiskeys (4) or Canadian rye whiskeys (2).

Lagavulin 16 yo
Scapa 14 yo
Poit Dhubh
McLellands Islay
Glenfiddich 12 yo
Glenfiddich Special Reserve 12 yo
Glenfiddich Caoran Reserve 12 yo

Cragganmore 12 yo
The Macallan Fine Oak 15 yo
The Macallan Select Oak
The Macallan Elegancia 12 yo
Ancnoc 12 yo
Highland Park 15 yo
Té Bheag
Glenfiddich 15 yo
Dalwhinnie 15 yo

When a cherished bottle dies it is replaced by something new, hence the absence of The Balvenie, Oban, GlenRothes, Glen Morangie, etc.

Date: 2010/09/09 16:56:46, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (DaveH @ Sep. 09 2010,15:03)
If anyone comes to Edinburgh/Leith and is curious/serious about whisky (without an "e"!) I'd be more than happy to take them here (*sound of heavenly choirs*)
Just leave a message on this thread.

For the North Americans, especially Ontarians and visitors from the nearby USA (NY, MI, OH) I'd recommend The Dam Pub in Thornbury, ON.  When I was there in July they had 513 varieties in stock.

Date: 2010/11/26 13:33:38, Link
Author: Bing
The Munk Debates

Fresh on the heels of his appearance vs. DrDr Dembski last week Christopher Hitchens will be debating Tony Blair tonight at 7 pm.

Be it resolved religion is a force for good in the world...

The site says that tix are sold out but there is a Live-stream available for $4.99.

So, who's going to watch it?

Date: 2010/11/28 08:46:50, Link
Author: Bing
I don't know if I should be honoured that my thread managed to drag the lunatic repeatedly out of his lair, or if I should be sorry and deeply ashamed instead.

Anyhoo, back to the topic.  The debate is archived and can be viewed until March 2011.  Can anyone here download it and post to youtube?

Date: 2010/11/28 15:09:33, Link
Author: Bing
[Graffiti moved to Bathroom Wall. - Lou FCD]

Once again I apologize on behalf of all my fellow Canadians.  Just because our medical care is universal doesn't mean that all who need to avail themselves of the services a good pshrink can provide will do so.

But seriously, what's with that video?  And why the fascination with Depeche Mode?  I would have thought  Personal Jesus would make a better DM song if one is aiming for the religion angle.

Date: 2010/11/29 10:08:37, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Mindrover @ Nov. 29 2010,09:45)
... circus clowns with tourettes....

Isn't that how FtK used to refer to Blipey?  

You're not taking a swipe at our clown, are you?

Date: 2010/11/30 20:46:43, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Louis @ Nov. 30 2010,16:08)
Quote (carlsonjok @ Nov. 30 2010,22:04)
[SNIP Jingo]


Hark! The Eternal Refrain!

Having lived in, loved in and indeed loved you fair nation I know precisely how to silence an American regarding matters military:


I'll grant you it's a cheap shot, but hey, all's fair in love, war, and pointless nationalist claptrap.


*Cue denial, comments about how they cheated, comments about how you really won.....

Now Louis, there's no need to bring up their SE Asian misadventures when there's a perfectly good home court loss you can remind them of.

1812, War of, which included the occupation and burning of Washington DC in 1814.

The Americans might have helped a bit in I and II, but they came very late to those parties.  I think the Yanks' greatest accomplishments in the wars was in their determined spreading of the clap among the population of British barmaids.

Date: 2010/12/02 13:31:36, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Stephen Elliott @ Nov. 29 2010,19:06)
I agree. IMO Hitchens won. However the vote indicated a draw. Both Blair and Hitchens persuaded a roughly similar percentage to their cause. Dembski was crap.

I am not saying that Blair convinced me. I am just saying that according to the vote. Blair and Hitchens persuaded a roughly = amount to vote their way.

I just got an email from the Munk Organizers and they declare a win, albeit slight, for Hitchens.

Dear Munk Debates Member:

Friday night’s debate on Religion saw an electric exchange between Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens.

Prior to the debate, 25% of the 2,600 audience members agreed with the motion, while 55% disagreed, and 20% were undecided.

The audience vote immediately following the debate showed that Christopher Hitchens won the debate, by a hair, by garnering 13% of the previously undecided vote versus 7% for Tony Blair. The final results for the second audience vote on the motion were 32% in agreement and 68% opposed. To access a detailed report on the results click here.

Date: 2010/12/08 11:19:08, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ Dec. 08 2010,10:18)
So that is what happened to the bottle of single malt scotch Dembski owed (Glenn Branch?).

I highly doubt it.  The father of one of my high school friends was a Baptist preacher.  The worst thing that buddy could do was commit the sin² of attending a dance and the consumption of strong drink.

If the administration of Southwest Fundy Wingnut Academy and Garbage Transfer Depot had found out that the Dr² had even purchased let alone consumed the distilled demons I imagine they would have convened yet another Star Chamber for him.  Wagering with said spirits would only compound the sin exponentially.

I know that the Dembski could have bought a really nice bottle with the unearned dosh he pocketed as a no-show witless, but I wouldn't trust his palate not to pick the Whyte & Mackay and try to pass it off as something intended for beverage consumption.

Date: 2010/12/28 19:34:02, Link
Author: Bing2
My sister was in the UK on business this fall and brought back this lovely.

The McGibbon's Provenance; distilled at Macallan 1997, Autumn distillation, 12 yo, Single cask to bottle, cask #6191

I have not yet decided when it should be opened, although I am leaning toward my 50th in a little over a year's time.  It's not like I don't have 26 other bottles of whisky in my cupboard.

Date: 2011/01/28 10:12:50, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (dheddle @ Jan. 28 2011,09:14)
What is relevant is the fact that the percentage of Christians who advocate murder and property destruction is negligible.

What is not negligible is the percentage of moderate Christians who, while they might disagree with the extremists, do not vigorously and publicly disabuse the extremists of their views.  

Silence =/= tacit approval but it might be interpreted that way.

Date: 2011/02/10 05:58:10, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Louis @ Feb. 10 2011,05:05)
... you'd get PoTW for at least 30 seconds, possibly 10. And as we all know, the shorter the PoTW award, the more prestigious it is.

You mean like homeopathy?  The less there is the more powerful the effect?

Date: 2011/02/15 13:03:16, Link
Author: Bing
Quote (Lou FCD @ Feb. 14 2011,18:08)
Strangely (or perhaps not), all the sympathetic stories are making me feel a lot better about it.

Y'all rock.

Research Methodology.  The instructor was a freak who had only completed at PhD.  (He had quit college after 1st semester in his freshman year, bummed around in the computer labs for the next year and a half and upon his return went straight into the PhD program)  He believed that it was more sensitive statistically to set a brutal exam and scale up the results to achieve the appropriate mean and standard deviation.  6 hours into the 3 hour exam (7-10pm so it was now 1am the next day) he kicked everyone out of the room.  I believe my raw score was in the high 20's but it scaled out as a B+.

The worst part was the bars all closed at 1am so we couldn't even go for 10 drinks when the exam 'ended'.