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Date: 2007/05/21 17:15:57, Link
Author: Barrett Brown

This is Barrett Brown, co-author of Flock of Dodos: Behind Modern Creationism, Intelligent Design, and the Easter Bunny. I just started up a blog that's largely dedicated to making fun of Uncommon Descent, so I thought I'd let you guys know, since you're all very accomplished in that regard. The blog may be found at

I'd also like to take this opportunity to announce that just a few weeks ago, I was dying of cancer, but then some guy named DaveScot advised me to take this stuff called DCA, and now I'm totally fine. So, keep that in mind if you ever find yourself dying of cancer.

Anyway, I'm done blog whoring for now. Go about your business.

Date: 2007/06/15 19:23:36, Link
Author: Barrett Brown
So I hear you guys like cross-posting.

[cross-posted from my awesome blog.]

Sal Cordova is set to become the theo-fascist intelligent design movement's most dishonest proponent, which is sort of like being the biggest hairdo in Dallas - you've really got to hand it to the winner, you know?

I've been working my ass off on some good ol' fashioned marketing collateral this week, but I managed to catch this wacky post from the other day by Sal Cordova, who, while clearly a nut, appears to be a nice guy, and at any rate has pretty good taste in jackets if one goes by his file photo, and I can totally get behind that, as I myself have always been Staunch Jacket Aficionado first, Revolutionary Anarcho-Skeptic second, and Staunch Jacket Aficionado third as well, because I really, really like a good jacket. Part of this is due to the fact I don't really work out very much, and a properly-formed jacket can make you look like maybe you've got a little upper body mass when you really don't.

Anyway, Cordova is a fairly dishonest fellow with good taste in jackets, and a very accomplished quote miner of the Extraordinarily Disingenuous and Readily Transparent school of quote mining thought. It's good work if you can get it. This week's atrocity is only partly quote mine-related, though, and the details on that are summed up nicely by some fellow in the comments section of the post in question. But the bone to which I would most like to apply some picking on this one is Cordova's contention that "[biologist and supporter of real science, not fake science] Ken Miller is the guy who made misrepresentations under oath at the Dover trial."

No, he's not. The "guy who made misrepresentations at the Dover trial" is William Buckingham, the school board chieftain who lied during his deposition by claiming that he had no idea where the money for pro-creationism textbooks had come from, when in fact the money had come from him, and he had gotten it from his very own church. That's not simply a misrepresentation, but an obvious lie. And that's one of the several reasons for which he was eventually ruled a hostile witness by the Republican-appointed, Rick Santorum-approved presiding judge - you know, that guy the ID tribe has attempted to paint as an "activist." Yeah, that guy.

Oh, and William Buckingham received privileged legal advice from The Discovery Institute. I wonder who told him to make those "misrepresentations." Could it have been that very same theocratic-funded think tank,  the one which was caught in its own "misrepresentations" when the Wedge Document ID master plan was discovered to contain mission statements to the effect that one of its Five-Year Goals is to have ID implemented in science education, and that it furthermore hoped to provide legal assistance to help tamp down any "resistance" to such a thing, when its public-targeted website claims that they would never do anything of the sort? Gee, who knows?

Nice jacket, though. I can't wait for spring; you best be believin' that I'll be breaking out jackets left and right. Blazers, bombers, whatever. I'm in like flin.

Date: 2007/06/15 19:24:19, Link
Author: Barrett Brown
Wow, I really fail at HTML. Carry on, nothing to see here...

Date: 2009/08/06 21:31:31, Link
Author: Barrett Brown

Thought you guys might enjoy this article I just wrote for The Huffington Post on the subject of Uncommon Descent and its general wackiness. Most of the stuff described therein probably won't be new to you since you're the world's greatest experts on Dave Springer, but perhaps you'll get a kick out it nonetheless. Here it is.


Barrett Brown

Date: 2009/08/30 20:39:34, Link
Author: Barrett Brown
Howdy, guys-

I just wanted to note that I've written another article attacking Uncommon Descent, particularly Clive Hayden's strange rant regarding the Wired article. It may be found here. Hail Satan, etc.


Barrett Brown

Date: 2009/09/04 04:09:15, Link
Author: Barrett Brown
My latest screed against Uncommon Descent, this time in reference to Cornelius Hunter's bizarre post on "Evolution's Legacy of Shame," may be found at this link:

I've tried for several minutes to hyperlink this but have given up.

Date: 2009/09/04 17:45:41, Link
Author: Barrett Brown
You managed to stir up a couple of commenters over there. Some of them are really odious.

Yes, and I've replied with two additional comments that have yet to be moderated through hours later despite other, later comments having already appeared, as per usual. I've reproduced them at my little blog post: