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Date: 2005/07/02 05:26:30, Link
Author: Attila
Greeting to all and sundry,
I'm writing to you from Girona, Catalonia, Spain where our city council with no public consultation has undertaken steps to twin with Nashville, Tennessee as part of their (i.e. Nashville's) "Sister Cities" programme. When word of this got out, a number of objections were raised among them the (lack of) teaching of evolution in Tennessee schools. We are hoping to exert enough pressure so that the city council reverses itself and rejects the twinning proposal - the initiative did come from Nashville and not from us. Note that antievolution is only one of many issues in this debate but it is an important one. (see below). If I were living in Nashville and word came out that this proposal was rejected by our "twin" because of (among other things) Tennessee's approach to science teaching I would be thrilled; but this is just my opinion. I would appreciate hearing anyone's views on the matter but most particularly scientists from Tennessee and especially from Nashville.
For those interested here's a link to an article that appeared today (Saturday) in our local paper, Diari de Girona. It's in Catalan but if you have some French you ought to be able get the gist of it. If there's any strong desire for it, I can translate it into English.
Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for any advice, comments, criticisms, etc.
Jonathan Kaye

Date: 2005/07/04 06:10:56, Link
Author: Attila
Thanks Wesley,
According to the Thomas B. Fordham report on science education and teaching of evolution, Tennessee rated a 2 (out of 100). Only Kansas fared worse. The report is about 4 years old so, perhaps things have improved greatly there?