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Date: 2005/08/15 13:52:13, Link
Author: Alter
Hey, I'm not clued in to all of the arguments of the YECs, is there anyone willing to give me a summary of the major "contrary" scientific evidence touted by YECs, kind of their list for the supposed "teach the controversy" thing?

I know it's an ambitious question, thanks in advance.

Date: 2005/08/15 14:02:32, Link
Author: Alter
Yeah, it's a tall order.  What I'm looking for is a summary of major YEC claims (I posted that under YEC), some common debunking of those, and then a summary of the major scientific evidence for the Big Bang, Evolution, and man's descent from apes.

It's like a summary of this whole discussion board, I know!  I don't really need details, just more of an outline.

Anybody willing to help?  Thanks in advance.

Date: 2005/08/15 15:46:34, Link
Author: Alter
(In my best guinness commercial voice:)


Thanks, that's perfect!