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The Critic's Resource on AntiEvolution


Antievolutionist Bingo

Skeptico and TechSkeptic came up with a great idea, that of "Creationist Bingo". I'm taking that a step further and automating the creation of "antievolutionist bingo" cards. Each time you bring up this page, you will get a new card.

AntiEvolutionist Bingo
CF011.1. The outcome of Dawkins's WEASEL program was prespecified.
CB325. The giraffe neck could not evolve without a special circulatory system.
CJ531. The Qur'an speaks of an expanding universe.
CH103. Bible claims inspiration.
CD014.1. Isochron date of young Grand Canyon lava is excessively old.
CB370. Endorphins at death indicate a beneficent creator, not evolution.
CA662. It is not true that the church used to teach a flat earth.
CC361.1. Coal and oil can form quickly.
CI001.2. Intelligent design is not creationism.
CE230. Io's great volcanic activity indicates a young age.
CC335. A fossil whale was found vertically through several strata.
CB921.1. What use is half an eye?
References an antievolutionist as an authority
CH512.2. The average land animal is the size of a sheep.
CB950. Overspecialization with no adaptive value sometimes occurs.
CF005. 2nd law of thermodynamics applies to information theory.
CA230.1. Evolutionists interpret evidence on the basis of their preconceptions.
CG030. Oldest structures, such as pyramids, are already very complex.
CD241. Varves can form in less than a year.
CB601.2.2. In several areas dark moths were more common than expected.
CH210. The earth is 6,000-10,000 years old.
CD011.4. A freshly killed seal was C-14 dated at 1,300 years old.
CD200. Uniformitarian assumption is untenable.
CC003. Lucy's knee was found far from the rest of the skeleton.
CG201. There are flood myths from all over the world.

Each religious antievolutionist claim on the card links to the mainstream science responses collected by Mark Isaak in his excellent "Index to Creationist Claims". Be sure to check those out.

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Scientific Storkism

Article 24657 of
From: (Ron Dippold)
Subject: Scientific Storkism
Date: 10 Apr 92 20:42:54 GMT
Organization: Qualcomm, Inc., San Diego, CA
Lines: 45

This hasn't been on for a while...

Ovulation versus cretinism

Two different theories exist concerning the origin of children: the theory of
sexual reproduction, and the theory of the stork. Many people believe in the
theory of sexual reproduction because they have been taught this theory
at school.

In reality, however, many of the world's leading scientists are in

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