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The Critic's Resource on AntiEvolution


Antievolutionist Bingo

Skeptico and TechSkeptic came up with a great idea, that of "Creationist Bingo". I'm taking that a step further and automating the creation of "antievolutionist bingo" cards. Each time you bring up this page, you will get a new card.

AntiEvolutionist Bingo
CG010. The oldest living thing is younger than 4,900 years.
CA341. Evolutionists have not met Hovind's challenge to prove evolution.
CB150. Functional genetic sequences are too rare to evolve from one to another.
CE261.1. Oort cloud and Kuiper belt are ad hoc fantasies of astronomers.
CF002. Complexity does not come from simplicity.
CC360. No new fossils are being formed.
CG110. The first known languages are highly complex.
CI141.1. Similar structures for similar functions, different for different.
CC131. An iron pot was found encased in Carboniferous coal.
CC341. Recent pollen has been found in old rocks.
CB200.3. Protein transport within a cell is irreducibly complex.
CD240. Experiments show that strata can violate principles of superposition.
References an antievolutionist as an authority
CG040. Written history is too short.
CH135.1. The Bible specifies the best time for circumcision.
CB040. Life uses only left-handed amino acids.
CI001.3. Intelligent design is mainstream.
CH570. High mountains were raised during the Flood.
CE310.1. Helmholtz's contraction theory says the sun is young.
CC201. We should see smooth change through the fossil record, not gaps.
CH001. Creationism has explanatory power.
CE001. There is not enough helium in the atmosphere for an old earth.
CB929. Evolution does not explain our using one tenth of our brain.
CD015. Zircons retain too much helium for an old earth.
CB620. Human population growth indicates a young earth.

Each religious antievolutionist claim on the card links to the mainstream science responses collected by Mark Isaak in his excellent "Index to Creationist Claims". Be sure to check those out.

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The University of Ediacara is the virtual university serving the community. One of the main offshoots of the UoE is its virtual pub, the Panda's Thumb.

Scientific Storkism

Article 24657 of
From: (Ron Dippold)
Subject: Scientific Storkism
Date: 10 Apr 92 20:42:54 GMT
Organization: Qualcomm, Inc., San Diego, CA
Lines: 45

This hasn't been on for a while...

Ovulation versus cretinism

Two different theories exist concerning the origin of children: the theory of
sexual reproduction, and the theory of the stork. Many people believe in the
theory of sexual reproduction because they have been taught this theory
at school.

In reality, however, many of the world's leading scientists are in

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