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Rah! Rah! Rah! Go, U of Ediacara!

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From: (Chris Heiny)
Subject: Re: rah! rah! rah!!! Go U of Ediacara!
Organization: Xerox Corporation, Webster NY
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1993 04:01:37 GMT
Lines: 44

Well, maybe I'm working just a little bit too late in the day, but
various topics relating to the University of Ediacara have started
floating through my head. Steve Watson's latest post has triggered
a compulsion in me to unload these hopeful monsters on the unsuspecting
t.o populace...

First and foremost, the University of Ediacara needs a team name/mascot.
I propose the "Anomolocarids" - anomolocaris being the first really
nifty predator. At halftime during football games, rugby matches,
barroom brawls, debates and other full contact sporting events, the
cheerleading squad could carry a giant size Anomolocaris about the
field (much like a chinese dragon procession on chinese new year).

We need a couple of school colors. Chlorophyll green goes without
saying, and I think a really nice rich lager amber color would be
a good match for it.

My current projects (for Steve and Seanna's faculty list) are
research into Gravitationism and Simulationism (two different
and extemely intriguing theories).

Our color printer should be coming online soon - perhaps we need to
issue nice certificates to all the faculty members, with a lot of
fancy words in a nice dignified font. Should these be
doctorates? faculty membership diplomas? certificates of "Chris"ness?

Somewhat related to the previous, I think some of the real Ediacara
Fauna would make a really nice seal for the U, if I colored it red
and put its Genus & species on a little banner type label below it.
Anyone have a nice bitmap of one of these critters? (Chris N?)

Ah well - my brain is turning to mush, so it must be time to go home.