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The Origins of an Institution

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From: (Chris Heiny)
Subject: Re: Credentials of Talk.Origins
Organization: Xerox Corporation, Webster NY
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1993 12:29:59 GMT
Lines: 47

Credentials, credentials, erm, arm, um, lessee.

Well, I'm a Chris. Seems like Chris's on t.o are like Australian
Philosophers named Bruce. Anyone want to come up with a Evolutionists Song?
Should we found the University of Ediacara, to go along with the
U of Wallamalloo?

I've got a pile of books on geology, paleaontology and evolution.
Don't know how many total, but there's enough to warrant a big
chunk of the library all to themselves (we've got a LOT of books
at our house - they occupy most of the largest room, plus part
of another room). I've also got books Velikovskian and Creationist,
and yes, they get filed with the geo/paleo/evo books. I can
also usually cite books by title at least, rather than description
(for instance, I can refer to "Vertebrate Palaeontology and
Evolution" by name rather than as "The Big Grey Book About Bones").

I'm an ordained minister (Church of Gospel Ministry).

Oh, you want something with more substance?

BS Computer Science, Michigan Technological University, 82.
(would have had a minor in Historical Geology,
if MTU recognized minors)

I've read all those books. Historical geology and vertebrate
paleontology/evolution are, well, my wife calls them passions.

I don't let my personal religious beliefs interfere with being
an ordained minister. Ok, ok, so it's mail order, BUT I am
still legally qualified to perform marriages, baptize babies,
and administer extreme unction, all of which I have done to
the total satisfaction of all participants.

Got to run...