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The Critic's Resource on AntiEvolution

Transcripts of Testimony

Transcripts of Testimony

Plaintiff's transcript

The plaintiff's portion of the transcript was transcribed at the time. We so far have obtained a partial copy, and we have put it in machine-readable format.

The following gives the locations of the testimonies of the various witnesses. They are indexed as to Page Number/Line Number. If you wish to view the transcripts in their original line numbered form you can find them here.

* Rev. Kenneth W. Hicks
* Fr. Francis Bruce Vawter
o Current holdings are missing up to page 62 (this missing material apparently included the testimony from these first two witnesses.
* Dr. George Marsden
* Prof. Dorothy Nelkin
* Dr. Langdon Gilkey
* Dr. Michael Ruse
* Dr. Francisco Ayala
o The transcript to Prof. Ayala's testimony was not transcribed along with the rest of the plaintiffs case, and is currently missing.
* Sen. James Holsted
* Dr. G. Brent Dalrymple
* Dr. Harold Morowitz
* Dr. Stephen Jay Gould
* Dennis Glasgow
* Ronald W. Coward
* William C. Wood
* Ed Bullington
* Marianne Wilson
* Dr. William Vernon Mayer
* Missing pages
o pp. 1-62
o p. 137
o p. 446
o p. 481
o p. 607
o p. 683
o p. 772 (partial)
o p. 792
o p. 819
o p. 822
o (All further testimony beyond page 954 is missing.)