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NCSE Evolution Education Update for 2011/08/12

(by NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch)

Dear Friends of NCSE,

Climate change is joining evolution as a target, according to Science.
Plus details on NCSE's next excursion to the Grand Canyon, and a
reminder about NCSE's bumper sticker contest.


"The U.S. political debate over climate change is seeping into K-12
science classrooms, and teachers are feeling the heat," according to a
report in Science (August 5, 2011). Science educators are increasingly
reporting attacks on climate change education: Roberta Johnson, the
executive director of the National Earth Science Teachers Association,
commented, "Evolution is still the big one, but climate change is
catching up." Her assessment was confirmed by a poll of NESTA's
members, which found that climate change was second only to evolution
in eliciting protests. And climate change is now routinely yoked with
evolution as "controversial" in antievolution legislation such as the
so-called Louisiana Science Education Act of 2008.

Ian Binns, a science education researcher at Louisiana State
University, told Science that a law such as Louisiana's, which
misdescribes established scientific theories such as evolution as
controversial, "tells our students and teachers that there are
problems that there aren't" and distort their understanding of the
nature of science; NCSE's Joshua Rosenau added, "Science is not about
providing balance to every viewpoint that's out there." NCSE is now
monitoring controversies over the teaching of climate change as well
as controversies over the teaching of evolution, but the scope of the
problem is as yet unclear; as Rosenau explained, "Just like with
evolution, it's difficult to know what a given teacher in a given
classroom is teaching."

For the article in Science (subscription required), visit: 


Explore the Grand Canyon with NCSE! Seats are now available for NCSE's
next excursion to the Grand Canyon ? as featured in The New York Times
(October 6, 2005). From July 16 to 24, 2012, NCSE will again explore
the wonders of creation and evolution on a Grand Canyon river run
conducted by NCSE's Genie Scott and Steve Newton. Because this is an
NCSE trip, we offer more than just the typically grand float down the
Canyon, the spectacular scenery, fascinating natural history,
brilliant night skies, exciting rapids, delicious meals, and good
company. It is, in fact, a unique "two-model" raft trip, on which we
provide both the creationist view of the Grand Canyon (maybe not
entirely seriously) and the evolutionist view -- and let you make up
your own mind. To get a glimpse of the fun, watch the short videos
filmed during the 2011 trip, posted on NCSE's YouTube site. The cost
of the excursion is $2625; a deposit of $500 will hold your spot.
Seats are limited: call, write, or e-mail now.

For information about the trip, visit: 

For NCSE's report on the story in The New York Times, visit: 

For NCSE's YouTube site, visit: 


There's only a month left for you to submit your idea for a new NCSE
bumper sticker, so sharpen your pencils, cudgel your brains, and
consult your muse! This is your chance to speak loud, speak proud for
evolution, by crafting a killer slogan that could end up on the tail
end of thousands of cars. The aim of this mobile message: to spread
the good word about evolution and evolution education. Your bumper
sticker can be funny, profound, fierce -- whatever, as long as it's
good. Full details of the contest, and a list of the fabulous prizes
on offer, are available on NCSE's website. The contest ends on
September 5, 2011.

For details of the contest, visit: 

Thanks for reading. And don't forget to visit NCSE's website -- -- where you can always find the latest news on 
evolution education and threats to it.


Glenn Branch
Deputy Director
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