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The Critic's Resource on AntiEvolution

Antievolutionist Bingo

Skeptico and TechSkeptic came up with a great idea, that of "Creationist Bingo". I'm taking that a step further and automating the creation of "antievolutionist bingo" cards. Each time you bring up this page, you will get a new card.

AntiEvolutionist Bingo
CB040. Life uses only left-handed amino acids.
CA601. Evolution requires naturalism.
CA321. Scientists are motivated to support naturalism and reject creationism.
CB701.1. Recapitulation theory is not supported.
CC080. Australopithecus was fully ape, closer to chimp.
CB920. No new body parts have evolved.
CB501. Dendrochronology is suspect because two or more rings can grow per year.
CB930.2. A plesiosaur was found by a Japanese trawler.
CD221.1. Sodium accumulates in oceans too fast for an old earth.
CA212. Evolution is ambiguously defined.
CA115.1. Design arguments converted atheist Antony Flew to theism.
CF101. The universe's energy cannot come from nothing.
References an antievolutionist as an authority
CD211. Mississippi delta could have formed in 5,000 years.
CG202.1. The Miao flood myth is very like the story of Noah.
CC365.1. Coconino Sandstone was deposited underwater.
CD221. Oceans do not have enough dissolved minerals for an old earth.
CI111. Dembski's filter can detect design.
CD750. Plate tectonics occurred catastrophically and has since slowed.
CD250. Stalactites can grow very rapidly.
CB601. The traditional peppered moth story is no longer supportable.
CH321. Parasites are degenerations of free-living species.
CI402. Evolutionists have blinded themselves to seeing design.
CC201. We should see smooth change through the fossil record, not gaps.
CD011.5. Triassic wood from Australia was dated at 33,000 years old.

Each religious antievolutionist claim on the card links to the mainstream science responses collected by Mark Isaak in his excellent "Index to Creationist Claims". Be sure to check those out.