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Here Is the Question to Ask Your Friends Who Are Theistic Evolutionists

Yesterday I showed you the first part of Stephen Meyer's interview with Tim Vince of the European Leadership Forum. Here's the second part. David Klinghoffer
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Climate Smart & Energy Wise

NCSE is pleased to announce the publication of Climate Smart & Energy Wise (Corwin Press, 2014), written by NCSE's Mark McCaffrey. In their foreword, Eugenie C. Scott and Jay Labov write, "Climate Smart & Energy Wise provides a roadmap to teachers to assist them in acquiring the background and resources to bring climate and energy education into their classrooms ... It provides a wealth of information to help teachers find resources, including the very useful Climate Literacy and Energy Literacy frameworks, developed by scientists and master teachers. This book is packed with suggestions for where a teacher can find more information and classroom guidance for the teaching of global climate change."

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Noctilucent clouds

Panda's Thumb - Tue, 2014-09-23 18:21
Photograph by Kari Tikkanen. Photography contest, Honorable Mention. Noctilucent clouds. Mr Tikkanen writes that these “are bluish clouds located in the mesosphere at altitudes of around 80 kilometers. Relative recent appearance and their gradual increase may be linked to climate change.”... Matt Young
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Quality Control and Quality Assurance in the Cell

It's always satisfying to receive a correction that implies you're even more right than you thought you were. David Klinghoffer
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From Stephen Meyer, a Seven-Minute Overview of Intelligent Design

Arguments for ID can be intellectually intimidating -- it's not always easy stuff to digest. David Klinghoffer
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Methodological Naturalism: A Rule That No One Needs or Obeys

The only real motivation for holding to MN is to keep the bad guys at bay, as an all-purpose "Press Button in Case of Emergency" defeater for ideas like intelligent design. Paul Nelson
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Quality Control Is a Design Concept at Work in the Cell

To see these same kinds of precautions at work in a living cell is uncannily like what we know from industry. Evolution News & Views
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Thoughts on the Occasion of My Son's Bar Mitzvah

Begging the reader's indulgence, I thought that it bears on some of our concerns here at ENV. David Klinghoffer
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Is That a Rock Pile or a Monument?

To a casual observer, it might just look like an unusual rock pile. To an archaeologist, it's a monument. Here's a case for applying design detection principles. Evolution News & Views
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Scottish Independence: Good for the Intelligent Design Community?

You'll enjoy listening to a fascinating podcast by our Discovery Institute colleague and friend Andrew McDiarmid. David Klinghoffer
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For BreakPoint, Eric Metaxas on Sunday's "Science and Faith" Simulcast

"Most of the leading lights of the scientific revolution of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries could reasonably be described as devout Christians." David Klinghoffer
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Coming Next Month, It's The Unofficial Guide to Cosmos: Fact and Fiction in Neil deGrasse Tyson's Landmark Science Series

Students, parents, and teachers will find a useful counterpoint in this lively viewers' guide, due out October 21. Evolution News & Views
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So, Chimps Are Vicious Killers

Don't get me wrong. Chimp violence isn't wrong behavior. It isn't immoral. Wesley J. Smith
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Surprise! Here's Something You Didn't Know About William Dembski

Savor the irony while you cash in on the steep pre-order discount for Being as Communion, the next big thing in the field of intelligent design, through September 30 only! Evolution News & Views
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A Scientist's Unethical Quote Fabrication

In a breathtaking takedown, Sean Davis reviews some of Neil deGrasse Tyson's past inventions. Bruce Chapman
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At Yale, Official Correctors Are Thwarted; Memories of Meyer, Wells at the University of Oklahoma

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, women's rights advocate and critic of Islam, spoke at Yale yesterday without incident, despite objections from Muslim and other groups. David Klinghoffer
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Forget Cosmos, Here's Further Confirmation of Neil Tyson's Tendency to Commit Taradiddles

It's not all that surprising to to read Sean Davis's report today at The Federalist. David Klinghoffer
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The "New Atheism" Has a Problem with Women

PZ Myers, aka the "Happy Atheist," has been a notable critic of this nasty side of the skeptic community. David Klinghoffer
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The latest from Texas

When the Texas state board of education held a hearing on September 16, 2014, on social studies textbooks submitted for state adoption, the treatment of climate science was among the topics. 

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Brachystola magna

Panda's Thumb - Tue, 2014-09-16 07:36
Photograph by Ralph Arvesen. Photography contest, Honorable Mention. Brachystola magna – plains lubber, or western lubber..... Matt Young
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