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Sure, Atheism Is a Religion, to which Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos Seek Converts

A primary purpose behind the Cosmos series was to cast a rival faith, Christianity, in a bad light, as "anti-science." David Klinghoffer
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Since When Is This News? Rapid Microevolution in Lizard Feet Reveals Little About the Origin of Species

Anolis lizards may be small but they aren't stupid: they also started spending less time on the ground and perched higher up in trees to escape new predators. Casey Luskin
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The Difficulty of Designing an Error-Correcting Code

The theory of error-correcting codes dates back to Claude Shannon's work in 1948. Evolution News & Views
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Creationist conference at Michigan State University

Panda's Thumb - Mon, 2014-10-27 23:23
According to an article in Science today, a creationist group has booked a room for a conference at Michigan State University. Science is more discreet than I have to be, but it appears that they duped a student group into booking a room for them, and they are scheming to hold another conference at the University of Texas at Arlington. Science writes that the conference, scheduled for November 1 and called the Origins Summit, is... Matt Young
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William Dembski on Materialism's "Tang Problem"

Materialism tries to imagine reality as if information were not the substrate underlying everything. David Klinghoffer
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Peter Singer to Court: Make Chimps Persons!

Cut to its core, personhood theory is actually about opening the door to treating some of us as less than human. Wesley J. Smith
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Privileged Species Pacific Northwest Premiere Will Feature Special Guest Dr. Michael Denton

Join us on Thursday, November 13, 2014, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle to view this highly anticipated film, which poses ultimate questions. Evolution News & Views
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Among the Mind Deniers: A Darwinist Mathematician Reflects on Philosophy

Philosophy should come with a warning sticker: "Learning may be hazardous to your materialism." Michael Egnor
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Evolution and the Ebola Virus: Pacing a Small Cage

There's no evidence that much of anything is changing at the basic gene or biochemical level for Ebola. Michael Behe
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Surprise, Surprise! Bioluminescent Organs in Different Squid Species Suggest Convergent Genetic Evolution

Once you admit common design into your explanatory toolkit, the prospect that similar genetic mechanisms would be used in different species isn't "surprising" at all. Casey Luskin
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Update from Wyoming

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle (October 26, 2014) reviewed the status of the state's science standards.

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Poll data on evolution and climate change

The Chapman University Survey on American Fears included a pair of questions relevant to evolution and climate change.

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Humans Display Many Behavioral and Cognitive Abilities that Offer No Apparent Survival Advantage

In recent years, biologists have tried to explain human moral, intellectual, and religious capacities in terms of Darwinian evolution. Casey Luskin
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Natural pinhole-camera images of solar eclipse

Panda's Thumb - Fri, 2014-10-24 07:45
Pinhole-camera images of solar eclipse formed by spaces between leaves in canopy. According to Jon Grepstad, this phenomenon was explained by Aristotle. The eclipse is just ending; the picture was as close to total as it got here (Boulder, Colorado).... Matt Young
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Why Advocates of Intelligent Design Owe Atheist Neil deGrasse Tyson a "Thank You"

The Unofficial Guide to Cosmos tackles the debate between competing pictures of reality: ID versus scientific atheism. You don't need to have seen a single episode to get the most out of it. David Klinghoffer
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Need a speaker?

As the only national organization that is wholly dedicated to defending the teaching of evolution and climate change in the public schools, NCSE is the perfect place to find someone to speak to your organization or university about issues relevant to evolution and climate education and attacks on either or both.

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Natural Selection Struggles to Fix Advantageous Traits in Populations

In place of natural selection, some evolutionary biologists propose random genetic drift (neutral mutations) to explain the origin of complex biological features. Casey Luskin
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Can We Talk? Human Language as the Business End of Consciousness

Naturalism (the view that it's material nature all the way down) hasn't fared much better with human language than with consciousness. Denyse O'Leary
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New Book Discusses Scientific and Theological Problems with Darwinian Evolution

Of course there are many other problems with biological and chemical evolution, but these are some important ones that come up often. Casey Luskin
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Biologist Michael Denton Revisits His Argument that Evolution Is a "Theory in Crisis"

Many Darwin defenders are troubled that credible scientists doubt their viewpoint. Casey Luskin
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