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Monday at Missouri State University, Nelson Will Debate Shermer on the Rationality of Design Reasoning

Is it irrational to infer that the arrangement of stones at Stonehenge reflects purposeful design when we admittedly cannot say exactly by what means the stones came together as they are? Evolution News & Views
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Latest BIO-Complexity Paper Finds that on Irreducible Complexity, Michael Behe Has Not Been Refuted

"Behe's concept of irreducible complexity has not been falsified by computer models." Casey Luskin
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Science and Design: Notes from the Westminster Conference

This year's event featured Discovery Institute fellows Michael Behe, William Dembski, Douglas Axe, John West and others, including Vern Poythress from Westminster Theological Seminary. Donald McLaughlin
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Flailing Blindly: The Pseudoscience of Josh Rosenau and Carl Zimmer

I did not watch the sixth episode of Cosmos on April 13, but I'm told that it included animations to illustrate the molecular workings of a chloroplast. Jonathan Wells
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"In China We Can Criticize Darwin": The 1999 China Conference

In June 1999, Paul Nelson and I flew to Kunming in southern China to attend an International Symposium on The Origins of Animal Body Plans and Their Fossil Record. Jonathan Wells
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Cosmos Episode 6: Science as the New Sacred, and Failed Darwinian Predictions About Insects and Flowers

If that doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I suppose I don't know what will. Casey Luskin
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"In China We Can Criticize Darwin": Prelude

In February 1999, I had arranged for a talk at the University of Washington for Jun-Yuan Chen, a Chinese paleontologist who was an acknowledged expert on the Cambrian explosion. Jonathan Wells
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A Solution to the Problem of Humans: Swiss Assisted Suicide to Save the Planet!

Assisted suicide is not about terminal illness. Wesley J. Smith
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Let's Celebrate "Alfred Russel Wallace Day" on April 14!

Today is the anniversary of Wallace's public break with Darwin over the issue of teleology in nature. Michael Flannery
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Today at 2 PM Pacific on the Medved Show, Stephen Meyer Will Debate Rev. Michael Dowd of "Thank God for Evolution" Fame

If pro-evolution pastor Michael Dowd didn't exist, it would surely be well past time for someone to invent him. David Klinghoffer
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Does the Evidence Point to Mankind's Fully Natural Origin?

For all practical purposes, today's humans are orphans, seeking our roots via scraps and artifacts, many of unknown authenticity or significance. Denyse O'Leary
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Editorial reaction to the latest in Wyoming

Editorialists and columnists in Wyoming are irate with the state government after the state board of education decided not to implement the Next Generation Science Standards. As NCSE previously reported, a footnote in Wyoming's budget for 2014-2016 precluded the use of state funds "for any review or adoption" of the Next Generation Science Standards, and one of its authors acknowledged that the NGSS's treatment of climate change was a reason for the prohibition. It was hoped that the board might have adopted the NGSS with the funds available to it before the new budget period begins. Instead, at its April 11, 2014, meeting, the board referred the standards back to a state department of education committee — which previously unanimously recommended the adoption of the NGSS.

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Climate change education around the world

"From Mauritius to Manitoba, climate change is slowly moving from the headlines to the classroom," reported The New York Times (April 20, 2014).

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AE Public Forum - Mon, 2014-04-21 16:33
Post by Lou FCD
Thanks, Alby! The Gnatcatcher took a lot of patience, as did the Least Tern. The terns are fast, erratic fliers, too, and had the add difficulty of being just post-sunrise on a cloudy morning. I was pretty happy to get anything at all of them.
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Uncommonly Dense Thread 5

AE Public Forum - Mon, 2014-04-21 15:11
Post by Woodbine
Quote Think about it when thursday comes around.
As if Byers has any idea what day it is.
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Uncommonly Dense Thread 5

AE Public Forum - Mon, 2014-04-21 15:00
Post by Bob O'H
Quote (keiths @ April 20 2014,23:53)Byers (who else?):
Quote Sounds great but Alabama too fat away from toronto.
bY the way this YEC speculates that Thor, the Germanic god, is actually a memory of a real man who was the first leader of the Germans according to genesis.
i think Gomer is the first german and torgamah , his son, was a leader of a division in the german peoples and lived long and when died they turned his memory into a God. it lasted easily 2500 years.
Think about it when thursday comes around.
According to the source material I've read, Odin was the leader. Thor was just a big guy with a boomerang for a hammer.
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AE Public Forum - Mon, 2014-04-21 14:33
Post by Albatrossity2
Nice shots, Lout! Gnatcatchers are a though capture, since they never sit still for very long. And the Least Tern images are great!
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A Separate Thread for Gary Gaulin

AE Public Forum - Mon, 2014-04-21 14:09
Post by NoName
Quote (GaryGaulin @ April 21 2014,09:31) Quote (Nomad @ April 21 2014,06:00)Pssst.  Hey Gary.  You know how you're so proud about your model possessing "rat level navigation"?

How about bird level navigation?

In this instance evolutionary algorithms were used to evolve the control logic to autonomously fly a simulated unmanned aerial vehicle to a landing on board a naval vessel.

Can your bug do that?
As poster said not too many pages ago --
An obvious lie.
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Uncommonly Dense Thread 5

AE Public Forum - Mon, 2014-04-21 13:36
Post by Patrick
Quote (timothya @ April 20 2014,17:40)From "fossil" at UD:
Quote . . . in a way I am glad that I am not a scientist. I don’t have to worry about what concept is going to go south tomorrow and what I can really believe and trust in – it is bad enough to live in the instability of politics and finance. For me when it comes to knowledge to an extent ignorance is bliss.
Kind of sums it up, really.
Wow.  Thanks for the reminder of why we have to prevent these people from getting any influence on any school board.
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Joe G.'s Tardgasm

AE Public Forum - Mon, 2014-04-21 13:34
Post by OgreMkV
Just visited Joey's little blog. It's pretty funny how much he still stalks me.  But, as I was reading, I came upon this gem...

Quote And decay rates are fine. I am not saying otherwise. But unstable isotopes can start decaying when they are formed and they are not formed on earth. They were decaying for millions or billions of years before the earth formed.

It's as if you are just an ignorant fool who can't think beyond its own ass.

Uranium was formed either by supernovae or via the collision of two neutron stars. So it is decaying/ can decay well before it comes to earth.

That's just... wow... much ignorance...
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