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"Climate Confusion Among U.S. Teachers"

The first nationwide survey of climate change education in the United States, conducted by researchers at NCSE and Pennsylvania State University, was described in "Climate Confusion Among U.S. Teachers," published (PDF) in the February 12, 2016, issue of the journal Science.

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Update from Mississippi

The principal sponsor of Mississippi's House Bill 50 acknowledged that the bill seeks to allow teachers to present creationism.

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Science standards rejected in Idaho

"Idaho lawmakers have rejected new K-12 science standards after receiving criticism over how the [standards] — which for the first time include global warming and evolution components — were finalized," reported the Associated Press (February 9, 2016).

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Antiscience bill in Mississippi

House Bill 50, introduced in the Mississippi House of Representatives and referred to the House Education Committee on February 8, 2016, would, if enacted, allow science teachers with idiosyncratic opinions to teach anything they pleased — and prohibit responsible educational authorities from intervening.

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Do not talk with your cell phone on your lap

Panda's Thumb - Tue, 2016-02-09 01:00
Not if you are male, anyway. I ran across a Facebook posting which linked to an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. The article warned of a “stark correlation … between heavy cell phone use and male infertility.” Haaretz advises that you never use your phone when it is less than 50 cm from your crotch and, oddly, that you not talk on your phone while it is charging. The second stricture seems to me to... Matt Young
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A Reader Asks, "Are De Novo Genes Real?"

Why are they there and where did they come from? To answer these questions we have to first deal with some important assumptions of evolutionary biology. Ann Gauger
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Dolphin Males Force Dolphin Females into Gang Intercourse

An animal cannot commit rape, which is a crime that involves moral turpitude. Wesley J. Smith
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Presidential candidates' positions on science-related issues

Panda's Thumb - Mon, 2016-02-08 18:48
Just a day before a handful of candidates dropped out of the race, Science ran an article on the candidates’ positions “on some select science-related issues (keeping in mind that the candidates have yet to sound off on many topics of interest to researchers).” The article was necessarily a little shallow but gives a good idea where most of the candidates stand on critical issues like science policy, the space program, climate change, vaccination, and... Matt Young
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Natural Life: Cosmological Fine-Tuning as an Argument for Structuralism

If nature is so fine-tuned for life's environment, might the fine-tuning not also include a set of laws of form, geared to actualize the forms of life on earth? Michael Denton
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In a Plea for Genuine Academic Freedom, New Play Turns Inherit the Wind Topsy Turvy

In Disinherit the Wind, playwright and actor Matt Chait takes the characters from the old play and film and reshapes them. John G. West
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Houston Chapter of the Science & Culture Network Launches BIG with a Screening of Living Waters

Over 700 people showed up, quite an impressive turnout when you think about all the other activities that compete for our Friday nights. Janine Dixon
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Junk DNA: Is Preventing Breast Cancer a Function?

Score another function for non-coding DNA. Without this "junk," cells proliferate and spread, causing cancer. Evolution News & Views
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Official United Methodist News Service Implies Intelligent Design Is...Satanic?

I guess that means Methodist founder John Wesley was Satanic for finding evidence of intelligent design throughout nature. John G. West
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Are Our Bodies the Product of "Unintelligent Design"?

A couple of years ago prominent evolutionary biologist David Barash opened a remarkable window on his classroom teaching. Ann Gauger
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Misunderstanding Wallace on "Intelligent Evolution"

I have used the term as an accurate description of his idea of a thoroughly teleological form of evolutionary theory. Michael Flannery
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Sexual Harassment in Academic Science Offers an Unexpected Lesson About Censorship on Evolution

Some thoughts as we approach tomorrow's nomination deadline for Censor of the Year. David Klinghoffer
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The Push Begins to Violate Religious Objections to Assisted Suicide

Forcing a Catholic hospital (say) to employ or give staffing privileges to death doctors would violate the free exercise of religion. Wesley J. Smith
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You Can't Ascribe Intelligence to an Unguided Process

There's a new movement afoot among some evolutionary biologists to co-opt the term "intelligent design." Evolution News & Views
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Listen: Information Theory for Non-Nerds

The subject can be abstruse. In an amusing and enlightening conversation, Robert Marks and Winston Ewert explain it all for you. Evolution News & Views
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Selfish Gene Turns Forty, in Time for Dawkins Crackup

It's like a strange dream, not exactly good or bad, but mostly just...weird. David Klinghoffer
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