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NCSE is moving!

After fifteen years in the same office, NCSE is relocating. Effective February 1, 2016, NCSE will be at 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 600, Oakland CA 94612-2922. Please update your address book. (Telephone and fax numbers are unchanged, although individual telephone extensions may be changing. Mail to NCSE's old office and to its post office box will be forwarded.)

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Antiscience bill in South Dakota

Senate Bill 83, introduced in the South Dakota Senate and referred to the Senate Education Committee on January 25, 2016, would, if enacted, allow teachers to teach "the strengths and weaknesses of scientific information" presented in courses aligned with the state education standards.

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Judge rules in favor of Ark Park

Panda's Thumb - Wed, 2016-01-27 05:04
A Federal judge ruled yesterday that the Ark Park is entitled to sales tax incentives that had been denied by the state of Kentucky, according to an article by Dylan Lovan. Briefly, District Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove ruled that the state cannot exclude the Ark Park from receiving the tax incentive simply because the park has a religious purpose. Further, although Mr. Lovan does not note it, the judge opined that the Ark Park... Matt Young
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On United Methodist Anti-Intelligent Design Ban, Here's Some Good News

An influential church member and General Conference delegate "gets it." David Klinghoffer
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If John Wesley Showed Up at the United Methodist General Conference, Would They Ban Him Too?

They almost certainly would, as philosopher Vincent Torley demonstrates in a massively researched post. David Klinghoffer
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Dennis Prager Was Right: Atheists Are More Open-Minded on ID than Some United Methodist Officials

We've broken down by religious orientation the results of the national survey we conducted about the UMC's action. John G. West
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Denton's Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis, a Fresh and Powerful Challenge to Darwinism, Is Out!

Michael Denton shows how scientific advances of the past three decades suggest that it is time for a radically different understanding of biology. Evolution News & Views
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The Immune System: The Body's First Responders

In order to survive, the body needs a system that can detect and identify invaders. Howard Glicksman
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National Center for Science Education Misrepresents Oklahoma Academic Freedom Bill

Why make an argument when a good ad hominem will do? Donald McLaughlin
Categories: Anti-Science News

Normalizing Elder Couple Joint Suicides

People keep pretending that assisted suicide and euthanasia are about terminal illness. Wesley J. Smith
Categories: Anti-Science News

For Protesting Ban on Intelligent Design, Does a United Methodist Bishop Think We're "Bastards"?

To a vulgar insult, Bishop Michael Coyner responds with a warm endorsement. Donald McLaughlin
Categories: Anti-Science News

New Poll: Most Americans Turn Thumbs Down on United Methodist Ban on Intelligent Design

That includes 70 percent of Independents and nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of Democrats. Evolution News & Views
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Are Tardigrades "a Head" of Arthropods?

The mysterious "water bears" long defied evolutionary classification. Now some say they are degenerate arthropods. Evolution News & Views
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United Methodist General Conference Secretary Responds on Intelligent Design Ban

Rev. Jay Voorhees, Executive Editor of the United Methodist Reporter, has published a short report. Evolution News & Views
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If Intelligent Design Is Based on Science, Why Are We Focusing on the United Methodist Church?

We're not willing to let others silence us without pushing back. What about you? John G. West
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For Darwin Day, February 12, Give Us Your Nominations for Censor of the Year!

We seek a person or group that has done outstanding work in acting to silence skepticism on Darwinian evolution. David Klinghoffer
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Inquiry-Based Science Education -- on Everything but Evolution

Case in point: here is physician Danielle Teller writing over at Quartz. Sarah Chaffee
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Contacted by Those Who Support Open Discussion on Intelligent Design, United Methodist Bishop Lashes Out

Bishop Michael Coyner, based in Indiana, has published an online missive chastising fellow United Methodists. John G. West
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Anti-NGSS bill in Iowa

House File 2054, introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives on January 19, 2016, and referred to the House Committee on Education, would, if enacted, reverse Iowa's decision to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards — and there is reason to believe that part of the motivation is the NGSS's treatment of evolution and climate change.

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Florida: FSU Settles Title IX Suit for Less than $1M

W.R. Elsberry's The Austringer - Mon, 2016-01-25 20:42
The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article on the resolution of Erica Kinsman’s Title IX suit against Florida State University (FSU). FSU will pay around $950,000 to settle the suit. Kinsman alleged sexual assault by then FSU football star Jameis Winston, which FSU had famously responded to by finding Winston “not responsible” for the… Read More »
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