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Cheap Price on Fisheye Lens

Thu, 2016-05-05 20:21
The Opteka 6.5mm f/3.5 fisheye lens is now available on Amazon for $160. List price is $500, and it is usually available retail for around $300 IIRC. This is a stereographic fisheye design that produces a fisheye effect covering APS-C sized sensors and produces a partial circular fisheye on full-frame sensors (or film) when the… Read More »
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Sage Grouse: The Love-Hate Thing Goes On

Fri, 2016-02-19 14:09
Out west, there is a problem. Sage grouse, those iconic sage desert birds, have long had declining populations, mostly due to habitat loss and human-related disturbance. Due to the distribution of sage grouse and the land use in the region, if sage grouse receive endangered species status, it will mean the curtailment of a lot… Read More »
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Another Hawk-Killer in Court

Fri, 2016-02-19 13:00
Why am I not surprised this jerk was a pigeon fancier? Prosecutors say Kapusta and another person are pigeon-racing enthusiasts who killed the predatory hawks because they saw them as threats to their pigeons.
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Florida: FSU Settles Title IX Suit for Less than $1M

Mon, 2016-01-25 20:42
The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article on the resolution of Erica Kinsman’s Title IX suit against Florida State University (FSU). FSU will pay around $950,000 to settle the suit. Kinsman alleged sexual assault by then FSU football star Jameis Winston, which FSU had famously responded to by finding Winston “not responsible” for the… Read More »
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Open Letter to the United Methodist Church on “intelligent design”

Wed, 2016-01-20 13:51
The Discovery Institute got upset that they weren’t allowed a table to promote “intelligent design” at the United Methodist Church’s general conference this year. The DI has been having quite the hissy fit over it, in fact, and has been encouraging people to be outraged about it and write the UMC to try to get… Read More »
Categories: Pro-Science News