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Gerald Edelman dies

Fri, 2014-05-23 20:03

The eminent biologist Gerald Edelman died on May 17, 2014, at the age of 84, according to The New York Times (May 22, 2014).

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NCSE's next webinar for activists

Thu, 2014-05-22 21:24

NCSE is pleased to announce the next of a new series of on-line workshops aimed at broadening and deepening the networks that make our work possible. The next workshop focuses on debunking and confronting science denial, describing resources and techniques as well as offering a chance to share experiences.




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Oklahoma House votes to derail science standards

Thu, 2014-05-22 16:41

House Joint Resolution 1099, which would reject the state department of education's rules implementing Oklahoma's new science standards, was passed by the Oklahoma House of Representatives on a 55-31 vote on May 21, 2014. Part of the reason, the Tulsa World (May 22, 2014) explained, was that "[s]ome legislators ... objected to language they said appeared to encourage an 'agenda' concerning climate change."

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RNCSE 34:3 now on-line

Tue, 2014-05-20 19:21

NCSE is pleased to announce that the latest issue of Reports of the National Center for Science Education is now available on-line.

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The New York Times on the Wyoming debacle

Mon, 2014-05-19 18:16

The New York Times (May 19, 2014) covered the Wyoming legislature's decision to block the Next Generation Science Standards because of their treatment of climate change. 

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A mammoth victory in South Carolina

Mon, 2014-05-19 16:23

The Columbian mammoth is now the official state fossil of South Carolina after Governor Nikki Haley signed House Bill 4482 into law on May 16, 2014 — and there was no mention of the Sixth Day of Creation.

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Antievolution bills die in Missouri

Sat, 2014-05-17 00:21

Two antievolution bills died in committee in the Missouri House of Representatives on May 16, 2014, when the legislature adjourned.

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Trouble over Oklahoma science standards

Wed, 2014-05-14 17:31

A committee in the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted to reject a new set of science standards, primarily over concerns about its treatment of climate change.

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A mammoth victory in South Carolina?

Tue, 2014-05-13 19:51

The Columbian mammoth is on track to become the official state fossil of South Carolina, with no mention of its appearance on the Sixth Day of Creation. 


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